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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

Monday • Oct 29, 2018 • XIX, Edition 60

Housing a passion for emerging expert

Michael Lane’s work behind the scenes gathers admiration from local legislators
By Austin Walsh California said who is also board president for the established a reputation among sion and pragmatism. Whenever I
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF he finds the Housing Leadership Council of local officials as a valuable present a housing bill in commit-
most effective San Mateo County. resource to who they will defer tee, there is one person whose tes-
For Michael Lane, the case for way to reach Though his responsibilities are when considering housing law. timony is indispensable, and that
building more housing is not an consensus is a broad, Lane works in the trenches Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, D- is Michael Lane,” said Mullin in
emotional appeal nor is it an ana- b al an ced, to advocate in favor of building South San Francisco, is one of an email.
lytical argument. It’s both. t h o ug h t ful more housing under an attempt to those who nods to Lane when con- Assemblyman David Chiu, D-
With more than two decades approach. combat the affordability crisis sidering housing policy. San Francisco, also recognized
worth of experience as a self- “We have to while also improving the local “On the most challenging poli- Lane’s effectiveness as a champi-
described “houser, ” the policy explain how to Michael quality of life. cy issue confronting San Mateo on for housing.
director for the Non-Profit build communi- Lane Perhaps most notable is his County, Michael Lane is a jugger-
Housing Association of Northern ty,” said Lane, work at the state level, where Lane naut. He is the ideal blend of pas- See LANE, Page 19

Threat from
fruit fly over
on the coast
County officials breathe sigh of
relief following eradication work
By Anna Schuessler among the efforts growers, offi-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF cials and business owners took on
in the months since two
Some 11 months after the Mediterranean fruit flies were
appearance of two Mediterranean found within five miles of each
fruit flies in Half Moon Bay other in November, said Jeremy
prompted a quarantine, officials Wagner, deputy director of the
are calling off an extensive effort county’s Department of
to limit spread of the pest after Agriculture/Weights and
announcing the insect has been Measures.
eradicated in the county earlier Known to breed on more than
this month. 250 different fruit and vegetables
Aerial release of hundreds of — including apples, apricots,
thousands of sterile male flies, avocados, bell peppers and citrus
targeted applications of organic fruit — the Mediterranean fruit fly
pesticide and covering the produce has been considered one of the
People gather to mourn during a vigil for the victims of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. SEE STORY
PAGE 6 sold at stores or businesses within
the 56-mile quarantine area were See FLIES, Page 17

County program offers mental health safety net

San Mateo County’s individualized treatment effort part of implementation of Laura’s Law
By Anna Schuessler Without treatment for conditions like Assisted Outpatient Treatment, or AOT, pro- worsened at home or jail or have made it dif-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, psychot- gram offered by County Health’s Behavioral ficult to function well in their communities,
ic disorders left untreated can lead to Health and Recovery Services Division, said Kolda.
For those living with severe mental ill- estrangement from one’s family, substance Kolda has seen some of the challenges pro- “Unfortunately, mental health illness is
nesses, access to treatment may make all abuse or time spent in jail, said Deanna gram clients have faced when they either complicated and people don’t always see the
the difference between whether they are able Kolda, program director at the San Mateo didn’t know they had a mental illness or need to address it,” she said. “Bad stuff hap-
to survive within their communities or face nonprofit Caminar, which provides behav- struggled to access treatment. Operated by pens when people don’t address their mental
challenges with time spent in jail, home- ioral health services. Caminar, the program is aimed at meeting illness.”
lessness or psychiatric hospitalization. Having worked with individuals in the the needs of those whose conditions have
See AOT, Page 18
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Thought for the Day

“Numerous politicians have seized absolute
power and muzzled the press. Never in
history has the press seized absolute power
and muzzled the politicians.”
— David Brinkley, American broadcast journalist

This Day in History

“Black Tuesday” descended upon the

1929 New York Stock Exchange. Prices col-

lapsed amid panic selling and thou-
sands of investors were wiped out as
America’s “Great Depression” began.
In 1 6 1 8 , Sir Walter Raleigh, the English courtier, military
adventurer and poet, was executed in London for treason.
In 1 7 8 7 , the opera “Don Giovanni” by Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart had its world premiere in Prague.
In 1 9 0 1 , President William McKinley’s assassin, Leon
Czolgosz, was electrocuted.
In 1 9 2 3 , the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed.
In 1 9 5 6 , during the Suez Canal crisis, Israel invaded
Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. “The Huntley-Brinkley Report”
premiered as NBC’s nightly television newscast.
In 1 9 6 0 , a chartered plane carrying the California
Polytechnic State University football team crashed on take-
off from Toledo, Ohio, killing 22 of the 48 people on board. REUTERS
In 1 9 6 4 , thieves made off with the Star of India and other A member of the caravan of thousands of migrants from Central America en route to the United States takes a break in a fresh
gems from the American Museum of Natural History in New water stream in Tapanatepec, Mexico.
York. (The Star and most of the other gems were recovered;
three men were convicted of stealing them.)
In 1 9 7 9 , on the 50th anniversary of the great stock market In other news ...
crash, anti-nuclear protesters tried but failed to shut down n’t have enough of it, he decided to go judges.
the New York Stock Exchange. Water out of thin air: all in. He called their water-making
In 1 9 8 7 , following the confirmation defeat of Robert H. Couple’s device wins $1.5M At the time, his little water-making machine a “really cool” merging of
Bork to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, President Ronald LOS ANGELES — It started out mod- machine was cranking out 150 gallons a rather simple technologies that can be
Reagan announced his choice of Douglas H. Ginsburg, a estly enough: David Hertz, having day, much of which was being given to used to quickly deliver water to regions
nomination that fell apart over revelations of Ginsburg’s learned that under the right conditions homeless people living in and around hit by natural disasters, stricken by
previous marijuana use. Jazz great Woody Herman died in you really can make your own water out the alley behind the Studio of drought or even rural areas with a
Los Angeles at age 74. of thin air, put a little contraption on Environmental Architecture, Hertz’s shortage of clean water.
the roof of his office and began crank- Venice Beach-area firm that specializes Hertz and Doss-Hertz are just start-
Birthdays ing out free bottles of H2O for anyone
who wanted one.
in creating green buildings.
He and his wife, a commercial pho-
ing to contemplate how to accomplish
Soon he and his wife, Laura Doss- tographer, and their partner Richard
Hertz, were thinking bigger — so Groden, who created the smaller Virgin Orbit mates rocket to jet
much so that this week the couple won machine, assembled The for airborne launch system
the $1.5 million XPrize For Water Skysource/Skywater Alliance and went
Abundance. They prevailed by devel- to work. They settled on creating little LONG BEACH — Southern
oping a system that uses shipping rainstorms inside shipping containers California-based Virgin Orbit has
containers, wood chips and other detri- by heating up wood chips to produce the reached a milestone in developing its
tus to produce as much as 528 gallons temperature and humidity needed to draw airborne orbital launch system.
of water a day at a cost of no more than water from the air and the wood itself. The company says this week it mated
Actor Richard Actress Winona Actress Gabrielle 2 cents a quart. “One of the fascinating things about a LauncherOne rocket to a special
Dreyfuss is 71. Ryder is 47. Union is 46. The XPrize competition, created by a shipping containers is that more are Boeing 747 at Long Beach Airport and
group of philanthropists, entrepre- imported than exported, so there’s gen- will soon begin a series of flights that
Bluegrass singer-musician Sonny Osborne (The Osborne neurs and others, has awarded more erally a surplus,” said Hertz, adding will culminate with a drop test in
Brothers) is 81. Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson than $140 million over the years for they’re cheap and easy to move around. which the booster will be released
Sirleaf is 80. Country singer Lee Clayton is 76. Rock musi- what it calls audacious, futuristic ideas And if there’s no wood chips around from beneath the jet’s left wing.
cian Denny Laine is 74. Singer Melba Moore is 73. Musician aimed at protecting and improving the for heat, coconut husks, rice, walnut The system is intended to carry small
Peter Green is 72. Actress Kate Jackson is 70. Country musi- planet. The first XPrize, for $10 mil- shells, grass clippings or just about satellites into orbit.
cian Steve Kellough (Wild Horses) is 62. Actor Dan lion, went to Microsoft co-founder any other such waste product will do Virgin Orbit is a sister company of
Castellaneta is 61. Comic strip artist Tom Wilson (“Ziggy”) Paul Allen and aviation pioneer Burt just fine. Virgin Galactic, which is developing
is 61. Actress Finola Hughes is 59. Singer Randy Jackson is Rutan in 2004 for SpaceShipOne, the “Certainly in regions where you an air-launched rocket plane for carry-
57. Rock musician Peter Timmins (Cowboy Junkies) is 53. first privately financed manned space have a lot of biomass, this is going to ing tourists on suborbital flights into
Actress Joely Fisher is 51. Rapper Paris is 51. Actor Rufus flight. be a very simple technology to space.
Sewell is 51. Actor Grayson McCouch is 50. Rock singer SA When Hertz learned a couple of years deploy,” said Matthew Stuber, a pro- Virgin Orbit said it already has hun-
Martinez (311) is 49. Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is 46. Actor ago that a prize was about to be offered fessor of chemical and biomolecular dreds of millions of dollars worth of
Trevor Lissauer is 45. Olympic gold medal bobsledder Vonetta to whoever could come up with a engineering at the University of launches on contract for a wide range
Flowers is 45. Actress Milena Govich is 42. Actor Jon cheap, innovative way to produce Connecticut and expert on water sys- of customers including NASA and the
clean freshwater for a world that does- tems who was one of the panel’s U.S. Defense Department.
Abrahams is 41. Actor Brendan Fehr is 41.


By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Unscramble these Jumbles, Oct. 27 Powerball Fantasy Five Mo nday : Partly cloudy. Highs in the
one letter to each square,
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to form four ordinary words. 8 12 13 19 27 4 2 4 7 17 28 60s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Gusts

up to 35 mph in the afternoon.
TIWYT Powerball

Daily Four
Mo nday ni g ht: Clear. Lows in the mid
Oct. 26 Mega Millions 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
1 28 61 62 63 5 6 9 9 9 Tues day : Sunny. Highs in the mid 60s to
lower 70s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph
TCEHF Mega number
Daily three midday increasing to west 15 to 20 mph in the
Oct. 27 Super Lotto Plus 8 9 9 afternoon.
Tues day ni g ht: Mostly clear. Lows in the 50s.
1 8 23 28 38 17 Daily three evening Wednes day : Sunny. Highs in the 60s to mid 70s.
SWOYLL Mega number

4 3 7
Wednes day Ni g ht: Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 50s.
Thurs day thro ug h Fri day : Mostly clear. Highs in the
The Daily Derby race winners are Big Ben, No. 4, in lower 60s to mid 70s. Lows in the mid 50s.
first place; Winning Spirit, No. 9, in second place; and Saturday : Mostly clear. Highs in the lower 60s to mid
MRAHEM Gold Rush, No. 1, in third place. The race time was 70s.
clocked at 1:44.85.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Monday • Oct 29, 2018 3

Foster City rec center plans take shape Police reports
Home wrecker
Officials want flexible space with outdoor food and beer garden Somebody used a crowbar to burglarize a
home under construction on Brewster
By Zachary Clark adjacent meadow to create an indoor/out- prominent connection to downtown and the Avenue in Redwood City, it was report-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF door performance area, said Karen Burks, city’s civic buildings, but Commission ed at 9:55 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17.
also a Burks Toma architect. Vice Chair Noemi Avram wants to see the
A multi-purpose community facility with The second level would have additional rec center’s connection to its surroundings FOSTER CITY
a food and beer garden — and not a full-serv- multi-purpose spaces and it would have an more clearly articulated in the plans.
overlook that extends out over the water. The restaurant and theater proposals were Res i denti al burg l ary. Someone’s Port
ice restaurant or theater — among a variety
The outdoor food and beer garden would be almost unanimously rejected for being too Royal Avenue home was ransacked. Nothing
of other outdoor recreation and event spaces
situated on the east side of the rec center costly and for not fitting into the site. was taken, it was reported at 4:43 p.m.
emerged as the preferred conceptual design
along the water. It’s meant to be family “We already have a theater and it would be Friday, Oct. 12.
at a recent meeting on Foster City’s new rec
friendly with a cafe element that also serves used so infrequently that I don’t think it As s aul t. Someone was assaulted on Thayer
beer and wine in the evenings and on week- makes sense to allocate a substantial Lane, it was reported at 2:20 p.m. Thursday,
The Oct. 18 meeting was a joint study ses-
ends, Burks said. There was also much inter- amount of square footage and obscurity to Oct. 11.
sion with the Planning Commission and
est in having the space be able to accom- the site because a theater is not transpar- Sho pl i fti ng . An Antioch woman was
Parks and Recreation Committee. Three con-
modate pop-up food vendors and food ent,” Avram said. “A theater is a solid barri- arrested on East Hillsdale Boulevard on a
ceptual design alternatives were presented,
trucks. er between the residents and the lagoon. … $10,000 misdemeanor warrant from the
and the most popular one is dubbed “outdoor
The building would be surrounded by a The more we add solid walls the less we get Solano County Sheriff’s office for failure to
activity complex” because it emphasizes
garden with gaming infrastructure — for permeability that we need in this location.” appear on a theft charges, along with charges
park functions and activities associated with
example permanent chess boards — and She criticized the full-service restaurant including shoplifting, obstructing an officer,
the building, said Leah Mathinsen, an archi-
enhanced and enlarged bocce courts, water- proposal for similar reasons. possession of a controlled substance, and
tect with Burks Toma Architects.
front overlooks and flexible picnic areas. The theater proposal would also require bringing a controlled substance into jail, it
That proposal would be located adjacent
A walking path to the amphitheater lined about 400 parking spaces, and many speak- was reported at 9:02 p.m. Wednesday, Oct.
to the amphitheater at Leo Ryan Park, occu-
with sculptures was also a popular idea ers didn’t want to dedicate that much space 10.
pying most of the existing recreation cen-
ter’s footprint. among commissioners and committee mem- to parking. The preferred option entails
The two-story rec center would be divided bers. about 250 spaces.
into two wings joined by an open lobby and “This whole area has a series of outdoor A more refined version of the alternatives Reckl es s dri v ers . Someone was doing
two courtyard spaces. The wings include rooms with outdoor functions and is a very will be presented at an Oct. 29 City Council doughnuts on Hudson Street, it was reported
spaces for events, art and ceramics and active and engaging area that links the new meeting followed by another meeting with at 9:59 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18.
dance as well as a preschool, kitchens and a building with the existing teen center and cost estimates for the proposals on Nov. 26. Burg l ary. Someone was arrested for burgla-
large multi-purpose community space. That the whole thing engages the water with The council will hold a study session 6:30 ry on Jefferson Avenue, it was reported at
space would be tucked into the hillside and views out to it,” Burks said. p.m. Monday, Oct. 29 at City Hall, 620 8:47 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18.
has the opportunity to open up onto the She also said the proposal offers a more Foster City Blvd. Petty theft. Someone stole items from a
Walnut Street location, it was reported at 6:29
Businesses pose issue if Newsom becomes governor p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18.
Reckl es s dri v ers . A vehicle was tailgat-
By Jonathan Cooper ic of the president’s poli- and interest groups. That has changed expec- ing, honking, and cutting people off on El
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS cies but has said little tations for government officials and likely Camino Real, it was reported at 4:55 p.m.
about this issue. will help California’s next governor. Thursday, Oct. 18.
SACRAMENTO — Before he was a politi- Newsom’s hospitality
cian, California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom was businesses are heavily
a businessman, and over the years he became regulated by the state and
a millionaire through his holdings in winer- could provide opportuni-
ies, bars, restaurants, hotels and liquor ties for interest groups to
stores. try to curry favor by rent-
Newsom, a Democrat, is running for gover- Gavin Newsom ing facilities at
nor, and those business interests present an Newsom’s properties for
ethics challenge if he’s elected as predicted events.
and follows through on his vow to keep his “You don’t want government officials to be
holdings. in a position where someone could reason-
“These are my babies, my life, my family. ably doubt that the decision they made was
I can’t do that. I can’t sell them,” Newsom based on their assessment of the public inter-
told reporters during a recent bus tour. He has est of California,” said Kathleen Clark, a law
said he’ll make decisions on how he’ll bal- professor specializing in government ethics
ance business and government work after the at Washington University.
Nov. 6 election. Government officials can avoid conflicts
The potential for blurred lines between by selling their business interests and put-
business and government service has become ting the proceeds in a blind trust, Clark said.
especially resonant since President Donald Short of that, they can recuse themselves
Trump broke with tradition for U.S. presi- from decisions that might pose a conflict.
dents and chose not to divest from his exten- Trump’s properties have become popular
sive holdings. Newsom has been a harsh crit- gathering places for political organizations
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4 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

005 1029 mon:1029 mon 60 10/28/18 7:45 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL STATE Monday • Oct 29, 2018 5

Coast Guard rescues Around the state
18 after yacht, fishing boat collide
SAN DIEGO — The Coast Guard has res- Person struck by Caltrain in Belmont Feud erupts over language
cued 18 people from two vessels after a A Caltrain has struck and injured a person
yacht collided with a fishing boat off the
coast of San Diego.
The San Diego Union-Tribune reports the
in Belmont, and that person has been taken
to a nearby hospital for treatment, a
Caltrain spokesman said.
The accident, involving a trespasser on
of gas tax repeal initiative
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Proponents can challenge ballot lan-
collision happened shortly before 8 p.m.
Friday off the coast of Imperial Beach. the Caltrain tracks, occurred at 3:34 p.m., guage in the courts but didn’t for
Authorities told the newspaper a Coast Sunday, Oct. 28, when northbound train SANTA ANA — After Los Angeles County Proposition 6, a constitutional amendment
Guard helicopter and two Coast Guard boats No. 431 struck the person on the tracks, residents got an automated phone call that also seeks to require voter approval for
responded to an emergency call from the said Dan Lieberman, a spokesman for reporting a mistake was on their November future fuel tax hikes.
yacht. Caltrain/SamTrans. ballot, county officials issued an alert to Instead, supporters have focused their
Authorities say one critically injured per- The condition of the person taken to the voters that there was no such error. efforts on branding the measure as a repeal
son was flow to the University of hospital wasn’t immediately known. The calls — and a mailer dubbed a ballot of a gasoline tax hike they say is making
California, San Diego, Medical Center. The Caltrain tracks through Belmont were “correction” — were part of an advertising California too expensive.
The person’s identity and the extent of closed temporarily, but the tracks in both blitz by Proposition 6 supporters trying to “We know when voters know ‘Yes on
their injuries were not disclosed. directions had been reopened by 4:30 p.m., drive home a message to voters to over- Prop 6’ is the gas tax repeal, they are more
Other passengers were taken to San Diego Lieberman said, and trains were again mov- come what they see as a misleading title likely to support it,” said Dave McCulloch,
by Coast Guard boat while still others were ing at authorized speed. and summary on the ballot initiative. a spokesman for proponents. “Lawyers are
ferried there by the yacht. There were approximately 282 passen- Proposition 6 would repeal an increase in expensive, and we feel money is best used
The fishing boat was reported badly dam- gers onboard the train and no injuries fuel taxes and vehicle fees that is slated to by educating voters.”
aged. Its captain remained with it to await onboard have been reported, Lieberman fund $5 billion in transportation projects a Opponents, who argue the tax revenues
salvagers. said. This marks the twelfth time in 2018 year. are critical to upgrading the state’s crum-
that a Caltrain has struck a trespasser, he Its title on the ballot begins with: bling roads and bridges, have called the
San Francisco added. “Eliminates certain road repair and trans- advertising deceptive. They said they also
portation funding.” Proponents say that would have preferred messaging more
balcony collapse harms two Man shot at San Mateo train station doesn’t convey quickly enough its mis- favorable to their cause and that propo-
Authorities say two women were injured sion, which is why they titled it a “Gas Tax nents had the chance to mount a court chal-
when the third-floor balcony of their San A man was shot at the San Mateo Caltrain Repeal Initiative” in large letters on their lenge and didn’t.
Francisco home collapsed. station late Friday night in an incident mailer. “We find it disgraceful and deceptive that
The San Francisco Fire Department police believe was a gang-related, San The feud over messaging comes just they would emulate an official voter guide
reports the collapse happened early Mateo police said. weeks before the election, though com- with fake mailers,” said Robin Swanson, a
Saturday at a single-family home in the The downtown station was closed for plaints about ballot language are hardly spokeswoman for the campaign against
city’s Outer Sunset District. about two hours starting around 10 p.m., new. Since elected officials craft the title Proposition 6. “If we were writing the title
The women were taken to San Francisco Friday, Oct. 27, because of the shooting, and summary that voters read on the ballot, and summary, we would call it, ‘The attack
General Hospital. The San Francisco according to Caltrain officials. Republicans frequently contend they are at on roads and bridges.”‘ We didn’t get our
Chronicle reports they were seriously San Mateo Police Department spokesman a disadvantage since California’s way either, but we’re not trying to deceive
injured, but further details were not avail- Capt. Dave Norris said officers were called Legislature and government offices — voters.”
able. to reports of a disturbance near Tilton including those tasked with drafting and Opponents, backed by construction
Fire Department spokesman Jonathan Avenue and B Street around 9 p.m. publishing ballot language — are solidly industry groups and unions, are campaign-
Baxter says police are investigating, and Officers found a man who had been shot in in Democrats’ hands. ing to show voters how revenues from the
the city’s building inspectors will examine the Caltrain station parking lot. The man “We very often have these fights,” said 12-cent-per-gallon increase in gasoline
the property. was taken to a nearby hospital with non Thad Kousser, chairman of political science excise taxes are translating to road and
A balcony collapse in neighboring life-threatening injuries, Norris said. at the University of California, San Diego. transit fixes in their neighborhoods, she
Berkeley in 2015 killed six people and No suspects had been arrested late Friday “(The proponents) wanted it to only talk said.
injured seven. night, Norris said. He said officers believe about what voters would get, not what vot- The battle over language comes as
An investigation determined that col- the shooting was gang-related. B Street was ers would lose, and so they are well within polling by the nonpartisan Public Policy
lapse was caused by dry rot in the balcony’s closed while police investigated, Norris their rights to make this their central cam- Institute of California shows the repeal
wooden beams. said. paign message.” effort trailing.

SEMINAR 1101 Shoreway Rd, Belmont

Time: 11am–1pm
Wednesday Sept 5 2018
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Wednesday Oct 10 2018
Thursday Oct 18 2018
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(Limited to 20 guests per event)

Memorial Park
If your family doesn’t know Hwy 92 at Skyline Blvd, San Mateo
what to get you for your BIRTHDAY, Time: 11am–1pm
Saturday Sept 8 2018
how do you expect them to know Sunday Sept 16 2018
what you want for your FUNERAL? Saturday Oct 6
Wednesday Oct 17
Skylawn Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory offers Tuesday Nov 6 2018
Sunday Nov 18 2018
We conduct these seminars in a relaxed environment with a Saturday Dec 8 2018
complimentary meal provided. (Limited to 20 guests per event)

There will be no selling at these seminars, only information is shared.

Topics of discussion are: Elks Club
t4PDJBM4FDVSJUZ#FOFmUs Time: 11am–1pm
Monday Nov 19 2018
Monday Dec 10 2018


for the Date and Location of your choice: (650) 847-9994
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Skylawn Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory
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6 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Synagogue attack shatters safety of longtime Jewish enclave

By Matt Sedensky reality,” said Cohen, whose 12-year-old from their “neighborhood youth Hitler.”
and Maryclaire Dale daughter was shaken by the sight of rifle- “I have never been a person to say this
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS carrying men in fatigues passing by their could never happen here, ” said Aviva
home. “Those are the things that we read in Lubowsky, a lifelong resident of Squirrel
PITTSBURGH — In a city known for its on a newspaper or in a book or watch in a Hill who attended Hebrew school at Tree of
Jewish population, the neighborhood was movie.” Life as a child. “Ever since 9/11, sitting in
the faith’s spiritual heart and the synagogue The former leader of Tree of Life, Rabbi synagogue for the High Holidays, I feel like
a cornerstone of the community. Alvin Berkun, was dressed and ready to head we’re sitting ducks.”
For generations, Squirrel Hill has been to the synagogue on Saturday when his wife Ren Finkel, who moved to Pittsburgh
known as one of Pittsburgh’s most special asked him to stay home because she didn’t from San Diego six years ago, echoed that
enclaves, where the Tree of Life temple feel well. He said the congregation only sentiment.
stood as a welcoming landmark. Residents posted security officers on the High “I wouldn’t say I was expecting it,” Finkel
marveled over their good fortune to live in a Holidays, but even so never felt unsafe said while attending a small vigil. “But I
place that seemed open, accepting and there. don’t know that surprise is necessarily what
secure. “The community is very resilient and we I was feeling either.”
“People always felt safe here,” said Jules will rebound,” he said, “but it will leave a There have been scattered incidents of
Stein, a lifelong resident of Squirrel Hill scar forever.” anti-Semitism in the area over the years that
who until recently belonged to Tree of Life. Others, though grateful for the seeming have occasionally drawn concern, including
“In one day, that changed.” bubble in which they lived, always feared call Greater Pittsburgh home. spray-painted swastikas. In 1986, a rab-
A gunman opened fire Saturday at the syn- such hatred could visit them. About 1 in 6 respondents said they had binical student from Toronto visiting his
agogue, killing 11 people. It was the type A 2017 report on Pittsburgh’s Jewish directly experienced anti-Semitism in the in-laws was shot on the street in a killing
of violence that seemed impossible to many community by Brandeis University preceding year, mostly involving com- many believed was motivated by the vic-
who called the neighborhood home. researchers found 70 percent of area Jews ments, insults, jokes and stereotypes. One tim’s appearance. He was bearded and wore a
Tanya Cohen, who emigrated from Russia were a little or somewhat concerned about person quoted in the report said, while walk- yarmulke with a long black coat, black suit
and lives near Tree of Life, always knew anti-Semitism. Older Jews expressed the ing to a synagogue, a motorist yelled “dumb and black hat — hallmarks of Orthodox
anti-Semitism existed but never thought it most fear: One-third of those 65 and older Jew” and spat at them, before warning them Judaism.
would strike so close. said they were very concerned, versus 10 to “go back to Squirrel Hill.” Another told As jarring and violent as that killing was,
“It seemed like here, those things were percent of those 18 to 34. of a campaign sign for Donald Trump being though, it came nowhere close to the impact
really far away and really removed from our The report estimated about 50,000 Jews put in their yard with a note saying it was of Saturday’s attack.

‘I’m barely breathing’: Synagogue survivor recounts terror

By Maryclaire Dale, didn’t see us, thank God.” three separate congregations, all of which “The loss is incalculable,” said Stephen
Claudia Lauer and Allen Breed The gunman, Robert Gregory Bowers, were conducting Sabbath services when the Cohen, co-president of New Light
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS opened fire with an AR-15 rifle and other attack began just before 10 a.m. in the tree- Congregation, which rents space at Tree of
weapons during worship services inside lined residential neighborhood of Squirrel Life.
PITTSBURGH — A survivor of the Tree of Life Synagogue, killing eight men Hill, about 10 minutes from downtown Mayor Bill Peduto called it the “darkest
Pittsburgh synagogue massacre described and three women before a tactical police Pittsburgh and the hub of the city’s Jewish day of Pittsburgh’s history.”
Sunday how he and other terrorized worship- team tracked him down and shot him, community. Bowers shot his victims with an AR-15 —
pers concealed themselves in a supply clos- according to state and federal affidavits As authorities worked to piece together the weapon used in many of the nation’s
et as the gunman stepped over the body of a made public on Sunday. He expressed hatred Bowers’ background and movements, har- mass shootings — and three handguns, all
man he had just shot and killed, entered of Jews during the rampage and later told rowing accounts from the survivors began of which he owned legally and had a license
their darkened hiding spot and looked police that “all these Jews need to die,” to emerge. to carry, according to a law enforcement
around. authorities said. Speaking at a vigil in Pittsburgh on official who wasn’t authorized to discuss the
“I can’t say anything, and I’m barely Six people were injured in the attack, Sunday night, Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey ongoing investigation, and who spoke
breathing,” recalled Barry Werber, 76, in an including four officers. Myers said about a dozen people had gath- Sunday on condition of anonymity.
interview with The Associated Press. “He Bowers targeted a building that housed ered in the synagogue’s main sanctuary U.S. Attorney Scott Brady in Pittsburgh
when Bowers walked in and began shoot- said Sunday night that federal prosecutors
ing. He said seven of his congregants were intend to pursue the death penalty against
killed. Bowers.
“My holy place has been defiled,” he said. Bowers was a long-haul trucker who
Officials released the names of all 11 of worked for himself, Brady said.
the dead, all of them middle-aged or elderly. Little else was known about the suspect,
The victims included intellectually disabled who had no apparent criminal record but
brothers and a husband and wife. The who is believed to have expressed virulent-
youngest was 54, and the oldest was 97. ly anti-Semitic views on social media.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION Monday • Oct 29, 2018 7

Pipe bomb suspect was spinning records as FBI closed in
By Eric Tucker, days after the investigation started.
Michael Balsamo and Colleen Long “Criminals make mistakes so the more
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS opportunities that law enforcement has to
detect them, the greater chance they’re
WASHINGTON — In the hours before his going to be able to act on that, and that
arrest, as federal authorities zeroed in and appears to be what happened here,” said for-
secretly accumulated evidence, Cesar Sayoc mer Justice Department prosecutor Aloke
was in his element: spinning classic and Chakravarty, who prosecuted the Boston
Top 40 hits in a nightclub where he’d found Marathon bombing case.
work as a DJ. But It wasn’t always clear that such a
As he entertained patrons from a dimly lit break would come, at least not on Monday
booth overlooking a stage at the Ultra when the first package arrived: a pipe bomb
Gentlemen’s Club, where Halloween decora- delivered via mail to an estate in Bedford,
tions hung in anticipation of a costume New York, belonging to billionaire liberal
party, he could not have known that inves- activist George Soros. That same day,
tigators that very evening were capitalizing Sayoc, still under the radar of law enforce-
on his own mistakes to build a case against ment, retweeted a post saying, “The world
him. is waking up to the horrors of George
He almost certainly had no idea that lab Soros.”
technicians had linked DNA on two pipe REUTERS Additional packages followed, delivered
bomb packages he was accused of sending Law enforcement personnel operate a bomb disposal robot outside a post office which had the next day for Clinton and Obama and
to prominent Democrats to a sample previ- been evacuated in Wilmington, Del. after that to the cable network CNN, former
ously collected by Florida state authorities. Debbie Wasserman “Shultz” — as on the coast-to-coast investigation into pipe Attorney General Eric Holder, former Vice
Or that a fingerprint match had turned up on mailings he’d soon be charged with send- bomb mailings that spread fear of election- President Joe Biden and other Democratic
a separate mailing the authorities say he ing. season violence. The bubble-wrapped mani- targets of conservative ire.
sent. In the end, prosecutors who charged la envelopes, addressed to Democrats such Each additional delivery created more
And he was probably unaware that inves- Sayoc with five federal crimes Friday say as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and unease. But together they also provided
tigators scouring his social media accounts the fervent supporter of President Donald intercepted from Delaware to California, more leads for the FBI, which mined each
had found the same spelling mistakes on Trump unwittingly left behind a wealth of held vital forensic evidence that investiga- pipe bomb for clues at a laboratory in
his online posts — “Hilary” Clinton, clues, affording them a critical break in a tors say they leveraged to arrest Sayoc four Quantico, Virginia.

Enough is enough: Fed-up Americans crave unity amid violence

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS prominent political figures villainized by another mass shooting in America — politi- a series of stunning attacks to test how much
those on the right — a bizarre plot unfold- cal scientists and ordinary citizens observed political animosity Americans are willing to
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — She flipped through ing just ahead of the midterm election that again that rabid partisanship had devolved to accept: the shooting of a Republican con-
television channels and radio stations, will decide which party controls Congress. the point of acts of violent extremism. Many gressman at a baseball practice , the white
scanning from conservative to liberal “It’s like our country is becoming ‘The wonder whether this latest spasm might be supremacist rally that turned deadly in
media, searching for any sign that the polar- Hunger Games,”’ Parker, who considers her- the moment that the nation collectively con- Virginia, the recent ricin scare-letters mailed
ized nation had finally reached its tipping self squarely in the middle of the political siders how poisonous the political culture to Trump and other top members of his
point. divide, told her husband and teenage son has become and decides to turn the other way. administration.
For days, Elisa Karem Parker had been see- over dinner. “If this isn’t it, I’d hate to think about what On Friday, authorities arrested a suspect in
ing updates in the news: A pipe bomb sent to As authorities intercepted more than a it will take,” said Parker as she cast her bal- the bomb probe — a 56-year-old registered
liberal political donor George Soros. One dozen pipe bombs addressed to President lot in early voting last week in Louisville, Republican and Trump enthusiast who
delivered to CNN. More to former President Donald Trump’s most ardent critics — and Kentucky. “appears to be a partisan,” Attorney General
Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other then, on Saturday, as news broke of yet The mail-bomb plot is merely the latest in Jeff Sessions said when asked about motive.
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8 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 NATION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Some Sessions allies hope White House allows graceful exit

By Eric Tucker A scenario advocated serving as an intermedi- private conversations. Trump has repeated-
and Jonathan Lemire by at least one Sessions ary if asked between the ly had to be talked out of firing Sessions
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ally, former Cincinnati White House and before November and has signaled to allies
Mayor Ken Blackwell, Sessions supporters. that he wants to make sweeping changes at
WASHINGTON — Sensing that Jeff would allow him to “He deserves a graceful the Justice Department once the midterms
Sessions’ days at the Justice Department remain on the job until exit. His career deserves a have concluded.
may be numbered, some of his supporters January and be permitted strong conclusion,” said He told The Associated Press this month
want the White House to allow for a graceful to resign on his own Gingrich, who called that he was “not thrilled” with Sessions but
exit for an attorney general they believe then rather than be fired Sessions “a strong con- made no commitment to dismiss him.
has dutifully carried out the administra- Jeff Sessions immediately after the Donald Trump servative who has done If Trump were to wait, it would not be out
tion’s agenda even while enduring the pres- midterms. Blackwell strong work at the of deference to Sessions, but rather because
ident’s fury. said allies have made their case to adminis- Department of Justice.” the White House would be managing the
It seems unlikely that efforts to soften a tration officials that Sessions has success- Sessions, who has publicly acknowl- fallout from the midterms and preparing for
possible dismissal after the Nov. 6 midterm fully pushed the president’s core priorities, edged the president’s displeasure, has a pair of presidential overseas trips in
election would find sympathy in the White including on illegal immigration, and plowed forward with the conventional November, according to the official.
House, where President Donald Trump’s rage deserves some sort of recognition from the duties of the job, including a regular calen- Sessions’ decision to recuse remains his
remains unabated over the attorney gener- White House that “he has more than a pass- dar of events and announcements. On original sin in Trump’s eyes. Trump has
al’s recusal from the Russia investigation. ing grade.” Friday, he spoke first at the Justice fumed that Sessions has not done more to
A hand-picked successor could theoretically “It is not unknown, from anyone from Department news conference announcing protect his personal interests and has vent-
oversee the rest of the probe in place of John Kelly to Jared Kushner, that there is a the arrest of a mail-bomb suspect in ed about what he sees as Sessions’ failure to
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. base of support,” said Blackwell, referring Florida. get a handle on immigration and his lack of
But some supporters say they hope that if to Trump’s chief of staff and son-in-law. “A The president, though mindful that emphasis on combating transnational crim-
and when Sessions is replaced, his record as portion of that base is ready to continue Sessions remains popular among much of inal organizations.
senator and attorney general will be recog- advocacy for his service.” his base, would seem unlikely to sign off on Cameron Smith, a former Sessions Senate
nized and not overwhelmed by Trump’s Newt Gingrich, a former Republican a plan to extend Sessions’ time in office, aide, said, “The idea that this gets better —
attacks, or that the administration will at House speaker who is close to the White according to a White House official and an they stand next to each other and sing com-
least respect the Justice Department by House and calls himself a longtime “admir- outside adviser familiar with Trump’s think- mon praises — I just don’t see anybody
guaranteeing a smooth transition. er” of Sessions, said he would be open to ing but not authorized to publicly discuss looking at that seriously.”

Shoppers may face hard choices again on health marketplaces

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS gouged consumers in recent years. Some are for people who don’t receive help from the The ACA expanded coverage to millions
even dropping prices for 2019. But the mar- ACA’s income-based tax credits, and they of Americans when it established state-
Insurance shoppers likely will have sev- ket will still be far from ideal for many cus- often require patients to pay several thou- based marketplaces where people can buy a
eral choices for individual health coverage tomers when open enrollment starts sand dollars toward their care before most plan if they don’t get insurance through
this fall. The bad news? There’s no guaran- Thursday. coverage starts. work or qualify for government programs
tee they will cover certain doctors or pre- Much of the insurance left on the market- “People understand that things are kind of like Medicaid. But the expansion has been
scriptions. places limits patients to narrow networks screwed up, ” said Chicago-area broker rough.
Health insurers have stopped fleeing the of hospitals or doctors and provides no Robert Slayton. “My objective is to give Several insurers pulled back from these
Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces and coverage outside those networks. them what reality is, to give them options. markets after being swamped with higher-
they’ve toned down premium hikes that Plus these plans can still be unaffordable Their job is to choose what may work.” than-expected costs.

t1rescriptions & Home

Medical Supplies Delivered
29 West 25TH Ave.
(650) 349-1373 (Near El Camino)
San Mateo t
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THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Monday • Oct. 29, 2018 9

Letters to the editor Are our elections safe?
Everyone agrees with this need. Yet councilmembers from up and down the fter reading an article in The New York Times
Yes on Measure W the transportation agency can’t find Peninsula, Bay Area Council, Friends Sunday magazine on the number of unsafe voting
Editor, the money in its billions from the of Caltrain, SAMCEDA, the San machines still being used by many states, I decid-
SamTrans did some incredible com- recent bridge toll hike, Measure A Mateo County Association of ed to check with Mark Church, the county’s chief elec-
munity outreach when it developed its (expires in 2033), the gas tax (more Realtors, the San Mateo County tions officer, to see if our county was using any of these
Get Us Moving campaign. The result than $10B over twenty five years), Central Labor Council and many oth- machines and what kind of safeguards we had in place. I
is Measure W on the November ballot, and the gas tax increase in 2017. If ers. I urge all San Mateo County vot- received the following information from Mr. Church:
which I fully support. billions added to billion have not ers to join them and me in voting yes “First and foremost, our electronic voting tabulation
Half the sales tax, about $40 mil- been used to solve the most basic on Measure W. For more information system is one of the safest and most secure voting tabula-
lion a year, will go toward keeping problems it’s disingenuous to suggest visit tion systems produced in the United States. It is manufac-
the buses running, and the rest of it that more will. tured by Hart InterCivic, a company that has been in the
will go toward other projects such as Joe Goethals voting tabulation system business for over 100 years.
Stretching the truth may be politics
filling potholes on our neglected — but we have rules in California! The San Mateo Hart InterCivic is a ‘closed’
roads. Measure W campaign, San Mateo The letter writer is a member of the San voting tabulation system that
As the San Mateo County supervi- County neighbors for congestion Mateo City Council. His v iews are his is never connected to the inter-
sor representing Daly City and north relief, has a misleading name. The net or the county network. It is
county, I can tell you that SamTrans own.
public agencies and large companies separate and apart from the
serves a vital role in these communi- state of California Voter
ties. The percentage of riders who hop
promoting W need to respect voters Re-elect Richard Registration System (VoteCal)
by telling the basic story, i.e. that
on buses at the Daly City BART sta- these “benefits” are funded by an addi-
Holober to the college board and is never connected by any
tion is huge compared to other traffic tional sales tax. And the Fair Political Editor, means. Our voting system has
hubs on the Peninsula. SamTrans Practices Commission should look I have served with Richard Holober been certified by the California
needs Daly City and Daly City needs into why the committee’s name does on the governing board of the San secretary of state and the
SamTrans. not specify it “supports Measure W.” Mateo County Community College National Association of State
Plus, have you seen our roads? From Our district attorney should look into District for 15 years. He has been an Election Districts (NASED).
Pacifica to Redwood City and San whether these mailers violate the min- outstanding trustee and education The system is digitally
Mateo, cities do not have the funding imal standards for truth-in-advertis- leader for San Mateo County, and has encrypted to protect data and is designed with secure
needed to keep up with road repairs. ing. deep personal and family connections physical hardware access controls and dual factor authen-
Measure W funds will be spread out to our students and our district. tication.
over the entire county to benefit virtu- Richard represented the board when “We originally deployed the Hart InterCivic voting sys-
ally every community. Gladwyn d’Souza our district developed its strategic tem in 2006. It is deployed in over 18 states and serves
No public bus system anywhere in Belmont plan, including specific goals and over 2,500 precincts and operates in over 400 countries.
the world is profitable. It’s time to rec- measurement, which is already The system supports over 30 million registered voters. Not
ognize the importance of SamTrans in The letter writer is an env ironmentalist
increasing student success at Cañada one ballot cast through the Hart InterCivic voting system
our community. It serves young peo- and member of the committee opposing by those 30 million registered voters has ever been com-
College, College of San Mateo and
ple, old people, people with disabili- Measure W. Skyline College. Over the past three promised. There has never been a discrepancy in our 1 per-
ties and those who cannot afford to years, transfers from our district to the cent manual tally since its implementation in San Mateo
drive or have the ability to drive. Yes on W University of California system have County. Unlike the voting systems that are referenced in
Without SamTrans, our most vulnera- Editor, increased by 41 percent. We are now The New York Times article, the Hart system produces both
ble populations would not be able to I support an all-of-the-above one of the first community college a paper and digital audit trail of each ballot. As a result, a
get medical appointments, school or approach to solving traffic conges- districts in California to offer a four- strict chain of custody is provided for each ballot.”
work. That’s why I’m voting yes on tion: Buses, trains, bikes and infra- year bachelor’s degree. ***
Measure W. structure improvements. We are all Under Richard’s leadership, First Since this election is primarily by mail ballots, I was
David J. Canepa tired of spending our precious time Year College Promise programs are curious as to how these are handled.
Daly City sitting in traffic. Measure W is a care- increasing student access and achieve- “All computers used to scan ballots are password pro-
fully thought out, responsible and ment. These programs include free tected and keep audit logs. The software creates a ballot
The letter writer is a member of the San image after ballots are scanned. The databases with the
visionary traffic congestion relief tuition, intensive counseling, text-
Mateo County Board of Superv isors. images are backed up daily. All scanned ballots are veri-
measure. The County of San Mateo book rental programs and new shuttle
and San Mateo County Transit District buses serving the Skyline and Cañada fied to make sure they were properly scanned. Ballots
Board are to be applauded for working campuses. where voter intention is not clear is flagged in the soft-
Possibly illegal together with thousands of communi- He has also led the way with real ware. Two staff members work together on the flagged
PR for Measure W ty members, as well as a diverse body solutions to the local housing afford- ballots to determine voter intent.”
Editor, of stakeholder groups to come up with ability crisis. We now offer faculty We are fortunate to have such a system in our county.
The Yes on Measure W campaign has an excellent expenditure plan. and staff 110 below-market-rate apart- ***
hit a new low in campaign ethics with The measure ensures the continua- ments in two developments, with a Those state propositions are a nuisance. Most of the ads
their mailers. Several different ver- tion of existing public transit service third underway. Our district has also for and against are misleading. Best source of impartial
sions extoll “the benefits” of the while providing crucial funds to create won acclaim for sustainability and review is the League of Women Voters. I always pay atten-
transportation measure. However, at express bus routes, improve Caltrain green building practices, which tion to their pros and cons and endorsements. No hidden
no point do the mailers ever disclose service, design and build better high- Richard championed. payback or agenda there. The league is recommending a
that Measure W is a tax increase. way interchanges (such as 92/101), Richard has been your tireless fiscal yes vote on propositions 1 and 2; a no vote on proposi-
Voters are being lulled by the implicit focus on regional connections (such watchdog, ensuring that taxpayer dol- tions 3, 5 and 6; and a yes vote on Proposition 10.
promise that all these “benefits” are as the reactivation of the Dumbarton lars are spent in the classroom and on Hopefully voters will support the San Mateo-Foster
free. Rail Corridor), improve our bumpy students. His campaign is supported City Elementary School District parcel tax, Measure V. If
The reason why “benefits” is in local roads and provide improved by teachers, firefighters, nurses and we want to be proud of our schools and make sure children
quotes is because it’s a lie. Take for pedestrian and bike facilities. over 35 elected officials. have an excellent public school education, then we need
example the pothole mailer. Only two Importantly, Measure W funds stay Please vote to re-elect Richard to support these measures whether or not we have kids in
of the twenty cities in San Mateo right here in San Mateo County and Holober to the community college school. And good schools are the best investment in
County have Pavement Condition cannot be taken by the state. Measure board. increasing the value of your home.
W is supported by an incredibly I am supporting Marshall Tuck for state superintendent
Index numbers below the acceptable
diverse coalition: state Sen. Scott of instruction, a non-partisan office. He is not the guy
threshold. One passed Measure I in Dave Mandelkern
Wiener, Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, portrayed in some of the opposition ads. He is a public
2016 to bring their roads up to par. Hillsborough
Assemblyman Marc Berman, education advocate, a graduate of San Mateo High School
Trying to give the impression of a The letter writer is a member of the San
Supervisors Dave Pine, Carole and opposes for-profit charters. His mom was a public
massive problem is false
Groom, Warren Slocum, Don Horsley Mateo County Community College school teacher and his son attends public schools. In Los
Another mailer talks about giving
District board. His v iews are his own. Angeles, he was recruited by then mayor Antonio
people with disabilities a lift. and David Canepa, as well as local
Villaraigosa where he helped create 10 new successful
OUR MISSION: public charter high schools in some of the city’s poorest
It is the mission of the Daily Journal to be the most neighborhood. Eight have been ranked among America’s
accurate, fair and relevant local news source for top high schools by U.S. News & World Report.
those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula. ***
By combining local news and sports coverage,
Jerry Lee, Publisher BUSINESS STAFF: analysis and insight with the latest business, It’s not surprising that after Trump tried to ignore the
Michael Davis Charles Gould lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to outrage over his favorite ally’s beheading and dismember-
Jon Mays, Editor in Chief Paul Moisio Jeff Palter provide our readers with the highest quality ment of a journalist who criticized the Saudi Arabian
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor Joe Rudino Joy Uganiza information resource in San Mateo County. regime, that the president’s rhetoric has encouraged his
Todd Waibel Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer
choose to reflect the diverse character of this supporters toward violence and hatred.
Dave Newlands, Production Manager INTERNS, CORRESPONDENTS, CONTRACTORS: dynamic and ever-changing community. So far no Trump opponent has met the fate of
Robert Armstrong Charlie Chapman Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi but pipe
Will Nacouzi, Production Assistant Jim Clifford Talia Fine
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events
Brooke Hanshaw Robert Hutchinson SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM bombs have been left at those the president attacks at ral-
Tom Jung Shavonne Lin lies and in tweets. And just as the crown prince is now
Austin Walsh, Senior Reporter Diego Emilio Perez Vishu Prathikanti Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: condemning the atrocity he orchestrated, Trump is decry-
Nick Rose Joel Snyder
REPORTERS: Gary Whitman ing these pipe bombs and saying we should all be nice to
Terry Bernal, Zachary Clark, Anna Schuessler each other.
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events Online edition at Last week, at a rally in Montana, he praised Republican
congressman, Greg Gianforte, who, last year, assaulted a
Letters to the Editor • Emailed documents are preferred: Correction Policy reporter for the Guardian. “Any guy that can do a body slam,
Should be no longer than 250 words. The Daily Journal corrects its errors. he’s my kind of-he’s my guy,” Trump said, to loud cheers.
Perspective Columns • Letter writers are limited to two submissions a If you question the accuracy of any article in the Daily
Should be no longer than 600 words. month. Journal, please contact the editor at
• Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters Opinions expressed in letters, columns and Sue Lempert is the former may or of San Mateo.
will not be accepted. perspectives are those of the individual writer and do or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107
• Please include a city of residence and phone not necessarily represent the views of the Daily Journal Editorials represent the viewpoint of the Daily Journal Her column runs ev ery Monday. She can be reached at
number where we can reach you. staff. editorial board and not any one individual.
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10 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Lawsuit over pot, property values could have broad impacts

By Kathleen Foody along with lower-level defendants.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS But the anti-racketeering law also allows
private parties to file lawsuits claiming
DENVER — A federal trial in Colorado their business or property has been dam-
could have far-reaching effects on the aged by a criminal enterprise. Those who
United States’ budding marijuana industry if prove it can be financially compensated for
a jury sides with a couple who say having a damages times three, plus attorneys’
cannabis business as a neighbor hurts their expenses.
property’s value. Starting in 2015, opponents of the mari-
The trial set to begin Monday in Denver juana industry decided to use the strategy
is the first time a jury will consider a lawsuit against companies producing or selling
using federal anti-racketeering law to target marijuana products, along with investors,
cannabis companies. But the marijuana insurers, state regulators and other players.
industry has closely watched the case since Cannabis companies immediately saw the
2015, when attorneys with a Washington, danger of high legal fees or court-ordered
D.C.-based firm first filed their sweeping payouts.
complaint on behalf of Hope and Michael That concern only grew when a Denver-
Reilly. based federal appeals court ruled in 2017
One of the couple’s lawyers, Brian that the Reillys could use anti-racketeering
Barnes, said the Reillys bought the south- law to sue the licensed cannabis grower
ern Colorado land for its views of Pikes neighboring their property. Insurance com-
Peak and have since built a house on the panies and other entities originally named
rural property. They also hike and ride hors- in the Reillys’ suit have gradually been
es there. removed, some after reaching financial set-
But they claim “pungent, foul odors” from VISUAL HUNT tlements out of court.
a neighboring indoor marijuana grow have A Colorado lawsuit may impact federal marijuana laws as they relate to property values. The case focuses on property in Pueblo
hurt the property’s value and their ability to the many risks facing marijuana businesses “They can claim a $1 million drop in prop- County, where local officials saw marijuana
use and enjoy it. licensed by states but still violating federal erty value, but if a jury does not agree and as an opportunity to boost an area left
“That’s just not right,” Barnes said. “It’s law. Suits using the same strategy have been says $5,000, that’s not that big of a deal,” behind by the steel industry. Most Colorado
not right to have people in violation of fed- filed in California, Massachusetts and said Rob Mikos, a Vanderbilt University law counties ban outdoor grows, forcing pot
eral law injuring others.” Oregon. professor who specializes in drug law. “That’s cultivators to find expensive warehouse
An attorney for the business targeted by the Mirroring the Reilly complaint, several why there are a lot of eyes on the case.” space.
suit plans to argue the couple’s property has claim the smell of marijuana damages neigh- Congress created the Racketeer Influenced Pueblo officials positioned their sunny,
not been damaged, relying in part on the boring owners’ ability to enjoy their land or and Corrupt Organizations Act — better flat plains as the alternative. They created
county’s tax valuations of the Reillys’ land harms their property value. known as RICO — to target the Mafia in the financial incentives in hopes of drawing
ticking up over time. The question now is whether jurors accept 1970s, allowing prosecutors to argue leaders growers to outdoor fields or cavernous
Vulnerability to similar lawsuits is among the argument. of a criminal enterprise should pay a price buildings left vacant by other industries.

GM proposes nationwide zero-emissions vehicle sales mandate

By Tom Krishner En v i ro n men t al need them. Separately, 21 attorneys general and five
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Protection Agency at GM’s proposal would set lower zero- cities signed a letter saying the administra-
the end of the Obama emissions vehicle requirements than tion’s proposal is illegal.
DETROIT — General Motors says it will administration, the fleet California, but spread them to the entire Trump could challenge California’s power
ask the federal government for one national of new automobiles nation. The requirements would gradually to set its own standards, granted under the
gas mileage standard, including a require- would have to get 36 increase until 2025. Clean Air Act, and that could set up a
ment that a percentage of auto companies’ miles per gallon by Reuss said GM’s proposal is a starting lengthy legal battle since California has
sales be zero-emissions vehicles. 2025, 10 miles per gal- point for discussions on one set of nation- pledged to defend its quest to reduce pollu-
Mark Reuss, GM’s executive vice presi- lon higher than the cur- al fuel efficiency and zero-emissions vehi- tion.
dent of product development, said the com- Mark Reuss rent requirement. cle standards. The EPA’s acting administrator, Andrew
pany will propose that a certain percentage But the Trump admin- “We want really one national set of stan- Wheeler, has said he wants a single mileage
of nationwide sales be made up of vehicles istration’s preferred plan is to freeze the dards,” he said. “Engineering to multiple standard nationally. Wheeler “has pledged
that run on electricity or hydrogen fuel standards starting in 2021. standards is very costly and frankly, unnec- to work in earnest with states and stake-
cells. Administration officials say waiving the essary.” holders to find a solution as we take com-
“A national zero emissions program will tougher fuel efficiency requirements would Federal and California gas mileage stan- ments on the new proposal, ” agency
drive the scale and infrastructure invest- make vehicles more affordable, which dards have been the same since 2010. But if spokesman James Hewitt said Friday.
ments needed to allow the U.S. to lead the would get safer cars into consumer hands President Donald Trump’s administration Environmental groups still are likely to
way to a zero emissions future,” Reuss said. more quickly. ends up relaxing the requirements, it could oppose any changes in the standards.
GM, the nation’s largest automaker, GM on Thursday said it doesn’t support create two standards, one for California and Daniel Becker of the Safe Climate
spelled out the request Friday in written the freeze, but wants flexibility to deal states that follow it, and another for the Campaign, an environmental advocacy
comments on a Trump administration pro- with consumers’ shift from cars to less- rest of the nation. group, said automakers like GM want the
posal to roll back Obama-era fuel economy efficient SUVs and trucks. California, whose unique authority to set federal government to set standards rather
and emissions standards, freezing them at Its proposed requirement would be based its own vehicle emissions standards would than California because it’s easier to lobby
2020 levels instead of gradually making on current standards now required in be rolled back under the administration’s for loopholes in Washington.
them tougher. California and nine other states. Under proposal, submitted more than 400 pages “The auto companies want to be able to
California Gov. Jerry Brown, whose those rules, GM must sell a minimum of of analysis rejecting the plan and the make a small number of electric vehicles
state was one of many opponents to the around 2, 200 fully electric vehicles in research behind it. and a large number of gas-guzzling SUVs
mileage rollbacks filing objections to the California this year, or about 1.1 percent California argues freezing emissions and other trucks instead of complying with
Trump plan, stood in front of Interstate 5 of the roughly 200,000 cars, trucks and standards for six model years would exacer- the existing mileage and emissions rules,”
in Sacramento on Friday to urge the cause SUVs that it normally sells in the state bate climate change, depress research in Becker said.
of cleaner cars and condemn the adminis- each year. cleaner technologies and lead to higher The deadline for written comments on the
tration’s proposal. California sets the requirements based on spending on gasoline. It also says the plan Trump administration plan were due Friday,
“Foolishly, it mandates gas guzzlers a complex formula that considers the total endangers the U.S. auto industry by allow- with a final decision expected in March.
instead of clean and zero-emission vehi- number of vehicles sold by an automaker ing other countries to take the lead in GM, which offers the all-electric
cles,” Brown told reporters as trucks and and gives credits for fully electric vehicle developing affordable electric vehicles and Chevrolet Bolt with 238 miles of range, and
passenger traffic roared past. “Wrong way sales and partial credits for plug-in gas- batteries. the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, has
to go, Donald. Get with it. Bad.” electric hybrid vehicles. Credits can be “I think a lot of the car companies know invested millions to develop battery tech-
Under a regulation finalized by the banked or sold to other automakers that they’ve got to build clean, electric or hydro- nology so additional electric vehicle sales
gen cars,” Brown said at Friday’s interstate nationwide would help its bottom line. The
news conference. “If they don’t, they’ll be company has promised to introduce 20 new
File your taxes & apply working for Chinese companies.” all-electric vehicles globally by 2023.
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<<< Page 12, ’Dogs rush for 320 yards

in 49-7 blowout of Diablo Valley
Monday • Oct. 29, 2018

Sox claim the crown

By Ronald Blum
Red Sox 5, Dodgers 1
A team to remember from top to bot- of frustration and despair before end-
LOS ANGELES — Chris Sale’s final tom. A season to savor from start to ing an 86-year championship drought
pitch for this Boston juggernaut trig- finish. in 2004, the Red Sox have become
gered a celebration on the Dodger David Price proved his postseason baseball’s team of the century with
Stadium infield, among thousands of fans mettle, Steve Pearce homered twice and four titles in 15 seasons.
who made their way to California — and Boston beat the Los Angeles Dodgers “Seeing all these grown men over
even outside Fenway Park back home. 5-1 on Sunday to finish off a one-sided there, just acting like kids, that’s what JAYNE KAMIN-ONCEA/USA TODAY SPORTS
The quest is complete. Yes, these World Series in five games. Chris Sale celebrates with catcher Christian Vazquez and
2018 Red Sox really are that great. A tormented franchise during decades See CHAMPS, Page 16 pitcher David Price, right, Sunday night in Los Angeles.

What a comeback!
Warriors 120, Nets 114

Mercy rallies back

from 2 sets down
to stun Terra Nova
By Terry Bernal

Upsets are not an uncommon storyline in

the opening round of the Central Coast
Section volleyball tournament. When a
team is down 2 sets to 0 on the road though,
the chances of an upset go from fair to high-
ly unlikely.
Don’t tell that to the No. 12-seed Mercy-
Burlingame Crusaders though, who staged
Andre Iguodala dunks against the Nets in the an epic comeback 18-25, 22-25, 25-8, 25-
fourth quarter Sunday at Barclays Center. 18, 15-6 at No. 5 Terra Nova Saturday night

Dubs hold on,

in the CCS Division IV opener, paced by 25
kills from senior outside hitter Alister
“That has definitely been one of our best

top Brooklyn
By Brian Mahoney
games yet,” Borabo said.
Previous to Saturday, the last time a road
team rebounded from a two-set deficit to win
a CCS playoff match was in 2016 when No.
5 Saratoga rallied back at No. 4 Prospect in
the Division III bracket. Prior to that, you
NEW YORK — Golden State appeared on have to go back to 2013 when No. 4 Crystal
its way to another easy victory when the Springs Uplands stunned top-seed Mt.
game suddenly turned into a 3-point Madonna in the Division V semifinals.
shootout. Even in the regular season this is a rare
Luckily for the Warriors, they have the feat. Mercy (19-17 overall) last bounced
perfect guy for that. back to win after being two sets down on the
Stephen Curry set another NBA record by road in 2012 at Castilleja, this three years
making seven 3-pointers and finished with before coaches Chris Balestrieri and Nicole
35 points as the Warriors held on to beat the Rathman took over the program. The hus-
Brooklyn Nets 120-114 on Sunday. band-wife coaching team did lead such a
Kevin Durant added 34 for the Warriors, comeback on their home court earlier this
who were coasting before the Nets made it season, though, a Sept. 28 non-league vic-
close with some sizzling shooting behind tory over Crystal Springs Uplands.
the arc. “We were in the same situation, ”
Curry finally turned them back when his Balestrieri said. “We played a fired up team
final 3-pointer made it 115-108 with 1:07 to … dropped the first two (sets) and came back
play. He has made at least five 3s in all and won the last three. And it was in a simi-
seven games, breaking George McCloud’s lar fashion.”
Mercy-Burlingame senior Alister Borabo, left, celebrates with teammate Allison Remula in the
See DUBS, Page 15 Crusaders’ five-set comeback victory in the CCS Division IV opener Saturday at Terra Nova. See MERCY, Page 14

Menlo falls to SHC in 5-set battle

By Terry Bernal “This is one of the better hitting teams we’ve seen,” Menlo
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF senior Grace King said. “And also they play very fast on their
side, which we were expecting, but still it’s hard to adjust.”
SAN FRANCISCO — It was a showdown of big swings — King and her fellow outside hitter, senior Sianna
as a Central Coast Section Open Division volleyball match Houghton, swung up a frenzy against an SHC squad that
should be. made them work for every kill they scored. King totaled a
Big swings from either side of the net led to big swings team-high 13 kills, but managed just a .108 hitting per-
on the scoreboard in No. 8 Menlo School’s five-set show- centage. Houghton hit for a flat .000 percentage while
down at top-seed Sacred Heart Cathedral. But after the Lady adding 10 kills.
Knights (22-11 overall) rallied for a 2 sets to 1 swing, pow- “Every time we took a hit we wanted to score,” Menlo
erhouse SHC — entering play ranked eighth in the state and head coach Marco Paglialunga said. “So sometimes we lose
No. 44 in the nation — proved too powerful a force. our patience.”
TERRY BERNAL/DAILY JOURNAL In the end, the Fightin’ Irish (28-6) rode three double-digit Had it not been for running an attack through the middle,
Menlo’s Abby Holleran attempts a dig in Saturday’s five-set loss kill performances to a dominant finish in Saturday’s CCS open-
at SHC in the CCS Open Division playoff opener. er for a 25-17, 17-25, 23-25, 25-14, 15-4 victory over Menlo. See MENLO, Page 14
012 1029 mon:1029 mon 60 10/28/18 12:01 AM Page 1

12 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Bulldogs throttle past DVC to remain atop Bay 6 DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT after a punt and marched seven plays for 67
yards on their opening drive. Sophomore
The Bulldogs ran it and ran it, and then ran quarterback Kamalii Akina (St. Francis-
it some more. Mountain View) moved the ball past mid-
The result was College of San Mateo (3-0 field with a 33-yard run. Taylor later scored
Bay 6, 6-2 overall) scoring 35 unanswered on a 2-yard run.
first-half point en route to a 49-7 disman- CSM upped the lead to 14-0 late in the
tling of Diablo Valley College (0-3, 2-6) first quarter when Akina hit sophomore
Saturday at College Heights Stadium. Rory Uniacke (Serra) for a 73-yard touch-
CSM rallied for 397 total yards of offense, down pass.
with 320 of those yards coming via the The Bulldogs never looked back, outgain-
ground attack. Nine different players rushed ing DVC 397-231 in total yards.
the ball for the Bulldogs, with freshman Akina tabbed CSM’s only two pass com-
Avery Runner (Kennedy-Sacramento) pac- pletions of the afternoon. Freshman quar-
ing the team with a career-high 76 yards on terback Terrell Carter added five carries for
three carries and two touchdowns, including 21 yards rushing, and sophomore quarter-
a 65-yard score in the third quarter. back Matt Adamkiewicz carried once for
Sophomore running back Rahsaan nine yards.
Fontenette (Oak Grove-San Jose) added nine With the win, CSM maintains the only
carries for 65 yards, freshman Jalen unbeaten record in Bay 6 Conference play.
Lampley (Franklin-Elk Grove) took five The Bulldogs travel to fourth-place Chabot
carries for 52 yards and a touchdown, and this coming Saturday for a 6 p.m. kickoff.
sophomore Cam Taylor (Hillsdale) went for CSM then closes the regular season at home
PATRICK NGUYEN 38 yards on 10 carries with a score. Saturday, Nov. 10 against second-place City
CSM freshman Jalen Lampley gallops for a big gain in Saturday’s 49-7 win over Diablo Valley. The Bulldogs took over at their own 33 College of San Francisco.

Meier’s second goal lifts Sharks in OT

By Steve Dilbeck
Sharks 4, Ducks 3, OT
year career. ent than the last 30?”
ANAHEIM — The Sharks looked like “I got a lucky bounce Aberg took an assist from Ryan Getzlaf
they’ve developed another star. on the first goal,” Meier and sent it past Jones for his first goal late
Timo Meier scored twice, had a third goal said. “It was a confidence in the second period. His second goal was a
nullified after an offside review and added an builder. It’s been a while thing of beauty. This one was an unassisted,
assist Sunday night to lead the Sharks to a since I’ve scored in this Aberg weaving the puck back and forth
4-3 overtime victory against the Anaheim league. I’ve shown I can seven times and finally around San Jose’s
Ducks. (score) in the American Joakim Ryan and into the net.
His second goal came at the 2:12 mark in (Hockey) League.” “Their (defenseman) turned his back after PAM MCKENNEY
OT, finishing off a mad scramble in front of Goalie John Gibson my first move,” Aberg said. “I tried to pull it Menlo senior Sam Untrecht fires for his fourth
the net. He now has a career-high, eight- Timo Meier goal against Menlo-Atherton on Saturday.
stopped 45 of San Jose’s back. It worked out.”
game point streak. 49 shots. That tied the game 3-3 and sent it into
“It was a big win by us,” Meier said. “We
stuck with it. We stayed positive and got
two huge points.”
Anaheim looked lethargic early in the
game, falling behind 3-1 to the Sharks
before finding some spark.
Meier’s second, second goal ended it.
After a scramble in front of the Anaheim
Menlo maintains
Logan Couture and Rourke Chartier also
scored for the Sharks, who’ve won four of
their last five. San Jose goalie Martin Jones
Couture put the Sharks up early in the first
period with a wrist shot, but Manson
net, Gibson appeared to have the puck in
his left glove. But instead of burying the
dominance in PAL
answered less than 2 minutes later with his puck, he flicked it out and went to Meier, DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT
stopped 27 of Anaheim’s 30 shots on goal. own short wrister. It was Manson’s first who drilled it past him for the game winner.
Meier, 22, was San Jose’s first-round pick goal of the season. “I thought we deserved to win, ” said Since 1993, the Menlo Knights have fall-
(ninth overall) in the 2015 draft. He scored The Sharks then took control, getting Sharks coach Peter DeBoer. “There was a big en short of a Peninsula Athletic League
34 goals last season, his first full season goals from Chartier and Meier. Meier’s first swing in the second period when our goal boys’ water polo tournament title just twice.
with the Sharks. attempt at a second goal was erased when was disallowed and then they got the ‘see- Saturday, they maintained their dominance
After starting 5-1-1, the Ducks suffered Ducks coach Randy Carlyle asked for a ing eye’ one. in the annual playoff tourney with an 18-7
their fifth consecutive loss. They’ve surren- review and the Sharks were ruled offside. “I thought we had an opportunity there to win over Menlo-Atherton.
dered 19 goals in the five losses. “If we had a break it was when they were probably put them away and we wouldn’t Senior Sam Untrecht paved the way with
Sunday the Ducks got two goals from offside on the goal,” Carlyle said. “It kind have come down to what it did, but that’s eight goals and Noah Housenbold added a
Pontus Aberg and one from Josh Manson. It of turned things in our favor, and we started hockey. You gotta give them credit for hat trick.
was the first goal of the season for Aberg to play. Question is, what were we doing in hanging around. Gibson gave them the Sophomore goalie Zayd Mahmoud
and the first multi-goal game of his three- the first 30 minutes that was so much differ- chance to do that.” manned the cage for seven saves.

Renters Insurance Rates

013 1029 mon:1029 mon 60 10/28/18 8:25 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Monday • Oct 29, 2018 13

49ers flounder late in Arizona

By John Marshall Cardinals 18, 49ers 15

GLENDALE, Ariz. — C.J. Beathard

lined up in the shotgun with 7 seconds
left, hoping to get one more completion
to set up a potential tying field goal.
He and the 49ers never got the chance.
The snap sailed over Beathard’s head
and San Francisco’s chances went with
it, punctuating a dis-
Steelers fans bow their heads for a moment of silence to honor loss to the Arizona
the victims of the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue prior Cardinals on Sunday.
to Sunday’s game at Heinz Field. “Guys are really
hurting in there and
Steelers bring comfort to city they should be,”
49ers coach Kyle
following synagogue tragedy Shanahan said. “If
C.J. Beathard they’re not, some-
By Tom Withers thing’s wrong with
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS them. But it’s our job, it’s what we do.
We’re not happy at all with where the
PITTSBURGH — Shaken by an unspeakable tragedy, this season’s gone. We need to step it up and JOE CAMPOREALE/USA TODAY SPORTS
city needed something to ease its pain. we’re going to do something about it.” Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald spikes the ball after scoring a 2-point
The Steelers brought some joy to their grieving community. Arizona won the NFC West rivals’ first conversion against the 49ers late in the second half Sunday at State Farm Stadium.
Ben Roethlisberger threw two touchdown passes to meeting on Oct. 7 by forcing five points or less. Robbie Gould kicked his second field
Antonio Brown, James Conner ran for two scores, and turnovers. “We didn’t expect to start this way, goal, from 20 yards.
Pittsburgh beat the Cleveland Browns 33-18 on Sunday The Cardinals completed the season obviously,” said Beathard, who threw Nothing worked in the fourth quarter.
while offering some solace to an area still in shock after a sweep behind rookie quarterback Josh for 190 yards and a touchdown on 14-of- The offense sputtered when it could
synagogue shooting. Rosen’s late-game poise. 28 passing. “But we have and this is have helped run out the clock, managing
The Steelers (4-2-1) overcame a slow start and their own Rosen spent the first three quarters where we’re at right now, and we’ve got a meager 59 yards. The defense scooped
mistakes to win their 15th straight at Heinz Field over the frustrated by San Francisco’s near-con- to move forward.” up a fumble after Rosen’s TD pass to
Browns (2-5-1), who have lost 25 consecutive road games stant pressure. He was sacked three The 49ers put themselves in good posi- Fitzgerald, but allowed the Cardinals to
— one shy of the NFL record. times, including once for a safety in the tion to end the losing streak by dominat- march for the winning score after get-
Maybe more importantly, the win delivered a few hours of first quarter, and often had to throw ing Arizona on defense and doing just ting the ball back at their own 27-yard
comfort to Pittsburgh’s fans and Western Pennsylvania still before he could go through his progres- enough on offense through three quarters. line with 2:16 left.
in shock a day after a gunman stormed into the Tree of Life sions with hands and bodies all around. The Cardinals labored against San The 49ers still had a chance for a tying
Synagogue and killed 11 people. A moment of silence was Once the fourth quarter started, the Francisco’s defense in their first game field goal, reaching Arizona’s 45-yard
observed before the game and several signs with the 49ers couldn’t get the same kind of under new offensive coordinator Byron line with 10 seconds left, but Beathard
Steelers’ helmet logo — inlaid with a Star of David — were pressure and Rosen flourished with the Leftwich, held to 135 yards and one field threw a completion and had to scramble
displayed by fans. extra time. goal by Phil Dawson. for the ball after Erik Magnuson’s snap
“We’re thankful for a victory, but we also understand that He led Arizona on a pair of scoring The 49ers had their own offensive sailed over his head.
there are bigger things,” Roethlisberger said. “There’s life. drives in the quarter, hitting Larry problems in the first half, leading 5-3 “Last time we played them, we domi-
I’m glad that we could give people maybe three hours of a Fitzgerald on a 13-yard touchdown pass despite gaining 61 total yards. nated them,” said San Francisco receiver
break of maybe not thinking about it all the time, and that’s early, then finding Christian Kirk on a San Francisco finally revved up its Kendrick Bourne, who had seven catches
what sports does sometimes is it helps you to kind of heal. 9-yard score with 34 seconds left. offense in the second half, going up 15- for 71 yards. “It’s just not finishing
But it’s over and people are going to celebrate and enjoy San Francisco (1-7) has lost six 3 after Beathard threw a 55-yard touch- when we need to. We’ve got to figure out
this, but reality still sets in for a lot of people.” straight, including three games by three down pass to Marquise Goodwin and how to fix that.”
The shooting was felt by all Pittsburghers, and was close
to the Steelers. Michele Rosenthal, the team’s former com-
munity relations manager, had two brothers, Cecil and
David, killed in the attack.
Luck leads Colts past Raiders
By Josh Dubow
“We love you Michelle and we’re thinking about you,”
said Roethlisberger, who was not surprised to the city pull THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Colts 42, Raiders 28
together. “I know the Boston Strong thing, but it’s true Luck threw his third touchdown pass
everywhere. That’s what Pittsburghers are. We’re family. OAKLAND — The Indianapolis of the game to break a tie with 5:28 to
There’s so much love here in this town — for the sports, for Colts appear to have a potent running go, Adam Vinatieri set the career scor-
each other, for all the different races, ethnicities, religions game, an offensive line that can pro- ing mark and the Colts beat the
and everything we have.” tect and a record-setting kicker. Raiders 42-28 Sunday to win in back-
Roethlisberger connected on TD passes of 43 and 1 yard KYLE TERADA/USA TODAY SPORTS Combined all that with a healthy to-back weeks for the first time in
with Brown, and Conner continued to minimize Le’Veon Colts tight end Jack Doyle scores against Andrew Luck and the results are
the Raiders Sunday in Oakland. impressive. See RAIDERS, Page 16
Bell’s absence.

014 1029 mon:1029 mon 60 10/28/18 11:03 PM Page 1

14 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

“We’ve been lucky to have mids that work

CCS volleyball
Division III
MENLO really hard and can get us some kills, and
some pin hitters … that can get us kills and
El Camino 3, Saratoga 2 Continued from page 11 Game 2 saw Menlo, with its backs against
Division I In its first CCS playoff appearance since the wall, find its footing in a hurry.
2002, No. 9 El Camino (14-6) won a dramatic SHC opened the set on a 4-0 run, capped
Carlmont 3, Monta Vista 1 as the Knights did from the outset, it would by Canady’s wicked roll shot off the left
25-22, 25-19, 21-25, 17-25, 15-11 thriller at
No. 7 Carlmont opened Central Coast have been a much shorter night. Senior mid- side. After a quick Menlo timeout, the
No. 8 Saratoga (14-18). It marks the Lady
Section postseason play with a 25-12. 20- dle Anna Guirogassian produced 10 kills, Knights picked up two difficult shots with
Colts’ first-ever CCS volleyball playoff victo-
25, 25-17, 25-16 win over No. 10 Monta ry, and their first postseason win since 1978. while freshman middle Sharon Nejad added skillful digs from Houghton and sophomore
Vista-Cupertino at Moore Pavilion on the El Camino now travels to No. 1 Soquel for six, including hammering away for five opposite Roxy Karrer, to finish with King’s
campus of Notre Dame-Belmont. Tuesday’s quarterfinals at 7 p.m. kills in the opening set. first match kill. King went on to put down
The Lady Scots (23-13) showcased their While Menlo outdid SHC in the kill six kills in the set.
three-pronged attack, with junior outside Division IV department 10-9 in each of the first two The Irish worked back to tie it 13-13 on a
hitter Morgan McClellan leading the way sets, the Knights had trouble relaxing into Lenn cross-shot off the left side. Karrer
SHP 3, Monte Vista Christian 0 their game from the outset. Menlo commit-
with 15 kills. Senior middle Clara Vltavsky The Gators (13-17) rolled to a 25-12, 25- answered back with a kill to force a side-out,
totaled 12 kills with a .500 hitting percent- ted a whopping 15 unforced errors in Game then served up an ace during a four-point
10, 25-11 win over Monte Vista Christian-
age, and junior opposite Alisha Mitha added 1, 10 field errors and five service faults. Menlo run. SHC closed it to 17-16, but
Watsonville (14-18) in Atherton. Junior
11. Jules Tan and Katie Wong split the dif- outside hitter Elena Radeff fired a match- “I think in the first set, we weren’t ready wouldn’t get as close again after Houghton
ference on setting detail, with the sopho- high 13 kills and added three blocks, and offensively,” Paglialunga said. “Without responded with a left-side bolt for her only
more Tan totaling 24 assists and the senior junior Evelyn Sutton totaled 12 digs. SHP taking any credit from them — they did a kill of the match-tying set.
Wong 23. now faces Notre Dame-Belmont in Tuesday’s beautiful job — but we didn’t do anything in “We had a couple good rotational serv-
This is the third time in five years Monta semifinal at Moore Pavilion at 7 p.m. the first set.” ings, and we played them out of system,”
Vista (12-15) has been eliminated by The Knights played it close until the mid- Paglialunga said. “And we finally found the
Carlmont. NDB 3, James Lick 0 dle of the set. Trailing 12-10, they watched line hitting.”
Notre Dame-Belmont (24-11) got 12 kills the Irish go on a five-point run, during Game 3 seemed like the back-and-forth
With the win, the Scots advance to the
from sophomore outside hitter Abby Miller en which senior outside hitter Lauren Chen battle the match would hinge on. After
Tuesday’s quarterfinals, traveling to No. 2
route to a 25-11, 25-10, 25-9 win at home over scored her fourth set kill. Menlo’s saving Menlo senior Riley Holland manned the
Los Altos for a 7 p.m. start.
No. 14 James Lick-SF (14-4). The Tigers now grace was holding SHC junior outside libero position though the first two sets,
host SHP in Tuesday quarterfinals at 7 p.m. Skylar Canady to one kill in the first set — injuries forced her into rotational duty on
Division II and that was a put-back on an over-dig — the back row while junior Abby Holleran
San Mateo 3, Westmont 1 Division V but as the match wore on, it was Canady donned the libero’s jersey.
No. 10 San Mateo (8-15) dealt an upset at Nueva School 3, University Prep 1 who combined with Chen to carry the Irish. Holleran was on point, even with the
No. 7 Westmont (18-12) with a 25-19, 25- No. 10 Nueva School (16-2) earned its Canady went on to finish with a match- Irish beginning to vary its attacking lines.
22, 20-25, 25-17 win, marking the third first-ever CCS victory 22-25, 25-21, 25-22, high 17 kills, Chen totaled 12 and junior The score was tied at 14 different junctures,
straight year the Bearcats have won their 25-18 at home over No. 7 University Prep- Megan Lenn shifted around the front row to and as late 18-18. But a block by
CCS opener. Mateo now travels to No. 2 San Jose (21-7). The Mavericks now advance add 10. Guirogassian gave Menlo a slight 19-18
Branham Tuesday night for a quarterfinal to Tuesday’s quarterfinals at No. 2 Mt. “They’ve been phenomenal all season
matchup at 7 p.m. Madonna-Watsonville, start time 7 p.m. long,” SHC head coach Margi Beima said. See OPEN, Page 15

least one hitter that keeps them in it,” With the set tied 2-2, the Crusaders went on In Game 5, Terra Nova showed some early

MERCY Serrano said. “What has kept us in every

game has been our defense, and we just did-
n’t play defense tonight.”
a 13-1 run, including a seven-point service
spree by senior Clarissa Baldocchi. And
Borabo was tactically picking apart the
life, leading 4-3. With the decisive set tied
5-5, however, Mercy went on a 10-1 run to
close it out, with Baldocchi finishing off
Continued from page 11 Mercy also helped its own cause by get- Terra Nova defense — which switched libero the comeback victory with a service ace.
ting its service game under control. The Alyssa Chan from left back to middle back There was one overturned call along the
Crusaders committed eight service faults specifically for Saturday’s matchup — with way with Mercy up 6-5, on a Crusaders shot
For Terra Nova (20-6), the champion of
through the first two sets. They went on to a variance of shots. the corner judge ruled hit the floor, but the
the Peninsula Athletic League Ocean
Division, picking up the varied attack of fault just six times through the remainder of Terra Nova was held to just three team head referee initially ruled a dig by the Terra
the Crusaders was a tall order. Mercy added the match, including none in the closing kills in the third set. Game 4, the Tigers Nova defense, with the rally playing out to
nine kills apiece from juniors Malayah set, totaling 14 on the night. found more effective attacking lines, led by a Tigers point. Balestrieri appealed the call,
Hernendez and Katie Adams. “I felt very confident that we’re probably Shirley Morrison’s six set kills. though, and after a referee conference, the
going to do it in the third set,” Serrano said. But the Crusaders, once they turned the shot in question was ruled to have hit the
“It’s a big difference when you see three or “And we just played horrible.” tide, proved unstoppable. They outscored
four hitters instead of one,” Terra Nova head floor and the point was awarded to Mercy.
After a strong finish in dropping the sec- Terra Nova 16-9 in kills in the fourth set,
coach Andy Serrano said. ond set, Mercy regrouped on its sideline. with five different players putting down “[The corner judge] had made the call; it
The Crusaders hardly looked like a team But the players were reminded of that Sept multiple kills. was down,” Balestrieri said. “So, I just
that finished tied for last place in the West 28 match against Crystal Springs and took Tied at 10-10 and 12-12, Borabo respond- asked for them to talk. … I didn’t know if it
Bay Athletic League Foothill Division. And heed. ed to each deadlock by giving her team the was going to be the difference. I don’t think
it was the connection between junior setter “You could kind of see it was quiet and you lead off the left side. Terra Nova’s Ari it was the difference. I think we just played
Becky Roos and Borabo that won the day. didn’t know what was going to happen,” Herrera tied it once more by clipping the really well.”
Roos totaled 51 assists, while Borabo Borabo said. “But we’ve been in this situa- back line to make it 13-13. But a Tigers With the win, Mercy-Burlingame
swung at a .488 clip, adding a double-double tion before. Luckily we were able to collect cross-shot went wide to give Mercy a 14-13 advanced to Tuesday’s Division IV quarterfi-
night with 18 digs and three aces. ourselves and get back in it.” advantage, sparking a 4-0 run with Borabo nal round. The Crusaders are slated to travel
“To be honest, everyone in PAL has at Mercy opened Game 3 with authority. on the service line. to No. 4 Harker-San Jose for a 6 p.m. start.
015 1029 mon:1029 mon 60 10/28/18 11:28 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Monday Oct 29, 2018 15 •

OPEN NBA brief

Cavaliers fire Lue after 0-6 start
Hamilton wins Formula One title
By Jim Vertuno
His 2008 championship
was with McLaren.
Continued from page 14 Tyronn Lue didn’t make it through the sea- “I feel like I still drive
son’s first month without LeBron James. MEXICO CITY — Lewis Hamilton keeps with that fire that I had
advantage, and the lead held up. But after The Cleveland Cavaliers fired their coach climbing his way up the list of Formula when I was 8-years-old,”
earning four set points with a 24-20 lead, on Sunday and named assistant Larry Drew One’s greatest drivers. Hamilton said. “I’m here
the Knights needed all of them to close out interim head coach. The The top now looks very much in sight. for a few more years, so
Game 3, as Canady slammed down an over- Cavaliers are off to a 0-6 The British driver won his fifth career F1 hopefully I’ll get close.
pass to draw close at 24-23. start without James, who championship with a fourth-place finish I’ll always be a fan of
left Cleveland this sum-
To close out the set, SHC looked as though it mer for the second time
Sunday at the Mexican Grand Prix. It was a Lewis Hamilton (Schumacher).”
might send it to extra-point when Canady took race dominated by Red Bull’s Max Hamilton’s fifth cham-
in his career and signed pionship arguably ranks among his best.
a set off the left side, but the junior whiffed into Verstappen, but one that will be remem-
with the Los Angeles He had to fight off a strong challenge from
the net to give Menlo a 2 sets to 1 lead. bered for Hamilton tying the late Juan
Lakers as a free agent. Ferrari, which even Hamilton admitted
“The shift for us was letting go of the Lue guided the Cavaliers Manuel Fangio of Argentina for the second-
most championships in F1 history. often had the stronger car. Ferrari beat him
pressure of winning the game,” Beima said. to an NBA title in 2016 Sunday with title rival Sebastian Vettel tak-
“Just letting go of that and just focusing on Tyronn Lue — Cleveland’s first pro At age 33, he can now make a run at some-
ing second and Kimi Raikkonen third.
the next point. … When we do that, we play sports championship since 1964 — and thing once previously unthinkable: The seven “I always believed we could win this
good volleyball and our energy is great.” helped the team to four straight Finals. titles won by Germany’s Michael Schumacher. championship, but it was one of the tough-
Assistant coach Damon Jones also was “Michael’s still the (greatest),” Hamilton est,” Hamilton said.
The defense of SHC libero Ashley Chan
fired. A former Cavaliers player, Jones had said. “Fangio is the godfather and always Ferrrari also won the previous week at the
supplied plenty energy. The junior totaled a
been promoted during the offseason. will be. I feel honored to have my name U.S. Grand Prix. But it was a run of wins
match-high 18 digs. Houghton countered
“My time here in Cleveland was truly spe- alongside his. If I stop today, I’ll always over the second half of the season that sent
with a team-high 15 digs for Menlo, while
cial,” Lue added. “I am very grateful for the ded- have my name up there.” Hamilton to Mexico City all but assured of
King added 10.
ication, sacrifice and support of all the players He’s not stopping. Hamilton has won the championship. All he had to do was fin-
In Game 4, SHC opened a quick 7-3 lead. on our team, the tremendous coaches I’ve four of his five titles with Mercedes and this ish no lower than seventh, and even that
Menlo closed it to 7-6, but King followed with worked with and of course, our incredible fans.” year extended his contract through 2020. would have required a Vettel win.
a service fault. After the Irish bumped it to 10-
7, the Knights never again got within 3. Kenny Atkinson said. “They’re a resilient than his previous teams.
“I think [going into Game 5 knew it was
going to be harder,” King said. “So we were
expecting them to come out with a lot of
DUBS bunch and I thought they competed their tails
off and it was good for the fans to see that we
didn’t just succumb to their talent or their aura
“That kind of stuff is not going to help us
win a championship, it’s not going to help
his reputation and I think he understands
intensity, which they did.” Continued from page 11 so to speak.” that,” Kerr said.
SHC caught the Knights off-guard to open Draymond Green had a season-high 13
the fifth set, running a string of attacks
record of six games in a row during the
assists. Somber speaking
from the right side. Lenn produced two early A somber Kerr said the sad thing about the
1995-96 season. Tip-ins
kills at opposite hitter to stoke a quick 4-1 shooting that killed 11 in a Pittsburgh syna-
lead, and Menlo never recovered. The “They got hot in the fourth to try to make it
interesting, but made enough plays down the Shaun Livingston missed the game with a gogue Saturday is that he’s not surprised when
Knights’ last point was Guirrogassian’s sec- sore right foot. ... Thompson met before the it happens because there is so much gun vio-
ond match block to make it 10-4, but the stretch to obviously get the win,” Curry said.
Klay Thompson continued to struggle game with 14 young players from the lence and division in the U.S.
Irish closed on a 5-0 run. Caribbean who are part of the NBA’s “We’re broken right now and so nothing
behind the arc, going 1 for 5 and falling to 5 for
SHC now advances to the Open Division 36 this season. He finished with 18 points and Jumpstart program. The players who got to surprises us anymore, or nothing surprises me
semifinals Tuesday to face No. 5 Palo Alto. still hasn’t had a 20-point outing this season. visit NBA facilities and landmarks in New anymore,” Kerr said. “Shootings at schools
In the other semifinal match, No. 3 St. York were picked by Pelicans coach Alvin and churches, synagogues, malls, movie the-
D’Angelo Russell scored 25 points and aters, and we need our leaders to step up and
Ignatius faces No. 7 Valley Christian. Both Gentry after they participated in an elite camp
Caris LeVert had 23 for the Nets, who made 20 unite the country with the appropriate words
semis will be hosted by Gunn High School- for Caribbean-based players age 17 and
3-pointers in 42 attempts and cut a 19-point and the appropriate actions and we’re not get-
Palo Alto starting at 5:30 p.m. younger in Trinidad and Tobago.
deficit down to two. ting that right now. It’s frustrating and I don’t
St. Ignatius (26-13) advances by virtue of its “I think the 3-pointer got them back in the
five-set win over No. 6 Menlo-Atherton (23-5) game and ended up we had to play a little bit
Sorry, coach know what else to say.”
in a thrilling finish 21-25, 25-17, 25-10, 18- Steve Kerr said DeMarcus Cousins apolo- Kerr said he planned to vote for all candi-
and execute down the stretch, so it was a solid dates who back gun control and safety. His
25, 15-13. M-A sophomore Emma Spindt outing for us,” Durant said. gized for his ejection Friday against the
scored a team-high 17 kills, while senior Knicks. father, Malcolm Kerr, a professor who served
Golden State has won four in a row since its as president of the American University of
Alicia Letvin added 12 kills and four blocks. lone loss and the previous three were all by at Cousins was sitting on the bench in street
Senior libero Erica Fischer totaled 20 digs. clothes when he argued with referee Scott Beirut, was shot and killed outside his office
least 20 points. The franchise record is four in the war-torn Lebanese capital in 1984.
By virtue of qualifying for the CCS Open straight 20-point victories, set by the San Foster, who gave him a technical foul and then
Division playoffs, both Menlo and M-A earn threw him out of the game. Kerr said they had
Francisco Warriors in 1966-67, and it appeared
a good talk since and the volatile center under-
Up next
automatic bids to the CIF State Volleyball the Warriors were going to equal that.
Championships starting Nov. 6. Menlo earned stands things are different with the Warriors The Warriors visit Chicago on Monday.
Curry scored 16 points in the first quarter.
the CIF Division IV state championship in The Nets hung close until midway through the
2016, while M-A was the state runner-up in the second, and another 3 by Curry pushed it to
Division I tournament in both ’15 and ’16. 63-44 with 1:55 remaining in the half.
“Definitely, this next week or so will be a “The way the first half went we easily could
good time to recuperate,” King said, “and fig- have kind of folded and that’s not what kind of
ure out what we need to make it all the way.” guys we have in that locker room,” Nets coach
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16 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

seven RBIs in the final two games Young Award winner in 2012, long walked two, retiring 14 in a row — in seven innings. He is 9-10
Continued from page 11
of the Series.
After losing to Houston in Game
7 last year by the same 5-1 score,
pitched under an October shadow
cast by his regular-season success.
He had been 0-9 in 11 postseason
before a leadoff walk to Chris
Taylor in the eighth ended his night
after 89 pitches. He tapped his heart
with a 4.32 ERA in 30 postseason
appearances, a huge drop from his
153-69 record and 2.39 ERA during
the Dodgers became the first team starts before defeating Astros ace several times to Red Sox fans the regular season.
it’s all about,” Price said. “This is ousted on its home field in consecu- Justin Verlander in the clinching behind the first base dugout while “It just hurts worse when you
why I came to Boston.” tive World Series since the New Game 5 of the AL Championship walking to the bench. make it all the way and get second
York Giants by the New York Series. He won his third straight Joe Kelly struck out three straight place,” Kershaw said.
Alex Cora’s team romped to a 17-
Yankees at the Polo Grounds in start Sunday and became the first pinch hitters and Sale, originally He began aggressively, throwing
2 start and a club-record 108 wins,
1936 and ‘37. pitcher to beat Cy Young winners in scheduled to start Game 5, fanned strikes on his first six pitches, and
then went 11-3 in the postseason,
Los Angeles is still looking for the finale of an LCS and the World three more in the ninth. Sale ended the Red Sox were ready.
dispatching the 100-win New York
its first championship since 1988. Series in the same year. by throwing a slider past Manny Andrew Benintendi hit a one-out
Yankees and the 103-victory and
defending champion Houston “Ran up against a very good ball- After allowing two runs over six Machado, a meager 4 for 22 (.182) single and Pearce pulled a fastball
Astros in the playoffs. Cora became club. And just a little bit too much inning to win Game 2 last in the Series, and raised both arms over the middle of the plate and sent it
the first manager from Puerto Rico for us,” Dodgers manager Dave Wednesday, Price got two outs in as catcher Christian Vazquez ran out 405 feet into the left-field pavilion.
to win a title and just the fifth rook- Roberts said. the ninth inning of Friday’s to jump on him with glee and team- While the crowd of 54,367 for
ie manager overall. Boston won its ninth title, tying marathon game. He became the first mates from the dugout and bullpens Dodger Stadium’s final game this
Pearce, the Series MVP, hit a two- the Athletics for third-most behind to pitch into the eighth inning of a followed. year was stunned, Freese woke up
run homer on Clayton Kershaw’s the Yankees (27) and Cardinals (11). Series game on one day of rest since While Price rewrote his own lega- fans in the bottom half. He drove
sixth pitch. Solo homers by Mookie All that stood between the Red Sox the Yankees’ Bob Turley in 1957. cy, Kershaw was unable to change Price’s first pitch 402 feet to the
Betts in the sixth inning and J.D. and a sweep was an 18-inning loss “I’ve been through a lot in three his. He dropped to 1-4 with a 6.06 opposite field and into the right
Martinez in the seventh quieted the in Game 3, the longest World Series years since I came here, but this is ERA in postseason elimination field pavilion.
crowd, and Pearce added a solo drive game ever. They trailed 4-0 in the why I came,” Price said. games. Plagued at times by an Betts homered on a slider that
off Pedro Baez in the eighth. seventh inning of Game 4 when ace Price gave up a home run to David aching back, the 30-year-old lefty stayed in the strike zone after
“We are a bunch of grinders,” Chris Sale rose from the dugout Freese on his first pitch, then no longer is the dominant pitcher going 0 for 13 in Los Angeles this
Pearce said, “and this is exactly bench for a fiery, profane, motiva- allowed just two more hits — the who won three Cy Young Awards, weekend, the first postseason
where we knew we were going to tional rant, and his teammates woke last a triple to Freese that Martinez his famous 12-to-6 breaking ball home run of his career coming in
be.” up in time to rally for a 9-6 win. lost in the third-inning twilight and now more 10 to 4:30. his 87th at-bat. Martinez homered
Pearce, a June acquisition from Boston never trailed in Game 5. allowed to drop behind him in Kershaw allowed four runs and in the seventh, driving a fastball
Toronto, had three homers and The 33-year-old Price, a Cy right. Price struck out five and seven hits — three of them homers to straightway center.

The Colts are the first team since the game on passes to Mo Alie-Cox Alie-Cox making a one-handed 26- 20-yard touchdown pass to Eric
Continued from page 13
the 1970 merger to go consecutive
games with at least 200 yards rush-
ing, no sacks and no giveaways.
and Eric Ebron and finished with 239
yards against an overmatched
defense for the Raiders (1-6).
yard touchdown catch and Vinatieri
adding a field goal to make it 10-0
before the Raiders finally found their
Ebron and a 2-point conversion pass
to Chester Rogers.
Carr then avoided a sack before
“I think you’d like to establish Derek Carr threw three TD passes stride. finding Brandon LaFell for a 6-yard
your identity in Week 1 and get that and ran for a fourth just days after “He swallowed the ball with his touchdown late in the third before
three years.
going right from the start,” coach Oakland traded his top receiver hands,” Luck said. “It was truly like the Colts tied it back up early in the
“I think we’re believing it now, I Frank Reich said. “On offense, it’s Amari Cooper to Dallas . But it was- there was a gravitational pull fourth on Mack’s 4-yard run .
really do,” Luck said. “I think we’re taken us a few weeks to get that n’t enough to prevent another loss flopped it in there. What an awe-
proving to ourselves that we can do going, but right now I like where in what is quickly becoming a lost some job our tight ends group does
it, that this is a winning formula.” we’re at.” season to begin coach Jon Gruden’s to complement this offense, com-
Vinatieri sets scoring record
Marlon Mack ran for a career-high Mack’s second TD came after Doug second stint with the team. plement the wideouts and to comple- Vinatieri set the record as the
132 yards and two touchdowns, Martin lost a fumble for Oakland and “I’m not going to give up. ment each other.” NFL’s top all-time scorer in the first
breaking the personal mark he set sealed the victory as the Colts won Period,” Gruden said. “I just hope Carr threw a pair of touchdown half. He kicked a 26-yard field goal
last week against Buffalo with 126 in consecutive weeks for the first Raiders fans out there understand passes in the second quarter to put in the first quarter to tie Morten
yards. The Colts finished with 222 time in three years. we’re doing everything we can. I Oakland on top and added a 1-yard Andersen with 2,544 points and
yards rushing and didn’t allow a sack Luck connected with all three of know it gets ugly at times, but in a sneak for a score on fourth down to then added a 25-yarder late in the sec-
for the third straight game as the his tight ends with the 10-yard pass lot of ways I’m excited about the make it 21-13 early in the third. ond to set the record . Vinatieri
investments made in the offensive to Jack Doyle putting the Colts (3-5) future.” The game went back and forth scored three more points, giving
line are paying off. up 35-28. Luck connected earlier in The Colts started fast with Mo from there with Luck tying it with a him 2,550 for his career.



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to Anchorage
Anchorage Roundtrip Copenhagen
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tarting at
at $ 799 SStarting at $
tarting at 2099
7 Day 12-Day
12 Day
Ft. LLauderdale
auderdale Roundtrip LLondon
MONEY SStarting at $
tarting at 1479 tarting aatt $
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stateroom HAWAII
PLUS 3rrdd & 4th GUEST
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arlos (White
( White Oak St.)
St. )
((650) 9 -7750 · ww
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ext to
to TTrader
er JJoes
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THE DAILY JOURNAL DATEBOOK Monday • Oct 29, 2018 17

Museum spotlights connection Oh the horror
with Matisse, Alaskan Natives
ids in costume on sugar highs ringing doorbells
demanding candy: What could possibly go wrong?
By Terry Tang who influenced him. Yup’ik masks made by Alaskan I don’t want to be a total buzzkill but Halloween is
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Natives, some of which were collected by Matisse’s son-in- not the animals’ favorite day. Most pets thrive knowing
law during World War II, will be just as much a part of the the world is predictable; holidays, especially Halloween,
PHOENIX — Nearly 64 years after his death, Henri exhibit. shake up that routine, and therein lays the potential prob-
Matisse has become one of the few non-Native Americans The Heard is the only place showcasing the unconven- lem.
to have an exhibition at a Phoenix museum dedicated to tional pairing. Pets do not get the idea of costumes as light-hearted ref-
Native American culture. “We have a lot of historic firsts in this particular work,” erence to pop culture. Instead, for the most part, the unfa-
The little-known intersection of one of the 20th century’s said curator Sean Mooney. “We’re kind of doing an exhibi- miliar can be pretty scary. The range of how animals react
greatest artists and Inuit people in the Arctic region is at the tion within an exhibition by having these two parallel dis- to scary starts with peeing on the
heart of a show opening Monday at the Heard Museum. plays of historic Yup’ik masks and this very specific his- floor and ends with defensively run-
“It’s a story I didn’t know much about until 1998 when I toric body of work by Matisse.” ning, either from or directly at what
became friendly with a member of the Matisse family,” said Matisse is more widely lauded as a pioneer in Fauvism — scares them. Kids bitten on this holi-
museum director David Roche. “It truly took several years to a style characterized by vivid colors and less controlled day are going to have sour memories.
absorb it all. It spans centuries, cultures and continents.” brush strokes. But he became interested in indigenous cul- Dogs smacked for how they greeted
“Yua: Henri Matisse and the Inner Arctic Spirit “ will fea- tures in the 1940s. Son-in-law Georges Duthuit had acquired that kid at the door, cats who dash ter-
ture Matisse’s portraits of the Inuit people, which have an array of the masks and other materials while living in rified under the couch, suffer as the
never been displayed in the U.S. But the French artist, who New York City as World War II broke out, Mooney said. In result of something they can’t be
died in 1954, will share the spotlight with Alaska Natives 1946, Duthuit returned to France with his collection. expected to understand. Suggestions?
Consider physically separating your
cials were well aware of the quarantine’s impact on growers. pets from the door and all it invites.

Continued from page 1
But he said they were encouraged by the collaboration
among growers in administering treatments, and also the
efforts of business owners and vendors at farmers’ markets,
who spread the word about the quarantine and shielded pro-
In a multi-adult house, maybe one of you joins them in the
bedroom, door closed, cheesy horror movie on the tube.
While you might enjoy your dachshund dressed as a hot
dog or your cat strapped into a witch’s pointed cap, don’t
duce in the open air from the pests, using either plastic assume pets are equally inclined to cherish these moments.
sheeting or Tupperware. In an Amazon “pet costume” search, 54,021 results pop up,
most destructive agricultural pests in the world, said
“It was actually really heartening,” he said. “A number of many hysterically funny. Nothing wrong with a little
Wagner. So when no additional flies were detected within
growers banded together and helped support each other in dress-up but that’s something you and your pet need to
the estimated timeframe of three generations of the pests, a
the treatment efforts … the community was also really sup- work on weeks in advance. A selfie with your costumed best
period that ended in early October, Wagner said officials
portive.” friend requires you to introduce the concept slowly, extra
were able to call off the quarantine and put those affected at
Wagner said county officials ramped up trapping once the cautious of doodads and frills which can be ingested or
quarantine was put in place, but the quarantine’s end date catch around a leg. Further, that haul of sweets contains
“It’s a collective sigh of relief,” he said. “Everyone is
was delayed due to cooler weather along the coast, which chocolates (potentially dangerous), raisins (even a few can
very much looking forward to just not having to think about
extends the insect’s life cycle. lead to kidney failure), plus the foil wrappers which can be
Med[iterranean fruit] flies.”
“That was a huge challenge for us because it made our swallowed by our overexcited animals. While I enjoy sweet
Wagner said the two flies were discovered in traps county
quarantine last way longer,” he said. empty calories as much as the next guy, and while 4-year-
officials put out regularly. Because two flies found in such
Though he said growers and the community are ready for olds dressed as ghostbusters absolutely crack me up, let’s
close proximity triggers a quarantine, he said state officials
the quarantine to be lifted, he hoped more county residents make sure our pets enjoy Halloween too! 
from the California Department of Food and Agriculture got
to work stripping all the fruit from trees near the find sites. will keep the risks of bringing fruit from quarantined areas
“In this case, we found what we were looking for, unfortu- top of mind in the future. He said a lot of quarantines of Ken White is the president of the Peninsula Humane Society
nately,” he said. “That triggered some pretty serious restric- invasive areas start when people travel to regions where
tions on growers.” the pests are common and bring fruit back to the county & SPCA.
Though some growers who plant annual crops were able with them, a decision that may not seem like a weighty one
to shift away from potential host plants, those who grow in the moment but could have more drastic consequences
orchards of fruit trees that could have been hosts for the pest later.
were required to follow strict regulations, such as treating “People really don’t realize how a small action … could
their crops with organic pesticides before they could dis- have a huge impact to the economy of an area,” he said.
tribute their produce outside the county, he said, noting 41 Visit for more information on travel-
growers and businesses are believed to have been affected ing with food, plants and animals. Visit
by some kind of quarantine requirement. or the county Department of Agriculture/Weights and
Though swift actions to curb the spread of the pest are Measures office at 728 Heller St. in Redwood City for updat-
needed when an insect as destructive as the Mediterranean ed information about efforts to manage pests in San Mateo
fruit fly are detected in an agricultural area, Wagner said offi- County.
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18 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

behavioral health treatment they need,” he

Continued from page 1
said. “It’s also helped them get a sense of
Kolda said the first step Caminar staff take
with individuals who are entering the pro-
gram is to understand what the clients feel
One of many Assisted Outpatient their needs are and devise an individualized
Treatment programs offered in counties treatment plan, which could include medica-
throughout the state, the county’s program tion education, individual and group thera-
is the local implementation of Laura’s Law, py, case management and assistance with
a bill passed by the state Legislature in applying for benefits for which they are eli-
2002, said Terry Rittgers, clinical services gible.
manager with County Health’s Behavioral She said many clients work with staff to
Health and Recovery Services Division. apply for housing, which she said can be
Drafted after the death of Laura Wilcox, a critical to the success of their treatment, and
Nevada County mental health worker killed their case management team can help them
by a psychiatric patient, Assembly Bill make appointments and stay connected with
1421 is aimed at supplementing mental resources that can help them.
health services in counties to prevent simi- Rittgers estimated more than $700,000 in
lar tragedies, said Rittgers. costs were not incurred by county services,
Approved by the Board of Supervisors in which include incarceration as well as psy-
June of 2015, the program was designed so chiatric hospitalizations and emergency
county staff receive referrals and screen visits, because clients were served by the
potential program clients, and once they’re AOT program. Not every person who is
deemed eligible for the program, Caminar evaluated for program eligibility is ulti-
provides the treatment they need, he said. mately referred for AOT services but, in
With a phone line, email address and web- meeting with individuals with severe mental
site open to take calls from anyone who illness through the process, officials can
thinks they know someone in need of treat- more efficiently connect them with
ment, Rittgers said the program has resources that can help them avoid trips to
received 340 referrals and 82 calls seeking the emergency room or jail, he said. The
information about mental health resources approved budget for this program was
since it first started. $3,766,973 through June 2018, according
To be eligible, clients must be over 18 to a staff report.
years of age, diagnosed with a serious men- Kolda said the services clients access
tal illness, unable to safely survive in their through the AOT program can be a step
community without supervision and either below a locked facility and often, unlike
hospitalized or incarcerated at least twice other experiences they’ve had in the past,
within the last 36 months or been a threat offer them a way to work toward managing
to the safety of themselves or others in the their conditions. Though she acknowledged
last two years, said Rittgers. Though those the hospitals and jails offer an alternative,
deemed eligible for the program may have she noted they can be isolating experiences
refused services in the past, Rittgers said if they don’t meet the needs of someone who
members of the county’s AOT team meet is struggling with managing a mental ill-
with them and their families to figure out ness. She recalled a client who recently told
the best way to engage in services that may her that in working with Caminar staff
LISA CHUNG help, a process he said can take weeks or
State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, with Rhea Sampson, author of the children’s book ‘Saving through the AOT program, she felt like she
months to ensure they can see the benefit of was seen for the first time, an account Kolda
Travis, a rescue story,’ City Librarian Ben Ocón, featured dogs, Shannon and Travis. Hill con- getting involved in these services.
ducted a special storytime“Friends Furever, celebrating kindness to animals”at the San Mateo felt demonstrated the connection clients
Rittgers said many of the some 70 clients feel to those who are providing their treat-
Main Library Tuesday, Oct. 23, and read from Sampson’s book. have been enrolled in the program since it ment.
started were homeless, incarcerated or hos- “They’re often met in our system with
Dav i d Jr. and Meg an Gi l mo re, of Foster pitalized just before they began treatment
City, gave birth to a baby girl at Sequoia places that aren’t able to meet their needs
and a significant portion of those who have and so they feel rejected,” she said. “People
Hospital in Redwood City Oct. 12, 2018. graduated have since found stable housing,
*** feel that sense of connection that they des-
developed a treatment plan and been able to perately need.”
Dav i d and Meg an McCo l l um, of San get their lives together for the first time in
Mateo, gave birth to a baby boy at Sequoia years. Though the vast majority of AOT pro-
Hospital in Redwood City Oct. 13, 2018. Call (650) 372-6125 or email AOT@smc-
gram clients participate in it voluntarily, to contact the AOT team or mak e a
*** Kolda said a small portion of clients are
Jaco b and Hannah Lammert, of Redwood referral. Visit
ordered into treatment through a court. mation/assisted-outpatient-treatment-san-
City, gave birth to a baby boy at Sequoia “That this is not only helped to get them
Hospital in Redwood City Oct. 16, 2018. mateo-county for more information.
into housing, but it’s helped to get them the

Ask a Professional

If I choose
what are my
Rick Riffel
options for
Managing Funeral Director
Cremation offers many options for final
disposition such as burial in a cemetery plot,
preservation in a columbarium niche, or
scattering at sea or in a place of meaning.
We are happy to explain all the choices
that accompany cremation. We hope you
will allow us to assist.

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019 1029 mon:1029 mon 60 10/28/18 7:51 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Monday Oct 29, 2018 19 •

Calendar Wait times for citizenship applications stretch

By Amy Taxin 2016, jumping 27 percent from a year zenship like millions of others are
MONDAY, OCT. 29 gallery artist Jean Thrift. Thrift’s THE ASSOCIATED PRESS earlier as Trump made cracking down on doing!” he posted as thousands continued
Peninsula Humane Society ’s Mr. work shows us the beauty in pat- immigration a central theme of his presi- their trek through Mexico.
Moo’s Story-time. 11 a.m. Peninsula terns all around us. Free. For more dential campaign. At first, the federal But immigrants generally must be
Humane Society and SPCA, 1450 information call (415) 987-7360. LOS ANGELES — More than 700,000
Rollins Road, Burlingame. Learn immigrants are waiting on applications government kept up with the applica- legal permanent residents of the United
about different animal species ‘Diary of a Wimpy K id: The tions, but then the wait grew. States to apply for citizenship and get-
through puppet interactions, music Meltdown’ Book Launch Par ty. 3 to become U.S. citizens, a process that
and stories. Children free. For more p.m. South San Francisco Library, once typically took about six months Backlogs are nothing new in the U.S. ting a green card can take years — if a
information call 340-7022. 840 W. Orange Ave., South San immigration system. It often takes years person even qualifies for one.
Francisco. The party will have Diary but has stretched to more than two years
Cathy Cakebread: Lorraine of a Wimpy Kid-themed activities in some places under the administration to receive asylum or to be deported. But U.S. Citizenship and Immigration
Crowder Art Book Exhibit. 10 a.m. and games. Free. For more informa- naturalization — the final step to Services said the longer waits to natural-
to 5 p.m. San Mateo Public Library, tion call 829-3860. of President Donald Trump.
55 W. Third Ave., San Mateo. A display The long wait times have prompted become an American citizen, obtain a ize are because of the surge in applica-
Running Team. 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. U.S. passport and receive voting rights tions, not slower processing. The
of various handmade books. For
Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de some immigrant advocates to ask
more information call 522-7811.
las Pulgas, Belmont. No experience whether the delays are aimed at keeping — had not been subject to such delays in agency decided 850,000 cases in 2017,
Teen DIY: Screen Printed Tote Bags required. Wear running clothes. For anti-Trump voters from casting ballots recent years. up 8 percent from a year before.
with Silhouette Cameo. 4 p.m. more information call 591-8286.
Grand Avenue Branch Library, 306 in elections. Now the average wait time for officials Despite “a record and unprecedented”
Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. For Election Night-Out Party. 5 p.m. to “People are motivated to participate, to decide on applications is more than 10 spike in applications, the agency is
more information call 877-8530. 8 p.m. Belmont Library, 1110
Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont. and they’re being frustrated from being months. It takes up to 22 months in operating more efficiently and effective-
Día de los Muertos. 6:30 p.m. to Online pre-registration for 16 and able to participate in the elections Atlanta and as long as 26 months in parts ly and “outperforming itself,”
17 year olds, voter information,
7:30 p.m. San Bruno Public Library,
refreshments and entertainment. they’re excited about,” said Manuel of Texas, according to official estimates. spokesman Michael Bars said in a state-
701 Angus Ave., W. San Bruno. The
children’s librarians will present a For more information call 591-8286. Pastor, director of the University of Trump tweeted on Thursday that ment.
bilingual story-time in the children’s
Clutterers Anonymous Meeting. 6 Southern California’s Center for the Central American migrants headed north To become an American citizen, immi-
room until 7 p.m., then move down-
stairs to decorate sugar skulls with p.m. 1609 Valley View Ave., Belmont. Study of Immigrant Integration. in a U.S.-bound caravan should return grants must hold green cards for at least
icing. Free. For more information call If clutter is causing problems at The number of immigrants aspiring to home and can apply for American citi- three years, demonstrate good moral
616-7078. home, work or in relationships, and
organizing is a daunting task, CLA is become U.S. citizens surged during zenship if they wish. “Go back to your character and pass English and civics
Joan Morr is: Wild B ack yard a place to talk about it with no guilt Country and if you want, apply for citi- tests.
Encounters. 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or shame. For more information call
Menlo Park Main Library, 800 Alma 348-2856.

St., Menlo Park. Free for all ages. For
Visalia school board and ultimately make a community whole such as
more information call 330-2501. San Mateo Public Library’s Book the City Council. schools, restaurants, police and fire
Discussion Group. 6:30 p.m. to 7:45
Pros and Cons of Ballot Measures. p.m. San Mateo Public Library, 55 W. While cutting his teeth in the skill departments and many more can oper-
7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Burlingame Third Ave., San Mateo. Meets in
Continued from page 1 of balancing competing interests on ate better with a fuller well of person-
Library, 480 Primrose Road, Cedar Room. For more information community matters, Lane ultimately nel to hire from, he said.
Burlingame. The League of Women contact cmccarthy@cityofsanma-
Voters of North Central San Mateo departed from the City Council in Environmental benefits are offered
will present an unbiased overview of
“Michael is one of the most influen- 2009 to take his role as policy direc- too, he said, by keeping cars off the
the pros and cons of the state Silly Goose & Val. 7 p.m. to 7:45 tial affordable housing advocates in tor at the Non-Profit Housing road as commutes shorten and con-
propositions on the November 2018 p.m. Menlo Park Main Library, 800
Alma St., Menlo Park. This free per- the state. He’s deeply knowledgeable, Association of Northern California. cerns regarding thick traffic conges-
ballot. 18 and over. Free. For more
information call 342-5853. formance is intended for all ages. politically savvy, well-respected and He now lives in Daly City. tion begin to clear. The confluence of
For more information call 330-2501. passionate about solving the housing
TUESDAY, OCT. 30 Upon his relocation, Lane estab- progress can make way for a diverse,
The Art of Drawing. 9 a.m. to 11 Peninsula Humane Society crisis,” he said. lished a reputation as a wealth of balanced culture to bloom, he said.
a.m. San Carlos Adult Community Companion Level Dog 2 Class. With a wide range of accomplish-
Center, 601 Chestnut St., San Carlos. 7:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Peninsula knowledge and data on housing mat- “I’m a believer that good policy
Learn basic skills and explore a vari- Humane Society, 12 Airport Blvd., ments under his belt, Lane points to ters. And while acknowledging the makes for good politics because they
ety of drawing tools and subject San Mateo. Class costs $135. For his work on the statewide housing value of information in buttressing make our communities work better,”
more information call 340-7022.
matter. 18 and up. Cost is $30 for bond in 2006 among his proudest, for his arguments in favor of develop- he said.
eight two-hour classes. For more
information call 802-4384. FRIDAY, NOV. 2 which he worked to whip the regional ment, Lane said a more compelling Recognizing the Peninsula is
Yoga and Meditation class with vote.
Woodside Day of the Horse. 10 Sadhgutu. 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. San political case is built on a humanitar- amidst a building boom during a thriv-
a.m. to 2 p.m. Woodside Town Hall, Mateo County Event Center, 2495 S. In gathering support for housing ian level. ing economic stretch which will like-
2955 Woodside Road, Woodside. This Delaware St., San Mateo. This is a initiatives, Lane balances his argu-
celebration of our equine friends unique opportunity to learn the life “I believe one of the most whole- ly not last forever, Lane expressed
includes a variety of fun and activi- transforming Shambhavi ment with reason and morality and some things you can do is provide confidence the benefit of the ongoing
ties. Fun for all ages. For more infor- Mahamudra Kriya directly from draws equally from each deep well of someone a home,” said Lane. construction will show over time.
Sadhguru. Ages 15 and up. Cost
mation call 380-6408.
$400 to $1,500. For more informa- resources he’s built over the years. But with so many locally concerned Such a perspective highlighted the
Pumpk in Prints: Themed Pumpkin tion call (931) 488-8448. County Supervisor Warren Slocum with preserving their home values plight of a housing advocate —
Ar t Work shop. 3 p.m. South San
State of the Economy Business
lauded such work. and the status quo, Lane admitted such attempting to build support for a
Francisco Library, 840 W. Orange “Michael Lane has always
Ave., South San Francisco. For more Summit. 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. a plea can be dismissed by those who vision with plenty opposition which
information call 829-3860. Medallia, 450 Concar St., San Mateo. impressed me as a tireless advocate
Network of influencers. For more most frequently oppose housing over the years has blocked develop-
Teen DIY: Screen Printed Tote Bags information call 401-2443. for affordable housing — articulate, development. ment of potentially successful mod-
with Silhouette Cameo. 4 p.m. understands the issues and knows els, he said.
Seeing Patterns. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Grand Avenue Branch Library, 306
The Main Gallery, 1018 Main St., how to lobby Sacramento,” he said in ‘Good policy Ever the optimist though, Lane said
Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. For
Redwood City. A solo exhibition of an email. “We are fortunate to have the amount of exemplary develop-
more information call 877-8530.
gallery artist Jean Thrift. Thrift’s his leadership focused on this impor- makes for good politics’
Understanding Your Medicare work shows us the beauty in pat- ments is growing, along with his con-
Options. 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. San terns all around us. Free. For more tant human rights issue — housing.” In the face of opposition, rather fidence in an ability to accomplish
Mateo Senior Center, 2645 Alameda information call (415) 987-7360. than dig his heels in on moral his goal of building a more affordable,
de las Pulgas, San Mateo. This educa-
tional course is for students who will Exploring DNA and Genetic Building a foundation grounds, Lane said he frequently piv- humane Bay Area and California.
be enrolling into Medicare or those Genealogy with CeCe Moore. 9:00
To some extent, he inherited his ots to showcasing the examples of At the essence of such an approach
a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Menlo Park LDS
who want to understand their cur-
Hall, 1105 Valparaiso Ave., Menlo zeal for policy and public service successful housing developments lies a deeply-held belief which Lane
rent Medicare Supplement plan
options. Free. For more information Park. CeCe Moore is the founder from his father, who was a civil engi- which were once opposed but grew to said guides his work.
of The DNA Detectives, the co-
call 522-7490.
founder of the Institute for Genetic neer and planning commissioner in become community assets. “Enlightened public policy is the
Don’t Agonize, Organize. 7 p.m. to Genealogy and, as a leading educa- the San Joaquin Valley where Lane High-density development near city morally correct thing to do,” he said.
tor in her field, she is an instructor centers and public transportation
8 p.m. Burlingame Library, 480
for a number of courses and confer- was raised. For his part, Mullin expressed con-
Primrose Road, Burlingame. Learn lines can inject life into misspent
about closet and storage organiza- ences throughout North America. Early exposure to issues associated fidence such an approach would pay
tion. Free. For more information call Free. For more information call 306-
with responsible growth strategies, properties, while also ramping up the dividends.
environmental impacts and housing amount of services offered by giving “Future generations of San Mateo
Brenda Wong Aoki: Oriental Ghost First Annual Frank lin PTA Craft affordability influenced Lane’s pur- those otherwise priced out a place County residents will owe a debt of
Fair. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Franklin
Stories. 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Menlo Park
Elementary School, 2385 Trousdale suits later in life, as he served on the they can afford, he said. gratitude to Michael,” he said.
Main Library, 800 Alma St., Menlo As a result, organizations which
Park. This free event features a Dr., Burlingame. Shop for unique,
nationally-recognized storyteller. For hand-crafted items. Food, coffee and
giveaway prizes. For more informa-
more information call 330-2501.
tion call (415) 606-4518. A
8=BCAD2C8>=B)5 5X]SPPb\
\P]hff^aSbPPbhh^dRRP]Q Qh[[X]ZX]V
1 D ? 7 [TccTabd
S^f]bbXSTc^bXSTPP]SS SXPV^]P[[hf faXcX]Vff^aSb
Q[P]ZbbWTTc^ ^U_
H^d\\Ph^^][hd dbTT
Seeing Patterns. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The K idz in Motion. 10:15 a.m. Grand F > 8 B ^]RTf fXcWX]PPbbX]V[Tf
Avenue Library, 306 Walnut Avenue, 6
Main Gallery, 1018 Main St.,
South San Francisco. Kids will move, > : 4 f^aSUUX]SbRRa^bbX]V^ ^dcRR^\\^]f f^aSb
Redwood City. A solo exhibition of 0 6 ; <

1>66;4 H>DA1

play games, sing, stretch, and bal-

gallery artist Jean Thrift. Thrift’s work ?>8=CB
B20;4 A0C8=6
ance to foster motor skills.
shows us the beauty in patterns all
around us. Free. For more informa-
Recommended for kids ages 2 to 5.
Free. For more information call 877-
, _
_^X]c $   , 2WWP\_
tion call (415) 987-7360. 8530. #[[TccTab,
_^X]cb    $ ,  4  g_Tac
San Mateo Professional Alliance. 1h3
:]daTZ $[[TccTab,
_^X]cb %    ,  ? a^
Noon to 1 p.m. Central Park Bistro,
Five Keys to Maximize Social %[[TccTab,
_^X]cb "  % %,, 66P\Ta
Security and Retirement Income. &[[TccTab,
_^X]cb !  " ",, AA^^ZXT

7 ? C
181 E. Fourth Ave., San Mateo.

noon to 1 p.m. 1900 S Norfolk St.,
Promotes an environment for idea Suite 350, San Mateo. '[[TccTab,
, _
_^X]cb  !
 0 \PcTda
sharing, leveraging resources and
building long-term relationships.
Complimentary lunch and work- ([[TccTab,
, $_
_^X]cb  , ,
 Caah PV
shop on Social Security and
Annual dues are $60 per year, and Retirement Income. For more infor-
members will enjoy solid referrals

0 D
mation call 446-5440.

A 8
from other business members with-
in the group. Make sure to bring FT_ _dcb
your business cards, company
Fall Tea Par ty. 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ^U[[TccTab2
San Mateo Senior Center, 2645
brochures and other informational
materials. For more information call
Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo. 5X]S0 0C;
Classic tea sandwiches and tasty <DB820;88=BCAD<4=CBXX]ccWTVVaXS


> 4 E
desserts. Bring your own teacup and
SENIOR PEER COUNSELING ‘FREE’ saucer and share the story of where
TR AINING. 9 a.m. Peninsula Family you acquired it. Cost is $15. To regis-

Service, 24 Second Ave., San Mateo. ter and for more information call
Free training to be a senior peer 522-7490.

8 ; ; 2
counselor for ages 55+. Program
languages include English, Farsi, Cure the Outbreak : Time Loop

Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese and Puzzle Game. 1:30 p.m. South San
Spanish. For more information call Francisco Main Library, 840 W.,
Orange Ave., South San Francisco.

Registration required for all teams.
THURSDAY, NOV. 1 Maximum number of team mebers
Seeing Patterns. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. is six people. For more information 1>66;4XXbPPccaPST\PaZ^^U7
7PbQa^88]R !( '
The Main Gallery, 1018 Main St., call 829-3860. !! '7

Redwood City. A solo exhibition of f

fffQ^VV[TQaPX]QdbcTabR^\ B0;4<? ?84AA4774;4=0AA0;4867
020 1029 mon:1029 mon 60 10/26/18 1:33 PM Page 1

20 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL




  *ODJUF   37TUPQ   )XZT
KenKen® is a registered trademark of KenKen Puzzle LLC. ©2018 KenKen Puzzle LLC.
All rights reserved. Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication


SUDOKU Want More Fun
ANSWERS and Games?
O Each row and each column must contain the
numbers 1 through 6 without repeating.
The numbers within the heavily outlined boxes,
O called cages, must combine using the given operation 5VOESB0WFSUIF)FEHF$PNJDT$MBTTJmFET
(in any order) to produce the target numbers in the
top-left corners. #PHHMF1V[[MF&WFSZEBZJO%BUF#PPL
O Freebies: Fill in single-box cages with the number in
the top-left corner.

021-026 1029 mon:Class Master Odd 10/26/18 4:13 PM Page 1

THE DAILY JOURNAL Monday • Oct. 29, 2018 21

Fictitious Business Name Statements,
Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate,
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons,
Notice of Public Sales and More.
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.
Fax your request to: 650-344-5290
Email them to:
021-026 1029 mon:Class Master Odd 10/26/18 4:13 PM Page 2

22 Monday • Oct. 29, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Tundra Tundra Tundra

104 Training 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi-
Caregivers Wanted
Caregivers Wanted
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
FT/Ex. Benes. Support and ops cAREGIvERS City Area)
bility shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for
of sound, lighting, video and
We are looking for a reliable Handy-
man to undertake upkeep and repair
Home CCare
Home are Jobs
errors not materially affecting the value
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- staging for high use conference 2 years experience tasks for the interiors or exteriors of
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis-
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate center. AA + 2 years event required. commercial and residential premises
in the Redwood City area. We'll rely
(650) 600-8108
venue/theater exp.
on you to keep our facilities in perfect
condition by doing various odd jobs.
This position is full time, Monday thru
110 Employment Immediate placement Friday. Company vehicle will be pro-
ExPERIENcEd AUTOMOTIvE Service Apply on all assignments. vided and will be available at a desig-
nated site each day. We are a large AApply
pply online or walk-in
writer Needed Immediately in Half Moon janitorial company and perform E-Ver-
Bay Call 650-726-0711.
ify and background checks on all ap- 4600 EEll CCamino
amino Real
Real,, # 211,, LLosos Altos
SALES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales
Representative needed to sell newspa-
call plicants. Must work in a neat and
timely manner and technical knowl-
RIGGER HELPER edge are important to this position.
per print and web advertising and event
marketing solutions. To apply, please call
650-344-5200 and send resume to
full time, benefits, will train.
Clean DMV. Lifting 50 pounds.
(650)777-9000 You must be well-organized with
strong general repair skills. Must be 415-798-0021 able to work on your own, work from
task list and communicate issues im-
mediately to Maintenance Manager.

Contact us at (510) 527-1078 or by
email at Day
Day or Night
Night Shifts,
Shifftsts, Immediate Placement
Immediate Plac ement
Required: 2 years
years paid experience
or current
current CNA Certification;
Drive Car;
Car; Speak
Speak and writewrite English
Owner of a luxury home in Hillsborough SOFTWARE
Ca. is seeking an experienced house-
keeper. This is a part-time position pay- ELEcTRONIcARTS, INc, . has a job SALES/MARKETING
ing $20 per hour, 20 hours a week. Du- opening in Redwood City, CA: INTERNSHIPS
Prospecting is a key element of this position. You will develop new business ties include light housekeeping, supervis- The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
Software Engineer (RWC715): Contrib- for ambitious interns who are eager to
ing sub-contractors and handymen to
and manage the sales cycle from start to finish: make sure that repairs and updates are
ute to building unified & centralized on-
line commerce pipeline compatible
jump into the business arena with both
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
completed in a timely manner. This
across multiple platforms & devices for
all game teams at company.
of the newspaper and media industries.
This position will provide valuable
person. Please send your resume experience for your bright future.

To succeed at the Daily Journal, you will need the following:


To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

021-026 1029 mon:Class Master Odd 10/26/18 4:14 PM Page 3

THE DAILY JOURNAL Monday • Oct. 29, 2018 23

110 employment 110 employment 296 appliances 298 Collectibles 304 furniture 309 Office equipment
KenMOre windOw A/C (vert. open- POrCelain dOll collection $10.00. dininG TaBle - WITH Extension, six laPTOP CaSe or bag. Black. Like new.
Job Title: quality ing) 8700 btu. New in box. $200.00 as Call (650)872-2371. chairs, Solid wood, Vintage 1950’s, $450
PeT SiTTerS & is. David Butler (415)608- 1214. (650)692-8012.
Hardly used. $25. (650)697-1564.
SMall ruG beater. $15.00 (650)207-
(full-Time) dOG walKerS MaYTaG waSher excellent working 4162 dreSSer 4-drawer in Belmont for
310 Misc. for Sale
condition Burlingame $50 Call Dan $75. Good condition; good for children.
Job Location: Belmont, CA needed! (408)656-0958 STar warS R2-D2, original 1998 un-
opened action figure. $15 in San Carlos.
Call (650)678-8585
200 PlaSTiC trading card holders; $15;
(650)591-9769 San Carlos
Requirements: MS or equiv. in CS, S/W
Engg., etc. + 2 yrs. exp.
Local, family owned MfG h20laBS Model 300 exc cond Steve 650-518-6614 dreSSer-anTique VaniTY Combo, 3 500-600 BiG Band-era 78's--most mint,
counter top $25 Burl (650)248-3839. beveled mirrors, Eight Drawers, $550
reqd. (or BS+5). Exp. w/ company. Dog walks TeleSCOPe-CeleSTrOn aSTrO (650)209-3188
no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459
Talend ESB, Integration, MiXa MiXer with bowel twin motor Master Newtonian Reflector, w/ tro/pod
Oracle, SQL, RPA, SOAP done from approx: $50.00 (650)576-5026 stand, Like New $150.00 Glider rocker and ottoman, oak, excel-
BeSSY SMall Evening Hand Bag With
Beige Cord $75.00 (650)678-5371
UI & REST Services,
NetSuite, Sales Force,
11am-3pm, M-F new, SinGer Sewing Machine Univer-
Call (415)239-1348. lent condition. $100 (650)345-5644.
BifOld ShuTTerS 2x28”x79 $10.00
Python Scripting & Shell Sit hours are more sal Carry Case Model 620, Free Arm Ma- TOPPS BaSeBall complete set 1987 iKea dreSSer, black, 3 shelf. 23" x (650)544-5306
Scripting reqd. chine Compatible, $35, (650)483-1222 thru 1992, 1998,1999 $99 Rick (415)999- 15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804.
flexible and can be just a 4474 Blue OYSTer cult lp signed by donald
Mail Resume: RingCentral, Inc. few hours a day, 5-7 riCCar 500 hi performance upright vac-
uum $75.00 (650)576-5026
iKea TaBle, black 58" x 21" x 14" high.
$ 30. (650)598-9804.
r. Eric b. And Wilcox. $40. Cash
Attn: HR Dept.
20 Davis Drive, days a week. 299 Computers (408)661-6019
rOOM heaTer Electric 1320 Watts, Ar- MaSSaGe TaBle, excellent condition,
Belmont, CA 94002 Routes from San Mateo vin Air Fan Forced Automatic $5. 19" COlOr Monitor with stand VG con- folding, $25, (650) 552-9556.
CaSh reGiSTer Parts; Much Skin Not
Guts $500 (415)269-4784
(650)952-3500 dition power cord/owners manual includ-
to Menlo Park available ed $60.00 OBO 1-415-279-4857 new deluXe Twin Folding Bed, Lin- ChriSTMaS Tree pre-lit, 4 1/2 ft. H X
SewinG MaChine-rOYal XL 6000 ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must Dressmaker Sewing Machine. $150. reCOrdaBle Cd-r 74, Sealed, Unop- Sell! (650) 875-8159.
36 in. W, $40.00. Call 650-872-2371
email: (650)342-8436. ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X, COMealOnG 3/4 ton chain $25 (650)
for more info TOdaY! (650) 578 9208 new Twin Mattress set plus frame 873-6304
newSPaPer inTernS VaCuuM Cleaner (reconditioned) $30.00 (650) 347-2356
JOurnaliSM $20 Call Ed (415)298-0645
300 Toys niaGara ViBraTinG Adjustable bed
COSCO PlaY Pen with travel bag. Used
once $35 (650)591-2981
The Daily Journal is looking for in- weSTern waShBOard Sales made good condition Burlingame $90 Call Dan
terns to do entry level reporting, re- of brass and wood, Golden Beam #25-C. aMeriCan flYer locomotive runs (408)656-0958 deluXe fOlder Walker - 5" wheels -
search, updates of our ongoing fea- 201 Personals $75. phone 650-369-2486. good #21085 $75.00 (650) 867-7433 Never Used - $40 (650)341-5347
tures and interviews. Photo interns al- OffiCe TYPe 34"X 60" heavy solid
so welcome. SeeKinG GenTleMan, young at larGe STuffed ANIMALS - $3 each wood with formica wood grain top $25 free MaGaZineS. Library discards
heart, who loves life. I'm 69, F. widowed, 297 Bicycles Great for Kids (650) 952-3500 (650) 787-9753 year old ones. Wide variety. Good for
We expect a commitment of four to coastsider, kind, loving, fun. Love walk- crafts, light reading. (650)952-9074
eight hours a week for at least four ing, swimming, singing, photography, adulT BiKeS 1 regular and 2 with bal- STar warS Celebration 3 Darth Vader reClininG Chair, wine colored $30,
months. The internship is unpaid, but travel. Lets talk! WRITE: Box 3756, loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356 $20 new w/case Dan (650)303-3568 (650)-583-4985 haT, T-ShirT, sweatshirt and comput-
intelligent, aggressive and talented in- HMB, 94019. erbag $80.00 for all (650)592-2648
terns have progressed in time into Child’S SChwinn BiCYCle, Blue in reTrO huTCh Needs refinishing other-
paid correspondents and full-time re- good condition. $20. (650) 355-5189. 302 antiques wise good condition. Top detaches from liOnel ChriSTMaS Holiday expan-
porters. 210 lost & found bottom $25. (650)712-9962 sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
Mountain bike for sale $35. Runs good. anTique heMinGraY Glass Tele-
College students or recent graduates lOST CaT. Black and White. Black Burlingame. Phone 650-342-5220. graph Pole Insulator. Aqua colored. Pris- SOlid wOOd Dining table with exten- liOnel weSTern Union Pass car and
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper patch on right eye. REWARD. tine condition. 4.5"X3.25" $15 (650)762- sion great piece great condition black dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
experience is preferred but not neces- Call (323) 439-7713. MOunTain BiKe new 21 gears $100. 6048 $80 (650)364-5263
sarily required. (650)722-3634 MeilinK Safe-fire Proof,
Beer STeinS-OriGinal from Germa- SOlid wOOd Entertainment Center- 50”x31”X31”, 2200lbs $1200
Please send a cover letter describing
Books MOunTain BiKe. Top brand. Runs ny, three different $99 ea. Call for info TurnTable, Am-Fm, Eight Track, Built In (415)309-3892
good. $39. (660)342-5220 (650)592-7483 Speakers, Sony 26’ Smart T.V.(68.75 in.
your interest in newspapers, a resume JaMeS PaTTerSOn hardback books.
and three recent clips. Before you ap- X 25.5inch X28inch) $500 o.b.o
2 @ $3.00 each. (650)341-1861 298 Collectibles (925)482-5742 MOTleY Crue lp signed by neil lee
ply, you should familiarize yourself sixx and mars $75 cash (408)661-6019
with our publication. Our Web site: MahOGanY anTique Secretary desk,
niChOlaS SParKS hardback books. 72” x 40” , 3 drawers, Display case, bev- TaBle 24"X48" folding legs each end.
2 @ $3.00 each. Call (650)341-1861 80’S TOPS Complete Factory Set All neGrini fenCinG Epee mask size M
Years $99 Call Rick (415) 999-4474. elled glass, $150. (650)766-3024. Melamine top, 500# capacity. Cost & France Lames 5 epee blade $95
Send your information via e-mail to V.lOGVinOV, unuSual Journey to the $130. Sell $50. 650-591-4141 (415)260-6940 or by reg- Country of Cyclic Arithmetic, 2017, Rus- BadGe, 7 Star Special Security Offi- rOSeVille TuliP Pitcher, Ca: 1900.
ular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pul- sian, 104p $25 (650)638-1695 cer;$25- will text picture (650)218-0121 $45. (650)574-2490. Twin Bed frame-black wrought iron new lawn SWING 5'1/2" W x 5 '6" H
gas #112, San Mateo CA 94403 from Crate & Barrel $65 (650)631-1341 $100 (650) 678-6428 aft. 6pm
San Carlos
295 art 303 electronics Twin Bed, mattress, box spring, frame
BarBie dOll of the World collection Old STYle Water dispenser-iron stand-
$ 50. (650)598-9804. clay pot-5gal. glass bottle $75. (650)873-
$10.00. Call (650)872-2371 CannOn COPier. $20. 650-342-5220.
BruShed finiSh, 15" X 20" frame Twin Bed- Free you pick up. Call 6304
holds 18 various size photos. Never BeauTiful herMan Miller pendulum free TeleViSiOn - Mitsubishi, (650)344-2109
used. $20. 650-369-2486. 26"W,22"H,18"D Works Great, Not raY-Ban TOP Bar Sunglasses
clock. Rich wood finish - works well; nice
Flatscreen, Text (650) 333-8323 Local uSed BedrOOM Furniture, FREE. Call RB31832 BlackFrameSemi rimless semi-
chime! $65; 650-591-8851. wrap Lens:GreyUV UltraSleek Light-
Oil PainTinG-CanVaSS, Victorian Delivery available. (650)573-7381.
Scene, With Frame 56”x44” $350.00 weight New w/case $65.00 (650)591-
OBO (650)515-6091
dePreSSiOn GlaSS Dining Plate. 8 Veneer CheST 6.5’ high, 3 ft. wide 6596
3/4", crows foot pattern, clear ruby red. MOTOrOla BraVO MB 520 (android
4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD $99 (650)322-2814.
$12 (650)762-6048 SaMSOniTe 26" tan hard-sided suit
296 appliances card Belmont (650)595-8855 wall uniT/rOOM Divider. Simple case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new.
lennOX red Rose, Unused, hand OnKYO aV Receiver HT-R570 .Digital lines. Breaks down for transportation. $45. (650)328-6709
air COndiTiOner 10000 BTU w/re- painted, porcelain, authenticity papers, $25.(650)712-9962 leave message
mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready,
$12.00. (650) 578 9208. Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393 SilK Saree 6 yards new nice color.for
brand $199 runs like new. (650)235- walnuT CheST, small (4 drawer with $35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in-
0898 Miller liTe Neon sign , work good PhilliPS-50” COlOr T.V., Heavy, $99 upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429 formation.
$59 call (650)218-6528 (650)591-8062 whiTe wiCKer Armoire, asking $100,
hOTPOinT heaVY Duty Dryer excellent SinK, 33”X22” Top mount with faucet,
working condition Burlingame $50 Call Old, anTique, Bottle Collection: 20 great condition, text for picture (650)571- $15.00 (650)544-5306
Dan (408)656-0958 bottles in total. $40 for all. (650)762-6048 304 furniture 0947
Slr lenS Pentax 28-90mm f3.5-5.6
2 walnuT 3-drawer nitestands. Tops wOOd - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x Pentax K Mount $25 (650)436-7171
need work but very good cond. $20/ea 17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311
(650)952-3466. Slr lenS Sigma 28-105mm f3.8-5.6
306 housewares Sigma SA Mount $25 (650)436-7171
anTique dininG table for six people TireS-SeT Of four P225 45 R18 $80
with chairs $99. (650)580-6324 COMPleTe SeT OF CHINA - Windsor OBO (650)359-2238.
Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings,
anTique MOhaGanY Bookcase. Four 20-pieces in original box, never used. TunTuri rOwinG Machine, Good
feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966. $250 per box (3 boxes available). Condition, $75, (650)483-1222
BedSTead SinGle, poster style, box uniden harleY Davidson Gas Tank
spring, mattress available. $40.00. phone. $100 or best offer. (650)863-8485
(650)593-7408 MiKaSa SeT. White. Modern (square)
Setting for 4 $30 (415)734-1152. walKer - Good Condition - Like New -
BeiGe SOfa $99. Excellent Condition $35 (650)341-5347
(650) 315-2319 SinK dOuBle cast iron. Good condi-
tion. $99.00. (650)593-7408
BlaCK MeTal 4 drawer file cabinet 311 Musical instruments
$10. good condition. call (650)872-2371 308 Tools
1929 anTique Alto Selmer, Cigar Cut-
BunK BedS for sale. Cherry Wood, 2 anTique irOn Hand Drills. 3 available ter, Newly Refurbished $6,000 OBO Call
years old. Includes Mattresses. $600 or (650)742-6776.
B/O (650)685-2494 at $30 each. (650)339-3672 Ron
Baldwin BaBY GRAND 1928 vintage
COMMOde, GOOd condition. $20 obo. BriGGS & Stratton Lawn Mower with in walnut. $7500.00 w/bench (415)608-
Please call (650)745-6309 Mulch rear bag-like new- $95.00. 1214
COMPuTer deSK (glass) & chair. Like ChrOMaTiC harMOniCa: Horner
new $75 OBO (650)704-4709 or CrafTSMan 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6" The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180,
dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402 (650)278-5776.
COMPuTer SwiVel CHAIR. Padded
Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409 lG CrafTSMen shop vac 6.5hp $60
(510)943-9221 ePiPhOne leS Paul Custom Prophecy
COZY reCliner in good condition. Electric Guitar. Mint. $625.00.
Purchased one year ago. $90.00. ShOPSMiTh MarK V 50th Anniversary (650)421-5469.

deSK, Gd. cond. $99.99 or b.o.

most attachments. $1,500/OBO. eVereTT uPriGhT antique piano.
(650)458-3578 (650)504-0585 Lovely sound. $99. 650-365-5718.
VinTaGe CrafTSMan Jig Saw. Circa huGe ludwiG Drum Set Silver Sparkle
dininG rOOM Table-Antique,Oak, 1947. $60. (650)245-7517 & Chrome, Zelgian, Pasite & Sabian
5chairs, w/ extension $350 (650)290- Cymbals, 24 in. Timpany $3,500
3188 VinTaGe ShOPSMiTh and Band (916)975-4969
Saw, good shape. $300/obo. Call PianO, uPriGhT, in excellent condi-
(650)342-6993 tion. Asking $345. (650)366-4769
dininG TaBle (36"x54") and 4 match-
ing chairs, sturdy oak, cost $600, sell for PlaYer PianO 1916 W/Bench 25 mu-
$250 .(650)-654-1930. sic rolls $950 Don (415)309-3892
full SiZe bed wood frame with pillow welder- linCOln AC 220 amps 240
top mattress $100.00 B/O (650)576-5026 volts $199.00 (650)948-4895 VinTaGe linGerie Washboard circa
1920’s The Zinc King #703. Suitable for
strumming $50 (650)369-2486
ZilJian CYMBalS with stands, 21”
ride, 18” crash. Paistie 18” crash - $99

312 Pets & animals

airline Carrier for cats, pur. from
Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call
(505)228-1480 local.

One Kennel Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani-

mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60..
ParrOT CaGe, Steel, Large - approx
4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
offer. (650)245-4084
PeT Carrier for small dog or cat in ex-
cellent condition $30. Claudia (650) 349-
PeT TaXi Animal Carrier. Brand: Delux
Nature Miracle - Excellent Condition for
$25. Call (650)349-6059.

316 Clothes
Blue Tahari NWT wool button-up
jacket $25 (650)952-3466
021-026 1029 mon:Class Master Odd 10/26/18 4:14 PM Page 4

24 Monday • Oct. 29, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL

316 Clothes 318 Sports equipment 340 Camera & Photo equip. Garage Sales 440 Apartments 625 Classic Cars
boX of used men's Levi's and misc. elliPtiCAl-nordiC trACk Like new omeGA b600 Condenser Enlarger, In- belmont APArtmentS -1br, 2br, CAdillAC ‘85 Classic El Dorado
jeans $99.00 or best offer fair condition Barely Used, Paid $600, Asking $300 struction Manual & 50mm El-Omegar En- 3br; Prime Location, Quiet Buildings, No 44,632 original miles. Needs body work
(650)589-0764 obo. (650)235-0066. larging Lens $95 (415)260-6940 GArAGe SAleS Smoking, No Pets, $2100.00 and up
and headliner $2,975 OBO (650)218-
dAWGS brAnd Kaymann black and eVerlASt 80# MMA Heavy Bag and ViVitAr V 2000 W/35-70 zoom and
original manual. Like new. $99 SSF
eStAte SAleS CheVy ‘55 BEL AIR 2 door, Standard
white snake print loafers size 7 (9.3”) $25 Stand. Like New. $99 (650)654-9966
(650)369-2486 (650)583-6636 make money, make room! 470 rooms Transmission V8 Motor, non-op $22,000
Golf ClubS {13}, Bag, & Pull Cart all-- obo. (650)952-4036.
fAnCy hiGh heel shoes, never worn $90.00 (650)341-8342 345 medical equipment
size 8 1/2 $20.00 (650)592-2648 List your upcoming hiP houSinG CheVy ‘86 CorVette. Automatic.
Non-Profit Home Sharing Program 93,000 miles. Sports Package.$6,800
Guthy-renker PoWer Rider,Ever-
last 2 1/2 ankle weights, kegel thigh ex-
AdJuStAble bAth shower transfer garage sale, San Mateo County obo. (650) 952-4036.
bench with sidebar $15 (510)770-1976
fAuX fur Coat Woman's brown multi erciser $20 (510)770-1976 moving sale, (650)348-6660
CorVette ‘69 350 4-SPeed. 50k
color in excellent condition 3/4
length $50 (650)692-8012 leAther Golf bag with 23 clubs $90.
driVe 3-in-1 commode with seat,buck-
et,cover,splash sheild,armrests $10
estate sale, mileS. New upgrades $24,500 OBO..
kAyAno men’S Running shoes size 11
(650) 592-2648. (510)770-1976 yard sale, 485 residential Care
good condition $20 (650)520-7045 men'S roSSiGnol Skis. $95.00, driVe deluXe two button walker $10 rummage sale, dAtSun ‘79 510 Sedan grey original
condition clean inside and out $4,000
good condition, (650)341-0282.
lAdieS ClothinG, some w/tags. (510)770-1976 clearance sale, or VorAlto VillAGe (650)364-3562
$99.00 (650)589-0764. one dozen Official League Diamond
Baseballs. Brand New. $35. Call Roger
homediCS duAl Shiatsu Massage whatever sale you At menlo PArk merCedeS ‘74 450 SEL, One owner,
Cushion. 3 Zone. $45.00. (650)207-4162
lAdieS Sequin dress, blue, size XL,
pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
(650)771-6324. have... A welcoming and spa-like secured
No Accidents, Needs engine work, Pale
Yellow, $2,500 OBO (650)375-1350.
inVerSion therAPy table back memory care community nestled in a
men'S StetSon hat, size large, new, PinG nome TR putter 34 inch excellent stretcher w/ heat $99.00 joe (650)573- residential neighborhood just blocks merCedeS ‘79 450 SL with hard top.
rim, solid black, large, great gift. $40 condition. 650-208-5758. $65. 5269 Reach over 83,450 readers from downtown Menlo Park Completely rebuilt. 20K obo. (650)851-
(650) 578-9208
omt tAble, excellent condition, fold-
from South San Francisco 0878
PrinCe tenniS 2 section nylon black Call today to Schedule a Visit
neW With tags Wool or cotton Men's Bag with Prince Pro Graphite Racket- ing, $25, (650) 552-9556. to Palo Alto.
pullover sweaters (XL) $15/each $55.(650)341-8342 in your local newspaper. (650)322-4100 merCedeS ‘89 300e, Low Miles, Excel.
rAdiAtion ProteCtion 1/2-apron Condition, Good Engine, Needs paint,
(650)952-3466 Pb free; .5mm Pb equivalent, xl, adjusta- $13,900 (650)303-4257. Leave msg.
nWt zeGnA medium brown plaid cash-
totAl Gym XLS, excellent condition.
Paid $2,500. Yours for $900. Call
ble buckle, gently used; $60; 607-227- Call (650)344-5200
mere blazer, XL $20 (650)952-3466 (650)588-0828
7742. 630 trucks & SuV’s
ShoeS Size 5 1/2 and 6 for $50 or less
515 office Space ford ‘10 F150 Super Crew cab, 78K
touredGe reACtion ii uniflex sys-
(650)508-8662 tem 8 irons 3-9 and pitch irons miles. System-One toolboxes and rack.
-VirtuAl offiCeS- $16K contact or text (650)520-3725
tuXedo Size 40, black, including white
new $75. Call May (650)349-0430 379 open houses
shirt, excellent cond. $50 (650)355-5189 $59 - $150
treAdmill-horizon like New, limit- ford ‘90 F-250, 7.5litre v8, 4wheel dr.,
ed use, Paid $750-Asking $450 OBO *Business Internet *Phone Answering 102k original miles, Many upgrades,
Work bootS. Iron Age, size 10-1/2, $12,500 (650)759-3188
brown, with steel metatarsal protection. (650)508-8662 *Conference Rooms *Offices
In box, $45, OBO. (650)594-1494
trek mountAin train tag a long; exec
oPen houSe *Complete IT Services * Mail
leXuS '08 RX400 179K, fully loaded,
318 Sports equipment condition;$75;will text photo; (650)218-
0121 San Carlos liStinGS (650) 373-2000
bay Area executive offices AWD, $8,400. (650)302-5523 toyotA '03 RAV4, 120K miles, black,
biG berthA, Golfsmith Titanium Driver tunturiC StAtionAry Bike $45.
,Mid Driver, Stinger 1 3 5 - $99 Rick Daly City-(650) 878-8403 List your Open House $5,500(650)302-5523
in the Daily Journal. 635 Vans
boW fleX Max Trainer M-3-Very Good
VintAGe nASh Cruisers Mens/ Wom-
ens Roller Skates Blue indoor/outdoor sz
620 Automobiles
Condition, Like New, Assembled, Paid
$1200 asking $800 Call Michael
6-8. $60 B/O. (650)574-4439 Reach over 83,450 1994 mitSubiShi 3000 GT- VR4 Twin
toyotA ‘08 SIENNA LE, excellent con-
dition, camera, bluetooth, trailer, 94K
(650)784-1061. Workout benCh, weights, bars, for
potential home buyers & Turbo Perfect Cont. Asking $30,000 miles. $9,000. text (925)786-5545 See
(650)315-2959 (650)558-8555 craigslist for pics.
brAnd neW Golf bag with Stand.
flat/incline bench and legs. $100. renters a day,
Makes a great gift. $70. 415-867-6444. from South San Francisco 1999 CAdillAC DeVille Contour-Paid 640 motorcycles/Scooters
brAnd neW golf clubs: 1, 3 Woods; yAmAhA roof RACK, 58 inches $75. to Palo Alto. $6,000 Sell $3,000 Good Condition
bmW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call
(650)458-3255 (650)315-2954 or (650)558-8555
Irons: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 pw. Makes a great
gift $99. 415-867-6444.
in your local newspaper. (650) 995-0003
340 Camera & Photo equip. don’t lose money motorCyCle SAddlebAGS,
eASton Aluminum bat.33 inches, 30
oz, 2 3/4 barrel. $30. (650)596-0513
Call (650)344-5200 on a trade-in or with mounting hardware and other parts
nikon 18-140 zoom lenses (3), excel- $35. Call (650)670-2888
knee rider $ 50.00 joe (650)573-5269
lent condition. $200 each. (650)592-9044 consignment!
645 boats
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Sell your vehicle in the
boAt- 7 FT Livingston Fiber Glass., 2.5
daily Journal’s HP. NIssan Outboard Motor. $800.

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis

Auto Classifieds. (650) 591-5404.

mAlibu 24 ft with tower. Completely re-

ACROSS 67 “Wild” frontier 30 Tolled like Big 43 Most concise Just $45 built and re-finished. Boat and Motor.
1 Autos place Ben 44 “Don’t look __ like We’ll run it 20K obo. (650)851-0878.
5 Cutlass 68 IRS form IDs 31 Romeo’s rival that!” ‘til you sell it! SeA rAy 16 ft . I/B. $1,200. Needs
automaker 32 Salt Lake City 49 Beasts of burden Upholstery. Call (650)898-5732.
9 Stick-on design DOWN team 50 Buenos __ reach 83,450 drivers
14 Fever with chills 1 King and queen 34 Leftovers wrap 52 From China, say
650 rVs
from South Sf to
15 Hide, as a bone 2 Greek 35 Postage-paid 53 Popular Palo Alto Gulf StreAm, Sun Voyager ‘04.
16 100 bucks marketplace enc. performers 36 ft, Excellent Condition. $39,500.
17 Breadbasket 3 Hitchhiker’s 36 Cost of living? 55 “That was close!” Call (650)344-5200 650-349-3087.

item principle? 40 Brit. military 56 Leaves gatherer

rV toW bar blue ox 2" ball model b330
18 Read bar codes 4 Actress Ward award 57 Addition column $90 (650)948-4895
on 5 Lewd 41 Job applicants’ 58 Auditing pro 670 Auto Service
19 “Wizard of __ 6 “Star Wars” preparations 59 Run smoothly bmW ‘05 325
convertible, $4,200.

Park”: Edison mastermind 42 Pretty pitcher 60 Altar in the sky

20 Protective net 7 “Dang!” AA SmoG
CAdillAC ’90 El Dorado Runs Great,
above a cradle 8 Lip-__: mouth the 128,000 miles, $2000 (650)922-9114 Complete Repair & Service
23 __ Paulo, Brazil words $39.75 plus certificate fee
24 Some tech sch. 9 U.S. capital CheVrolet ‘86 ASTROVAN, 84K (most cars)
grads transit system miles, $3000 (650)481-5296 869 California Drive .
25 Type of energy 10 First month of Burlingame
el año
CheVy ‘08 hhr - Grey, spunky car
or reactor loaded, even seat warmers, $9,500. (650) 340-0492
29 ’60s-’70s 11 Pro’s opposite (408)807-6529.

quarterback 12 Braves, on
Tarkenton scoreboards CheVy ‘10 HHR . 68K. EXCELLENT
670 Auto Parts
13 DiCaprio, in fan
CONDITION. $8888. (650)274-8284.
31 Content cat
sound mags Got An older
1960S CAdillAC hub caps $40
21 Potatoes partner
33 Spanish gold CAr, boAt, or rV?
34 Government 22 “B.C.” cartoonist Do the humane thing. bridGeStone AlenzA 235/65R17,

prosecutor Johnny Donate it to the

$50. Excellent condition, 80k warranty,
used less than 10k. (650)593-4490
37 Philip of “Kung 26 Tennis great Humane Society.
Fu” with nine Grand Call 1- 866-899-3051 CheVy/GmC 1994. Full size. Front
Slam singles
plastic/bumper/grill complete. Perfect
38 Live and breathe Photos. San Mateo $75 (650)727-7266
39 “Ich bin __ titles hondA ‘06 Element-Sp, 4wd, Black,

Berliner”: JFK 27 Goodnight 49,000 miles, $7,700 (650)574-1198 Gm truCk/SuV 1994? Large Vehicle.
Front Bumper/plastic/grill unit
woman of song
40 Reduced 28 Coquettish
complete/perfect. Perfect/photos availa-
10/29/18 JettA '04 4 door, dark gray, 147K, ble .$75. (650)727-7266
responsiveness $3,500.. (650)302-5523
to medication mAzdA ‘12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con-
mini CooPer- Hood Best offer- Call Don(415)309-3892
45 “Casablanca” dition One owner Fully loaded Low
pianist miles reduced $16,995 obo (650)520-
PeerleSS tire Chains, used a few
times. Fits several sizes P165-225. $20
46 She sheep obo. (650)745-6309
47 Blues singer mAzdA 2016 Sky Active one owner per-
rimS-Chrome, 16” Set of 4 with caps,
fect condition 4DR Silver Low miles Off ’02 GMC Truck $200.00 OBO
48 At first, second $19,995 OBO (650)520-4650 (650)333-0303
or third the Club steering wheel locks 2 each
50 Long __ of the niSSAn ‘84 300zx Former Drift Car No new. $ 20.00 (650)871-8907
law engine/Transmission $1,200
(650)341-1306 White StAr Tire Chains, never used.
51 Airline to P195/75R14. $25 obo. (650)745-6309.
Stockholm PontiAC 1997 Passenger Van. Alumi-
54 Unexpected num Rims with good tires. Needs engine 680 Autos Wanted
classroom work! $900. Call (650)365-8287 or cell
9650)714-3865. Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
announcement Novas, running or not
... and, initially,
Parts collection etc.
toyotA ‘13 Corolla - Black, Excellent So clean out that garage
one hiding in condition Like new, Automatic, One own- Give me a call
each set of er, $7,295.00 (650)212-6666. Joe 650 342-2483

puzzle circles
58 Gorge
61 Aesop’s
62 “East of Eden”
director Kazan
63 Blender button
64 Barely makes,
with “out”
65 A short distance
away By Paul Coulter
66 Accumulate 10/29/18
©2018 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
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THE DAILY JOURNAL Monday • Oct. 29, 2018 25

Cabinetry Construction Decks & Fences handy help hauling plumbing

bEST buY maRSh FEnCE

CabinETS State License #377047
Licensed • Insured • Bonded
FREE SHoWRooM Fences - Gates - Decks
DESIGn ConSULTATIon Stairs - Retaining Walls
10-year guarantee
AnD QUoTE Quality work w/reasonable prices
Call for free estimate Richard’s
1328 El Camino Real
BELMonT, CA 94002
(650)571-1500 Handyman
(650)294-3360 FREE ESTIMATES
Contractors welcome Fence and DECK t1-6.#*/( t8*/%084 t&-&$53*$"- t3&.0%&-*/(
Wood Retaining Walls,
Fences & Stairs
Lic.# 742961
t'-0034 t5*-&&.03&
Free Estimates
Concrete John (650)291-4303
*Stamps *Color *Driveways aaa RaTED!
*Patios *Masonry
*Flagstone *Retaining Walls
*Block walls *Landscaping
Free Estimates
(650)533-0187 (650)322-9288 $40 & up
Lic# 947476
for all your electrical needs hauL
Since 1988/Licensed & Insured
Monthly Specials
aSp COnCRETE ELECTRIC SERVICE GRoUP Fast, Dependable Service
all kinds of Concrete
- Retaining Wall
- All kinds of concrete
- Flagstone
- Fencing
Free Estimates
- General Landscaping - Decking gardening a+ bbb Rating
- Tree Service - new Lawn
- Roofing - Sprinkler
Systems LaWn mainTEnanCE
*Free Estimate (650)544-1435 LanDSCapE DESign
20 Yrs Experience gEORgE Drought Tolerant Planting
Drip Systems, Rock Gardens Landscaping
Landscaping Design ChainEY hauLing
and lots more!
FRiEnDLY COnTRaCTORS Junk & Debris Clean up
all types of concrete work Call Robert Furniture / Appliance / Disposal
- Driveways - Lawn STERLing gaRDEnS Tree / Bush / Dirt / Concrete Demo LANDSCAPE DESIGN &
- Landscaping - Concrete work (650)703-3831 Lic #751832 Starting at $40 & up
- Paving
- Dry wall
- All types of fence
- Walkways etc...
Free Estimates
Call (650)271-6467
Lic #914544 279 Chimney Sweep (650)207-6592

miSTER ChimnEY
Construction dba nova Fireplaces Drought Tolerant Planting
Call Mister Chimney: (650) 631-4531
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ChEap Drip Systems, Rock Gardens
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hauLing! and lots more!
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belmont, Ca 94002 Haul Debris!


COnSuELO’S hOuSE painting

Providing quality cleaning services for
over 33 years to Bay Area families!
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off your first service!
CORDERO painTing
Commercial & Residential
Exterior & Interior
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pEninSuLa Independent
O’SuLLiVan JOn La mOTTE Contractor with
new Construction
CLEaning painTing 20 years of exp.
bondEd Interior & Exterior
CaLEDOnian Kitchen/Bathrooms
Decks/Fences Quality Work, Reasonable Drain and plumbing
(650)589-0372 Rates, Free Estimates service, gas
Landscape Design!
Licensed and Insured
Lic. #589596 1-800-344-7771 (650)368-8861
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We can design your repairs.
outdoor living
Decks & Fences handy help plumbing All around San Mateo
*BBQ’s *Pizza ovens JR mORaLES & neighboring area.
hanDYman & FEnCES SEniOR hanDYman JOn’S hauLing ChampiOn
*Patios *Flagstone Fences, decks, arbors, Post Repairs “Specializing in any size project” Serving the peninsula since 1976 Lic.#1034873
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Works, French Drains, Siding
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pLumbing Co. Call Leo
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clearing, furniture, appliance hauling Service Calls (650)868-8059
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in the
hOmE & gaRDEn SECTiOn
offer your services to 83,450 readers a day, from
Palo Alto to South San Francisco
and all points between!
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26 Monday • Oct. 29, 2018 THE DAILY JOURNAL


Toilets, Sinks, Vanities,
Faucets, Water heaters, art Computer health & Medical Jewelers real estate services
Whirlpools and more!
Wholesale Pricing & JaCkson sqUare
Closeout Specials. Dental Fine Jewelers greg terrY
We buy sterling silver, gold, alain Pinel
2030 s Delaware st
san Mateo
iMPlants diamonds, rolex watches,
silver & gold coins, platinum.
Greg has over 29 years of
success in Real Estate;
Top Eschelon of Production;
save $500 on 2890 El Camino Real, Redwood City
will serve you with the
highest degree of professionalism.
(650)350-1960 implant abutment &
(650) 678-1110
Crown Package.
Call Millbrae Dental
for details legal services thinking aboUt bUYing
roofing (650)583-5880 or selling YoUr hoMe?
Call Mitch Wong
legal of Intero Real Estate
DoCUMents PLUS Residential and/or Commercial
Real Estate
DentUres Non-Attorney document
preparation: Divorce, (650)483-8573
Pre-Nup, Adoption, Living Trust,
in a DaY! Conservatorship, Probate,
Notary Public. Response to
(in most cases)
Lawsuits: Credit Card travel
only $1,395 per set Issues, Breach of Contract

(650)419-9674 Jeri blatt, lDa #11 Figone travel

Roos Dental Care
Registered & Bonded groUP
Redwood City
(650)574-2087 (650) 595-7750
Dental services
"I am not an attorney. I can only Cruises • Land & Family vacations
provide self help services at your Personalized & Experienced
specific direction." Family Owned & Operated
CoMPlete iMPlant eYe eXaMinations Since 1939
Dentistry Under one roof 1495 Laurel St. SAN CARLOS

solar Same day treatment

Evening & Saturday appts available
579-7774 Marketing

1159 Broadway training

Peninsula Dental Implant Center
1201 St Francis Way, San Carlos Burlingame groW
Caregiver (650)232-7650 Dr. Andrew Soss YoUr sMall bUsiness Martial arts
OD, FAAO Get free help from instruction The Growth Coach Grand Master Frank Croaro
Care inDeeD i - sMile Go to
now accepting new
Implant & Orthodontict Center serious students
1702 Miramonte Ave. Suite B Sign up for the free newsletter
890 Santa Cruz Ave Mountain View insurance
Call 650-759-5425
Menlo Park exceptional. or email
reliable. innovative real estate loans
(650) 328-1001 (650)282-5555 aFForDable
health insUranCe
Cemetery Food Eric L. Barrett, harD MoneY
President at loWer rate
blaCk PePPer Barrett Insurance Services
lasting restaUrant DireCt Private lenDer
tree service iMPressions A mixture of Authentic and
modern cuisine
CA. Insurance License #0737226 ALL CREDIT ACCEPTED
ARE OUR FIRST 1029 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Since 1979
PRIORITY (650)485-2345
rates too high? WACHTER
Cypress Lawn PanCho villa INVESTMENTS, INC.
brian Fornesi
1370 El Camino Real
taqUeria 348-7191
Because Flavor Still Matters
365 B Street 650 343 6521 Real Estate Broker
CA BRE#746683
San Mateo NMLS #348288
(650) 343-4123 FarMers insUranCe

notiCe to reaDers:
California law requires that contractors
taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
tor’s State License Board. State law also
requires that contractors include their li-
cense number in their advertising. You
can check the status of your licensed
contractor at or 800-
321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
jobs that total less than $500 must state
in their advertisements that they are not
licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board.
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THE DAILY JOURNAL WORLD Monday • Oct 29, 2018 27

Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil presidency after rough campaign
By Sarah DiLorenzo constitution and personal liberty. He and lots of new, good people are entering. There’s a light at
Peter Prengaman and Mauricio Savarese said that wasn’t just the words of a man the end of the tunnel.”
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS but a promise to God. Bolsonaro rose in prominence amid disgust with Brazil’s
Bolsonaro went into Sunday the clear political system. In particular, many Brazilians are furious
SAO PAULO — Far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro front-runner after getting 46 percent of with the Workers’ Party for its role in the graft scheme, known
won the presidency of Latin America’s largest nation the vote to Haddad’s 29 percent in the as “Carwash” and Haddad struggled to build momentum with
Sunday as voters looked past warnings that the brash former first round of the election Oct. 7, which his promises of a return to the boom times by investing in
army captain would erode democracy and embraced a chance had 13 contenders. After opinion polls health and education and reducing poverty.
for radical change after years of turmoil. in recent weeks had Bolsonaro leading Along the way, Bolsonaro also raised serious concerns that
With 97 percent of ballots counted, Brazil’s top electoral Jair Bolsonaro by as much as 18 percentage points, the he will usher in a rollback of civil rights and a weakening of
court said Bolsonaro had won with 55.4 percent of the race had tightened the last few days after institutions in what remains a young democracy, especially
votes. His opponent, leftist Fernando Haddad of the several Brazilian heavyweights came out against Bolsonaro, since he has waxed nostalgic for Brazil’s 1964-1985 military
Workers’ Party, had 44.4 percent. arguing that he was a direct risk to the world’s fourth largest dictatorship and said he would name military men to his
In Rio de Janeiro, Bolsonaro’s supporters set off fireworks democracy. Cabinet.
on iconic Copacabana Beach. In Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest Bolsonaro, who cast himself as a political outsider despite In a highly unusual moment, the chief justice of the
city, cars horns could be heard honking and crowds celebrat- a 27-year career in Congress, is the latest of several leaders Supreme Court, Jose Dias Toffoli, read out part of the
ed as the results came in. There were also reports of clashes around the globe to gain prominence by mixing tough, often Constitution to reporters after he voted.
between his backers and opponents on Avenida Paulista in violent talk with hard-right positions. But he is also very “The future president must respect institutions, must respect
Sao Paulo. much a product of a perfect storm in Brazil that made his mes- democracy, the rule of law, the judiciary branch, the nation-
“I first want to thank God,” Bolsonaro told supporters in sages less marginalized: widespread anger at the political al Congress and the legislative branch,” Toffoli said in
a video transmitted from his home in Rio, recounting how class amid years of corruption, an economy that has struggled remarks many took to be a rebuke of Bolsonaro and his
he was stabbed while campaigning last month and almost to recover after a punishing recession and a surge in violence. more extreme positions.
died. “I feel in my heart that things will change,” said Sandra As late as Sunday morning, Haddad was still holding out
Bolsonaro, who ran on promises to clean up Brazil and Coccato, a 68-year-old small business owner, after she voted hope that he could win after several key endorsements late
bring back “traditional values,” said he would respect the for Bolsonaro in Sao Paulo. “Lots of bad people are leaving, Saturday.

Plus Cert. Fee.
Most Cars &

Light Trucks.

$ 75
2000 & Newer
With or w/o
We do:

869 California Dr.
Burlingame Ave El Camino Real
(650) 340-0492
Palm Dr

California Dr
Brake & Lamp Mon–Fri 8:30 AM–5:30 PM
101 Station Sat 8:30 AM–3 PM

Full Mouth Implant Rehabilitation
Over 20 years of experience
2009-2018 American Top Dentists
Cosmetic Dentistry
2018 Diamond Certified ͻ^ŵŝůĞĞƐŝŐŶ
“Best dentist I have ever been to! ͻsĞŶĞĞƌƐ
Caring and knows what he is doing.
Like everything about him.”
- R. Olson

Complete Dental Care: Special Discount

ͻůůŝŐŝƚĂůƋƵŝƉƚŵĞŶƚ ͻsĂƌŝĂďůĞWĂLJŵĞŶƚWůĂŶ

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28 Monday • Oct 29, 2018 WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Syrians must lead peace efforts, Around the world

Mattis presses Saudi
leaders say at Turkey conference leader for full probe on writer’s death
PRAGUE — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he met
with Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister during an internation-
By Christopher Torchia that a certain humanitarian infrastructure
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS is there,” she said. al conference and urged a full and complete investigation
The leaders spoke at a joint news con- into the killing of writer Jamal Khashoggi.
ISTANBUL — The leaders of Turkey, Russia, France and ference with Turkish President Recep Mattis told reporters traveling with him that Saudi
Germany said at a summit on Saturday that Syrians must lead Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir “had no reservations at all”
efforts to make peace in their war-torn country, a challenge Vladimir Putin. about the need for the kingdom to be transparent about the
that was highlighted by the absence of any Syrian groups A final statement released by the leaders death of the Washington Post columnist at the kingdom’s
from the Istanbul talks. called for “an inclusive, Syrian-led and consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.
Meeting in an Ottoman-era mansion, the leaders set aside Syrian-owned political process,” and the During a press conference with Czech Prime Minister
Andrej Babis later Sunday, Mattis added that the evidence
divisions over Syrian President Bashar Assad to agree on Tayyip Erdogan convening of a committee by the end of
broad goals, including the eventual, voluntary return of mil- the year to work on constitutional reform Turkey has collected “will ensure there is more than one
lions of refugees who fled a conflict that has lasted more as a prelude to U.N.-backed free and fair elections. review” of the incidents surrounding Khashoggi’s death.
than seven years and killed over 400,000 people. The leaders noted the cease-fire in Syria’s northwestern He and Jubeir spoke privately at a dinner Saturday during
“There will be no real, sustainable, credible return of the province of Idlib, which they hope can provide some the Manama Dialogue international security conference in
refugees if the political process is not initiated,” French momentum for peace efforts. The truce last month prevented Bahrain. Mattis did not detail the conversation they had
President Emmanuel Macron said. a Syrian government offensive on the last rebel stronghold, but said he told Jubeir that “we need to know what hap-
German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed “precondi- which many feared would have set off another refugee crisis. pened.”
tions” for the return of refugees, which must be closely coor- Idlib has been relatively calm since then, although both Turkish officials have said that a Saudi team of 15 men
dinated with the U.N. refugee agency. sides have accused each other of violating the deal. Syrian tortured, killed and dismembered the writer in a premeditat-
“From our point of view, it is necessary that there be assur- government forces shelled rebel-held villages in Idlib on ed act. The kingdom initially said it knew nothing about
ances that there will not be persecution or arrests, that cer- Friday, killing seven people in violation of the agreement what happened to Khashoggi, but on Thursday said evi-
tain fundamental humanitarian conditions are fulfilled — reached by Russia and Turkey, opposition activists said. dence shows the killing was premeditated.

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