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The Process and Pipeline

BJ Process and Pipeline Services
is a truly
global organization,
blending people & innovative ideas.

Safety Our Driving Force

Quality Continuous Improvement

Investment Technology and Training

Excellence Proven Commitment

the Company

The Process and Pipeline Professionals

Then and Now

BJ has been associated with excellence and technical leadership since the original Byron Jackson Company
began designing and supplying pumping equipment in the 19th century.

Today our group of companies is a truly global organization, blending people, innovative ideas and best practices
to provide safe, fast and comprehensive responses to the challenges facing clients in every major oil and gas
producing region in the world. With approximately 12,000 employees, the competence of our scientists,
engineers, technicians, and business specialists is acknowledged throughout the industry.

BJ Process and Pipeline Services (BJ PPS) is the leading and most
diverse provider of process and pipeline services worldwide.

Specialized equipment and experienced personnel are located in all

the major oil and gas production areas of the world, adding global
support to local solutions.

Laboratory and service facilities are dedicated to providing

chemical, mechanical and electronic support and back-up
to field operations.

Significant R&D investment levels maintain BJ at the leading edge of

Process and Pipeline technology.

our Mission Statement

A Commitment to Safety
A Respect for the Environment

What does BJ PPS mean for you?

Safety, quality, technical excellence and

a commitment to customer satisfaction.

For BJ PPS, safety and quality are not negotiable. We monitor, measure and constantly improve processes
and procedures, implementing effective Safety and Quality Management throughout the Company.

We never compromise our principles. We understand the industry and our expertise and experience ensures
that health, safety, quality and environmental responsibilities are, at all times, accorded the maximum focus
at all levels in the Company.

This commitment to safety, quality, the competence of our personnel, combined with excellent technical
leadership has driven our extensive training and development programs designed to get customer
systems on-line safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

• We strive to meet our customer's needs with high quality, value-added

products and services.

• We attract and retain the best people and foster an environment

throughout our organization of openness and trust which empowers all
of us to contribute to our full potential.

• We are committed to operate our business as a valued neighbor in the

communities in which we reside.

• We believe that integrity and honesty are essential and we will not
compromise them in our business.

• We continually improve everything we do more efficiently and better

than our competitors.

• We strive to achieve superior return on equity and superior earnings

growth for our stockholders, both short term and long term.
Process Services

We were the Pioneers

Now we are the Market Leaders

PROCESS SERVICES Services for the Process Industry

• Nitrogen Purging and Testing

BJ PPS has the experience, the equipment and • Nitrogen/Helium Leak Detection
the skills to provide fast and effective solutions to • Bolt Tensioning and Torquing
the process industry. BJ PPS offers a range of pre-
commissioning, commissioning, turnaround, and
decommissioning services across the spectrum of
• Hot and Cold Nitrogen Applications
the process plant life cycle.
• Accelerated Reactor and Turbine Cooldowns
Our extensive track record, through decades of • BJ Clearshot SM Furnace Decoking
service provision, has led to a detailed under- • Pipe Freezing
standing of our customer's key drivers. • Foam Inerting

Through technical leadership and advancement,

BJ PPS has frequently changed the prevailing • System Testing with Water, Air or Nitrogen
methodology within the industry. Our systems are • System Flushing by Water, Air or Steam
second to none, with health, safety, quality, and • System Drying by Vacuum, Nitrogen or Air
environmental responsibility as our constant • System Cleaning and Degreasing
drivers. • Chemical Treatment
• Hot Oil Flushing
BJ PPS is committed to engineering a specific
program or technique to ensure the most cost
effective solution for each individual client. This • Temporary Mobile Flaring Systems
principle continues to differentiate BJ PPS as the • Temporary Fuel Gas Supply
leading specialized service provider worldwide. • Compressor String Leak Testing
• Refrigerant Recovery
• Retrojetting
• Coke Cutting
• Water Injection

Pipeline Services

Our Reputation is Built on Competency,

Technical Leadership and Innovation


BJ PPS provides a wide range of services to the Oil

A Comprehensive Range of Services
and Gas Pipeline Industry including precommissioning
and commissioning of new pipelines, cleaning,
revalidation and inspection of existing pipelines and
Precommissioning New Pipelines
abandonment of out-of-service pipelines. In addition, • Flooding, Pigging and Hydrotesting
BJ PPS provides a range of associated services, all • Pneumatic Testing
designed to provide specific solutions to pipeline con- • Specialized Cleaning
struction, installation and operating companies. From • High Volume Fluid Pumping
the largest to the smallest of requirements, • Drying by Vacuum, Nitrogen or Air
regardless of location, BJ PPS can meet your needs.

The provision of Pipeline Services is a BJ PPS core Commissioning New Pipelines

business. This shows in our commitment to new
technology, dedicated and specifically designed • Methanol and Glycol Conditioning
equipment and the training and development of • Ethylene Handling Technology
personnel. • Multi-Product Pumping Equipment

Maintaining Existing Pipelines

• Multi-Product Transfer
• Online Filtration
• Gas Recompression
• Hydrocarbon and Aqueous Gel Technology
• Solvent Flushing
• Isolation and Freezing Technology

Deepwater Pipeline Solutions

• Remote Subsea Application Monitoring
• Subsea Isolation Technology

Pipeline Inspection
• VECTRA™ High Resolution MFL Tool
• GEOPIG™ Geometry Surveys

Integrated Services

Enhanced Safety
Improved Quality
Reduced Costs
Earlier Start-Up

Working together
In response to industry demands, BJ PPS has developed a technique that integrates
mechanical completion and commissioning engineering with the application of
commissioning services.

By managing the overall scope of commissioning activities and coordinating these

with the mechanical completion process at an early stage, BJ PPS can realize
significant advantages for the client.

• Safety is enhanced through reduced interfaces and single-point coordination.

• Quality is improved through process ownership and best-in-class service provision.
• Costs are reduced through improved resource management.
• Earlier start up is achieved through coordinated, focused project management.

For both the construction of new plants and the life cycle maintenance of existing plants, the application of the
Integrated Services technique reduces total commissioning costs and gets plants on line faster.

A key element in this approach is BJ PPS' ability to offer the complete range of services required for start-up
commissioning. In addition to the comprehensive range of in-house services, BJ PPS has selected best-in-class
specialist service providers to allow BJ PPS to be able to offer turnkey services. This leads to a reduction in the
number of interfaces and gives better coordination of the commissioning process. BJ PPS promotes the cross-
training of personnel and the common utilization of equipment. The net result is reduced costs and earlier
start-up with enhanced safety and improved quality.

our Commitment to Innovation
Gas Flaring – BJ PPS offers an environmental solution to industry
• Speed – road transport trailer design with self-erecting flare stack for fast deployment
• Air Pollution – advanced lean burn technology meets stringent limits
• Noise Pollution – minimal noise compared to conventional flaring
• Visual Impact – no smoke or visible flame from flare stack
• Monitoring – real time display of emission levels

Gas Recompression – BJ PPS offers the alternative to gas venting during pipeline conversion
• Mobility – transportable, self-contained booster compressor solutions
• Environment – avoids the negative impact of ‘wasted’ natural resources
• Commercial Benefit – the value of recovered gas can exceed the BJ PPS service cost

Oil and Gas Recovery – BJ PPS offers more than just water injection services
• Packaged – fully integrated temporary equipment spreads for reservoir evaluation
• Feasibility – assesses the process benefits before committing to capital expenditure
• Flexibility – varies the flow and pressure parameters and assesses the reservoir performance
• Hydrocarbon Emissions – meets Company and local standards ahead of permanent installation

Subsea – BJ PPS pushes the frontiers deeper with UPDATE™ data acquisition systems
• Real-Time Monitoring – advanced ‘through-water' telemetry
• Going Deeper – thousands of meters of water depth achievable
• Simple Deployment – continues recording in heavy sea conditions
• Commercial Benefit – support vessel need not stay on station

Hybrid Cooldowns – BJ PPS exploits low-temperature technology

• Patented – CO 2 application patents for vessels and reactors
• Unique – liquid carbon dioxide in gaseous nitrogen as the ‘carrier’ medium
• Vaporization Energy – exploiting the superior characteristics of CO2
• Economics – accelerated cooldown time with reduced resources

BJ Services operates in more than 50 countries
around the world. For the locations nearest to you click on the global locator at or click on the GO BJ icon.


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