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Assessment Rubrics for Speaking Speaking.

Students present a role-lay about ordering

foods and they are expected to use the vocabulary on food and conatiner.

We Need more Okay! (2) Good! (3) Excellent! (4)

work (1)
Pronunciation It’s difficult to We understand It’s easy to Your
understand your your idea but understand your pronunciation
message. some important message. is great and
aspects are your message
confusing. is very clear.

Grammar We need to work on You make some You make some Great! You
vocabulary about mistakes about mistakes about understand
nouns, foods and vocabulary vocabulary about the topics and
their containers. about nouns, nouns, foods and you make very
foods and their their few errors!
containers. and containers.A/AN
they affect your but they don’t
message a little. affect your

Vocabulary There aren’t You use some You make some Awesome! You
examples of vocabulary but errors in use the
vocabulary that is we need to work vocabulary but vocabulary
the objective of the on how to use these errors correctly to
lesson. it. don’t affect your describe
message. people or
Thinking in You don’t correct You don’t Good! You make Great! You can
English your errors in the always correct mistakes but you identify and
grammar and your mistakes. can recognize correct
vocabulary you them. mistakes when
use. you make

Every box counts for 5 points, so that the excellent boxes count for 20 points. The result is
multiplied by 5.

Total points _________ x 5 Grade = __________