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Subject : Science Physics

Unit : 14 junior high school
Class / Semester : VII / 1
Topic : Expansion
Time Allocation : 3 period ( 40 minutes)

A. Standard of Competence
8. To understand the state of matter and change it

B. Basic Competence
8.3 To do simple experiments is related in expansion and there application daily life

C. Indicator to achieve competence

1. To observe an expanding process in the solid.
2. To explain the motion of when the object is heated or cooled.
3. To explain anyvariables that influence to the length expansion.
4. To explain what happen when bimetal is heated.

D. Objectives in learning
1. Students are able to know the event of expanding of a substance.
2. Students are able to design and do experiment about expanding on solid.
3. Students explain the motion of when the object is heated or cooled.
4. Students are able to explain the advantages of expansion in the daily life

E. Subject Materials
1. Expansion of solid
 Length expansion
2. The advantages of expansion in daily life

F. Learning approach and method

1. Approach : contextual.
2. Method: demonstration and discussion.
G. Learning phases

Phase Activities
Opening A. Pre Activities
( 10 minutes) Motivation and Apperception
Why a gap is given between the track of the train?
Pre Knowledge
- Temperature

Main - The teacher and students demonstrate about

( 100 Minutes) experiment using musschenbroek.
- The teacher ask the students to discuss about the
result of experiment.
- The teacher ask the students to discuss about motion
of particles if the matter is heated.
- The teacher and students discuss about bimetal.
- Then the students discuss the result of the
experiments, and make temporary conclusion.
Closure - They make conclusions from the recent lesson
(10 minutes) - The teacher gives a test to the students to measure
of students understanding

H. Learning Resource
1. Students book, page 123
2. References
3. Worksheet

I. Assignment
1. Techniques
Written test
2. Types
a. Essay
b. Multiple choice
Example of assessment
1. What causes an object to either experiment an expansion or contraction?
2. What happened to the atoms of an object when the object is heated or cooled?
3. If it is known that the length expansion coefficient of Iron is 0,000012/0C
What is the final length of an Iron rod after being heated from 350C to 100 0C?
The original length of the rod is 2 m.

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