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socket/coupling and without inducing stresses or strains in the pipe

material beyond the safe working limits.

Table 4-1 Minimum Allowable Angular Deflection for Flexible Joints

Pipe Material Pipe Diameter (mm) Angular Deflection


All materials up to 200 3

(except concrete Over 200 to 500 1.75
and clay pipes) Over 500 to 1350 1
Over 1350 0.5

Straight draw: Not less than 10 mm or the following proportions of the length of the
longest pipe/unit at any joint:

1% for polyethylene pipes

0.5% for polypropylene, polybutylene or ABS pipes.

0.3% for GRP and uPVC pipes

0.1 % for asbestos cements pipes.

Shear: Pipe materials which are listed in structural Group A shall be loaded to 10
times ON (mm) in Newton in accordance with BS EN-512. Pipe materials
which are listed in structural Group B shall be subjected to a load of 17.5
N/mm of pipe diameter in accordance with ASTM 0-4161.

If the approved standard for a pipe material does not include a shear test
for the jointing system, this test shall be carried out in accordance with test
procedure of another appropriate pipe material standard. Flanged Joints

Flanged pipes shall incorporate an annular gasket at the Joints and these gaskets shall be
manufactured to BS 4865 from ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) 3.0 mm thick and shall be
dimensioned to full face of the pipe flange and to suit the flange drillings. The hardness of
the rubber (I RHO) shall be to the manufacturer's recommendations to suit the pipe material
but for pipe materials in Group A shall be in the range 66 to 75.
Recommended Thickness: 3mm upto DN300 Flange Adaptors 5mm above DN300

The adaptors shall be manufactured from rolled steel or approved material with an approved
coating and be capable of withstanding the pressure tests of the pipeline in which they are
incorporated. The adaptors shall accommodate a deflection at least 30 between adjacent
pipes in any direction and they shall be capable of accommodating a movement of 10 mm
between the ends of pipes they connect. Bolted Couplings

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