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3/4/2015 teenage engineering – PO­16 guide

PO-16 programmable
user guide リズム

notice. read this first.

the product is esd sensitive and is sold without if this equipment does cause harmful interference to teenage engineering warrants that this product will be what does this limited warranty not cover?
casing. radio or television reception, which can be determined free from defects in material or workmanship for a
but turning the equipment off and on, the user is period of 12 months from the date of teenage teenage engineering has no obligation to repair,
battery information: encouraged to try to correct the interference by one engineering’s shipment of the product to you, the replace, or provide refunds in the following instances:
or more of the following measures; customer. in the event of a defect covered by this
1. install only new batteries of the same type. limited warranty, teenage engineering will, at its • if the alleged defect arises because customer has
2. failure to insert batteries in the correct polarity, as • reorient or relocate the receiving antenna option and free of charge to customer, repair, replace altered or repaired the product without the prior
indicated in the battery compartment, may shorten • increase the separation between the equipment and or refund the purchase price paid. written consent or authorization of teenage
the life of the batteries or cause batteries to leak. receiver engineering;
3. do not mix old and new batteries. • connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit TEENAGE ENGINEERING MAKES NO OTHER • if customer did not follow any applicable
4. do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zink) or different from that to which the receiver is EXPRESS WARRANTIES EXCEPT AS PROVIDED instructions for proper storage, usage, or
rechargeable (nickel cadmium) or (nickel metal connected. HEREIN, AND ANY AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES maintenance of this product;
hybride) batteries. • consult the dealer or an experienced radio/tv OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR • if customer has failed to notify teenage engineering
5. do not dispose of batteries in fire. technician for help. PARTICULAR PURPOSE SHALL ONLY BE IN EFFECT of any defect where the defect should have been
6. batteries should be recycled or disposed of as per DURING THE 12 MONTH WARRANTY PERIOD reasonably apparent on inspection; or
state and local guidelines. this device complies with part 15 of the fcc rules. PROVIDED HEREUNDER. TEENAGE ENGINEERING'S • if customer fails to notify teenage engineering of the
operation is subject to the following conditions; LIABILITY ON ANY WARRANTY CLAIM SHALL BE defect within 12 months of teenage engineering's
fcc statement: 1. this device may not cause harmful interference, LIMITED TO THE ACTUAL PURCHASE PRICE PAID. shipment of this product to customer. this limited
note: this equipment has been tested and found to and TEENAGE ENGINEERING SHALL NOT BE warranty does not cover the cost of shipping the
comply with the limits for a class b digital device, 2. this device must accept any interference received, RESPONSIBLE TO CUSTOMER OR ANY THIRD defective product to teenage engineering for repair,
pursuant to part 15 of the fcc rules. these limits are including interference that may cause undesired PARTY FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL OR or the cost of shipping the repaired or replacement
designed to provide reasonable protection against operation. INDIRECT DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED product to you. how do customers receive warranty
harmful interference in a residential installation. this TO LOSS OF PROFITS, LOSS OF DATA, REVENUES, service? please call your teenage engineering
equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio caution: changes or modifications not expressly SALES, BUSINESS, GOODWILL OR USE. customer service representative for details on how
frequency energy and, if not installed and used in approved by the party responsible for compliance to raise an issue in relation to your product.
accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful could void user’s authority to operate the equipment.
interference to radio communications. however, there
is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a ices statement
particular installation.; can ices-003 (b) / nmb-3 (b

break away

time / node /
additional info
play / rec mode
indicates write
mode is active
parameters A / B

sound folding stand

to select sound hold­16/en/ 1/6
3/4/2015 teenage engineering – PO­16 guide
sound and press 1-16

pattern knob A / B
to select pattern hold A parameter 1 B parameter 2
pattern and press 1-16 A note pitch B length
B tempo

bpm play styles

press to select tempo to use play styles
hold to set master volume 1-16 hold key and press 1-16
hold step 1-16 + m
to set multiplier

effect styles
to use effects hold FX
and press 1-16

play / stop
sound 1-16
pattern 1-16
effects 1-16
play styles 1-16

micro drum
sound 1-15 sound 16 effect 1-16 (key 16)
assorted lead synthesis micro drum machine 1. low sample rate 9. stutter 4 auto power off (a.p.o.)
the unit auto powers off when no
ranging from FM, with 16 sampled sounds. 2. distortion 10. stutter 3 buttons are pressed for a while,
subtractive synthesis, in write mode, set sound 3. bit crush 11. feedback only powering the display to show
time. press sound + bpm to show
wavetable to physical by holding any step and 4. delay 12. parameter lfo battery status.
modeled string. turn knob A. n 1-16 will 5. lowpass filter 13. octave up
be displayed in the upper 6. lowpass sweep 14. octave down
right corner of the 7. hipass filter 15. half note up
screen to indicate 8. hipass sweep 16. vibrato
selected sound.

1 – getting started

power up set clock alarm clock reset clock

insert two fresh AAA set time by turning knob A press sound + pattern. set reset the clock by removing
batteries. pay attention to for hours and knob B for alarm clock by turning A for the batteries and start over.
plus and minus poles. minutes. press any key to hours and B for minutes.
confirm and exit. (disable alarm by turning
knob A all the way down.)
press any key 1-16 for alarm

2 – play

select pattern play sequencer

pattern 1-16 play­16/en/ 2/6
3/4/2015 teenage engineering – PO­16 guide

hold pattern and press any key from 1-16 to select press play to start playing. a pattern consists of 16
pattern. press play again to stop. steps.

3 – creating a pattern

select sound create

sound 1-16 write

hold sound and press any key from 1-16 to select sound. press write. enter sound/notes in grid.
rec symbol is lit on screen. press play to listen to your

set note set length

write mode on write mode on

hold sound and press any key from 1-16 to select sound. press write. enter sound/notes in grid.
sound + key 16 activates micro drum. rec symbol is lit on screen. active steps will be lit.
press play to listen to
your pattern.

4 – tweak the sound

add effects parameter locking

1. low sample rate 9. stutter 3
2. distortion 10. stutter 8
3. bit crush 11. repeat 8
4. delay 12. repeat 6
5. lowpass filter 13. note shuffle
6. lowpass sweep 14. feedback
7. hipass filter 15. parameter lfo
style 8. hipass sweep 16. vibrato

while playing, hold style and press any key 1-16 to punch-in effects. hold write while turning
hold style without pressing any key to clear effects knob A or B to write sound
parameter changes over
time.­16/en/ 3/6
3/4/2015 teenage engineering – PO­16 guide

tempo volume live record

press bpm to switch tempo. hold bpm and turn B to hold bpm and press any key while playing, hold write
the bpm will be displayed in fine-tune tempo (from 60 to 1-16 to adjust master and press any key 1-16 to
the upper right corner of 206 bp). volume. punch in notes. notes will be
the screen. note: be careful with the quantized along with
HIP HOP (80 bpm) volume setting when using current swing setting.
DISCO (120 bpm) headphones. only exceed release write when finished.
TECHNO (140 bpm) volume setting 5 with

play styles

key 1-16

add play styles while playing, hold keyoo and press any
key 1-16 to punch in playstyles, such as chords, arpeggios
and transpositions. release write when finished. hold
keyoo without pressing any key to clear play styles.

5 – making a song

copy pattern clear pattern chain pattern

pattern 1-16
hold write + pattern to copy press key + pattern to clear press and hold pattern and one pattern can be selected
the active pattern to the active pattern. select which patterns 1-16 multiple times. example
memory. keep holding write to chain by pressing the 1,1,1,4 plays pattern 1 three
+ pattern and press 1-16 to corresponding key 1-16. up times then moves on to
paste the active pattern to to 16 patterns can be pattern 4. after last pattern
the corresponding new slot. chained. is played the sequence will
start over again.­16/en/ 4/6
3/4/2015 teenage engineering – PO­16 guide

6 – sync multiple units

sync sync modes

ID input output
SY0 stereo stereo
output input
SY1 stereo mono/sync

SY2 sync stereo

SY3 sync mono/sync

SY4 mono/sync stereo

master slave SY5 mono/sync mono/sync

it is possible to sync connect a standard stereo hold key and press bpm on there are 5 sync modes.
multiple pocket operators audio cable between the master unit to toggle sync default mode is SY0.
with a click track using line units. the master unit will modes. press repeatedly to when sync is used the
in and out. control the tempo of the toggle between different signal will be split between
slave unit. modes. audio (right) and sync
warning: sync levels should (left).
not exceed 6.0V (peak-

sync scenarios

SY1 SY5 SY4 external SY2


master slave slave master slave

example A: sync three pocket operator units. example B: sync external device such as volca,
iPhone, computer or synckontrol to PO-14.

external SY3 SY4 SY1 external



master slave slave master slave

example C: sync an external device to two pocket example D: sync PO-14 to an external device.
operator units.

mount the pro case (optional)­16/en/ 5/6
3/4/2015 teenage engineering – PO­16 guide

break away
hanger don't have
a pro case?

buy here.
make sure
the folding stand
is also removed.

to mount the pro case to a pocket operator, wrap the pro case around the edges of the unit.
first you need to break away the hanger and remove make sure the edges of the case is tightly fit.
the folding stand.­16/en/ 6/6