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12 ea Dee) > Ma a ena. > i ee ee > Hed ie De ‘Hane sstetah concen.» Coane Meecha. > sede fanarn find et Dears cale Factor to Find Actual Dimensions Level At Grade Created by: Ck? Presto Uoray ‘Som tthe county a looking at model ran cispays The smalest one | nN" gauge, which sa scale of 1960. Ith csplay aren is 4 foot by 8 ‘cot how big an area does the esphy represent? Inthis concept, you willeam haw to use a sale factor to find actual dimensions Using Scale Factor to Find Actual Dimensions 2 ratio compares two cuanttes. Ratios ean be wren as neon, with a colon or with the wor “to." 2 2.23, nd "2t0 3" ae catis. 3 23,and-2t03 A proportion Is cresled when two aos ae found tobe equivalent ot equ. 13 FoF Bampton A unitate is comparison of two measurements, ane af whieh has @ vabe oft 55 miles 55 mites por hour, SEH i unitate pe Tour A unit sale ti that compares the dimensions ef en stu obiet to tne dimensions ofa seale drawing oF model thet represents the actual ‘object, Nether valu in unit scale has to equal Treanseteonamspmyiee inh 10 fet os, Tro avo would bo waiten 2S 100 Ine 2 nes bos ‘Aline 4 inches long would represent an ectul Ine of 800 feet Practice Find ctv Dimensions Practice > Unit scales and proportions can be used to calulte actual distances rom maps, dtawings, or models. ‘Actual dlstances can be represented on mans, dawns, of models by using unit Seales. ‘scale factors somewhat tke a unit scale, tis a aio that compares scale cimensions to actual mension. lifers bectuse does not ave ‘any specif unis 1 A scale factor fr 8 seal drating might be 1. which means thatthe wmightbe ‘sc sz0 200 times the drawing ‘Scale factors can be used to determine both sale and actuaszes + dimensions Examples Example 1 Enrter, you wore given 9 problem about the medel train esplays athe fa, ‘The srallest ones an "N' gauge, which isa scale of 160. the cisplay areal 4 feet by 8 feet ow og an area does the csplay represent? st, write the scale factor. wale 1 ‘actual 160 [Next write ratios o represent the unknown actual length and with ofthe splay to the scale length ane with of the spay. sale 4 Length ~ “sate 4 widen = stl & aetual ~ ws ‘Then, write two propertons by sting the two length ratios equa to one ‘notre andthe two with raves equal to one another. The gven units feet Length Width = "Next cross multiply each equation. La4x160 1 = 640 feet W=sx 160 W = 1,280 feet The, to fn the aea ofthe espley, multiply length nes with 640 ft. 1,280 fe. = 819,200 59. ft ‘The answer s 813,200 square fest, example 2 A smal aiplane hes 9 wing span of 16 feet The scale feetot fr a models 1 ZL Fa tne wing span of he model in inches z ing 50 ‘tual ~ 38 Next wnt @ rato to represen tre actual length of the wingspan tothe Lnkrown scale length of she wingspan. scale _ ow ‘etual ~ 16 Then, wite a proportion by setting the two tales equal to one another Remember tat fetis the only unt give, 1% Bw Nox, cross malty su —16 1 wot Then, conver feet to incnes smensurementconver‘eettoinches? Jecrercrossref, 12 inches T foot 1 Foot x inches ‘The answer's 4 inches. The wingspan on the medel lane willbe 4 Inches tora, Example 3 ‘Tholongest ste ofa angular flower bed is 5.5 meio celementary. smati-prase-Ainetorstsfercerccrossa long, Leah want o make 2 scale “Te see factor fr her drawing wit be = Bums 5 orawing? First wt the sale factor. seale ‘aetual 30 Nest, wie aio to represent tne aclu! lngth ofthe sce to the scale t ‘actual ~ 55 ‘Then, wit a proportion by sting the two rates equal to one ancter Meters (clelementary mat ssi the only unit given, a BE setae lelementanenat strstr Nest cross mul, 55 = 201 1 215 meters ‘Then, corvert meters to centimeters felomentansmatt-pade: ‘The answer e275 contmetars secrercroseref, [An ant that son observes was too smallto craw at its actual ie. So, [Alson made te scale crawing shown below. The scale factor forthe drawing is 5 Find tre actual length of he ant Alison onserved. ‘dont use Goole issoam, Ham nat a Stacent