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Quiz 2

Shima Sanavi

1. What is cocaine? Where does it come from? Can you grow cocaine here? What
is the % of cocaine in the coca leaf. How cocaine is made?
Cocaine is a addictive drug derived from coca. It comes from South America. No we can’t grow
it here. Up to 1% of cocaine in coca leaves. Cocaine is made from processing the leaves of a
coca plant by either solvent extraction or acid extraction. The leaves are picked from the coca
plant and are processed into a paste. The paste is then purified to produce coca base, which is
then transformed into cocaine hydrochloride, the powdered form of cocaine.

2. Who was/is Sigmund Freud, What’s his association with cocaine?

He was a neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis. He researched about cocaine and
became a user himself.

3. How cocaine works in the brain, compare cocaine with Meth in the way they
work in the brain. Quite different, but the effects are similar.
Cocaine is quickly removed from and almost completely metabolized in the body, meth has a
much longer duration of action, and a larger percentage of the drug remains unchanged in the

4. List 5 acute effects of cocaine

- Heart attack
- Seizures
- Stroke
- Coma
- Abdominal pain

5. List and EXPLAIN 2 chronic effects

- Weight loss and malnourishment, many users lose their appetite.
- Tears and ulcerations in the stomach, because of reduced blood flow in the
gastrointestinal tract.

6. Explain how neurons communicate using the 3 steps a) Nerve impulse b) The
binding and 3) re-uptake related to COCAINE. Methane cocaine seem to promote similar effects
in the brain, but the way they affect the synapse is different ......the reuptake is significant
Cocaine acts by binding to the dopamine transporter, blocking the removal of dopamine from the
synapse. Dopamine then accumulates in the synapse to produce an amplified signal to the
receiving neurons. This is what causes the euphoria commonly experienced immediately after
taking the drug.

7. How the traffic of cocaine has impacted governments, crime, corruption, music,
culture etc. at the international, and global level.
Many governments have people who actually deal with drugs illegally. Crime and corruption
rates have increased because of cartels and illegal transport of drugs. Drugs have become a
normal thing now, rappers and other music producers use drugs in their songs it could be
promoting drug usage or vice versa. At the global level drugs have become easier to have access
to and a lot of people are making money by intoxicating other people.

8. What is crack cocaine, how it is made?

Crack cocaine is made when powder cocaine is dissolved in a mixture of water and either
ammonia or sodium bicarbonate. The mixture is boiled to separate out the solid, and then it's
cooled. The solid is then dried and cut up into small nuggets, or "rocks."

9. What is ‘Paco “cocaine?

It’s a potpourri of cocaine waste, rat poison, kerosene, and various industrial solvents.

10. What others sympathetic prescription medication work in similar way in the
brain? Explain....
Oxycodone, codeine, fentanyl, meperidine are all among the highly addictive medications.

11. What is a narco-submarine? In what other ways cocaine is smuggled to the

They are ocean-going self-propelled submersible vessel built by drug traffickers to smuggle
drugs. Drugs are smuggled through non-commercial vessels, pleasure boats, sail boats, fishing
boats. They also have fast boats which try to outrun our law enforcement assets.

12. Who were/are Pablo Escobar, El chapo Guzman. Do you think building a wall
in the south border will help to reduce the flow of cocaine to the US? Why ...?
They were both the biggest drug dealers in Mexico who smuggled drugs throughout the world. I
think it will reduce it, but it won’t stop it, because they will find another way to smuggle drugs
into the country.

13. How cocaine has influenced music/creativity? Can you sing “cocaine “by E
Many of music producers and singers use drugs, but that doesn’t mean the drug was the reason
they got creative with their music. In fact a lot musicians had to take breaks and go to rehab just
to get back up on their feet so they can make music again. No, I can’t sing it.

14. What are some of the sectors where cocaine is likely to be abused, tip: “ the
wolf of wall street”(movie)
Health care professionals, sales people, law enforcement, farmers are among the professions that
have a higher chance of drug abuse.

15. Why cocaine was taken out of coke -cola? What was the intention of the
Harrison Act?
Coke-cola was becoming an addictive drink and many people were consuming it.
The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act was a United States federal law that regulated and taxed the
production, importation, and distribution of opiates and coca products.

16. What was Vin Mariani ? Can cocaine and alcohol co-exist? What is coca -
Vin Mariani was a tonic and patent medicine created about 1863. Cocaethylene is when cocaine
and alcohol get mixed and create a stronger version of cocaine which lasts longer than normal
cocaine usage.

17. Describe a typical cocaine addict, personality, social tendencies.

- Excitability
- Dilated pupils
- Weight loss
- Mood swings
- Social isolation
- Risky behaviors
- Nosebleeds
- Boost in confidence
- Talkative habits
- Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
- White powder residue around the nose and mouth
- Burn marks on the hands and lips
- Deterioration in hygiene habits
- Financial difficulties
- Loss of interest in things that once brought joy
- Increased need for privacy
18. What is the rate of success of existing rehab programs for cocaine addicts?
Explain what kind of activities these programs do. ?
Behavioral therapy is the most effective treatment for cocaine users. There is no standard metric
of success for rehabilitation centers. The duration of which the patients stay plays a role, also
how willing they are to cooperate and stay sober after being done with rehab. Reading, crafts and
art, martial arts, music and writing are of the activities that take place at rehab centers.

19. What will you tell a friend abusing cocaine?

Tell them to call the national help-line. Talk to them about it and be there for them until they get
the help they need.

20. How much is $ kilo of cocaine in Bogota, how much is in the streets of New
$1,500 per kilogram in Bogota and in New York City half a kilo is $20,000 making a kilo