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Solutions from a single source

Automation – Product safety – Data collection – Package design
Wednesday, 15th November 2017 at GEA Germany GmbH, Biedenkopf-Wallau

10.00 hrs Welcome

Semi automatic slicing and packaging for starters

10.15 hrs Less is more : GEA EasyLine Florian Rietzler
Flexible machine concept for various applications : GEA
Piece goods, cold cuts, stacked or zigzag portions
 High hygienic standard, easy to clean
 Short line – small footprint
 Suitable for Vacuum- and MAP packaging

Automatic feeding – grouping – loading of sausages

10.45 hrs Loading systems : feeding – grouping – inserting Christian Singer

Fully automatic sausage loading Singer & Sohn
 Flexibility of the loading system VGE
 Processing of different types of casings
 Technically coordinated line : GEA / Singer

11.15 hrs Communication and coffee break

The topic of oxygen - always up-to-date

Product safety thanks to GEA OxyCheck and GEA VisionCheck

11.30 hrs GEA OxyCheck – non-invasive inline 02 measurment Volker Sassmannshausen

 100% safety, since the oxygen content of each individual pack GEA
is checked
 Fast and efficient: automated inline process
 Significantly reduced risk that a pack leaves the production
facility without meeting the set specifications
 GEA TiroLabel Plus – labelling with no ifs, ands or buts
 GEA CombiPick – automatic single pack selector and converger
with quality control system

Challenge Reclosure

12.00 hrs Reclosure – a little different Wim Brunsting

 Easy to open and convenient to use Reseal-it
 Helps to reduce food waste
 Keeps food fresher for longer
 Can be opened and closed up to 25 times
 Inline or Offline application
 100% focus on the perfect seal on the machine
 One solution for topseal, thermoform and flowwrap packs
12.20 hrs Factory Tour

13.00 hrs Lunch in our GEA restaurant

Demonstrations in Technology Center

13.45 hrs GEA EasyLine (GEA UniSlicer – GEA EasyLoader – GEA DeltaPak) Thomas Hanssmann

GEA PowerPak - Packaging of sausages with automatic loading Gerd Heuser

Christian Singer

GEA Packaging line with labeller, GEA OxyCheck, GEA VisionCheck Volker Sassmannshausen
and GEA CombiPick

14.30 hrs Communication and coffee break

14.45 hrs GEA PerformancePlus Thomas Tesche

New GEA Service Concept incl. Condition Monitoring & GEA
Predictive Maintenance
Our way to Industry 4.0

 Different service packages tailored to customer requirements

 Critical module parameters are monitored and replaced before
the fault occurs
 Error reports are recorded, analyzed and solutions are sent to
the customer as a report
 Process parameters can be made available directly for customer
guidance systems
In the first part of the presentation the new service concept will be
explained. Afterwards, a feedback round is planned to answer your
questions individually.

Current film trends

15.15 hrs Only sustainable or also safe ? Michael Martin
Requirements and benefits of thickness-reduced top film systems Schur Flexibles
 Process safety during packaging
 Product safety
 Consumer experience

15.30 hrs More product safety thanks to perfect use of film Karsten Schröder
 Typical risks in interaction with packaging films Innoform
 Examples of optimum use of films
The lecture examines typical mistakes in the production process,
which can lead to spoilage of food. In the second part successful
packaging examples are shown, which lead to low-friction
processing and optimal product safety. The focus is on packaging
material knowledge and tips for the practitioner.

16.00 hrs Possibility of dialogue and adoption