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Phases of treatment

 Rapport formation : no of sessions required-2,

 Initial assessment: no of sessions depends on type of psychological
illness and nature of test, min sessions-2, objective to diagnose the
 Psychotherapy: it’s a treatment phase and min of sessions are 10-
 Post therapy assessment: no of sessions-2 to 3, objective is to see
improvement in client’s illness

 500 /- Rs per session

 Assessment fees is not included it is based on nature of tests we are
going to administered
 Psychotherapy fees is Rs 1500/- per session but for them reduce it
to 1000/- Rs
 And if they paying in one shot make it Rs 800/-
Interpersonal psychotherapy to improve relationship between family
members as they have said most of suicide is because of problematic
husband wife relation.
Family therapy that includes all the family members if there is any
family discort.
Sucide helpline