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First of all, I would like to thank SDMIMD for granting me this opportunity to work in DIET
(District Institute of Education and Training), Vasantha Mahal, Mysore and other organizations
related to it. The experience was really an eye opening one. To be open about my experiences
before the commencement of this course, I didn’t have a clear picture of how this organization
works, and later it got cleared. It had 2 motives first, universalization of Elementary Education
and secondly, eradication of literacy. India’s constitution states that with provision for free and
compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of 14 years, DIET has, since
independence trying to achieve the above mentioned goals. The National Policy of Education,
1986 gives more stress on Universalization of Elementary Education. Therefore, DIETs are
established all across the country to provide academic and resource support at the grass root
level for the success of various programs and strategies that are undertaken for the
accomplishment of Universalization of Elementary Education.
The manpower in the organization is well numbered and utilized. The lecturers are well qualified
and efficient in their respective responsibilities. All the lecturers, baring a few, are very fluent in
the English language, seeing that the mode of instruction is strictly in Kannada. This was where
we had a problem because they used only kannda as medium of communication where one of our
group member couldn’t understand and we had to translate to English to make her understand.
 Issues of societal problems and the empathy created in your group concerning the issues?

We were asked to visit schools and understand the implementation of various schemes and
programs initiated by DIET. And the one of the scheme which we took up was “NALLI KALLI””
We as a group have chosen two government school, Interviews with the school teachers and
students gave us a good perception about developmental issues.
One thing I noticed was that the staffing structure which I felt was not in a proper structure. when
we had an interaction with the teacher in particular school which we visited. the two thing i noticed
was there was no enough teacher where there was only 2 to 3 which was insufficient and other
problem was that there was no particular teacher for English and the teacher were hardly could
read what’s there in the text book and say what’s there in the book but where in they could not
communicate with the students so they the mode of communication was only in kannada. Both
school which we visited had the same problem. As I was talking to the mam she told me that even
though they request the government saying that the staff is not sufficient for the school the reply
they used to get is for 47 students 3 teacher are more than enough where this teacher had a burden
they had to take care of all the subjects of different class. As all of us know most of the parents
want their children’s to study English mediums the strength of the student’s in the government
school was too less only the students who are not affordable to go those schools are being studying
in this schools that to this teacher had to go to home and request the parents to send them.
I understand the grass root level of education that is being given to teacher to in turn give primary
school student and also realized the amount of laborious effort that go into implementation of new
and innovative teaching method to make the students understand There are few societal problems
and challenges. For e.g. DIET’s is the mode of Instruction is Kannada. On one hand, because of
the mode of instruction is Kannada, many teachers trained in DIET are not fluent in English.
On the other hand, the Karnataka government promotes the Kannada language in all government
organizations and educational institutes. The lecturers in DIET are making efforts and request to
the management to somewhere and somehow bring a start to English as the mode of instruction.
And many of the children belonged to lower strata of the society and went to work after school
hours. This are some of the things which I noticed.
DIET should continue doing its commendable work towards educating children, but at the same
time create an awareness among the parents about the importance of education and value of
education. And one thing which can improve the government school is that they must use English
as the mood of communication so that the parents who are affordable to send their children’s to
English mediums schools will helps them and this might create interest in the mind of parents.