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Scholarship Application Form 2019

Personal details

First name:

Last name:

Date of birth:

MSc programme your applying for:

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average

Reference (professor) at TU Delft (if available):


Please introduce yourself in 100 words.

What makes you an excellent student, besides your grades? Elaborate on your activities and/or broader
interests besides your study (max 150 words)
Why do you choose for a study at the TU Delft and why do you apply for a Scholarship (max 200 words)

How would you contribute to TU Delft in the specific MSc programme you have chosen? (max 200 words)

What are your career plans after graduation? (max 200 words)

N.B. The maximum length of the application is 2 A4 pages

For applicants (ONLY) for the Sub-Saharan Scholarships

Describe which MSc research topic (s) you have in mind and how this topic relates to the
Sustainable Development goals and TU Delft │ Global Initiative. (max 150 words)

How do you want to fill in your role as a TUDelft ambassador for Sub-Saharan Africa (max 100 words)