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Cha. Ed.

& English Culmination

Janna: Good afternoon to our school director, Dr. Merlea Alesna-Cabalquinto, to our honorable
guest judges, to my fellow teachers, to our dear parents and guardians, and to our very own
students. A pleasant afternoon to all of you.

Anne: This afternoon, I welcome you all to the English and Cha. Ed. Culmination Activity with the
theme: “A Clean Soul Communicates A Good Life”.

Janna: To officially open our program, I am inviting everyone to please stand up for the
invocation and please do remain standing for the Philippine National Anthem.
- Please take your seats.

Janna : Welcome to our Culminating Program for English-Cha.Ed Month 2017 with the Theme: A
Clean Soul Communicates A Good Life. We are gathered here to highlight this month’s activity
and to always remember that our continued pursuit for the betterment of our mind, body, and
soul continues.

Anne: According to Yehuda Berg , “Words are singularly the most powerful force available to
humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or
destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to
heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

Janna: We must be aware that the words we speak come from our soul and how that affects
other people matters. Given these ideas, we are challenged to do well to others not only in action,
but also in thoughts and words.

Anne: Not only that, we are compelled to choose our words well because always the purpose of
communication is to connect people, not disconnect them.


Anne: Moving on, this afternoon we are going to be entertained by different presentations:
Nursery Rhyme Presentation in the Primary, Speech Choir in the Intermediate, and a Creative
Presentation or Dramatization in the High School. We have here __________________ to read to you
the criteria for judging.


Janna: Since we are hosting three special competitions, _________ will introduce to us our judges to
help us select the best presentation for this afternoon.


Janna: Our competition starts from the Primary, followed by Intermediate, and then High School
Department. A little reminder for everyone, as the contest has formally started, please refrain to
howl, clap, or do anything distractive to the performers. Let’s not wait any longer. Let’s give it up
for the Primary Level with their Nursery Rhymes!

Primary Level

The flow of presentations of the Primary Department is as follows:
 Grade 1 Pupils
 Grade 2 Pupils
 Grade 3 Pupils

Anne: Before we continue our contest, let’s be entertained with a song number by MMCS’ pride
Brigette Cabigas.
Anne: What a powerful performance!

The flow of presentations of the Intermediate Level is as follows:

 Grade 4 Students
 Grade 5 Students
 Grade 6 Students

Janna: To give us another song number, let’s have Brigette Cabigas with Pauline Uytico! Let’s give
them a hand!

Janna and Anne:

The flow of presentations of the High School Department is as follows:

 Grade 7 Students
 Grade 8 Students
 Grade 9 Students
 Grade 10 Students

And last but definitely not the least from

 Grade 11 Students

Anne: We shall witness another intermission number from the Dance Club.
Janna: Let’s be entertained another performance by The Boys!

Anne: Thank you for your performance!


Janna: And now, the most awaited part! The announcement of winners to be declared by
____________________ together with Dr. Cabalquinto who will award the prize.


Anne : Thank you so much for your participation and congratulations.

Janna: Once again this is teacher Janna

Anne: And this is teacher Anne, let us leave you with this wisdom from [Proverbs 22:6]

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."

Janna and Anne: Continue to aspire and aim higher, MMCS students! And do not forget God is
always with you!