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For 105 years, D. L. Evans Bank has been
helping Idaho families realize their
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Few places can lay claim to as many
diverse natural attractions as the
Magic Valley. In addition to offering
top-notch recreation, this adventure
playground is stunning to behold,
with views ranging from vast, eerie
moonscapes and miles of jutting rock
formations to thundering waterfalls,
snow-capped mountain peaks,
meandering rivers, wooded wilderness
trails and idyllic fields of wildflowers.

South e rn Idaho
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Rafters, canoeists and kayakers in
search of extreme whitewater put in at
the harrowing Murtaugh section of the
Snake River, while serene-scenery seekers
venture farther downriver for calm waters
and breathtaking views of Shoshone,
Star, Pillar and Auger waterfalls. In the
Mini-Cassia area, the wide-open, smooth-
as-glass waters of the Snake draw
watersports enthusiasts by the boatload.
Watersports also make a big splash at
Thousand Springs State Park, which
comprises five separate units along the
68-mile Thousand Springs Scenic Byway.
Shoshone Falls

feet in a
straight drop.
Niagara Falls is
a 176-foot fall.
In the space between the Perrine
Bridge and the scenic Snake River
Canyon below, time stands still –
if you’re in freefall after leaping
from atop the 486-foot-tall bridge.
Thrill-seekers converge on Twin Falls
from around the world to the only
place in America where they can
legally jump off a bridge with no
permit required.
"I love the freedom
of being in the air … {
and accomplishing {
the goal of flight.
It's a cool feeling {
of weightlessness."
 – Miles Daisher,
BASE-jumping enthusiast
In the scenic Snake River Canyon, some
sturgeon catches have measured up to nine
feet long. Anglers also reel in hefty steelhead
and salmon, as well as rainbow trout, brown trout and record-
breaking walleye from the Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir. In
the pristine Sawtooth National Forest, cold mountain lakes
yield prize catches, and the fast-flowing alpine waters of
Silver Creek and Wood River are premier spots for fly-fishing.

Winter sports With one of the nation’s

most renowned resort
communities, Sun Valley, just
an hour north, south-central
Idaho is a premier skiing and
snowboarding destination.
"We're centrally located
from four great ski areas, so
skiing and snowboarding are
huge here," says Ed Hinkle,
manager at Claude's Sports.
Photo courtesy of Shelly DeMoss
& Biking
Craters of the Moon National
Monument & Preserve displays
a stark and striking landscape
formed by volcanic lava flows.
Hiking, camping and exploring
lava tube caves are among the
activities visitors enjoy here.

Southern Idaho provides

ample scenic recreation
for mountain-bikers,
whether it’s along
the miles of stellar
developed trails or
rough, backcountry
The City of Rocks National
Reserve near Almo is a mecca for
rock climbers. Its granite spires
and monoliths reach heights up
to 600 feet, but climbing routes
and hiking trails exist for all skill
levels. Visitors to the reserve
engage in other activities as well,
such as horseback riding, cross-
country skiing, wildlife viewing
and photography.
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Magic Valley. opportunities
in the Southern
Canoeing the Snake River
Paddle up the Snake River Idaho area.
with canoeists Ken and
Betsy Wiesmore.

BASE Jumping
Watch BASE jumpers leap
from the Perrine Bridge in
Twin Falls.

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