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CASTE SYSTEM…Albinos and the origin of
the Caucasian Race

Pseudo-Scientific Theories About a "Perfect"

Race Still Drive Ethnic Violence Today

The idea of the ancient white invasion….

Lithograph of Henry Morton Stanley and David

Livingstone on the River Ruzizi. Image courtesy
of Wikimedia Commons. by MICHAEL

100,000 YA We all evolved in the last 100,000
years from the same small number of tribes that
migrated out of Africa and colonized the
world". "All human beings are 99.99% the
same at the DNA level and the remaining 0.1%
genetic variation that exist seldom segregate in a
manner that confirms to the racial boundaries
constructed by social political means.”

Human beings during the primitive era in

ancient/antiquity Africa, due to the lack of
knowledge about inbreeding between closely
related parents, did not understand why their off
spring were born with "white skin." Scientists
say, "White skin" is a form of Albinism (a
genetic defected offspring -- lacking melanin).

Not knowing why their "white skinned" off

springs came about, African mothers and fathers
became more and more fearful and suspicions
and began to separate their growing number of
"white skinned" off springs away from the
"black skinned" (pigmented) population
(rounded them up).

Eventually most of the "white skinned" off

springs of "African" mothers and fathers formed
several groups and began to migrate northward
through Egypt to another area of Africa which is
now called Europe, seeking a more hospitable
living environment and to escape the intensity
of the equatorial hot climate of the great river
valleys and great lakes region of Central,
Eastern and Southern Africa which was then
and still is South of what is now called Egypt.

The "albino" group moved up in the

mountainous area during the Ice Age or
Glaciations period that lasted thousands of years
further isolating themselves from their original
parent population in Africa. And by being in
such isolated living condition for such a
prolonged period they also interbred (within the
existing parent groups) thereby creating
additional "albino" offspring from "albino"
mothers and fathers who were then and still are
direct descendants of African mothers and

A mutation results in a change of the DNA

sequence within a gene or chromosome of an
organism resulting in the creation of a new
character or trait not found in the parental type.
The blonde hair among the black Australian
aborigines is an example of a mutation.
Albinism is a good example of a mutation
(blonding or whiteness among monkeys, apes,
and chimpanzees).

38,000 BCE Dark-skinned population were the

original migrants to Europe from Africa arriving
around 40,000 years ago.

4000-3000 BCE Supposedly The original Indo-

Europeans referred to, as Aryans were nomads
who herded animals in the steppes north of the
Black Sea, in what is now the Ukraine.
Between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago, the Aryans
migrated into Europe on horseback and
conquered a series of cultures (British historians
and The Encyclopedia Britannica). When trying
to trace pre-historic man to Europeans, it was
found that Indo-Iranian languages make up a
major branch of the Indo-European family of
languages (Bower, 120+).

2000 BC Russia, Chechens, Armenians, and

other Southern Russians are considered to have
Black Negro origins and Caucasus Mountains
people were once classified as "black." Black
people have lived in Southern Russia since
prehistoric times and have occupied the Black
Sea Region since the time of
Senwosret/Sesostris (2000 BC) when Africans
dominated the region. (SEE 'HERODOTUS'

1795 CE 18th-century German anatomist

Johann Blumenbach kept a collection of 250
human skulls, but he found one skull
particularly enchanting. “My beautiful typical
head of a young Georgian female,” he wrote,
“always of itself attracts every eye.”
Blumenbach kindled scientific interest in
whiteness when he claimed to have found five
distinct varieties of humankind in his collection.
While he thought these varieties—which he
called “races” in 1795—were more or less equal
in character and intelligence, Blumenbach
ranked them in terms of what he saw as their
physical perfection. Taken from the body of an
unnamed Georgian woman in the Caucasus,
Blumenbach’s favorite skull became the basis of
his “Caucasian” race, and with that, a scientific
typology of whiteness was born. Supporting the
hierarchical theories of the new “race science”
took work, which can be seen in the strange—
and retrospectively unbelievable—discoveries
of lost white tribes that proliferated in the late
19th and early 20th centuries. While none of
these clans proved to be white in the racial sense
intended by explorers, the legacy of these “lost
tribes” continues to quietly but indelibly shape
the lives of millions of people from Rwanda to

The lost tribes grew out of the Blumenbach’s

central theory: that Caucasians were the original
human type, a form that changed—or, in his
word, “degenerated”—into other racial forms as
Caucasians migrated from an ancestral
homeland in the Caucasus Mountains to other
areas of the world where they encountered the
effects of new climates. This idea was bolstered
by British scholar William Jones, who believed
he had unearthed evidence of an original human
type from his study of languages. Finding
structural similarities among ancient languages
of the West (Latin, Celtic, Ancient Greek) and
the East (Old Persian, Sanskrit) he posited an
early homeland for humankind somewhere in
the lands that lay between, close to the Caucasus
—as in Blumenbach’s hypothesis—as well as
Mt. Ararat, the Biblical site of the homeland for
those who survived the Flood, gave weight to
the idea that humanity first emerged in Central
Asia (this is what the Nation of Islam teaches)
then migrated outward to populate other regions
of the world.

19th CE By the late 19th century, this ancient

people of Central Asia had been given a name:
The idea that a white race had once existed in
Central Asia and left home to conquer the world
was not popularized merely by zealots and
xenophobes, but also by leading members of the
scientific community.
Among pseudo scholars of Africa, it was called
the “Hamitic Hypothesis,” after Ham (originally
Kam), son of Noah (Anu/Nu), who was to them,
mistakenly identified as the common ancestor of
all African peoples: Egyptologists called it the
“Dynastic Race Theory.”
Linguists described it as the “Aryan Invasion
Among European anthropologists, it was called
the “Nordic Race Theory.”

While each of these theories had its own

variations, they all promoted the idea that a
light-skinned, racially superior population left
its ancestral homeland to conquer Europe,
Africa, and Asia in the ancient past.

1890s Explorers, scientists, and colonial

officials invented explanations for what had
happened to these white conquerors. British
archaeologists excavating the spectacular ruins
of Great Zimbabwe in the 1890s did not believe
Africans were capable of having produced such
beautiful and sophisticated structures.
Therefore, the site director James Theodore
Bent concluded that a foreign “prehistoric race
built the ruins in this country, a race like the
mythical Pelasgi (who were actually Kamitic
Blacks) who inhabited the shores of Greece and
Asia Minor, a race like the mythical inhabitants
of Great Britain and France who built
Stonehenge (who were also Black Afrakans).”

Elsewhere in Africa, explorers identified clans

that they believed to be the remnants of an
earlier white conquering force:
Henry Morton Stanley described his encounter
with a “white race of Africa” that lived in the
mountains west of Lake Victoria.
In the Arctic islands above North America,
Vilhajlmur Stefansson reported finding a tribe
of “Blonde Eskimos.” In Panama, Richard
Marsh returned to the United States with a
family of “white Indians.”
Across the world, colonial officials categorized
peoples—Ainu, Maori, Tutsi, Brahmin—
according to their supposed connection to an
ancestral white race, while others—Hutu,
Pygmy, Dravidian, Ati—were labeled native or
black, creating a global racial caste system that
was enforced through European colonization.

Explorers weren’t seeing real physiological

differences among different groups, they were
interpreting them according to categories of race
imagined by Blumenbach and filtered through
popular ideas of white ancestry. Whiteness, after
all, is not a color but an idea (see 1681 CE).
There is no simple way to determine ancestry
according to a person’s pigment. So explorers
sized people up by their hair, facial features,
language, clothing, and comportment. These
were not anthropological discoveries of “white
tribes” but psychological discoveries: a
Rorschach test in which Europeans—confronted
by figures that seemed ambiguous—made sense
of them using deeply held beliefs about race and

None of these beliefs turned out to be true:

Blonde Eskimos are the Copper Inuit
(Kitlinermiut) of Banks Island—the descendants
of an early Thule migration out of Asia;
The Ainu of Hokkaido, physically distinct from
the Japanese of other islands, are genetically
similar to South Asian populations, not
European ones;
Richard Marsh’s “white Indians” turned out to
be Cuna Indians who expressed a form of
19th Ce The origin and labeling of the “so
called” Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid
Races began in the 19th Century scientists,
started racial groupings based on skin color by
naturalists and anthropologists like Johann F.
Blumenbach, JA Gobineau and HS
Chamberlain. These men also equated skin
color to psychological value and importance to
race. Blumenbach named whites after the
Caucasus Mountains because he thought the
purest white people originated there. He didn't
seem to realize the following:
Russia, Chechens, Armenians, and other
Southern Russians are considered to have Black
Negro origins and Caucasus Mountains people
were once classified as "black."

19th CE Not all scientists subscribed to the

newly developed “race” theories. How human
races were related—if they were related—
remained a matter of debate in the 19th century.
Scientists also disagreed about the extent of
racial difference. Was it a superficial attribute of
skin and hair or did it touch the deeper qualities
of temperament and intellect?

Amongst the doubters, was the prominent

Charles Darwin—who thought that the
homeland of the human species lay elsewhere,
probably in Africa.

20th century CE By the turn of the 20th century,

it was lodged firmly within the fields of
linguistics, physical anthropology, and, among
African scholars, history and archaeology.

1900s CE In the early 1900s, the Aryan invasion

theory of India became popular with Brahmin
scholars and statesmen who tried to explain, and
sometimes defend, the caste system which
placed Brahmins in positions of power.

1950’s on Scientists gradually abandoned

theories of white invasion in the decades after
World War II as a result of scientific
discoveries, as well as a newfound revulsion for
the excesses of racial thinking that had led
directly to the Holocaust.

Were it not for the fact that these theories

continue to thrive and cause harm despite their

1965 and 1979 CE Between 1965 and 1979 the

apartheid government of Rhodesia (now
Zimbabwe) was eager to promote the idea that
white settlers, not Africans, had built Great
Zimbabwe, going so far as to exile
archaeologists who said otherwise.

1994 CE Most tragic was the role of the white

invasion myth in the Rwandan genocide of
1994. Over the course of the twentieth century,
many Tutsis of Rwanda—portrayed as being of
white or proto-white ancestry rather than of
African descent—were praised by their colonial
overseers as being more advanced than the
Hutus and given positions of power in the
colonial administration. When this era came to
an end, Hutus took power and used the invasion
myth to express their grievances. The extremist
Hutu radio station Radio Télévision des Milles
Collines fanned the flames of Hutu rage, calling
for the end of the “invading Tutsis.” While the
Rwandan Genocide has many causes, it was
encouraged by the idea that Tutsis were not
truly African. They were, in this racial myth,
foreigners who had usurped power from the
native Hutus who were the rightful occupants of
the country.

Today the most visible heralds of white

supremacy are those who play dress-up in Nazi
uniforms or Klan robes.

2000 CE The new scientific genetic information

derived from the Human Genome Project, an
international effort to decode the information
embedded in the human genome, confirmed to
the world by scientists in the East Room of the
White House (June 2000; the Human Genome's
Project announcement of its historical DNA
findings on so called "race").

21st Cen CE Now that they have taken control

of everything and knocked every people down,
The American Anthropological Association
declares there is no such thing as race which is
merely a “social construct”. BUT the legacy of
white supremacy still exists out of sight—sown
by European scientists and colonial officials in
the 19th century, but continuing to perpetuate
ethnic divisions across India and Africa today.
These hateful ideas—the final echoes of a
theory of white prehistory—will shape the
world long after the last tiki torch has been

According to The South African Institute for

Medical Research in review – Journal of South
ALBINISM IN AFRICA provides more clues to
early African history. The Department of
Human Genetics at the SAIMR is currently
involved with numerous research projects, most
related to human genetic disorders and
population origins--one of these, ‘Albinism in
African peoples’ having received particular
attention because it offers new insights into the
historical movement of peoples in sub-Saharan

About one in 35 southern African blacks is a

carrier of an albinism mutation, a surprisingly
high prevalence for a genetic disorder where the
homozygote is at a survival disadvantage. It is
postulated that the albinism carrier may be at an
advantage, possibly also with malaria as the
selective agent.

Mosquitoes are less likely to alight and take

blood from a lighter-skinned person and thus the
albinism carrier may be at an advantage over
darker-skinned people (malaria studies).


A rare, genetically inherited condition

(Oculocutaneous albinism: OCA) passed on by both
parents to their offspring, through inbreeding…..

People with pale skin are a relatively recent

addition to the human race. People reproduce in
ISOLATION; thus, creating more of their own

Albinism in humans is considered

a disorder characterized by the complete or
partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and
eyes. Albinism results from inheritance
of recessive gene alleles and is known to affect
all vertebrates, including humans. It is due to
absence or defect of tyrosinase, a copper-
containing enzyme involved in the production
of melanin. The albinism syndrome shows
parallels with sickle cell anemia. The carrier of
the sickle cell mutation is at an advantage in
regions where malaria is hyperendemic, which
includes large areas of Africa.

Cystic Fibrosis was thought to be a disease that affects mostly

Europeans, but there are studies that now confirm that the most
likely origin of the mutation is the African Continent. Cystic fibrosis
(CF) was first described in Europe in the late 1930s. It was later
shown to be surprisingly common with, on average, one in 20
individuals of European origin carrying a CF mutation. It was
widely believed to be absent or very rare in Black Africans. Only a
handful of African Blacks and documented amongst a few African-
Americans (some said because of admixture with individuals of
European descent).

The common African mutation has also been found in Zambia and
Cameroun, amongst African-Americans, in Saudi Arabia and in
Greece on the same chromosome background (haplotype),
suggesting a single origin. The origin of the mutation is the African

Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is a rare, genetically inherited

condition passed on by both parents to their offspring, resulting in a
significant reduction in or absence of pigmentation in the hair, skin,
and eyes at birth. Individuals with albinism are very fair-skinned
and fair-haired, with (most often) blue eyes that can take on tones of
purple or red in bright lighting.

Biblical Evidence of White Skin

Many cases of individuals turning white occur
in the Jewish biblical history:
When God wanted to show Moses a miracle, he
turned his hand "white as snow;" then God
turned his hand back again to its original color
of black.
In ancient Israel when a man had a white spot
on his skin or white or yellow hair, or white skin
somewhat reddish, he was pronounced unclean.
All people who were victims of this shameful
disease were isolated outside of the camp or city
and segregated.

The White Race has the genetic inability and

absence of melanin to produce the different skin
pigments seen throughout the world. That
absence of skin pigment creates the inability to
produce colors. As a result, uncolored or white
skin is produced. White Race genes are at a
recessive global juncture. Recessive genes
delineate body characteristics that are masked or
not expressed when a contrasting dominant
black or brown gene or trait is present. The
black/brown genes create people who have curly
hair and whose skin is easily tanned.

As the recessive gene disappears,

anthropologists are rushing to reclassify the
world's Black and Brown Races. Through
"Caucasian racial engineering" some Brown
Races have become hypothetically "White." It
has increased the White Race totals with a
lopsided apportionment numbering system. The
system has been designed to expand and extend
White Race counts, which only amount to 8
percent worldwide (United Nations Population
Division, 1+).

“We propose that the ... population that survived

the last glaciations in southwestern Eurasia was
largely a group of albinoids who were better
adapted to the ecology than their darker
relatives who had originally colonized the area.
These latter were gradually replaced by
albinoids, though small groups of African
aboriginal types long persisted on the North
Atlantic seaboard because of the availability of
Vitamin-D-rich salt-water fish. This “goodness-
of-fit” of the albinoids in this northern
environment was due to the more efficient
Vitamin D production and utilization in the
whitened skin in these sunlight-deficient
latitudes and better cold resistance (“Echoes of
the Old Darkland” by Charles Finch III, MD, a
doctor of medicine, Yale).

The Ice Age had the practical effect of isolating

this marginal group from other populations for a
prolonged period, promoting a consanguinity
that would have allowed the recessive albinoid
genes to express and propagate
themselves. Creation of a new race via de-
pigmentation is consistent with the tendency in
nature of new species and subspecies to form
out of marginal groups that have become
isolated from their “parent” populations and
subjected abruptly to extreme environmental
conditions, which generate intense selection
pressure.” (Op. cit. p. 35) Albinoid mutation
seems as good a speculation since the fossil data
and genetic data both seem to rule in favor of a
common, Black African ancestry for all

People with Natural Blonde Hair are

Disappearing and will be Extinct in 200 Years.
Blonde hair occurs only in people from northern
Europe. The blonde gene that causes blonde
hair color must be on both sides of the family,
and according to the World Health
Organization, there is now too few people who
carry the gene. Looking scientifically at
evolvement, blonde hair will continue to occur
if albinism continues to turn people white in
color. Scientists say blondes will survive longest
in Scandinavia where they are most
concentrated, and they predict the last one alive
will be from Finland (Professor Jonathan Rees
from Edinburgh University).

Globally, the White Race risks "genetic color

elimination." Caucasians are rapidly presenting
the world with a conjured-up system of so-
called "statistical numbers of non-truth" to
implant new suppositions and beliefs.

200 BCE -1000 CE The Sinhalese Language is

an Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan
family. The earliest surviving specimens of the
language are brief inscriptions on rocks in
Brahmi Letters from 200 BC. The most
considerable amount of dated Aryan language
dates to about AD 1000 (Encyclopedia
Britannica, 567).

Linguistics link the Iranian language to African

languages. Iranian languages include with the
Arabic language. Arabic belongs to the Semitic
language group. Semitic belongs to Ethiopic
and Hebrew--people who lived in one of Black
Africa's greatest civilizations.
Caucasians cannot validate their rudiment White
civilization. It has been proven that civilization
started in the great river valleys of Africa in the
Fertile Crescent, where humans originated.

400 AD The Encyclopedia Britannia outlines

the lack of or absence of historical sources to
trace the process of Swedish Expansion and the
Viking Era around AD 400. The same is true
for Denmark. It is written--The first trustworthy
written evidence of a kingdom of Denmark
belongs to the early Viking Period. Roman
knowledge of this country was fragmentary and
unreliable. The same is said for the other
Scandinavian countries.

750-1050 Supposedly the Scandinavian Viking

Age: Currently, the Smithsonian Museum is
inviting people to examine the Atlantic Saga of
the well-known culture of the Scandinavian
Viking Age (AD 750-1050) as they discover
America. They landed in Newfoundland,
Canada exactly 1,000 years ago. It is being
hailed as a "discovery." An endnote has been
added that there is generous support from the
Nordic Council and Ministers of Volvo.

21st Cen. CE White groups have

psychologically increased their numbers with
the many different White classifications of:
German White Race,
English White Race,
French White Race, and
Russian White Race.
This justifiably amounts to many White Races
even though theoretically there has been a three-
race theory staunchly in place since the 19th

Minimizing black/brown groups, forming the

White "labeled minority classifications"
geneticists refer to. Dividing black/brown
people into groups and referring to the groups as
"non-white" or "people of color". Therefore,
Black and Brown people have become
minorities in the mastermind scheme when the
statistical numbers of abundant craftiness are
presented globally.

History shows that discrimination in this

country occurs in all races that are not
considered Caucasian.

1854 CE In 1854 the California Supreme Court

ruled that Chinese citizens were not permitted to
testify against Whites. In 1882 the Chinese
Exclusion Act banned all immigration from

1913 CE In 1913, California declared Asians

ineligible for citizenship and prohibited property

1924 CE In 1924 the National Origins Act

excluded most Asians from migrating to the US.
With the outbreak of World War II one hundred
and ten thousand (110,000) Japanese Americans
were relocated to internment camps.
1952 CE It was only in 1952 that Asians born
outside the US were permitted to become
citizens--but now have been termed the “ideal
minority.” Most Blacks and Latinos continue to
be subjected to extreme economic and social
discrimination; whereas, most Asian Americans
are not. Asian Americans have been labeled the
"ideal minority."

??? CE King James invented "discrimination of

the divine" when he and his team of 47
European interpreters translated the King James
Version of The Holy Bible. Purity, virtue, and
goodness spew from every pictorial page of
White European Biblical characters. The Bible
reveals a blue-eyed White Jesus hanging on a
cross, a golden-haired White Moses showing the
"Tablets of Law to the People," and praying at
Mt. Sinai.

I am King James, and I proclaim:

“Kamitic (corrupted to Ham), the youngest (in
reality the eldest) son of Noah, to be the father
of the Black Race."

Kam (corrupted to Ham) is the father of the Pale

Race (they changed it to Black race) because he
was cursed and "condemned to Hell" states
King James and his team of European
Interpreters. In Gen. 9:18-29 Ham is the
recipient of a curse--"Let Canaan be
cursed." Canaanites were Black.

Berber describes the indigenous Caucasoid

people of Northern Africa (scholarly White
dictionary and encyclopedia), but Berber is
defined as people who speak Hamitic/Semitic
Languages, that mean Berbers were Black. The
Cushite (Ethiopian) and ancient Egyptian also
spoke so-called Semitic Languages.

Kam (Ham), the Originator of the Pale Race

"the accursed" and all his descendants will be
Eurocentric church officials developed a mind-
set of” heathen Blacks" to devise and formulate
deceptive historical attitudes and viewpoints.

The Pale people who believe they are the

“Aryan” Nation, feel its group does the on-
going work of Jesus the Christ in re-gathering
His people, calling His people to a state for their
nation to ring in His Kingdom.

Pales believe that Adam, man of Genesis, is the

placing of the White Race upon this Earth. Not
all races descend from Adam (despite the fact
that the Bible states Adam is the father of all
“mankind”). Adam is the father of the White
Race only (according to them, Adam in the
original Hebrew language is translated: "to
show blood in the face; turn rosy." Genesis 5:1).

The Book of Anak/Enoch Kamitic/Ethiopic

Authorship: The Book of Enoch--which is the
earliest biblical record of antiquity and the
earliest book of Kamitic authorship is widely
quoted throughout the King James Version of
the Bible. The Book of Enoch was found among
the Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves of the
Qumran. Anak/Enoch was Anu’s/Noah’s
grandfather and Methuselah’s father.
Methuselah was the oldest man in the Bible
living to be 969.

The Book of Enoch is evident that the entire

Creation of Heaven and Earth depicted by King
James and his translators has not been taught in
America’s churches. King James and his
translators used manipulatives to gain control
and purposely hide Kamitic/Ethiopic
authorship? The BOOK OF ENOCH was
written before the book of Genesis, and is
Kamitic (corrupted to Ham). Kam/Ham was the
Originator of the Black Race (Webster’s
Dictionary). (Brown, Ronald K. BOOK OF
ENOCH, San Antonio, Texas 78210).

The King James Version of the Bible starts with

Genesis and the creation of Heaven and Earth.
In Genesis 4:15 God orders Cain out of the
Garden of Eden. Cain goes out from the
presence of the LORD, and dwells in the land of
Nu’t/Nod, on the East of Eden. There he knew
his wife (matter/darkness) and conceived. “The
Land of Nod” appears right there in the Fourth
Chapter of Genesis. If Adam and Eve were the
first two people on earth, what and where was
the Land of Nod? The word “Genesis” is
“Bara” (disrespectfully called “bara’shiit” in so-
called Hebrew), an African/Edenic language
that Western philologists in the 18th Century
classified as part of the family of languages.
Be-rasheet suggest the “recreation”. (African
Heritage Bible, 1).

Leprosy among the Hebrews and Snow-White


14th century B.C In 14th century B.C., plagues

were endemic through the Middle East and
Egypt. The Book of Numbers tells us that
Miri’am and Aaron, sister and brother to Moses,
revolted against their brother’s leadership
(someone rebelled against Kamitic
Leadership). They claim their reason for Miriam
and Aaron rebelling is that Moses because he
had married an Ethiopian (though Miriam,
Aaron, Musa and the Ethiopians are all Black).
And they said, Hath the Lord indeed spoken
only to Moses? Hath he not spoken also by
us?” Their challenge to Moses angered God.
As a punishment “Miriam became leprous,
white as snow” (Greenberg, 197).

1666 CE As Europeans were busy labeling the

entire Black Race as cursed and accursed, a fair-
haired English physicist came up with the color
spectrum in 1666 that disputes the "White
European Hamitic Theory." The theory
denotes that if Noah and his wife were
Caucasoid, it would have been impossible to
produce three different races of people.
The Keys to the Colors Theory was proven by
Newton over 300 years ago, but Anu’s son is
Kam (corrupted to Ham), whom pale people say
is the "Father of the Black Race." Sir Isaac
Newton was credited with the discovery of the
color spectrum. The theory presents solid proof
that black is the foundation or base for all
colors. Newton was the celebrated White
English physicist who took a glass prism and
passed a beam of sunlight through it. When the
light passed through the prism, it formed a
rainbow he later called the color spectrum.

By mixing the three primary colors of red, blue,

and yellow together, the color black is
produced. Black is the color from which all
other colors are produced and is
dominant. White, on the other hand, is the color
of maximal lightness from which no other
colors can be produced and is recessive. Just
because white reflects all colors does not mean
it is possible to get all colors from white. A little
every day thing like the exalted Sir Isaac
Newton's so-called discovery of the color
spectrum shows more validity as it points to an
African origin than the many years of research
and long drawn out scientific theories to
disparage and dismiss Black culture and history.

(all you need is a small box of Crayola Crayons

containing three crayons and a sheet of paper to
prove the Keys to the colors).

Albinos occur in all races of mankind and in all

animal groups.

The albionotic condition arises from a distinct hereditary

interference with the normal function of melanocytes. The enzyme
tyrosinase is necessary for the formation of melanin and determines
the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. Most children with albinism
are born to parents who have normal hair and eye color for their
ethnic backgrounds.

1819-1901 CE One of the most glorious periods

of English History was that of the reign of
Queen Victoria (1819-1901). The Victorians
wore white wigs and powdered their skin to a
chalky white probably in awe of their
ancestors. Similarly, the powdered white wig
worn by American colonial era “illuminati”
reflected the wearer's ability to afford luxury
items and identified him as one of the educated

In Biblical times people with albinism were
banished or thrown out, and forced to live in
colonies just as people with leprosaria or
Hansen's Disease were forced to live in leper
colonies and away from other people. The Black
Race believed that God was delivering judgment
on a family with albinism and that the
individual with albinism is cursed or is the
embodiment of sin.

White-skinned people came into existence as the

Albino mutant offspring of black-skinned
mothers and fathers in Africa. A sizable
number of these Black parents produced,
rejected and then cast out of the community
their genetic defective albino offspring to live
away from the normal black skin-pigmented
population. There were colonies of albinos
formed which eventually migrated northward to
Europe, to escape the intensity of the equatorial
sun of the Southern hemisphere (Welsing, 23).

During Biblical Times, Albinos were

ostracized. The same thing is happening today
when Albinism occurs in society. Albinos are
ostracized by their own families--especially in
Black families where the difference in skin
color is more distinct. Some feel that the
ostracizing of Albinos during Biblical times is
the only logical explanation of how the White
Race came into existence. The Albino colonies
produced more and more Albinos until there
was an Albino Race.

The Finnish, Swedish, and Danish people are

"as White as pure driven show" with blonde hair
that is almost White. The two groups of people
show a strong evidence they were part of the
composition of the Albinic/White Race that
moved northward. White European geneticists
that the union of two albinos will produce
children that are affected with albinism have
validated it. The parents of albinos are often
consanguineous since it increases the likelihood
that both will possess the same gene. The
Albiontic condition creates an extreme
sensitivity of eyes and skin to the sunlight.

There was a migration of the African Albinos

northward to what the world recognizes as
Europe. During Biblical times Europe was part
of Africa. Europeans themselves designated
and divided Africa into the regions of the
"Middle East" and "Europe."

Skin color is determined by melanin. The large

molecule of the pigment melanin is formed in
the skin cells from a much smaller molecule
called tyrosine. Tyrosine is colorless and is
present in all cells. In the skin cells of most
human beings there is at least one gene whose
job is to manufacture tyrosine. If the gene is of
a type that can form considerable quantities of
tyrosinase, the skin cell is like a well-staffed

An Albino's genes do not form tyrosinase at all.

No tyrosinase occurs in their cells and no
melanin can be formed. Such people have very
fair skin, white hair, and no pigment at all in
their eyes. The eyes look reddish because small
blood vessels can be seen through the
transparent colorless iris of the eye (Boyd &
Asimov, 72).

Giant Nephilim from the Caucasus Mountains


EARTH IN THOSE DAYS' - Genesis 6:4 [note
how it says IN the earth]
Copyright Naomi Astral © 2012

Giant mythology is found all over the world –

black giants, red skinned giants, brown and
oriental giants but this article focuses only on
specific European mythology, though there are
links about others at the end of the page.

Not all giants were bad and they weren't all

related to the Nephilim hybrids. During the time
of the Roman empire, there were aboriginal
humans and aboriginal giants living in Europe.
The Roman army with the help of hybrid races
slaughtered and displaced all the aboriginals
[abhor the original] of Europe - according to
European his-story. The Romans recorded wars
with giant races and even recruited them into
their ranks, according to their records.

18th century CE Until around the 18th century,

at least 5 'wildmen' tribes were classified as hue-
man and recorded as such.

In Genesis, Adam was created from CLAY. A

similar CREATION STORY is recounted in the
SUMERIAN, Epic of Gilgamesh where Adam
is referred to as, Anka’ta/ENKIDU - and
described as a 'man-beast' covered in hair. Both
accounts have similar gods, demons and angels -
with the same epic flood and Noah's Ark. Many
modern writers refer to ENKIDU or ADAM or
NEANDERTHAL.Adam became father to Cain
and Able...Cain was noted for the murder of his
brother, Able.

Another round of giants was said to be produced

by Japeth, one of Noah’s sons. Japeth’s two
eldest sons, Gomer and Magog were used to
create two giant/Nephilim races which emerged
from the Caucasus Mountains, Gog and Magog
made a pact with demonic entities and in return
were rewarded with offspring and descendants
who were stronger and given occult knowledge.
[more one Gog & Magog later].

During the middle ages, there were five

different races of 'wildmen' recognised and
classified as;
Solitarii and
1490 Mary Magdalene painting in Munich
[above] painted in 1490. Mary Magdalene and
many of the bible characters and saints were
often depicted as naked, hairy giants. Mary was
considered as belonging to the 'Solaterii' tribe.
The evidence is recorded in Medieval art and


‘God’ had imprisoned Azaz’el and Semjaza
(Kam’Asa) in the Caucasus Mountains as a
punishment for their creation of the
giants/Nephilim/men of fame/men of old/sons
of god – as they were known. The Kamitic
Scientist Azaz’el (Asa’El) and Semjaza
(Kam’Asa) created these giants and gave them
advanced weapons, programmed them for war
and inhabited their bodies.

The Greeks tell a similar story of Zeus who

imprisoned “Prometheus” (the Vedic pra math, "to
steal," hence pramathyu-s, "thief", cognate with
"Prometheus", the thief of fire. The Vedic myth of fire's theft
by Mātariśvan is an analog to the Greek account. Pramantha
in the Caucasus
was the tool used to create fire)
Mountains for creating a ‘Frankenstein’ hybrid.

The ancient Egyptians spoke about a race they

created 6,000 years ago from the hairy ape-man
[monkey/mon-key]. This creation was said to
wreak havoc among the homo-sapiens, so the
Egyptians rounded them up and imprisoned
them in the Caucasus Mountains – which they
called ‘Europa’ [Euro, from Yoruba). The story
relates, that the Egyptian, Moses [Tut’moses?]
was sent to the Caucasus Mountains to civilised
them, giving them language, writing and
knowledge. They migrated south and conquered
the aborigines of Europe and eventually, the rest
of the world.

The Russian’s have ancient texts regarding an

exodus, similar to that of the bible. If you think
this sounds a bit crazy, then you should look at
the links below regarding Europeans in the
middle ages who recognised both giants and
‘hairy-ape-men’ [yetis] as man-kind/like-men
who terrorised the indigenous populations of the
world (later portrayed as kings, seers, holy men,


In Egyptian mythology, it was Yacub [Yaqub] -
the scientist/priest who is said to have created a
'THIRTEENTH TRIBE' - an experiment which
was to last for 6,000 years. After creating havoc,
this (some claim Hyskos) tribe were banished to
the Caucasus mountains where they lived in
caves and reverted to animalistic behaviour.
After 2,000 years the Egyptian Moses went to
the mountains and civilized these giants
teaching them how to cook and build and write.
Moses gave them the laws from their creator,
Yacub [the 10 commandments] sorcery, dark
magick and how to divide and conquer the
nations. Supposedly they were told that after
4,000 years, they would be destroyed.
In this book Dr. Clyde Winters will discuss the history and
anthropology of Africa’s first civilization : The Maa Confederation.
The Maa Confederation was the original homeland of the
Egyptians, Mande, Sumerians , Elamites and Dravidian speaking
people. I call these people Proto-Saharans or Maaites. They
worshipped Seth and Amon/Amma. Dr. Clyde Winters is an
anthropologist and educator. He has taught Education and
Linguistic courses at Governors State University and Saint Xavier


Gomer's descendants: the Gomerians [aka the
Cimmerians] later came into conflict with the
descendants of Magog, who later became
known as the ‘Scythians’. The Scythians
eventually drove the Cimmerians west into
Central and Eastern Europe, where they became
the Black ‘Germans’.
Some of the descendants of Gomer continued
migrating westward, eventually populating all of
Europe. Some of the descendants of Magog
continued migrating eastward, populating
Central Asia, China, and India, later migrating
across the sea to conquer Australia and New
Zealand. Both the descendants of Gomer [Gog]
and Magog continued migrating westward and
eastward respectively until they finally met up
in the Americas, and the Americas has regularly
changed hands between Gog and Magog ever

The accounts of giants in American Indian

mythology [see ‘Lovelock cave’]. Second is the
sudden change in ancient European, Mayan and
Sumerian spirituality which sees the wholesale
introduction of human sacrifice. The giants were
said to regularly sacrifice to their gods; and
thirdly, the sudden collapse of advanced ancient
The Indo-European descendants of Magog are
well attested in the literature of the ancient
Persians and Indians as being tall, blonde,
bloodthirsty conquerors known for their use of
the chariot in battle. Indian history is
particularly rife with genocidal invasions by
blond giants. The ancient Persians also record
the great height of these people and their great
skill in battle, as well as the high degree of
sophistication of their weapons and armour.
These ‘Aryan’ descendants of Magog invaded
throughout Asia and set themselves up as the
ruling classes over the aboriginal populations,
whom they considered to be inferior. These
giants were eventually assimilated into the
native populations, proof exists even today of
their presence and influence in Asia by the
occasional appearance of blond hair, blue or
green eyes, and Caucasian features among the
native populations of Asia.
The southern Cimmerians, the Gomerian
Sacae who had settled in Asia Minor on the
southern shores of the Black Sea, were said to
be a slightly more civilized barbarian, [which
was the name the Romans gave them]
developed ruling dynasties over the peoples that
they had conquered. However, the derisive term
‘Sacae’ applied to the Gomerians refers to the
‘sacks’ that they used to store the booty that
they had plundered from those whom they had
The Amorite dynasty of Babylon was likely
Cimmerian in origin, as the southern
Cimmerians also controlled extensive areas of
the ancient Near East, including parts of Persia,
northern Iraq, the Arabian peninsula and
Canaan.The Babylonian and Amorite rulers
were known for having Caucasian and even
Celtic characteristics [the Celts being the later
descendants of the Cimmerians]. They were
described as being very tall and having blond
hair, wearing gold necklaces, or "torques" and
riding chariots. It is highly probable that at least
the ruling class of the Amorites were
Cimmerian in ancestry.
Peoples/Shepards/Kannanites - often
called Titans-Teutons.

Scythian burial of nobleman [Russia] - they

would bury their horses and treasures in the
In the second millennium BC the southern
Cimmerians penetrated and conquered Canaan
as far as Egypt, where they were known as
the Hyksos [Shepherd Kings]. The Gomerians
and related peoples may also have been the ‘Sea
Peoples’ /Phonecians /Khazars/Germanic tribes
that had invaded Canaan, Egypt and North
Africa some time later, during the 12th century
BC. They took on the identity of those they
The ‘Aryan Invasion theory’ illustrated; The
western thrust of the southern Cimmerians also
included incursions south into Canaan. Their
primary western thrust, however, penetrated as
far as Spain and across to western Africa in the
southwest, and eventually all of southern
Europe. Meanwhile, their northern cousins
penetrate Europe from the northeast and
conquered Russia, Central Europe, Scandinavia,
and the British Isles.
After the Sacae entered into Upper Phrygia, they
began calling themselves ‘Titans’ and gave
Acmon the title of Most High. The Phoenician
historian Sanchoniathon, confirms that this
prince was addressed as the Most High, or Elion
[similar to Hebrew Elohim] - in the Phoenician
tongue, and Altissimus in the Greek. After his
death, Acmon's people still reckoned him
‘among the Number of the Gods’, and his
children continued to offer sacrifices and
oblations to him. He was succeeded in all his
dominions by his giant son Uranus, who by the
Titans was also worshiped as a god. When the
Greeks of ancient times came under the
dominance of the Titans, they enthusiastically
embraced the giants religious beliefs and also
worshipped Uranus as, a ‘Man of Heaven’.
From this single family of giant Gomarians,
princes came ‘those who have passed for the
greatest and ancient gods of the heathen world’


Left is the biblical prophet Elijah, depicted as a
hairy giant just as others were too such as; Mary
Magdaline, John the Baptist, Enoch, Esau, king
Nebuchadnezzar and Enkidu [Gilgamesh] - the
Baylonian hero.
Acmon actually believed himself to be God, the
‘Most High’. Acmon's son Uranus, [Man of
Heaven] was remembered forever in Greek
myth as one of the elder gods of the Greek race,
as was Uranus' son, Saturn. Saturn's son Zeus
then defeated his father and took over the
kingship, forming the Greek pantheon which
was kept sacred from then on by both the
Greeks and later the Romans, who merely
renamed the Greek gods, giving them
Romanized names. This ‘war of the gods’
against the original group of titans including
Zeus' father Saturn, later became mythologized
so that both the titans and their rebellious
offspring, the followers of Zeus, were elevated
to the status of godhood. They were never gods,
only mortal giants that had been elevated by the
Greeks and Romans. DeLoach explains;
'The Northern Cimmerians, those who invaded
Europe from the northeast, were also known as
Nomades, having a nomadic, warlike lifestyle
based strictly on conquest and plunder. Unlike
their southern cousins, they were not at all
civilized, living purely by the edge of the sword,
though both groups appear to have also been
cattle herders and to have had a particular love
for horses.
These Northern Cimmerians, lived out most of
their time sacking and plundering the more
civilized areas to the south in what would later
be known as Media and Persia. However, by the
8th century BC they are seen as migrating north
and west, having been driven out by the
Scythians all the way to Central Europe, where
they remained. And it was from these early
Cimmerians, and other descendants of Gomer
that had likely intermarried and travelled with
them, that the famous Celtic and Gaelic peoples
eventually arose.
The northern Cimmerians conquered and settled
the best lands of central, northern, and
northwestern Europe, and up into Scandinavia
and as far as the British Isles and Ireland. There,
they supplanted the native, normal-sized,
typical homo sapiens peoples, and set up ruling
dynasties over them'.


Modern historians often fail to mention this, but
the Celts were indeed giants. Adult males
typically ranging in height from 6-12 feet or
more. Because of their great size and strength,
they easily conquered and formed ruling
dynasties over the indigenous peoples they
found living in Europe. Just as in the world
before the Flood, these Nephilim giants,
the Rephaim of the Bible, conquered, enslaved,
and sometimes even ate the aboriginal
inhabitants of Europe. People forget how well
recorded these giants have been all over the
Many historians confirm the great height of
these wandering Celts. The ancient Greek
historian Pausanias, called them, the world's
tallest people. Gerhard Herm, his modern
counterpart, agrees; he describes them as ‘blond
giants’ who struck terror into the hearts of every
foe, even the mightiest of the mighty Rome;
which they fought several ferocious wars with
and which they once captured, sacked, and
burned to the ground. Of course, not all Celts
were giants. The average-sized ones probably
towered no more than a foot above ordinary
men. But their ranks also contained substantial
numbers who rose to a gigantic stature. At the
utmost divergence from the mean, some Celts
even stood to a colossal height, like Og, who
required a bed over thirteen feet long. When
they first put their ships ashore on Europe's
coast, they must have startled the aborigines.
The invading Celts first robbed these lesser
mortals, then chased them off the best lands.
This fast-expanding nation, according to Strabo,
eventually grew to some sixty different tribes —
each with its own name. In Upper Asia,
Mesopotamia, and Asia Minor, these plunderers
were known as the Gomarian Sacae. But once
they settled in Europe, the decided to shed their
derisive name, which means ‘robbers’, and
began calling themselves the Celtae
[pronounced - Kelti], which denotes ‘potent and
valiant men’.
The Greeks, however, understood them to
say Galatai, while their Roman neighbors heard
their name as Galli. The aborigines of France,
meanwhile called them Gauls. These slightly
different pronunciations of course caused
different spellings, as the Celtic scholar Henri
Hubert explains: ‘The word which was written
down as Keltos in Spain and the neighborhood
of Marseilles sounded differently in the ears of
the Greeks of the Balkan Peninsula, who wrote
it down Galates. But it was the same name’.
The Cimmerians were almost certainly the
ancestors of or related to the giants mentioned in
the Bible, even calling themselves ‘mighty
men’, which in the Hebrew translates
to Gibborim. The Cimmerians were of the same
type of wicked and corrupt ‘mighty men’ that
had descended from the Nephilim in the world
before the Flood.


King Ursus 877 also known as 'The Bear

Prince' who led a revolt against King Louis 11
of France - the Bear Prince was attempting to
re-establish the Merovingian dynasty, the revolt
failed and his supporters were defeated [that
Diodorus, the Roman historian said; ‘The Gauls
are terrifying in aspect and their voices are deep
and altogether harsh. When they meet together
they converse with few words and in riddles,
hinting darkly at things for the most part and
using one word when they mean another; and
they like to talk in superlatives, to the end that
they may extol themselves and depreciate all
other men. They are also ‘tall in stature, with
rippling muscles, and white of skin, and their
hair is blond, and not naturally so, but they also
make it their practice by artificial means to
increase the distinguishing colour which nature
has given it. For they are always washing their
hair in lime-water, and they pull it back from the
forehead to the top of the head and back to the
nape of the neck, with the result that their
appearance is like that of Satyrs and Pans, since
the treatment of their hair makes it so heavy and
coarse that it differs in no respect from the mane
of horses.’
Diodorus' account of the way the Celts wore
their hair agrees with those representations of
the Anakim giants found in the great temple of
Abu Simbel:
Besides the similarity in strange hair styles, the
Celts and the Anakim both wore torque
necklaces. Proof that the Anakim wore them as
distinguishing emblems appears in their name.
For from 'anaq - the Hebrew word for necklace
or neckpiece, came the name Anakim, which
means ‘People of the Necklace.’ The tow-
headed Celts also adorned their necks with a
twisted strip of metal, usually gold or silver, is
not only shown by the ancient historians but
verified by many archaeological finds. The
Roman poet, Virgil also wrote about them in the
verses; ‘Golden is their hair, and golden their
garb. They are resplendent in their striped
cloaks, and their milk-white necks are circled
with gold'.
One subgroup of the Celts, the Senones, actually
attacked and managed to sack Rome around 387
b.c. Facing off for the first time against 30,000
screaming Goliaths, enraged by grave insults
done them by Roman envoys, the Romans were
terrified and ran as soon as their lines broke at
the Battle of Allia:
That terrifying July 387 BC day the Latins
would never forget. The great size of the Celts
unnerved them. Some of the giants they saw
wore chain-wrought iron and others wore only
shirts gathered up with belts plated with gold or
silver. Many wore no armour or clothes,
preferring instead to go into battle naked. Most
however, wore long broadswords slung around
the right flanks on chains of iron or bronze. On
the spears were fixed iron heads a cubit in
length [18-20 inches]. Their swords were about
96 inches [8 feet] long.... but the terror the
Romans felt at the Allia sprang not from the
Celt's height and armaments alone. These
supermen also assaulted their eyes and ears with
fierce looks, deep voices and pre-battle antics.
Unnerved by the great size and boldness of their
opponents, and thwarted by a superior tactical
move on the battlefield, the Romans fled in
terror and Rome itself was nearly defeated. Only
by bribing the giants with a bushel of gold -
approx. 1,000 pounds - were the Romans able to
save the city against the Senones and live to
fight another day. And that day did come, at the
Battle of Telamon, where two legions defeated
an army of 70,000 giants. After that day, the
giants would forever be on the defence against
the mighty Roman legions.
Though the Romans had defeated the Senone
Celts, they had yet to bring to heel the Germani,
‘the most Celtic of the Celts’. The Germani
were made up of several subgroups, including
the Cimbri, the Tuetones and the Senones, all of
whom the Roman historian Strabo described as
living east of the Rhine. ‘They differed from
Celts of the left bank, he wrote, only by being
'wilder, taller and having yellower hair.' The
Romans who lived in Gaul, he goes on to say,
called them 'Germani' because they wanted to
indicate that they were the 'authentic', as
opposed to those who were calling themselves
Germani in order to strike fear into people.
This makes perfect sense that the Celtic peoples
were the descendants of Gomer, from which the
name ‘German’ was derived. Since the
Gomerian giants originally emanated from the
Caucasus, the closer to the Caucasus you go, the
taller the giants will be, as the giants of central
and western Europe had been shortened in
stature through intermarriage with the local
populations they had conquered. As such, the
Germanic Cimbri, Teutones and Senones were
much closer to the ‘genuine article’, the original
Gomerian giants that had migrated north and
west from the Caucasus, around the Caspian and
Black Seas, to finally end up in Central Europe.
It was against the Germanic giants that the
Romans had the most difficulty. The Romans
thought that after having dealt with the Gauls,
things couldn't possibly get worse. However,
there was something worse: the Cimbri and the
Tuetones of the Germani - the most Celtic of the
Celts. During Caesar's later campaign againt
Arovistus, some of his men asked some Gauls at
Besancon — who were themselves of great
stature — about the Germans. Caesar writes,
mentioning their ‘enormous physique, their
unbelievable valor and extraordinary military
training. The Gauls said that often when they
had encountered the Germans they had not been
able to endure even the expression on their faces
or the glare of their eyes'. Plutarch also portrays
them as possessing 'invincible strength and
courage: in battle they attack with the force and
speed of five and no one can withstand them.’
Rome's first real challenge against the Germani
came when some 300,000 Cimbri had crossed
the Danube and had migrated southward. Even
the giant Gauls were afraid of these Germani
and asked for Roman protection from their
hyper-aggressive cousins. The first few armies
the Romans sent to check their advance were
annihilated and Rome itself was saved only
when the Germani decided to head west to
Spain. The desperate Romans then sent for one
of their greatest generals, Gaius Marius, who
whipped the legions into shape and successfully
defeated the Tuetone and Ambrone tribes, even
capturing their giant King Tuetobokh, who
towered above the Roman spears.
The Romans then began to perfect the fine art of
giant killing, which they applied aggressively in
their campaigns against the giants throughout
Europe. One by one the tribes of giants fell to
the javelins, arrows, spears and stabbing swords
of the relentless Roman legions, until the
remnant was forced to flee into the dark forests
of Europe, or to the fringes of civilization in
Scandinavia, the British Isles, Ireland and even
the Americas, where they integrated with the
native populations and waited for their time to
rise again.
Deep in the forested strongholds of Europe, the
giants began to regroup and formed secretive
alliances bound by blood and marriage. Over
time, slowly and subtly, the old ways of the
giants returned, as they used stealth, secrecy and
subversion to take control of the thrones of
Europe. And one of the first and boldest of these
giants was the infamous Roman emperor,
Maximinus Thrax.
There were a number of noted Giant Roman
Emperors and generals in the Roman army.
Most of these Germanic tribes converted to
Christianity, which historians find unbelievable
because it was noted that they sacrificed humans
to their gods and were cannibals. This practice
continued following their conversion to
Christianity which is not so surprising when you
consider how many of the biblical prophets
were giants/wild men too who introduced their
own false religions we see today.
Born in AD 173 into a humble family
of Thracian [Bulgarian]
shepherds, Maximinus proved his giant heritage
by growing to the enormous height of eight feet
six inches tall. He proved to be an exceptional
athlete, as well as being incredibly strong and
swift — and power hungry.


Herodian says that Alexander's new commander
not only stood to a huge height but possessed a
frightening look. Statues of Maximinus and
coins minted with his image bear this out.
Another Roman historian, Julius Capitolinus,
described his hands as so large that he used the
bracelet of his wife, Caecilia Pauline, for a
thumb-ring. The shoes he wore also measured a
foot longer than the footwear of other men.
Besides the feats of strength already mentioned
above, Maximinus reportedly could, with one
blow of his fist, knock out a horse's teeth. On
occasion he also demonstrated he could outpull
a chariot team. Capitolinus says that he daily ate
forty pounds of meat and usually drank six
gallons of wine.
Besides Maximinus' exceptional physical
abilities, he also had exceptional intellectual
abilities, proving to be a superior leader,
strategist and tactician. As a result, he rose
rapidly up through the ranks, the emperor soon
promoting him to the rank of tribune, senator,
and even supreme commander of all the armies
of Rome. The soldiers were in awe of him due
to his extreme competence, diligence and
discipline and they rarely failed under his
leadership. As a result, they soon came to prefer
him over their own emperor and in a sudden
coup, assassinated Alexander and placed the
purple mantle on Maximinus, effectively
crowning him emperor.
His sudden ascension to emperor brought out
Maximinus' limitations and his dark side. He
was grateful to his men for giving him such a
great honour and promised them lavish gifts and
double pay even though Rome could not afford
it. He ransacked the treasury, stealing from the
wealthy of Rome and pillaged the temples of the
gods in order to raise the revenues. Maximinus
was turning Rome into a military state.
When Maximus discovered an assassination
plot, he killed all the conspirators and anyone
else who offended him. As a result, he began to
receive the unflattering informal titles of 'the
Cyclops' and 'the wild beast'. A song was even
composed by his own men that spoke of his
death. Aware his extreme unpopularity in Rome,
the Senate used the excuse of a tax revolt in a
distant African province to replace the
increasingly unpopular Maximinus with one of
their own. Enraged by their betrayal, Maximinus
'behaved like a huge tormented bear. Convulsed
with rage, he dashed himself against walls,
threw himself on the ground, bellowed, lashed
out at his servants, tried to claw his son's eyes
out and finally drank himself into a stupor'.
Both Rome and Greece succumbed to the giants
of Europe and by the 4th century, almost the
entire Roman army was made up of Germanic
tribes. Interesting too that the giants adopted
Christianity and became known as the Christian
soldiers and armies of Rome.
Charlemagne [Charles the Great] was born on
April 2, 742 in Northern Europe. 'By the sword
and the cross,' he became master of Western
Europe. Charlemagne was a powerful imposing
figure, his height in legend being close to eight
feet tall or ‘seven times the length of his foot'.
He was also a great warrior and athlete and had
a strength like that of Maximinus. In ballads that
contemporaries sang in his praise he was so
hardy 'that he would hunt the wild bull single
-handed, so strong that he felled horse and rider
with the blow of his fist. He could straighten
four horseshoes joined together, and lift with his
right hand a fully equipped fighting-man to the
level of his head.’ Charlemagne was also of
the Merovingian family.
With Emperor Maximilian came the beginning
of the revival of the old Aryan race myth that
had been propagated by the Gomerian giants in
ancient times. Despite the fact that the
Gomerian Celts, Gauls, Germani, and numerous
other tribes of the giant descendants of Gomer
had been soundly defeated by the homo
sapien Romans, they still held doggedly to the
belief that they were superior to all other forms
of mankind. This belief has survived even into
modern times until it came to fruition again in
the 20th century, in Hitler's Germany, where
Hitler once again attempted to revive the
ancient herrenvolk, or ‘master race’ of the
Hitler was a committed occultist, who believed
that he had been chosen by the gods of the
ancient Aryans to resurrect the ancient Germani
giants, and use them to conquer the world.
Hitler was a member of the occultic group, ‘The
Thule Society’, which believed in the existence
of an all-powerful being called ‘the
Ubermensch’, a powerful spiritual being that
was in actuality a fallen angel. Some also
believe that Hitler had willingly allowed himself
to be possessed by this powerful fallen angel,
which explains the enormous amount of
charisma and personal magnetism this otherwise
inconsequential man was able generate in order
to bend the masses of Germany to his will.
Hitler actually saw the Ubermensch, and even
he was terrified by the cruel splendour of this
In theearly 1900's. Several boys in Georgia [at
the time, part of the Russian Empire] discovered
a cave inside a mountain full of humanoid
skeletons. Each skeleton was about three meters
tall. To get to the cave, the boys had to dive into
a lake. George Papashvili and his wife recall the
incident a book published in New York in 1925,
St. Martin's Press 'Anything can happen'. In
1953, Jose Ferrer played the Georgian
immigrant, George Papashvili whose book is a
classic story of an immigrant adjusting to life in
the United States.


All of the 'good' giants were slaughtered by the
Roman army. According to the literature, the
giants varied in size just like homo-sapiens do.
They assimilated the human tribes they
conquered and eventually reduced in stature but
retained their genetics. The Romans employed
them as mercenaries and by the 4th century, the
entire Roman army was composed of Germanic
tribes - known as the 'Christian army'. Other
accounts state that the giant Nephilim went
'underground' to rule hue-mans from there.
Some say that after a ‘global’ catastrophic
deluge, recorded in numerous civilisations,
these gods then went underground into the
catacombs that were said to stretch great
distances across the Earth and are said to
preside over the ‘underworld’, the place of
shelter during great catastrophic changes on the
surface of the Earth. They became the kings that
would rule the Earth surface population.
In ancient Inca tradition it is said that a
mysterious race of beings called the Viracochas,
interpreted as the ‘White Masters from the
skies’ who promised to return. In other myths
from around the world these Viracochas are the
mysterious ‘martian gods’. In many accounts
the Viracocha were said to use a heavenly fire
[the same fire that Prometheus stole maybe?]
which could lift huge blocks of stone.
All the attributes given to a mysterious
Caucasian blue eyed, bearded gods of the
prehistoric world were attributed to the many
saviour gods that would emerge much later in
places like Meso- America [Quetzacoatl],
Phoenicia [Baal], Babylon [Thammuz] and
Rome [Mithra] all of these 'Gods' were
considered 'masters of time’
[Saturn/Satan/Cern/Thoth] Time is also the
embodiment of the Dwarf star Saturn and Saturn
of course is the Dark Sun that the Elite secret
societies worship. In North America, Blackfoot
Teton myths also tell of ‘old man time’ who like
the Mayan version of the Viracochas are called,
One Hunahpu.
In 00-250 BC, the Cimmerians giants migrated
North West from the Caucasus and Asia Minor
[Turkey] into the countries we now call
Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and
Denmark. Another branch of the Cimmerians
travelled up the river Danube through Hungary
and Austria into southern France. The Romans
called them Gauls and the Greeks knew them as
Keltoi or Celts. Groups of these Celtic tribes
settled in Bohemia and Bavaria and others
invaded northern Italy. Sallust, the Roman
historian, recorded how the Romans were
defeated a number of times by the Cimbri, who
he states were Gauls. Other Roman historians
say the Cimbri were Celts. They were divided
into three tribes, the Belgae [north east France]
the Gauls [central France] and the Acquitanae
[southern France to the Pyrenees Mountains].
By the second century BC, the Gauls /Celts [the
white Cimmerians from the Caucasus
Mountains and the middle east] occupied all of
Central Europe and northern Italy going on to
conquer all of that country.
The Cimmerians settled in Wales also which is
why the Welsh language is called Cymru.
Another group from the Caucasus region were
known as the Scythians. The Romans called the
Scythians Saramatae and the Germani from the
Latin word Germanus, meaning Genuine. The
Scythians were known as the genuine people
from Germani/ Germany. The Anglo Saxons
that invaded Britain were also known as
Germani by the Romans.
The Visigoths [Hyskos – Germanic tribes] of
Southern France sack Rome and the power of
the new religion Christianity means the Popes
take on where the Emperors left off. So
the Roman dictatorship became a Papal
dictatorship only for consumption for the
masses. This is why the message of love
enshrined within Christianity has never held
sway within the Illuminati, only in the hearts of
the masses. The centuries that followed saw
great slaughter as the Nephilim bloodlines takes
absolute power controlling all through one man,
a Papal Emperor.souls who opposed Rome.

One of the Hun skulls excavated by

archaeologists - [cone head, or 'shapeless lump'
as described by contemporaries]
Around 434 Attila the Hun was on the scene,
said to be the awaited warrior that would unite
two peoples to challenge Rome in their quest for
world domination. This prompted the Eastern
Roman Emperor Theodosius II to offer Attila
and his brother Bleda 660 pounds of gold per
year to keep the peace. This peace was very
short lived when in 441 the Hun attacked the
Eastern Roman Empire after Attila had realised
a deception being played against him. With
Rome on the brink and in tatters, the Emperors
mother allied herself with a great Roman
General who she freed from prison to deal with
the legend of Attila. They set to manipulate the
populations bordering Rome’s empire, Attila
was the target for manipulation and destruction,
they would bring him in to fight against
the Visigoths who had been allied with Rome in
Attila’s defeat on the plains of Chalons.
Attila it seems, is part of our ‘forbidden history’,
it is generally agreed that he came from the
Caucasus Mountains but no one knows how he
got there. All images of Attila were made long
after his death and all of them vary. There is no
first-hand account of what he looked like and
there are only 3 words recorded in the language
he spoke. Even the name ‘Attila’ is modified to
fit the Gothic tongue. The Huns origins has been
debated for centuries.
The literary sources, Priscus and Jordanes,
preserve only a few names and three words of
the language of the Huns, which have been
studied for more than a century and a half. The
sources themselves do not give the meaning of
any of the names, only of the three words. These
words [medos, kamos, strava] do not seem to be
Turkic and most likely Indo-European similar to
Slavic and Dacian.
The Huns were a group of nomads who
migrated into Europe in 370 AD. Attila
inherited his throne in 434 AD, slaughtering
the Goth tribes in Europe and made his way to
Rome. He took his throne in what is known
as Hungary today.'Scythian, was the name the
Greeks gave the nomadic tribes which included
different races.
The Huns arrived in Europe around 370 and
settled in modern-day Hungary. Their
appearance forced the resident Visigoths,
Ostrogoths and other Germanic tribes to move
westward and southward and into direct
confrontation with the Roman Empire – driving
out the remaining aboriginal tribes of Europe.
Attila’s barbaric savagery is exemplified
through his self dubbing of the title ‘The
Scourge of God’.The ‘Scourge’ was an Ancient
Roman type of whip, designed to inflict the
most damage and pain possible on the victim.
Attila dubbed himself the ‘Scourge of God’ as
he believed himself to be God’s whip to inflict
as much pain and damage to the Western and
Eastern Roman Empires as possible.
Attila drew his formidable power from a
magical weapon, the ‘Sword of Mars’. The
Sword of Mars was bestowed upon Attila by a
shepherd who had found the weapon in the
middle of a field after his cows mysteriously
started spurting blood. The Sword of Mars, also
known as the Sword of Attila, was a legendary
weapon carried by Attila, which served as his
close-range weapon. The Sword of Mars came
to be somewhat of a scepter, symbolizing
Attila's right to leadership.
The only accounts of Attila’s appearance and
that of the Hun’s comes from second hand
accounts or from his enemies:
All accounts state that Attila had a bizarre
appearance; 'swarthy' [dark] skinned with a
‘shapeless lump’ for a head and ‘pin holes rather
than eyes'. The Huns had little facial hair due to
self inflicted scarring on their faces. They were
small in height but incredibly stocky and
powerful and rarely dismounted from their
horses so much so, that some accounts state that
the Huns had problems keeping their balance
when walking. They apparently slow cooked
raw meat between their thighs whilst on
horseback. They were described as being so
monstrously ugly and misshapen that one might
take them for being a beast.
According to a contemporary Byzantine, the
Huns lived like wild animals; they were often
equated with wolves. [Origin or warewolves?]
Jordanes, a Goth's writing in Italy in 551, a
century after the collapse of the Hunnic Empire,
describes the Huns as a ‘savage race, which
dwelt at first in the swamps, a stunted, foul and
puny tribe, scarcely human, and having no
language save one which bore but slight
resemblance to human speech.’
The nation of the Huns was in Thrace, became
so great that more than a hundred cities were
captured and Constantinople almost came into
danger and most men fled from it.
[The original Al-Qaeda ?]
Attila died on his wedding night, the Roman
chronicler Count Marcellinus, reports that
‘Attila, King of the Huns and ravages of the
provinces of Europe, was pierced by the hand
and blade of his wife'. The Volsunga saga and
the Poetic Edda also claim that King Atli
[Attila] died at the hands of his wife, Gudrun.
Based on detailed philological analysis,
Babcock concludes that the account of natural
death, given by Priscus, was an ecclesiastical
‘cover story’ and that Emperor Marcian [who
ruled the Eastern Roman Empire from 450 to
457] was the political force behind Attila's
With Attila gone and a bunch of lesser
intelligent rulers, ruling, what would become
known as the dark ages descended upon Europe
as the Khazar Empire grew, operating against
humanity known as the Ashkenazi Jews, just
one of the Nephilim bloodlines.
The Maya after they were taken over by the
Nefilim through the priest’s of Mendes instilled
the blood rites of kingship and human sacrifice
into their religion, as the Nefilim mated with
Maya women and created hybrid bloodlines into
the race to continue the horror and ensure the
race as a whole would be Childs play to
takeover in the future… The white priests then
left stating they would return, and they did, the
Spanish! Within there corrupted religious rites
the tell tale sign of the Elohim was everywhere
to be seen, most notably human sacrifice. The
sacrificial victims would be taken to the God at
the top of the pyramid by the priests only to be
taken the last level by the high priest’s [or in
today’s climate Cardinals], only they
communicate Gods orders to the people as they
alone know the truth and see the gods. Young
virgins were taken to the top for breeding with
the gods and for sacrifice.

Mayans went from high spiritual technology to

suddenly sacrificing humans
They form each race into a strict hierarchical
social structure and force a religious doctrine to
capture any individuality and create a herd
mentality under the threat of obscene violence
be it physical or financial. The story of the
Maya and the Inca is the same story for all races
and tribes. At some point post flood history, all
have been infiltrated through either violent war
or forced religious imposition.
The Nefilim are fear personified as they are
deceiving all, thus the moment fear enters your
mind, your heart is cut off and the vibration is
lowered, the magician takes over, that is pure
Tarot. When it comes to the Anunnaki Race, the
leading fraction of beings who knowingly carry
out this agenda in physical form are bred within
the sons of Anu/Annunaki/Ashkenazi, which
has interbred with all the races on the earth.
One can understand why the Creation story
claims the world is only 6000 years old; this is
the Nefilim's creation story. The Elohim
descended on those people who were building in
the early Babylon, great structures, because they
were afraid of the success of the surviving
peoples, they decided to spread these ‘building’
people across the globe giving them different
language that they would not become a threat to
the Elohim through cohesion.
The Khazars, the new ‘Black Pope’ & the
prophecies of Gog/Magog

His-story of the
m bloodlines:Copyright Naomi Astral © 17
March 2013
Seems that everyone is talking about the last
Pope [Malachy prophecies] and the ‘Black
Pope’ [Nostrodamus prophecies] but after
scouring the internet, no one has made the
connection between the new Pope, Jorge Mario
Bergoglio and the prophecies of Gog and
Magog from the bible. The new Pope even has
the word, ‘Gog’ in the middle of his surname!
[‘Google’ also contains the word, Gog and
‘Yahoo’ means a beast masquerading as a hue-
man..not too dissimilar to Yahu as in, Neten-

There is no such thing as coincidences and even

more so regarding the parasitic elite who are
fanatical when it comes to gemantria or word
magick, rituals and casting spells/spelling/go-
spells. They are sorcerers who control the
matrix by manipulating energy and frequencies.
GOG & MAGOGGog and Magog are basically
one or two Nephilim bloodlines from the
Caucasus Mountains which forms a natural
border between Russia and Asia. Other names
for 'Nephilim' in the bible include; giants/men-
god/watchers/mighty-men/fallen-angels. Later,
they became known as faerie/shining-
lian/Annunaki. All of these words are
interchangeable and used to describe the same
bloodlines of Nephilim origin. The prophecies
of Gog and Magog or Gog of Magog are related
to end-times when they will return during a final
war related to the Nephilim.
The use of the biblical terms for ‘Nephilim’
largely died out when the Vatican convinced the
world that all the Yahoo’s/Nephilim were
destroyed by the great flood [even though the
bible itself states that this was clearly not the
case]. The Vatican was unable to explain why;
the biblical god, Yahwey [Yah-hoo?] or
Jehovah/YHWH/Yod/Enil, declared a world-
wide mass slaughter of every living thing on
earth [except for those on the Ark] in order to
destroy the Nephilim but was so incompetent,
the Nephilim survived through Noah’s
offspring. Anyhow, the Vatican insisted that
they were ALL killed in the flood, which meant
that these bloodlines could remain hidden
I’m not going to go into too much detail here
regarding the origins of the
Ashkenazi’s/Khazars as I have already done so
extensively in 2 articles: [Giant Nephilim from
the Caucasus Mountains & Medieval Goths]
please read them, as few people understand the
relationship between Prometheus and the
Caucasus Mountains and his creation of a race
of people who inhabited those mountains
bordering Russia. The Caucasus Mountains are
the common denominator here and most
scholars and historians agree, that this is where
these people can be traced to. However, there is
much contention as to how they got there, as
they are not indigenous to ‘mainland’ Europe.
Yet curiously, they [Khazarian empire] say very
little regarding their own origins and leave the
speculators to speculate.
There are a few theories based on ancient
writings [including, Promethus and Yakub
discussed further down in the article]. The
common denominator in historical and scientific
theories, is that the Germanic tribes suddenly
appeared in the Caucasus Mountains and had
been previously been unknown to the classical
world. However, this is not entirely true; the
Khazarian empire had been extensively
documented by European historians, Christians,
the Vatican, Islam and the Moors. It has only
been in recent his-story - since the 1800's that
Europeans rewrote European his-story and
began denying the his-story of the Khazars in
order to conceal the origin of the Jews and many
other European bloodlines.
Many people believe that the modern Europeans
originally came from Turkey because of the
linguistic relationship which classical writers
also noted. I’m sceptical of this theory as the
Greeks and Romans would have known about
and written about the white-skinned tribes living
in Turkey . The Romans and other ancients such
as the Egyptians noted that the features of the
Germani [white skin and red hair was a specific
trait of the Germani.] Just as the original people
of Europe were not Caucasian, neither were the
aborigines of Greece and Rome, which changed
after the Germanic tribes invaded them. This is
no different from looking at Australia, New
Zealand or South Africa and assuming that
colonisers have always lived there.
The Jews admit that they are not the
descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their
writings. Under the heading of ‘A brief History
of the Terms for Jew’ in the 1980 Jewish
Almanac is the following:
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia:
‘..Khazars, a medieval people, probably related
to the Volga Bulgars, whose ruling class
adopted Judaism during the 8th cent. The
Khazars seem to have emerged during the 6th
cent., from the vast nomadic Hun [Turki]
empire which stretched from the steppes of
Eastern Europe and the Volga basin to the
Chinese frontier. Although it is often claimed
that allusions to the Khazars are found as early
as 200 C.E., actually they are not mentioned
until 627...Most Jewish Historians date the
conversion of the Khazar King to Judaism
during the first half of this century A.D..’
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia:
‘..The primary meaning of Ashkenaz and
Ashkenazim in Hebrew is Germany and
Germans. This may be due to the fact that the
home of the ancient ancestors of the Germans is
Media, which is the Biblical Ashkenaz... Krauss
is of the opinion that in the early medieval ages
the Khazars were sometimes referred to as
Ashkenazim...About 92 percent of all Jews or
approximately 14,500,000 are Ashkenazim..’
Encyclopedia Britannica [15th edition]:
‘Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an
ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a
contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew -
[1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3].
Encyclopedia Britannica [15th edition]:
‘..Khazars, confederation of Turkic and Iranian
tribes that established a major commercial
empire in the second half of the 6th century,
covering the south-eastern section of modern
European Russia...In the middle of the 8th
century the ruling classes adopted Judaism as
their religion..’
[NOTE] It is unreasonable to assume that only
the Khazar elite converted to Judaism, there is
masses of evidence to show that the populace
was forced to convert to Judaism. As was the
case when Royals converted to Christianity and
Islam, there was always a mass conversion of
the populace. I mention this because some
Ashke-nazi Jews argue that it was only the elite
who converted to Judaism; as an argument to
justify their occupation of Palestinian lands, an
argument which completely contradicts the
facts, including DNA evidence.


All European languages are related to a group of
languages called, Indo-European and there is
close relationship with Hebrew [Phonecian] and
Sanskrit. Though, these are interesting points to
consider, it does not automatically follow that
they must have originated in the country which
shares the language. The Caucasus Mountains
were known by the traders from many lands -
even from the Hebrews, some of which had
settled in Afghanistan. Any one of these people
could have taught the Germanics their language.
The Germanics were like chameleons when it
came to absorbing other cultures. Yet they were
late in developing any culture independently or
even a writing system of their own.
Though historians now speak of ‘European
aboriginals,’ it still sticks in their throats to
actually mention who these people actually were
and they use terms such as, ‘pre-Hellenism’
which actually refers to the time period before
Caucasians colonised Europe. When I speak of
Hellenism, I’m also referring to the introduction
of the concept of ‘HELL’ in all the Abrahamic
religions, this Hellenism is based upon vampiric
lore, [Nephilim] necromancy and death cults.
New scientific data also supports ancient
historical records - scientists now say that white
skin and blue eyes are a recent development and
appeared around 6,000 years ago. They say that
the gene for white skin is almost identical to an
albino gene. This is a fascinating theory,
however - other recent studies from genetics
kinda blows this out of the water. Previously, it
was generally accepted that all people on earth
came from 'Eve' [out of Africa] but now they are
saying that, 'ALL non-Africans originated from
Neanderthals' - whereas, the indigenous
aboriginals came from Homo Sapiens. If
Germanic peoples came from Neanderthals,
they cannot be the albinos of indigenous
peoples. So, if Germanic peoples are only 6,000
- where did Neanderthal come from? - this
blows my mind the more I think about it.


The ancient accounts from the classical world
clearly states that Germanic tribes [not the
original Germans] suddenly erupted onto the
scene and were previously unknown. New
scientific studies also synchronise with these
ancient records and scientists have isolated the
WHITE SKIN’ previously, scientists had
erroneously assumed that the original Europeans
were black [out of Africa] and evolved a lighter
skin over many generations to adapt to the
colder climate but this has been debunked on
many levels. There are many dark skinned
peoples, such as the Eskimo who have lived in
freezing conditions for thousands of years, they
never turned white. Likewise for white people
living in hot climates. The only thing that can
change a persons skin is, DNA assimilation.
Paler skin cropped up ongene SLC24A5 around
5300 to 6000 years ago.
Above is one of the three Albino children of a
Brazilian mother; both parents must carry the
albinism gene in order to produce a child with
albinism. Where both parents are carriers of the
albinism gene, there is a one in four chance that
a child will be born with the condition. [see
children.html] There are at least 4 different
types of Albinoism and it can also produce
bright red hair that can still be seen in the Bhatti
tribe of Pakistan tribe today.
MUTATION: Studies show that most hue-mans
HAD brown eyes, and they tracked a ‘mutant
gene’ for blues eyes which is around 6,000 –
10,000 years old. People who have blue eyes,
lack the pigment which gives the eyes their
colour and the absence of colour causes the
appearance of ‘blue’ which is a recessive


The classical world, ancient Greece, Rome, the
Chinese, Persians, Moors and ancient Egyptians
all wrote about the Germanics - who had been
annexed by a great wall around the Caucasus
Mountains after they had created havoc among
the ancient populations. The ancient Egyptians
rounded them up and marched them to the
mountains which was viewed as a natural
barrier on one side and walls were built on the
other to seal them in. The Egyptians recorded
that their 'imprisonment' lasted 2,000 years
before they sent Tut'Moses an emissary, to
civilise the tribes and teach them writing; the
laws of Maat and the 42 negative confessions
and the history of the world. It's said that the
Moors simplified these teaching and the
Germanics reduced these teachings even further
into what is known as the Bible [Old Testament]
- what they call, 'The Torah'. It is also very
possible that this is where the Ashke-nazi Jews
get their biblical story of being imprisoned by
the ancient Egyptians for 400 years; and how
Moses [Tut'Moses] - the Egyptian came to free
them; then finally, their 'EXODUS' out of the
mountains. I read some place that the Russian's
have ancient accounts regarding Exodus stories
related to those mountains, will post here when I
find it. It is also possible that this is where the
Ashke-nazi's Biblical hatred for the ancient
Egyptians and other indigenous races comes
from. The Ashke-nazi has the 'mother of all
complexes' and spends his days exterminating
the other races of earth using biological
weapons his psychotic scientist design. His aim
is to create a world order where the Ashke-nazi
has entire control of the planet and the Goyim
are completely enslaved. His reasons for this,
could be his two thousand years imprisoned in
the Caucasus Mountains.I know this all sounds
far fetched until you read what the ancient
Greeks, Persians, Chinese and Moors said. All
record the same events which European
scholars, since the 1800's have dismissed as
myth or created confusion with 'scholars' having
different schools of thought; when they know
full well what was written about them.
Meanwhile, they re-write their his-story books
to reinvent their own origins superior to all the
races on the planet and refuse to recognise the
achievements of other races. The idea of
Eugenics and superiority was conceived long
before Hitler in the 1800's and is specific to the
Ashke-nazi people of Europe.
The Germani quickly learned that their
reputation preceded them and they were easily
identifiable from their pale skins, blue eyes and
red hair – these features were previously
unknown to the classical world. The Germani
learned the art of assimilation, they took on the
identity of those they conquered which not only
created confusion about their identity but
enabled them to lay claim to land and wealth
which did not belong to them. They slaughtered
the aboriginal tribes of Europe [and assimilated
the others] and in doing so, became known as:
Khazars/Gauls/Celts/Druids and many other
The Roman historian Tacitus described both the
Gaul’s and the Germanics as physically
resembling each other; giant in stature. The
giant Gaul’s derided the Roman soldiers as a
band of pygmies. The Germanic tribesman
excited astonishment by his huge body and
muscular limbs. Both were fair, with fierce blue
eyes but the Celt had yellow hair flowing over
his shoulders. The German long locks of fiery
red, were dyed to heighten the colour, and wore
it twisted into a 'Suebian' war-knot upon the top
of his head.
The Germans are universally described as very
tall, of a white complexion, with blue eyes and
fair or red hair. ‘The blue eyes peculiar to the
Germans, which generally have a soft
expression, are nevertheless described as full of
defiance. The women were almost equal to the
men, both in strength and in size; a fact which is
confirmed by skeletons found in tombs of
ancient Germans.’
Julius Caesar had famous victories over the
Germanians in 58 BC and later Augustus who
annexed them.


After defeating the Celts, the Germanic tribes
took on their identity to conceal their origins.
Modern historians often fail to mention this; but
many of the Celts were indeed giants, adult
males typically ranging in height from 6-8 feet
tall and others 12 feet or more. Because of their
great size and strength, they easily conquered
and formed ruling dynasties over the existing
peoples they found living in Europe. Just as in
the world before the Flood, these resurrected
Nephilim giants, the Rephaim of the Bible,
conquered, enslaved and often ate the aboriginal
inhabitants of Europe. People forget how well
recorded these giants have been all over the
world, though not all giant tribes were of
Germanic origin.
Many historians confirm the great height of
these wandering Celts. The ancient Greek
historian Pausanias, for example, called them
the world's tallest people. Gerhard Herm, his
modern counterpart, agrees and describes them
as ‘blond giants’ who struck terror into the
hearts of every foe. Even Rome, fought several
ferocious wars with the giants and were once
captured, SACKED, and burned to the ground.
The term ‘sacking’ originates from these
Germanic tribes who carried huge sacks to carry
their booty after looting [Santa Clause?] The
name, ‘BARBARIAN’ originated with these
Germanic tribes given to them by the Romans,
as did the
It's also worth mentioning that the Germanic
tribes were not the only race of giants, there
were many others who were indigenous to the
lands of Europe and other parts of the world
[see the indigenous Greek 'Adelphi twins',
Kleobis and Bilton who's statues are 6.5 feet tall
below] The aboriginal Minoans were also
known to be a race of giants. There were
numerous wars between the Romans and
Germanic giants and the Roman legions had to
develop techniques to kill giants in large
numbers, which also included employing
indigenous giants to fight them.
In Upper Asia, Mesopotamia, and Asia Minor,
these Germanic plunderers were known as the
Gomarian Sacae. But once they settled in
Europe, they decided to shed their derisive
name, which means ‘robbers’, and began calling
themselves the Celtae [pronounced - Kelti or
Celic], which denotes ‘potent and valiant men’ -
another stolen identity.
The words;
erie/bloodlines/demons are interchangeable and
just some of the words originally used instead of
‘vampire’. If you google the origins of the word
vampire, you will most likely come across the
Bram Stoker explanation as the origin of
vampires which is totally untrue - Vampires
have a very ancient his-story.
The problem we have with the etymology
[origin] of words is that their original meaning
becomes lost within the modern context. The
changing or bastardisation of words has been a
deliberate intent of those who wish to conceal
the true meaning of a word or phrase. This is
why it is necessary to seek the meaning of a
word in its original form such as, Latin or Greek
in order to decode its meaning. The oldest
recorded vampires come from ancient Egypt and
There are many definitions of a vampire;
energy-vampires, parasites, cannibals and
vampires of consciousness.
Ancient Egypt/Khemet fell due to internal
conflict when 'Set' who became the archetypal
Satan, began a new practise and had many
priests and followers. This practice seems to be
related to the dark arts based on sex magick...he
also somehow becomes 'mutated' physically. It
was during this time that the Tama'u were
created. The Egyptians first created artificial
thought forms which manifested in the lowest
level of the astral world, called LUNA - this is
how Egypt fell - through the creation of the the
Tama'u. Set is the main god the Hyskos worship
because he was the one who created them.
Set used sex magick to create beings from the
chakras by controlling the kundalini during
orgasm. If the child is produced from the lower
chakras, a Set or devil is produced which only
has access to those chakras he was created with.
If a child is born from the higher chakras - like
the crown chakra, a 'Horus or Christ' is
produced and this person can function from the
higher chakras. These 'non-humans' were said to
have powers which far exceeded most hue-
mans. Although their powers exceed the average
hue-man; they are said to have a limited dna
lifespan of 6,000 years and are unable to
'operate' above the lower chakras of the body.
This is also true when they die, they
cannot reincarnate beyond the upper chakras of
the cosmos and are limited to life on earth. It's
said that even their physical bodies deteriorate
with space flight as they do not possess the
crystalline-melanin-based dna which is more
compatible with higher frequencies. Folklore
states that at some point, the Egyptian vampire
clans were defeated by the Romanian ones.
The Egyptians called the child of the lower
chakras a 'non human being' - even though they
had super-natural powers and intelligence. This
is what Aleister Crowley was attempting to
achieve and he wrote a book about it called
[THE MOON CHILD]...he used women called,
'Astarie' and says that the offspring are called a
'moon children' or werewolf because they are a
child of the lowest astral plane [the luna].
It’s said that when the vampire clans are active
in large numbers, the land is also afflicted with
pestilence and plagues as the vampires practice
demonism and sorcery. Wars and constant
violent activity in particular areas of the world
not only serve as rituals for these bloodlines but
also conceals the activities of vampirism and
cannibalism. They also provide a food source
for the predator, whilst their crimes go
The original practice of these people was based
on mass sacrifice and cannibalism, which has
been well documented. It wasn’t unusual for
them to sacrifice an entire legion of their own
soldiers in ritualistic blood frenzy. The other
notable practice was sodomy, bestiality and
paedophilia on a staggering scale which they
believed to be quite normal.
Historically, allegations of cannibalism and
paganism were used by the colonial powers to
justify their slavery, ritual abuse and mass
genocide of indigenous peoples when the reality
was quite the opposite. Europeans often
introduced these practices which were
previously unknown [the Mayans being an
obvious example]. I’m not saying that no one
ever practised these things but never on the
scale of Europeans.
CANNIBALSHerodotus reports that the so-
called ‘Androphagoi’ are the ‘only’ people in
the region to practice cannibalism. He
specifically describes the removal of the meat
and mixing it with other foodstuffs to make a
funerary stew. Though some historians think
that Herodotus was most likely mistaken; this
has been the tactic of the European elite, to
simply deny evidence, destroy evidence and
hide evidence. There is too much archaeological
evidence which supports this and validates what
the ancient writers wrote about the Germanic-
Celtic tribes. Also, when you look at the food
and medical industry [which the Ashke-nazi's
have much control] - there is a pattern of using
hue-mans harvested from the dead and aborted
foetuses in their food products, vaccinations and
beauty industry [Soylent Green].
The Teutons or Teutones [Celts] were
a Germanic tribe mentioned
by Greek and Roman authors,
notably Strabo and Marcus Velleius Paterculus -
said that they practised hue-man sacrifice on a
mass scale to their gods and over 1,000 warriors
have been found in a Danish bog confirming the
horrific battle practices of this tribe. The whole
army was
Tiberius was a Roman Emperor after Augustus,
from 14 to 37, he was Emperor after Augustus,
from 14 to 37. Tiberus had a huge villa built on
Capri, where he lived. He called it, ‘Villa Jovis’
the Villa of Jove [Jupiter], in which he indulged
his paedophilia. He swam naked with and raped
infants, toddlers and young boys. Even in his
late seventies, sex with young children was one
of his favourite pastimes. It’s notable that
‘Jupiter’ was a Germanic [Norse] god, and
demonstrates just how early, the Germanics had
completely taken over Rome. The Romans even
worshipped the Germanics as Titans.
National Graphic says: ‘..The Druids of Celtic
Britain are remembered as mystical holy men,
holding the secrets of nature. But ancient
sources including, Julius Caesar himself
accused them of human sacrifice and
cannibalism. Now, new discoveries are
uncovering the secrets of these Celtic pagan
Two new books published within the last couple
of years chronicles European cannibalism and
states that, '..Europeans saw nothing wrong with
cannibalism until the 1900's..' - so, they tell the
truth but remain diplomatic with the content
implying that Europeans are no longer
cannibals: Medicinal Cannibalism in Early
Modern English Literature and Culture, by
Louise Noble and Mummies, Cannibals and
Vampires: The History of Corpse Medicine
from the Renaissance to the Victorians, by
English university lecturer Richard Sugg, also
shows the history of cannibalism in Europe.
has also been widely reported that the British
royal family were cannibals until 300 years ago;
again, they tell the truth but remain diplomatic.
It's not so much that they want people to
understand that this is wrong and they feel
remorse regarding their practises; it's part of the
programming of the psyche of the masses into
accepting this as 'normal' behaviour. We see the
same predictive programming regarding
paedophila and in particular Germany's lead
with the EU nations to legalise it. This is why
Nazi Pope Benedict famously said in 2010 that,
'paedophilia was normal in his day' and the new
Pope Francis has said that one in 50 clerics is a
paedophile, which is grossly underestimated, the
point is, they're playing psychological warfare
games into tricking the masses into believing
that it is acceptable to rape a child. It is notable
that Pope Francis has made it criminal offence
for any clerics to report or even speak about any
acts of paedophilia in Vatican city, which has
it's own police force and army.
It's also interesting that a new book claims that
Pope Benedict was actually a Crypto-Jew and
traces his Jewish geneaology, which is no
surprise because most religious clerics who
claim to be Christians or Moslems practice
demonism and ritual sacrifice behind the scenes,
which is the religion of the Khazar-Jews. When
you consider the historical wholesale slaughter
and terrorism of the Palestinians, the Chrisians
and Moslem clerics often remain silent in this
matter. This speaks volumes and when you
understand, they are Crypto-Jews of the
Khazarian empire, it makes sense. This is also
true for Freemasons who are predominately
Jews and some convert to Christianity or Islam
in order to become priests of those religions or
Crypto-Jews to control the masses and the
wealth and to hide their practices behind
religions. This is why some people find it
confusing when they realise that Hitler was a
Catholic and DNA studies show that he was
partly Jewish.
These hallmarks of hue-man sacrifice and
paedophilia are still practised by the religious
elite, it comes as no surprise, that the age of
consent for sex in the Vatican city, is 12 yrs old.
This means that until 2013, it was legal for
Vatican priests to has sex with children. This
'consent law' went viral on the internet and
forced the Vatican to change its laws. Whatever
the age for consent, the priests are supposed to
be celibate.

Above is artwork depicting cannibalism in

Muscovy, Lithuania 1571

Several early historians portray most Gallic

males as homosexuals. Diodorus noted;
'..Although their wives are comely, they have
very little to do with them, but rage with lust in
an outlandish fashion for the embraces of males.
And the most astonishing thing of all is that they
feel no concern for their proper dignity but
prostitute to others without a qualm, the flower
of their bodies; nor do they consider this a
disgraceful thing to do, but rather when any-one
of them is thus approached and refuses the
favour offered him, this they consider an act of
dishonour..' - DiodorusThis also the origin of
the word faery, the name the Romans gave to
the Celtic homosexuals who practised magick
and sorcery. Although the Greeks and Romans
were renowned homosexuals and paedophiles,
this behaviour was apparently adopted from the
Germanics long before Constantine sold Rome
to them; and by the fourth century most of the
Roman [Christian] soldiers were German
mercenaries. The evidence of this acceptance of
this Germanic culture is in their chronicles,
artwork and sculptures.
Now...I’m not making any judgements here
regarding homosexuality; I have no personal
religion or belief systems and have no emotional
attachment to this information. This is not a
judgement on my part; I simply wish to include
all facets of this subject, as it is relevant when
considering the similarities to the religious elite
The custom in Europe was to behead enemies.
The Europeans passed laws during the early
colonisation of America to pay bounty hunters
to kill, behead and scalp ‘Native American
Indian’ men, women and children. 125 million
people were slaughtered in the Western
Hemisphere, the victims were entirely innocent
and had committed no crimes. Cash or Indian-
head-coins were paid for their heads. Today’s
US 5 cent piece with the Indian head was
designed to honour this program. Initially, the
authorities asked for the heads of Indians but the
Europeans killed so many, the loads were too
heavy to carry. This is the reason why they
changed to 'collecting scalps' to ensure the
killings continued. Although the natives were
falsely stereotyped as blood-thirsty savages, it
was actually the other way around. They made
500 Western movies to give modern Americans
the Hollywood version of the early European
colonisers, as if they were on some kind of
Odyssey exploring a hostile landscape. When
most of them were Crypto-Jews from the
expelled Spanish colonies in 1492 -
masquerading as Christians, which is why
vampirism, cannibalism and slavery was rife.
It's also one of the reasons why Jews today have
complete control over American politics, their
his-story in America begins with Columbus
[The Jew and colon-iser].
Historians and scholars now admit that
Christopher Columbus [Cristobal Colon-iser]
was a 'Crypto-Jew pretending to be a Catholic' -
he stated in his memoirs that he wanted to find a
homeland for the Jews when they were expelled
from the Spanish colonies in 1492 Columbus
miraculously [sarcasm] - 'discovered' the
Americas in the very same year 1492.
The natives were falsely stereotyped as blood-
thirsty savages. While it was the colonisers who
survived via cannibalism and slavery. Payment
for Indian heads and scalps created wealthy
entrepreneurs and families who are still the
ruling elite in US and Canada today - Crypto-
Jews.Governor Kieft of New Netherlands made
the first payment for Indian scalps in the 1660s.
By 1702 Massachusetts offered $6 for each
Indian scalp. In 1756 Governor Morris of
Pennsylvania offered ‘130 Pieces of Eight [type
of coin] for the Scalp of Every Male Indian
Enemy, above the Age of Twelve Years’ and
‘50 for the Scalp of Every Indian Woman’.
Today’s genocide is disguised as Bill C-45 and
other Admiralty statute laws to eliminate
Natives ‘legally’. Massachusetts increased its
payments to 40 pounds for a male, 20 for
females and children under 12 years old. It was
difficult to tell a man’s scalp from a woman’s,
or an adult’s from a child’s – or that of an
enemy from a peaceful Indian. Bounties lead to
widespread violence against any Indigenous
person, male or female, young or old. The
European elite have always done this, accused
indigenous peoples of the very crimes they are
committing themselves to ensure that their own
people turn a Christian ‘blind eye’. They are
still doing this today to Native Americans and
blaming Mexican drug cartels.
All over the world, the same European/Khazars
are doing the same thing to indigenous peoples.
Twenty million dead in the Congo ‘alone’ over
the last decade and few Europeans even bat an
These sorcerers are manipulators of energy.
They create an energy field, a vibrational
frequency, which connects the consciousness of
the participants to demonic energies and other
consciousness of the lower dimensions. This is
the dimensional field, also known as the lower
astral to many people, which resonates to the
frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear,
guilt, hate and so on. When a ritual focuses
these emotions, as Demonism does, a powerful
connection is made with the lower dimensional
Archons. They summon these demonic entities
in return for power, wealth and immortality.
They often conduct these rituals on vortex
points; the ancients recognised where these
energy centres and ley-lines were and built
megalithic monuments and temples at these
places which were used for healing, advanced
science and learning. The Khazars took over
these ancient sites and corrupted the energies
there building demonic churches where the
temples had been. Rituals often take place here
– so that the emotion harvested [fear, terror,
anxiety etc] enters the global energy grid. This
keeps the frequency of the planet low, in an
environment needed for the lower astral entities
to survive. The rituals they conduct invariably
involve [open] sacrifices, sometimes on a mass
scale, such as a war and other times it might be
individuals or specific groups so that the terror
created in the public arena can be harvested in
an energetic form.
In the past, scholars have always dismissed
events such as the black death/plague as being
filled with superstitions from an ignorant
populace seeking to find answers from a
supernatural source. The scholars say things
such as, ‘people only understood germs existed
in the 19th century’ – which is borderline
stupidity when you consider the ancient writings
regarding cleanliness and the prevention of
disease. They might not have used modern
words such as, ‘microscopic’ or ‘virus’ the
language was different but the science was even
more advanced. Who could ever imagine that
the likes of Hippocrates [who was considered
the father of medicine by the ancient Greeks
over 2,000 years ago] had no idea about
microscopic germs!?
All religions have their roots in the Khazar
religion; hue-man sacrifice, diabolical rituals
and cannibalism/vampirism - which was noted
by many Roman Generals and historians. Most
people don’t understand that these practices
continue to this day under the canopy of
religion, politics and globalisation. The global
elite are parasitic vampires.
When the early Christian generals of Rome
were ordered to ‘sort out’ the barbarian hoards
of Europe, they found that these tribes were
already Christians [Crypto-Jews]. Historians
have always told us that it was Rome who
brought Christianity to Europe but it was
actually the other way around. The Moors
dominated the world at the time regarding
culture, science and art and it was these Moors
who shared their knowledge with the Khazars. I
say, 'shared' very loosely because there was a
long his-story of conflict between the Moors
and the Khazars; in fact, the entire world
seemed to be at war with them.
These Germanic tribes from the Caucasus
Mountains invaded the indigenous peoples of
Europe, including Greece and Rome. And by
the fourth century, the Roman armies were
almost entirely composed of Germanic tribes
under the banner of the Christian army - they
renamed the 'Roman Empire' they had
conquered, 'The Holy Roman Empire' and
established the Vatican. The new Vatican was
entirely Germanic and the source of its power
remained in central Europe, particularly
Germany. Everyone knows that the Germanic
Vatican priesthood retained their pagan
[Khazarian-Jewish] practices under the guise of
Christianity [Crypto-Jews] They took on the
identity of those they conquered, not only
assimilating them but becoming the
ultimate vampiresque parasite.
These Germanic tribes assimilated other tribes
and became known as the
Phoenicians/Shepherd kings /Scythians/
Huns /Khazars /Turks /Sea-peoples and many
other names. They split into groups; some
became Christians, others Jews [Ashkenazi] and
others adopted Islam. There was never a
genuine conversion to these religions and they
always remained faithful to their Khazarian
roots and Talmud which they created in the 8th
century after they created Judaism - which has
nothing to do with the real Hebrews or
Israelites. The word, 'Jew' is also peculiar to the
Khazar-Ashkenazi's and was not used until the
18th century editions of the bible, when they
first conceived the idea of persuading the world
that they were the original Israelites of the
Biblical Middle East. Not everyone accepted
this idea and they were challenged by many
scholars, including their own, so the German,
William Marr coined the term, 'ANTI-
SEMITISM' in 1879 so that Ashke-nazi Jews
could bully and harass anyone who denied they
were from the Middle-East or challenged their
behaviour towards the non-Jews. Ashke-nazi
Jews also have a long his-story of slaughtering
and enslaving the real biblical Israelites in an
effort to replace them. They fear the Hebrew
prophecies and writings of the ancients which
reveal a life-span of 6,000 years for their DNA,
they fear genetic annihilation, which drives
them towards the psychotic destruction of
everyone else. [Google, 'the Sampson Option',
regarding Israeli policy in case anyone attacks
them] - in short, '..If we go down, we take the
world with us..'
Religions are used to make shekels from the
Goyim and as a means to call upon ‘holy wars’
[mass ritual, sacrifice and
cannibalism/vampirism] and to control the
masses - just as Constantine, the Druid had
done. Historians can never get their heads
around the fact that the worst barbarians in his-
story such as Hitler [Crypto-Jew] were also
Christian but it’s not so difficult to understand
when you know that they were also
predators/vampires/cannibals/yahoo’s who were
hiding behind religion in order to give them
access to wholesale slaughter and wars.
The similarities between Christian and vampiric
culture virtually go hand in hand; the
resurrection of the dead, the special feasting of
Christ’s body the drinking of blood, torture [of
Christ] and so on. The Vampire folklore of
Europe is no different from Christian
mythology. Its also noteworthy that few
Christians understand the Ashke-nazi hatred for
them in particular and there has been mass ritual
slaughtering of Christians historically by Jews,
which is also expressed in their Talmud - the
Satanic verses.
demonic energy: - take a closer look at the
demons in the wood-work!
These vampire practises were also noted by the
Meso-Americans both before Columbus and
after. Though historians tell us that Europeans
didn’t know of the America’s before Columbus,
this is totally untrue. The Germanic tribes who
took on the identity of the Phoenicians adopted
the skull and bones for their flag ships – later
known as ‘pirates’ and later became known as
the Knights Templar and finally the ‘Skull and
Bones society’ It’s also interesting to note that
the Mayans [who did not originally practice
hue-man sacrifice] began this practice. It would
be reasonable to assume that someone
introduced it. Many ‘Native Americans’ also
have an understanding of vampire and werewolf
cultures. Vampirism was also rife in the West
Indies apparently after vampire clans from
Europe and America hit this part of the world as
a new feeding ground – as depicted in the
movie, ‘Interview with a Vampire’.
THEMSELVES’ *grinning*
According to Genesis, Eve appears to give birth
to two very different humans – Cain and Able.
Cain is described as having a thick coat of red
hair covering his body – He was also noted
because he killed his brother, Abel. In vampire is from Cain that the vampires,
werewolves and cannibals originate form.
Another round of giants was said to be produced
by Japeth, one of Noah’s sons. Japeth’s two
eldest sons, were GOMER and MAGOG [see
"Now these are the generations of the sons of
Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them
were sons born after the flood. The sons of
Japheth;...the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz..."
(Genesis 10:1-3)
In the middle ages there were five different
races of ‘wild-men’ recognised and *MARY
MAGDELINE* was considered, ‘Solaterii’ a
bigfoot tribe. There is statue in a castle in
Austria which depicts her as hairy-woman/yeti
from the 15th century. In 877 the ‘Bear Prince’
– Ursus was crowned...and is undeniably what
we would consider ‘yeti’ – he led a revolt
against King Louis 11 of


MOUNTAINSIt is speculated by many that
‘God’ had imprisoned Azazel and Semjaza in
the Caucasus Mountains as a punishment for
their creation of the giants/Nephilim/men of
fame/men of old – as they were known. Not
only did they create these giants – they gave
them advanced weapons and programmed them
for war and inhabited their bodies. The Greeks
tell a similar story of Zeus who imprisoned
Prometheus in the Caucasus Mountains for
creating a ‘Frankenstein’ hybrid.
The ancient Egyptians speak about a race they
created 6,000 years ago from the hairy-ape-man
[see rhesus monkey/MON-KEY/MOON-
CHILD] – Neanderthal who created havoc
amongst the homo-sapiens so were rounded up
and contained in the Caucasus Mountains –
which they called ‘Europa’ [Euro, after their
Queen and ‘rope’ meaning roped off –
imprisoned or contained] and that Moses
[Tut’moses] – the Egyptian went to the
mountains and civilised them, teaching them
language, and science. It’s said that they either
freed by Tut'Moses or ‘escaped’ from these
mountains [Exodus] and conquered the
aborigines of Europe and eventually, the rest of
the world.
One of Noah’s sons [from the bible] was called,
Japeth – who’s two eldest sons were called;
GOMER and MAGOG who were used to create
two giant/Nephilim races which emerged from
Magog made a pact with demonic entities and in
return were rewarded with offspring and
descendants who were stronger and given occult
Descendants: the GOMERIANS [aka the
Cimmerians] later came into conflict with the
descendants of Magog, who later became
known as the ‘Scythians’. The Scythians
eventually drove the Cimmerians west into
Central and Eastern Europe, where they became
the ‘Germans’. Some of the descendants of Gog
and that of his brethren then continued
migrating westward, eventually populating all of
Europe. Some of the descendants of Magog,
meanwhile, continued migrating eastward,
populating Central Asia, China, and India, later
migrating across the sea to conquer Australia
and New Zealand. Both the descendants of Gog
and Magog continued migrating westward and
eastward respectively until they finally met up
in the Americas, and control of the Americas
has regularly changed hands between Gog and
Magog ever since. The evidence or speculation
of this can be seen threefold, first is the accounts
of giants in American Indian mythology [see
‘Lovelock cave’]. Second is the sudden change
in ancient European, Mayan and Sumerian
spirituality which sees the wholesale
introduction of human sacrifice. [The giants
were said to regularly sacrifice to their gods]
And thirdly, the sudden collapse of advanced
ancient races – which seemingly disappeared.
It seems that everyone was building walls to
keep them in the Caucasus Mountains. The
Egyptians, Chinese and it’s even said that
Alexander the Great built a wall [at Gorgan in
Iran] in order to contain them. Though, I’m
sceptical of that last statement as, it was known
that Alexander had the ‘Magi’/magicians/Druids
in his court [Khazars] he was also a psychopath.
These descendants of Magog invaded
throughout Asia and set themselves up as ruling
classes over the aboriginal populations, whom
they considered to be inferior. And though they
eventually were assimilated into the native
populations, proof exists even today of their
presence and influence in Asia by the occasional
appearance of blond hair, blue or green eyes,
and Caucasian features amongst the native
populations of Asia.
The southern Cimmerians, the Gomerian Sacae
who had settled in Asia Minor on the southern
shores of the Black Sea, were said to be a
slightly more civilized barbarian, developed
ruling dynasties over the peoples that they had
conquered. However, the derisive term ‘Sacae’
applied to the Gomerians refers to the ‘sacks’
that they used to store the booty that they had
plundered from those whom they had
After the Sacae entered into Upper Phrygia, they
began calling themselves ‘Titans’ and gave
Acmon the title of Most High. The Phoenician
historian Sanchoniathon confirms that this
prince was addressed as the Most High, or Elion
[similar to Hebrew Elohim] in the Phoenician
tongue, and Altissimus in the Greek. After his
death, however, Acmon's people still reckoned
him ‘among the Number of the Gods’ and his
children continued to offer sacrifices and
oblations to him. He was succeeded in all his
dominions by his giant son Uranus, who by the
Titans was also worshiped as a god. And so it
happened that when the Greeks of ancient times
came under the dominance of the Titans, they
enthusiastically embraced the giants religious
beliefs and also bowed themselves down to
Uranus, worshiping him as a ‘Man of Heaven’.
From this single family of giant Gomarian
princes, came ‘those who have passed for the
greatest and ancient gods of the heathen world’
The Greeks however, understood them to
say Galatai, while their Roman neighbours
heard their name as Galli. The aborigines of
France, meanwhile called them Gauls. These
slightly different pronunciations of course
caused different spellings, as the Celtic scholar
Henri Hubert explains: ‘The word which was
written down as Keltos in Spain and the
neighbourhood of Marseilles sounded
differently in the ears of the Greeks of the
Balkan Peninsula, who wrote it down Galates.
But it was the same name’.


Aboriginal Greek athletes, the Adelphi twins,
‘Kleobis and Bilton’ standing 6.5 feet tall. The
statues date from about 580 BC and come from
Argos in the Peloponnese, although they were
found at Delphi.
The first Greek statues were made during what
is called the, ‘Archaic Age’ – around 500 b.c.
and they are noted for their remarkable
similarities to Egyptian art in both ethnicity and
style – both using the same stiff posture and
stylized walking gait. Most people who see
Greek art from this time period assume that
they’re Egyptian and European historians say
that it is a result of Egyptian influence on the
Greeks - but this is not entirely true. The
ethnicity of the ancient Greeks and Romans
‘pre-Hellenism’ was similar to the Egyptians –
undoubtedly Africanesque [I’m compiling a
separate post to give evidence of this as it is a
huge subject].
A little later in Greek his-story, they created
statues called, ‘Kouroi or Kouros’ – meaning,
‘youth’. These statues invariably featured young
nude males and they were intended to be erotic.
The Romans followed suit and both began
producing more erotic and pornographic art with
paedophilia at its core. There are many
researchers who state that it was the influence of
the Germanic tribes who introduced wholesale
homosexuality and paedophilia to Greece and
It’s also noteworthy, that the Romans recorded
invasions by the Germanic ‘giants’ hundreds of
years before the supposed birth of Christ. One
subgroup of the Celts, the Senones, actually
attacked and managed to sack Rome around 387
b.c. Facing off for the first time against 30,000
screaming Goliaths, enraged by grave insults
done them by Roman envoys, the Romans were
terrified and ran as soon as their lines broke at
the Battle of Allia.

The Latin’s recorded the day in July 387 BC –

when the Celtic giants terrified them. ‘..Some of
the giants they saw wore chain-wrought iron
and others wore only shirts gathered up with
belts plated with gold or silver. Many wore no
armour or clothes, preferring instead to GO
INTO BATTLE NAKED. Most however, wore
long broadswords slung around the right flanks
on chains of iron or bronze. On the spears were
fixed iron heads a cubit in length [18-20 inches].
Their swords were about 96 inches [8 feet]
long...but the terror the Romans felt at the Allia
sprang not from the Celt's height and armaments
alone. These supermen also assaulted their eyes
and ears with fierce looks, deep voices and pre-
battle antics..’
The statues of ‘Kleobis and Bilton’ are probably
the most well known from the Kouros era,
known as the athletes of Delphi, and clearly
show, like the others from this time period –
which haven’t been tampered with: [artistic
license during restoration of the sculpture to
make them look more European] – that they are
not of modern European ancestry. We know a
lot about these twins, as the ancient historian,
Herodotus saw these statues and mentions them
in his works. They were aboriginal Greeks who
were immortalised in stone because of their
Many of the Greek statues were life-sized, the
Greek brothers, Kleobis and Bilton stand 6.5
feet tall and other statues are much taller, the
tallest being 16 feet high [giants?] – and the
gods were invariable depicted as naked athletes,
much like the Celtic giants.
Diodorus, [the Roman historian] says: ‘The
Gauls are terrifying in aspect and their voices
are deep and altogether harsh; when they meet
together they converse with few words and in
riddles, hinting darkly at things for the most part
and using one word when they mean another;
and they like to talk in superlatives, to the end
that they may extol themselves and depreciate
all other men. They are also ‘tall in stature, with
rippling muscles, and white of skin, and their
hair is blond. They are always washing their
hair in lime-water, and they pull it back from the
forehead to the top of the head and back to the
nape of the neck, with the result that their
appearance is like that of Satyrs and Pans, since
the treatment of their hair makes it so heavy and
coarse that it differs in no respect from the mane
of horses.’
Diodorus' account of the way the Celts wore
their hair agrees with those representations of
the Anakim giants found in the great temple of
Abu Simbel.
The Cimmerians were almost certainly the
ancestors of or related to the giants mentioned in
the Bible, even calling themselves, ‘mighty
men’ which in the Hebrew, translates to
Gibborim. The Cimmerians were of the same
type of wicked and corrupt ‘mighty men’ that
had descended from the Nephilim in the world
before the Flood.
PEOPLE OF EU-ROPEThe Old Testament
appears to be based on the military conquests of
a psychopathic race [Ashkenazi’s] who
concealed their identity by taking on the identity
of those they conquered. It was the Moors who
first brought ancient Egyptian texts to Europe
and the Khazars were so impressed with the idea
of a ‘chosen race’ – they adopted a watered
down version of it for themselves. They became
known as the ‘RED JEWS’/Red Indians/Red-
army/Red-necks/Red legs and other names [a
reference mainly to their fair skin]. The ancient
Romans called them, 'red-faces' because their
skin turned red in the Mediterranean sun and
they generally referred to themselves as 'red
people' until the 1800's when they conceived of
a white master race. The early American
colonisers also referred to themselves as 'red
people' and was the original name of the
American Tea party. White slaves [slavs] were
the first race of slaves to be transported from
Europe to the Americas and they were referred
to as, 'Red Legs'. Once they conceived of a
'white master race', they began distinguishing
themselves from any mulatto's or mixed raced
people by calling them 'Red Indians'.
The Khazars had another opportunity to study
ancient Egyptian science and his-story, when
Greece and Rome invaded and conquered
Egypt. There were Germanic peoples and giants
in both the Greek and Roman armies. The
Roman army had included Maximum Thrax,
born in AD 173 into a humble family
of Thracian [Bulgarian]
shepherds. Maximinus proved his giant heritage
by growing to the enormous height of eight feet
six inches tall. He proved to be an exceptional
athlete, as well as being incredibly strong and
swift — and psychotic. He became the first
Roman emperor who had never set foot in
Herodian says that Alexander's new commander
not only stood to a huge height but possessed a
frightening look. Statues of Maximinus and
coins minted with his image bear this out.
Another Roman historian, Julius Capitolinus,
described his hands as so large that he used the
bracelet of his wife, Caecilia Pauline, for a
thumb-ring. The shoes he wore also measured a
foot longer than the footwear of other men.
Besides the feats of strength already mentioned
above, Maximinus reportedly could, with one
blow of his fist, knock out a horse's teeth. On
occasion he also demonstrated he could outpull
a chariot team. Capitolinus says that he daily ate
forty pounds of meat and usually drank six
gallons of wine.
During this time, the Khazars studied Egyptian
culture, the wannabe-Egyptians learned about
circumcision [which the Egyptians practiced
long before the Hebrews]. They plagiarised the
Ten Commandments from the ‘Negative
confessions’ - there were 42 Negative
Confessions written on the walls of Egyptian
temples and Egyptians students were expected
to know them. Moses was an Egyptian and
Mount Sinai is in Egypt [which is still in Africa
and not the Middle East!]. The New Testament
is a fantasy of the Khazars about ancient
Egyptian kings, his-story and astrological
knowledge. They used this knowledge to pose
as priests, seers, magi, soothsayers.
They turned ancient Egyptian sciences into a
corrupt religion and secret societies called,
mystery schools. There were no such mysteries
in ancient Egypt, they were called sciences
which almost anyone could learn. The temples
were used mainly as schools and universities but
the Khazars used them for storing looted gold
with a corrupted priesthood.
There were no Pharaoh’s in Egypt, only kings,
[a Khazar lie] – see my post on: and there was
no mass slavery either, the Egyptians didn’t
practice mass slavery, it was the Greco-Roman-
Khazar’s who introduced slavery during the
European rule of Egypt. And there is absolutely
no evidence whatsoever that the Hebrews or any
other people were enslaved for 400 years –
seems to be the beginning of the Ashkenazi
fabricating his-story to conceal his identity and
cover his crimes against hue-manity. The
Khazar magi and Druids learned that they could
control people through lies, espionage and fear.
Whenever there was an alignment or unusual
astronomical event, they would sell amulets for
protection and offered their services with spells
and potions. They turned this into an art and
then moved into the ‘end-times’ business,
selling books on prophecy and medium-ship;
and they eventually compiled the Torah which
is the first 5 books of the New Testament,
originally; the book of Exodus was the first
book of the bible and they changed it to the
book Genesis/gene/genie/geneticist/gene-of-Isis.
They set up their synagogues [SYNA-GOG] sin
or sign of Gog and demanded all nations fill
their temples with gold, built by slaves of
the Jews. [technically, they weren’t actually
called ‘Jews’ until the Ashkenazi introduced
The first time the word, ‘Jew’ was used, was in
the 1800’s. The Columbia Encyclopaedia says
this about the appearance of Judaism: ‘The term
itself was first used by Hellenized Jews to
describe their religious practice, but it is of
predominantly modern usage; it is not used in
the Bible or in Rabbinic literature and only
rarely in the literature of the medieval period.’

After compiling the Torah [which forms the first

five books of the bible] they then set the stage
for a Messiah to expand on their profitable ‘end-
times’ industry. They write over 300 prophecies
about the Christ and then apparently reject him
when he arrives. They have the ‘King of the
Jews’ tortured and impaled on a cross with the
promise of his return to all those who embrace
his teachings; which contain ritualistic prayers
for Ashke-nazi atrocities, 'Our father who art in
heaven...forgive us our trespasses as we forgive
them who trespass against us..' - It's all about
showing mercy to our oppressors and being
obedient to our slave masters; oh, and filling the
temples of Jehovah with all your shekels and
gold...gog/gold/god/dog - no coincidences. The
same goes for Jew and Jewel/treasure/gold.
Now; I'm not saying that the Bible or Quran
does not contain truths, including esoteric
knowledge. And much of it is actually based on
ancient Egyptian history, astro-theology and
astronomy. Even the ten commandments were
taken from the Egyptian '42 negative
confessions' which were written on Egyptian
temple walls. The Ashke-nazi Jews are a
counterfeit race who inserted themselves into
the pages of Egyptian and African his-story and
completely denied that Africans were
responsible for advanced civilisations, not only
in Africa but their empires around the world.
This is the reason why, even Jewish
archaeologist are unable to verify so much that
is written in the bible, it only makes sense when
you study ancient Egyptian his-story, the
plagiarism becomes painfully evident.
The same goes for Meso-America and other
places; always the same story of the pale-faced
‘gods’ who always demanded gold and
invariably were described as Spanish
Conquistadores. All the pale-faced 'gods' looked
like Cortez; it's no wonder the bible and Quran
demand that no one make an image of 'God' -
because if they did, the game would be up very
quickly.Bernal Diaz, who accompanied Cortes
on his march to the capital of the Aztecs at
Tenochtitlan in 1519, related a curious tale. He
said that an Indian named Tendile, one of two
ambassadors sent to Cortes by Montezuma,
noticed a soldier's helmet and said that ‘it was
like one that they possessed which had been left
to them by their ancestors of the race from
which they had sprung, and that it had been
placed on the head of their god.’ According to
Diaz, when Montezuma saw the helmet, ‘he felt
convinced that we belonged to the race which,
as his forefathers had foretold, would come to
rule over the land’ (Diaz 1977, 276-77). Diaz
also claimed that a chief named Quintalbor
looked exactly like Cortes.
Despite their generally negative depiction in the
LONDON carry images of Gog and Magog
[depicted as giants] in a traditional procession in
the Lord Mayor's show. According to the
tradition, the giants Gog and Magog are
guardians of the City of London and images of
them have been carried in the Lord Mayor's
Show since the days of King Henry V. The
Lord Mayor's procession takes place each year
on the second Saturday of November.
Two ancient oak trees near Glastonbury Tor in
Somerset, southern England, are named Gog
and Magog.
The GOG 'MAGOG DOWNS' are about three
miles south of Cambridge, said to be the
metamorphosis of the giant after being rejected
by the nymph Granta. The dowser, Thomas
Charles Lethbridge claimed to have discovered
a group of three hidden chalk carvings in
the GOGMAGOG HILLS. This alleged
discovery is described at length in his
book Gogmagog: The Buried Gods, in which
Lethbridge uses his discoveries to extrapolate a
primal deity named 'Gog' and his consort, 'Ma-
Gog', which he believed represented
the SUN and MOON. Although his discovery of
the CHALK FIGURES in the Gogmagog Hills
has been dogged by controversy, there are
similarities between the name and nature of the
purported 'Gog' and the IRISH DEITY OGMA.
Works of Irish mythology, including the
Invasions], expand on the Genesis account of
Magog as the son of Japheth and make him the
ancestor to the Irish through Partholon, leader
of the first group to colonize Ireland after the
DELUGE, and a descendant of Magog, as also
were the Milesians, the people of the 5th
invasion of Ireland. Magog was also the
progenitor of the Scythians, as well as of
numerous other races across Europe and Central
Asia. His three sons were Baath, Johath and
A final word on the origins of the word
‘god’ ...All scholars agree, that the word, ‘God’
is of Germanic origin and was never used prior
to Christianity.
In German-Norse mythology,
‘Wotan/Woden/Wotan/Odin’ also known in old
high German as ‘Godan’ [God-an] was
worshipped. The goat was also considered
sacred and their word for goat in German is,
‘Gott’ and is likely to be the same god as the
Romans identified as, ‘Mercury’.
The word ‘god’ also relates to Indo-European,
[which are the origins of the German language]
related to Sanskrit. It is generally agreed that it
derives from a Proto-Indo-European: ǵʰu-tó-m;
the root meaning, ‘to evoke,’ [hūta] ‘HAVING
BEING SACRIFICED’, from the verb root, hu
– ‘sacrifice’; but a slight shift in translation
gives the meaning ‘one to whom sacrifices are
Page 7, ‘Word Origins’ – ‘English belongs to
the Indo-European family of languages, which
consists of about 100 related tongues, all
descended from prehistoric language of a
pastoral, bronze working, horse breeding
people, the Aryans, who inhabited the steppes of
Central Asia about 4500 B.C. Scholars refer to
their language at this stage as proto-Indo-
European, or simply Indo-European.’
A mountain in the Russian internal republic of
Adygea was named after the Hindu Kush range,
and the people of the region practiced a set of
exercises and meditations that closely resemble
While it’s obvious that there’s a strong and
deep-rooted spiritual connection between India
and Russia, several theories have been doing the
rounds as to when these cultures came into
direct contact with each other.
A cursory search online will lead one to see
claims about Russia being the ancient land of
the rishis. In 2007, the Indian media went
ballistic when an archaeologist from Ulyanovsk
found an idol of Vishnu that dates back to the
10th century in a small village. While no one
knows for sure how the idol ended up in a small
village in the Ulyanovsk Region, my personal
guess would be that Indian traders made their
way to the Middle Volga.
Migration from north to south and vice-versa
has been taking place since time immemorial.
So, it is likely that Indians ended up in modern
day Russia hundreds of years before Afanasy
Nikitin turned up in Maharashtra.
While watching a documentary recently on
southern Russia and the Caucasus, I came across
an interesting piece of information. Close to
the Russian internal republic of Adygea, which
is an enclave in the Krasnodar Territory, there is
a small village called Indyuk. The village gets
its name from a nearby mountain, which stands
at 860 metres above sea level. Geologists
believe the mountain to be an underwater
volcano that went extinct over one hundred
million years ago.
An Indian community
It is widely believed that the mountain was
named Indyuk by a tribe that migrated over a
thousand years ago to Adygea from what was
then the frontier of India.
People of Adygea in traditional dress. Source:
“Scientific studies have shown that a percentage
of Adygean people are genetically related to
northwestern Indians,” says Ivan Griko, a
historian based in Moscow. “These people
probably moved to the areas around the modern
Krasnodar territory and named the mountain
after the Hindu Kush range, which is now on the
Pakistan-Afghanistan border.”
Griko adds that the name Hindu Kush originally
meant “mountains of India,” and not “Hindu
killer” as Persian scholars believe. “The
beautiful mountain which provides some of the
most stunning views in the Caucasus was
probably of some initial spiritual significance
for the Indian people who migrated to Adygea.”
The word Indyuk also means turkey in Russian.
Coincidentally, the Russian word for the bird
was adopted from the Turkish language. The
Turks called India ‘Hindistan,’ meaning the land
of the turkey!
When a Russian doctor tried to crack the
mystery of the abode of Lord Shiva
“Hindu Kush was probably shortened and
Russianized and that is most likely how the
mountain got its present name,” Griko adds.
Vedic beliefs and yoga
It’s also likely that the immigrants from India
brought a Vedic practice that has yoga-like
exercises and mediation that is called Uork
Khabze. This practise predates the arrival of
Islam in the Caucasus.
Uork Khabze, which literally means “path for
the chosen” is undergoing a revival in Adygea.
It was taught to those who demonstrated a
potential to be outstanding human beings,
although it was largely restricted to the elite. As
is the case with yoga, a diet that is in harmony
with nature is an integral part of the Adygean
system of physical, mental and spiritual well
A cursory glance at the brilliant book ‘Adyghe
Khabze’ by Kadir I. Natho is enough to know
that the Adygean tradition and culture has a lot
of similarities with India.
“It’s no coincidence that the Adygeans practise
something so close to yoga that it involves both
spiritual and mental exerices using meditation,”
Chirko says. He adds that Indian influence
spread far and wide into the Caucasus, with the
existence of a Hindu community in countries
like Azerbaijan and Armenia. “The spread of the
Abrahamic religions led to the death of
Hinduism in these countries. It’s only the
Adygeans who managed to preserve many of
the traditions.”
While there is no written proof of Indian
immigration to the Russian Caucasus, it’s hard
to deny the clearly visible links that exist
between these places, where manmade borders
did not impede the movement of people and
Ajay Kamalakaran is RBTH’s Consulting Editor
for Asia. Read more of his articles here. Follow
Ajay on Twitter and Quora.
How Russian scientists cracked the secret of a
Vedic ritual drink
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Dr Ernst Muldashev, a Russian ophthalmologist

based in Ufa, came up with a theory that Mount
Kailash in Tibet is actually an ancient manmade
pyramid that is surrounded by smaller pyramids
and is linked to pyramids in Giza and
Standing at 6718 metres above sea level, Mount
Kailash in Tibet is considered sacred by Hindus,
Buddhists and Jains. Hindus believe that Lord
Shiva, the destroyer of evil, sits in perpetual
meditation on the mountain. Tibetan Buddhists
believe that the Buddha Demchok, who
represents supreme bliss, lives on the mountain.
No human has managed to scale Mount Kailash.
There have been many legends of people dying
in the attempt to climb the mountain. The
Chinese authorities, knowing the religious
sensitivity of the matter, have officially banned
alpinists from attempting a climb.
Russians, like Indians, have been fascinated
with the mountain for a long time.
Nicholas Roerichwrote about Mount Kailash
and one of his most famous paintings portrays
the path to the mountain.
There are several legends about Russian
climbers in the 19th and early 20th centuries
trying to scale the mountain and vanishing. A
Siberian mountaineer once told me about a
group of climbers who climbed beyond a
particular point and suddenly aged by a few
decades. According to his story, they died of old
age a year later!
Roerich believed in the existence of a mystical
kingdom called Shambala in the vicinity of
Mount Kailash. Some Hindu sects refer to
Shambala as Kapapa, and believe that perfect
people reside there.
In 1999, Russian ophthalmologist Ernst
Muldashev decided to go on an expedition to
Tibet to try and discover the secrets of Mount
Kailash. His team comprised of experts in
geology, physics and history.
The team met several Tibetan lamas and spent
several months around the foot of the sacred
Manmade pyramid?
Muldashev’s team came to the conclusion that
Mount Kailash is actually a massive man-made
pyramid that was built in ancient times. He
claimed that it was surrounded by many smaller
pyramids and could be the centre of all
paranormal activities.

Dr Ernst Muldashev. Source: Mikhail

“In the silence of the night, there often were
strange gasping sounds in the belly of the
mountain,” Muldashev, author of ‘Where Do
We Come From?,’ wrote in an academic paper.
“One night both my colleagues and I distinctly
heard the noise of a falling stone that
undoubtedly came from the interior (of the
mountain).” He suggested that some beings
lived inside the pyramid.
“In Tibetan texts it is written that Shambhala is
a spiritual country that is located in the north-
west of Kailash,” Mulsashev wrote. “It is hard
for me to discuss this topic from a scientific
point of view. But I can quite positively say that
Kailash complex is directly related to life on
Earth, and when we did a schematic map of the
‘City of the Gods,’ consisting of pyramids and
stone mirrors, we were very surprised – the
scheme was similar to the spatial structure of
DNA molecules.”
Mohan Bhatt, a Sanskrit scholar based in
Mumbai, says the Ramayana also refers to the
sacred mountain as a pyramid. There are also
references to the moutain in the vedas he adds.
“The ancient texts refer to the mountain as a
cosmic axis,” he says.
Muldashev believes that the pyramids were built
by ancient and advanced people who knew
about the laws of subtle energy. He wrote that
the mountain is the most important part of a
system of ancient monumental structures and is
directly connected with the main pyramids of
the earth such as the pyramids of Giza and
Onwards to the Past, a Russian-English
bilingual website explores this theory in great
The Chinese authorities were quick to dimiss
Muldashev’s claims.
A year after his expedition to Tibet, Muldashev
claimed to have successfully transplanted a
human eye into a blind woman using a
harvested cornea and retina combined with an
alloplant is an experimental, chemically
processed biomaterial primarily made from
deceased human flesh. These claims have also
been dismissed by doctors in the UK.
Muldashev, who was born in 1948, runs the
Alloplant Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery
Center in Ufa.
As an agnostic person who has no clue about the
mysteries of the universe, I don’t know what to
make of these claims about Mount Kailash. It
does make me happy to know that the Chinese
government respects the sentiments of Hindus
and Buddhists worldwide and will not let
anyone try and scale Mount Kailash- which is
also referred to as a Stairway to Heaven.


Kailash is a sacred Tibetan mountain shrouded
in mystery and legends. Perhaps, this is the only
currently peak which no man has gone before.
Approach Kailash not only prohibited, but
dangerous. In the immediate vicinity of
mountains time flows much faster, and people
have gone to the mountain, often not returned.
Kailash has a pyramidal shape, close to the
right, and there is little doubt that this is the
pyramid. For the first time that the Pyramid
Kailash can be linked with other pyramids on
our planet began to speak in the 80s.
Indefatigable researcher Ernest Muldashev
proposed his own system of pyramids and
described it in his book «In search of the city of
the Gods». But probably because in those days
there was no program Google Earth, to build the
lines he had to use a globe and thread, and
«system» to put it mildly, was conditional. But
in the main he was right. The Kailas Mountain
really is the important point of the System
Ancient Monumental Structures (SAMS), it is
directly connected with the main pyramids of
Earth and other key objects.
But probably would be correct to say on the
contrary, this ancient structures and pyramids
are associated with the mount Kailash, because
it existed long before the pyramids. No doubt
that, via a certain points, the System of
connected to the mount Kailash.

Look at the location Kailash relative to other

objects. The first thing we see is the location
Кайласа on the Meridian of Teotihuacan.
Meridian Mexican pyramids on the reverse side
of the Earth passes through the Sacred mountain
with an error of less than 14 km.

Therefore (see the article «Geodesy meridians»)

Meridian Kailash - Teotihuacan is separated
from the Meridian of the Great Pyramid (GP) at
50 degrees East along the equator. In addition,
point Kailash divides the segment on the
Meridian Teotihuacan in the ratio 5:13. This
means that from mount Kailas to antipode
Teotihuacan over an arc of the Meridian -
50(50,5) degrees, and to the complex
Teotihuacan - 130(to 129.3) degrees.

Moreover, the equator divides the distance

between the antipode of Teotihuacan and mount
Kailas in the ratio 2:3. And this point Kailash
lies at the latitude of 31* in the daytime that on
1 degree above the latitude of the Great

Next, we consider the interaction point of

Kailash with Тriangles of Giza. Perm point of
this system is equidistant from Kailash
and Mohenjo-Daro, and is the apex of an
equilateral triangle formed by these points. In
this triangle side PERM - KAILASH is 3640
km, and is the base for a distance of Triangles

Also the base of the triangle - Kailash -

Mohenjo-Daro, length 1,346 km, is exactly 12
degrees along the arc of the globe. Thus, the
distance from Mohenjo-Daro to Kailash is
exactly 1/30 of the circumference of the Earth.
The line itself Kailash - Mohenjo-Daro also has
very interesting properties, which we will
discuss later.

Now pay attention to the side of Perm - Kailash.

This line passes through exactly Turgojak lake
with an island Vera, which are the famous
megaliths. And island Vera also equidistant
from Kailash and from Mohenjo-Daro, forming
another equilateral triangle with sides of 3160
and 3157 km respectively.

This combination of triangles once again

confirms the validity of the construction point of
Perm in the triangle of Giza, moreover
absolutely independent manner, using point -

But let's go further. Now the side of the triangle

island Vera - Kailash becomes the basis for
another isosceles triangle with a vertex in
another mysterious place Russia - Fortress Por-
Bajin, which is equidistant from the island Vera
and Kailash. Distances are 2530 and 2546 km

Completes combination of triangles Kailash is a

unique isosceles triangle, the presence of which
completely eliminates the random arrangement
of all these objects.

It turned out that of Kailas, in turn, are

equidistant Por-Bajin and White
Pyramid(Qianling Tomb) - the biggest pyramid
in China. Together, they form an isosceles
triangle with the apex at Kailash. In the middle
line of the triangle, it is his height, is the
direction of the Great Zimbabwe in Africa - a
key point of SAMS.

Moreover the base of the triangle that is Line of

Por-Bajin - White pyramid is the direction to yet
other reference point systems - Uluru.

The image below shows how the whole system

looks triangles Kailash.

Now back to the line of Mohenjo-Daro -

Kailash. In the picture above we see that in fact,
the continuation of this line is the side of the
triangle Kailash - White Pyramid. But this is not
the case.

It is known that in China hundreds of pyramids

and all of them compactly located south of the
city Xian. White pyramid (Qianling Tomb),
which forms a right triangle with the Kailas and
Por-Bajin located further south and a little
farther north.

It turned out that the line (orthodromy)

Mohenjo-Daro - Kailash is tangent to the
latitude of Baalbek (ie, reaches its maximum
breadth at the latitude of Baalbek), and touch is
just near the main cluster of Chinese pyramids.

The line crosses the latitude of Baalbek

simultaneously with the meridians of the Nazca
lines and Tiwanaku. All these nuances are best
seen on the interactive map at the end of this
In addition the line crosses the tropics on the
meridian of Nan Madol, latitude of Teotihuacan
on the meridian GP 135* (90*+45*), the
meridian of Lalibela on the latitude of Angkor,
latitude the Nazca geoglyphs (15*) on the
perpendicular to the meridian of Uluru.

It is easy to see that in this construction appear

almost share the same objects that interact with
each other. If we remember that the road dead at
Teotihuacan precisely oriented towards the
Mohenjo-Daro, it will be further evidence of a
direct link between these historical buildings.
Line of Kailash - Great Zimbabwe, is the height
of an isosceles triangle, and also has very
interesting properties, is clearly related to the
45-degree parameters of the Earth.

This image is centered on the meridian, deferred

by 45 degrees to the east of the Great Pyramid.
Line of Kailash - Great Zimbabwe crosses the
meridian at this "anti" latitude of Easter Island.
Meridian GP +35 degrees crosses the line at the
"anti" latitude Samaipata, the meridian of
GP+55* on latitude of Baalbek.

Of course, on the back side of the planet line

crosses of latitude of real objects. Latitude 45
degrees, line intersects with on the meridian of
Tiwanaku, and the meridian of Baalbek on the
latitude of the Nazca lines.

In addition, the line of Kailash - Great

Zimbabwe is crossed by "anti" the latitude of
Great Zimbabwe and the perpendicular to the
meridian of Nan Madol, on which is situated the
city of Mohenjo-Daro.

You might also notice that the middle line of the

triangle Island Verа - Por-Bajin - Kailash
intersects with the meridian of GP+45* on the
45th latitude and the meridian at GP+35*, line
Perm - Mohenjo-Daro intersects with the
breadth of Baalbek.
In this article, we looked at one more subsystem
equilateral triangles that form along with Kailas
key sites and its interaction with the main
system. It turned out that Mount Kailas, thanks
to the Island Verа, Por-Bajin and Chinese
pyramids connects of Giza Triangles
with Western triangles by combining them into
a single system of ancient monumental
structures (SАMS).
If we assume that such an inter arrangement of
objects random, it is contrary to common sense.
But the fact of having a legitimate system in the
location of ancient structures looks even more
fantastic. If you accept it, will have to
reconsider the very basis of our history. But,
nevertheless, it is. In a word, "Believe your



For the first time the hypothesis that the ancient

megalithic structures may be located on our
planet on a particular system, launched in 70
years, Russian scientists N.F.Goncharov, V.A.
Makarov and V.S.Morozov. According to their
theory , the kernel of the Earth is a growing
crystal of iron, which brings in all the shells of
the planet right symmetry of the two Platonic
polyhedra - the icosahedron and dodecahedron,
and the hierarchy of subsystems, the main
division. On the tops of the crystal, just as the
majority of seats and is situated the ancient
civilizations, pyramids and other famous
buildings. Although in this symmetric system
really is coincidence with the location of
historical sites, all of them is quite approximate.

Then a famous Bashkir physician and researcher

of ancient civilizations Ernst Muldashev offered
his system of pyramids, in which he linked the
location of Giza, Easter Island, Mount Kailash
and a few other famous places. Unfortunately,
the system was crude and could not stand the
geographical test. But the great merit of Ernst
Rifgatovich in another. Through his books not
new, but rather fantastic idea, the presence of
the location of ancient monuments, became very
popular. Hundreds of researchers have begun
their own investigations in this direction, and I
must say have made ??very significant progress.
The most interesting articles on this topic are
available on our website under "Historical
Geodesy" .
Thus, in the article " Jim Allison's Lines" have
been described Great Circles joining some
famous historical sites. One of them, the line of
the Great Pyramid (GP) - Easter Island is a well-
known figures in the desert of Nazca and many
other sacred places. Moreover, the Nazca lies in
the golden section of the line between the GP
and its antipode. In addition, this line, which can
be safely regarded as one of the principal, has a
number of remarkable properties and laws,
which will be discussed a little bit lower.
If to research more in this direction, and connect
the most significant buildings of antiquity to
each other by lines, as well as to their latitude
and meridians, you will get a global network of
lines covering the entire planet. In the process,
the network revealed distinct patterns for the
first time allow us to say that there are certain
system in the arrangement of the pyramids,
temples and other megalithic structures.
As reference points for the lines on the principle
of monumentality, was chosen the most famous
and important historical sites: Great
Pyramid (GP), Stonehenge, Theotiuacan, Tiwan
aku, Easter Island, Nan
Madol, Baalbek, Angkor, Lalibela, religion
centers – Jerusalem (Temple of
Solomon), Mecca, Vatican, Great Zimbabwe in
Africa, saint rock Uluru in Australia, Por
Bajyn и Vera Island Megaliths in Russia.

If to represent all great circles connecting these

objects on the globe, we'll see at first glance, a
chaotic grid of intersecting lines. But on closer
study reveals many patterns, occasional
occurrence of which is highly unlikely. Let's
consider some of them.
If you look at the line from a great height, you
can choose the number of global trends, which
center of the intersection is the Great Pyramid at
A closer look reveals that most of the
monumental historical buildings lie exactly on
the lines connecting the main point. Moreover
much of it is located at the intersections of the
lines. Most surprising fact revealed a
combination with the main lines to the location
of world capitals. It turned out that most state
capitals are also on the lines or meridians of
latitude and historical sites. Especially in this
distinguished Kazakhstan, which only recently,
in historical terms, moved his new capital,
Astana, on the latitude of Stonehenge.

The next interesting fact is related to the

intersection of 3, 4 or even 5 or as a non-line at
one point. Alfred Watkins, who discovered the
ley lines in England, admitted the possibility of
accidental intersection of three lines at one point
that he spent in unrelated objects. But the
intersection of four, five and even more so,
totally independent lines at one point, there can
be no accident. In addition, Watkins combined
51 randomly distributed points and considered
the total number of intersections. In this case we
have a total of 16 sites and dozens of
intersections in a 3-point line, a few
intersections 4 lines and single cross of five
lines. For example, the line GP - Easter
Island has ten intersections of 3 lines and the
intersection of two 4-lines. The line GP -
Tiwanaku has six intersections of 3 lines, one 4-
crossing lines, and one intersection to 5 lines.
The table below shows the great circle of
intersection of the Great Pyramid with the other

Another argument telling about the presence of

a particular system in the arrangement of
famous ancient buildings, is the intersection of
the lines of Nan Madol - Uluru and GP - Nan
Madol. These two lines intersect at the point of
Nan Madol at an angle of 90 degrees (90.47 *),
performing with several conditions.

For example, the point of Nan Madol is located

so that the line GP - Nan Madol (perpendicular
to Nan Madol - Uluru) passes through the point
symmetric to the equator of Uluru. The two
perpendicular lines crossing the meridian of
Tiwanaku, one at a latitude of Baalbek, another
on the 40th latitude. And the line GP - Nan
Madol is almost tangent, as the 40th latitude, ie,
maximum latitude of the Great Circle - 40
degrees. The line of Nan Madol - Uluru, also
interacts with the breadth of Baalbek, crossing it
on the meridian perpendicular to the meridian of
the GP.
The image above shows that the meridians of
Tiwanaku and the Uluru are symmetric with
respect to the perpendicular of the meridian of
the Great Pyramid (Meridian GP + 90 degrees),
and deviate from it by 10 degrees. With this
breadth of Baalbek and the antipode Uluru
crossing meridians Tiwanaku and Uluru, form
two adjacent squares, which is the general
diagonal orthodrome GP - Nan Madol. For the
line Nan Madol - Uluru situation is repeated and
it is already diagonal four adjacent squares,
formed by latitudes Uluru, Baalbek and the 40th
It should be noted that the perpendicular lines
connecting a pair of well-known historical sites
is not a single phenomenon. Thus, at the point
perpendicular to the line of Stonehenge - Easter
Island(azimuth 58.84) and the line
of Stonehenge - Great Zimbabwe (azimuth
148.61). In this case, the line of Stonehenge
- Easter Island crosses the fortieth latitude on
the meridian of Nan Madol, a line
of Stonehenge - Great Zimbabwe crosses
perpendicular to the meridian of Tiwanaku in
the latitude of Nan Madol. At the point of the
Great Pyramid are perpendicular to within one
hundredth of a degree the line GP -
Baalbek (azimuth 45.55) and the line VI -
Mecca (azimuth 135.56).
The following fact in itself can serve as proof of
the existence of a certain system in the location
of the most famous buildings of antiquity. The
fact that the lines - Great Circle - Easter Island -
Stonehenge and Teotihuacan - Tiwanaku are
symmetric with respect to each other and thus
are the diagonals of a rectangle 3660 x 3220 km
(2000 miles), formed by latitude and meridians
of Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku.

This reveals another very interesting point. It

turns out the breadth of the Great Pyramid (29 °
58'44 .77 "N) above the latitude of Teotihuacan
(19 ° 41'58 .45" N) at 10 degrees, as well as the
latitude of Easter Island (27 ° 7'16 .41 "S) above
the latitude of Tiwanaku (16 ° 33 '17 .29 "S), for
the same 10 degrees. Since the lines are
symmetrical, and the distance between the same
latitudes, the lines are the diagonals of two
squares formed by the GP latitude, Teotihuacan,
Tiwanaku, Easter Island and the meridians of
the Teotihuacan and Easter Island. This
interposition of the five most famous and
significant buildings of antiquity can not be
accidental, especially against the background of
other laws relating these objects.
Another striking feature is the close values ??of
the azimuths of the lines connecting some well-
known historical sites. For example, the azimuth
of the line GP - Stonehenge is 320.48 degrees,
and azimuth of the line of Tiwanaku -
Teotihuacan is 319.55 degrees. This means that
viewed from the Great Pyramid to Stonehenge,
it is still much to look at the pyramids of
Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku. At about the same
angle can be seen in the direction of
Stonehenge, standing on Uluru - the azimuth of
318.62 *. Azimuth directions of Easter Island to
Giza and Stonehenge in almost all the same and
equal to 264.72 and 264.82 degrees,
respectively. This is explained by the difference
of latitude of Stonehenge and the GP and the
spherical shape of the Earth, but to explain this
relative position of the three most famous
buildings of antiquity mere coincidence seems
to be very difficult. In addition to the value 264*
close to the direction of a few lines. Because of
the Tiwanaku to Nan Madol - 263.82*, from
Mohenjo-daro to the Mecca - 263.31*, from
Baalbek in the Tiwanaku - 263.93*.
Within one degree different azimuths of
lines GP - Teotihuacan (309.47 *) and Nan
Madol - GP(308.99 *). Azimuth of the line GP -
Uluru is 108.23 degrees, about the same from
Stonehenge to Baalbek (107.20 *), from
Stonehenge to Teotihuacán (287.85 * = 107.85
* + 180 *), of Nan Madol in Lalibela (287.20 *
= 107.20 * + 180 * ) from Baalbek to Uluru
(109.13 *) from Uluru to Mecca (289.07 * =
109.07 * + 180 *), from Port Bazhyn at Nan
Madol (108.89 *), from Angkor to Mecca
(287.29 * = 107.29 * + 180 * .) And it's not all
close to the azimuth.
In this review article devoted to the lines of the
great circles are shown, and are just a few
regularities in the distribution of historical
objects, which is actually much more. Their
careful study, organize, and search for principles
of the system - in the future. But so far, the
theory of paleocontacts and existence of the
ancient planetary advanced civilization first real
evidence to get the most incredible part. It
seems that the famous pre-historic buildings are
part of the ancient geodetic or navigation
system, in which the pyramids and temples,
along with other functions, serve as landmarks
and reference points clearly visible even from



Sunrise in Amun-Rah temple

In recent years there is growing evidence that
well-known historic objects are located on our
planet not chaotically, but with a definite
system. Researchers again and again discover
the different laws connected with location and
orientation of ancient structures.
«Thanks to modern methods of research, such
for example as a mapping program Google
Earth, , whose potential has not been fully
appreciated by most users, an opportunity is
appeared to study ancient objects in terms of
their orientation" - writes David Furlong (David
Furlong) in the introduction of his book "The
orientation of Egyptian temples." In this
work he describes the orientation of some
Egyptian temples, mainly in Thebes, associating
them with the movement of the sun and the
moon. So in Karnak, using astronomical
software, Furlong discovered the orientation of
temples to the point of summer and winter
One of these orientations is given with the two
temples of Sekhmet (a) and Hauptanlage des
Amun (a), located to north of the main temple in
Karnak. In the picture below, from the work of
David Furlong, are shown the orientation of the
main temple to the point of sunrise in a day of
winter solstice and the orientation of Ptah
(Hauptanlage des Amun) temple, and the whole
architectural line, including the Sekhmetathe
temple to main point of the southern moonrise.
Also, on the images are shown the directions to
other two temple complexes located in Luxor.

If you extend the orientation line of Ptah temple

turning it into a great circle, it will pass through
some very interesting points of intersection of
latitude and longitude of famous historical
objects . For example, the line orientation of
Ptah temple passes through the intersection of :
• the fortieth latitude with the meridian
of Stonehenge. (The error is 6 km)• fortieth
latitude with the meridian of Uluru.• Meridian
of Angkor with the latitude of Great Pyramid.
(Error is 12 km.)• Latitude of Great
Zimbabwe with the meridian perpendicular to
the meridian of Stonehenge (Stonehenge
Meridian + 90 degrees).• Latitude of Lines of
Nazca (15 degrees) with the meridian
of Teotihuacan.• Baalbek Meridian with the
North tropic.

Thus, the line sequentially crosses the latitudes

of 15, 20, 30 and 40 degrees on the meridians
famous historical buildings.
This line, as well as the line orientation of
the Seti temple about which it will be discussed
below, passes through Ossirion in Abydos. The
line is perpendicular to the symmetry axis of
Ossirion, remote from the temple of Ptah in
Karnak on 90 kilometers.
Now let s consider the orientation of the Karnak
templeitself . This line also passes through the
intersection with the latitudes and longitudes,
and practically of the same objects. The line
• Latitude of Nan Madol on the meridian of
Teotihuacan.• Latitude of Lalibelain the
meridian perpendicular to the meridian of
Stonehenge (Stonehenge Meridian + 90
degrees).• the latitude of the Great Pyramid on
the meridian perpendicular to the meridian of its
own. (Meridian of Great Pyramid + 90 degrees).

Perpendicular to this orientation, i.e the second

orientation of the temple in Karnak, there is
neither more nor less than the direction of the
islands to the megaliths of the Vera Island, the
distance to which is 3957 km, or 35.7 degrees.
This is about 1|10 of the entire circumference of
the Earth. In addition, this line passes through
the intersection point of :
• meridian of Easter Island with the 60th
latitude.• Stonehenge Meridian with the 40th
latitude.• Meridian of Solomon temple Meridian
with the latitude of the Great Pyramid.

To the South of the main Karnak temple there

are a few churches, the so-called Tempel - Mut
Bezirk. Three of them, including the avenue of
sphinxes, are oriented to the main temple, and
one is perpendicular to this line. The orientation
line of the three temples and avenues of
sphinxes is the direction to Baalbek, the distance
to which is 981 km. In addition, this line passes
through the intersection of the polar circles with
the meridian of Easter Island.

The third temple in Mut Bezirk, perpendicular

to the main avenue of sphinxes, has an
orientation Ramesseum - Uluru. But if, to the
Ramesseum, which is on the other bank of the
Nile – is 4.8 km., then to Uluru – is 11 978 km.,
which is three fifths from the half the length of
great circle. In addition, this line passes through
the intersection of :
• Lalibela Meridian with the North tropic.
• Vera island Meridian with the latitude
of Angkor.
• Nazca lines Meridian with the latitude of

Now let’s pass to the temple in Luxor. This

temple has broken the symmetry axis and
therefore has two directions of orientation. One
of these directions is given with the northern
part of the temple and passes through the temple
in Karnak. The same direction is the orientation
of the temple in the Port-Bajan, the distance to
which is equal to 6081 km. or about 3/10 from
the half length of the entire circumference.

Ramesseum, known for its granite colossus with

weight over 1,000 tons, also has orientation to
the intersection of latitude and longitude of
famous historical objects . Orientation line of
Ramesseum passes through the intersection
points of :
• Solomon's temple Meridian with tropics.
• Easter island Meridian with the latitude of
Nazca lines.
• Meridian of Tiwanaku + 90* with the latitude
of Baalbek.
• Stonehenge Meridian + 90 * with the latitude
of the Great Pyramid.

Also it is interesting orientation of Seti I temple.

Temple is exactly orientated to Ossirion in
Abydos, which is located in 87 km. to the north-
west, and its symmetry axis is perpendicular to
the axis of Ossirion. In addition, the orientation
line of the Network church 1 passes through the
intersection points of :
• Uluru Meridian + 90 * with the latitude of
• Meridian of Port Bazhan with latitude of
Easter Island.
• Baalbek meridian with tropics
David Furlong writes that the Network church 1
has orientation to the main southern point of
moon rising. Temple of Network 1 and Luxor
are separated from each other by 4 km, if we
draw a line through their centers it will be
direction to the Great Pyramid in Giza. In
addition, this line passes through the
intersection points of:
• Vera Island Meridian with the latitude of
• Nan Madol Meridian + 90 * with 60 latitude.
If to draw a line through the center of Seti I
temple and the Ramesseum one it will pass
through several points of latitudes and meridians
intersections such as the intersection of :
• the Great Pyramid Meridian with the latitude
of Uluru.
• Nan Madol Meridian with equator.
• the Great Pyramid Meridian + 90 * with the
latitude of Teotihuacan.
• Tiwanaku Meridian with tropics.
• Teotihuacan Meridian with the latitude of the
Great Pyramid.
• Nazca lines Meridian with the latitude of
Uluru (error is 12 km).

According to Furlong, the Ramses3 temple in

Medinet Abu Abu has astronomical orientation
to Cassiopeia. If we continue this line, it will
pass through the following intersection points
• the Great Pyramid Meridian with the latitude
of Easter Island.
• Teotihuacan Meridian with the latitude of the
Great Pyramid.
• Easter Island Meridian with the latitude of
• Ushtogay square Meridian with the latitude of
• Vera Island Meridian with the latitude of Nan
The line passes through the intersection of
latitude of Stonehenge with meridians of Uluru
and Nan Madol with the same accuracy in 24

In this figure it is clearly seen another feature of

the meridians. In this case the meridians of
Teotihuacan and the Faith island are relatively
symmetric to the meridian of Easter Island. In
its turn the meridian of Ushtogaysk square is an
axis of symmetry of the Faith island and the
Easter Island meridians and the line orientation
of the temple of Ramses 3 is a diagonal of
symmetrical squares. The formation of these
squares has become possible due to the fact that
the latitude of Nan Madol, and Teotihuacan are
relatively symmetrical to the latitude of Angkor.
David Furlong mentions one more orientation
of храмов Hatshepsut and Menhotep teples
in the Valley of Kings to the point of sunrise in
a day of winter solstice. If we continue this
direction the orientation line of temples will
pass through the intersection points of :
• Mecca Meridian with tropics.
• Tiwanaku Meridian with latitude of Nazca
• Nan Madol Meridian with the latitude of the
Great Pyramid.
• Vatican Meridian with the latitude of the Great
• Por Bazhan Meridian with the latitude of Nan
Madol. (Error is 16 km.)

Having summarized what has been said above,

it is possible to make the assumption that the
Egyptian temples in ancient Thebes represent
themselves a single set of navigational
astronomy, created by unknown architects.
© GEOLINES.RU 2010 all rights reserved.
Copying is possible at presence of a direct
reference to

Hexagram is the most ancient mathematical

symbol, known to mankind throughout
millennia. It is considered that this international
symbo has been found for the first time in India
where it was used before has appeared in
Europe and in the near east. By the legend
hexagram has been represented on shields of
tsar David soldiers and on the seal of Solomon.
The symbol of hexagram meets at many people,
on different continents and always mystical
sense is put in it allocating with magic
It is possible to tell with confidence, that up to
nowadays hexagram remains the most known
and demanded symbol. But not many people
know that besides sacral properties hexagram
possesses also absolutely concrete geodetic
properties connected with orthogonal
proection of globe centered by pole.
As it is known, in such projection the equator
plane will be as plane of designing which is
represented in the form of a circle. All other
latitudes also will be circles of the smaller
diameter which centre is the pole, in our case
Geodetic properties of hexagram for the
orthogonal projection centered by pole are
expressed in that they allow constructing very
precisely all basic latitudes and even some
known points without calculations only by
means of compasses and ruler.

Let's draw a horizontal line and we will accept

it for axis Х, we will note a point on it the North
Pole and from it we will construct a circle of
random diameter. This circle will be the equator
and everything that in it is a projection plane.

Further from points of intersection of a straight

line (axis x) with equator we will draw two
more circles of the same diameter. Intersection
points of these circles with equator are tops of
hexagram from which it is possible to construct
at once following latitudes:
60th latitude is a circle included in equilateral
triangles forming hexagram.

30th latitude is a circle included in a hexagon

formed by hexagram tops.
As the Great pyramid (GP) lies on 30th latitude
we having chosen its meridian for axis Y, we
will receive at once a point of its disposition in
the projection. It will be crossing of a vertical
line (meridian GP) with the hexagon side.

15th latitude is a circle included into 12- angle.

45th latitude is a circle included into a square

forming with intersection points of axes with
equator. If we having constructed a diagonal,
i.e. angles of 45 degrees, we will receive
latitude 45 °, as an intersection point of the
hexagram sides with these diagonals.

Latitude 40° is a circle passing through

intersection points of a square, included in
equator, with the circles constructed from
intersection points of axes Х and Y with

To construct latitude 20 °, it is necessary to

draw a line (horizontal red) through crossings of
diagonals 45° with hexagram (see drawing) and
a line (vertical red) constructed from 12 angles.
Crossing of these two lines will be a point lying
on 20th latitude (bright- green circle).

For construction of 50th latitude we will draw

circles from intersection points of axes Х and Y
with equator. From the intersection points of
these circles we will construct the additional
circles which crossings with the square sides
included in 45th latitude is 50th latitude.

All previous constructions of latitudes are

display of purely mathematical properties of
hexagram. Construction of the Polar circle and
Tropics cannot be connected with hexagram as
their latitudes are formed thanks to an
inclination of a terrestrial axis. However it is not
Let's draw a line through intersection point of
axis +Y with equator and intersection point of
average line of a hexagram triangle with 45th
latitude. Crossing of this line with diagonal 45°
is a point lying on a polar circle. Having drawn
a line through this point and intersection point
of axis X with equator we will receive
intersection point of tropic with the second
diagonal 45°.

In the previous article the assumption about

interrelation between the Great Pyramid
and Stonehengethrough distances has been told.
Length of arch on a globe surface between GP
and Stonehenge is (3597км.) Is approximately
equal to length of arch between meridians of
these historical constructions on equator
(3668км.). The orthogonal projection gives
some more arguments in favor of this
assumption. The matter is that the point a
Stonehenge lies precisely on the square side
included into 30th latitude, i.e. in latitude GP.
Crossing of side of this square with the line
(red) passing through crossing hexagram side
and intersection point of hexagram triangles
with axis X - i.e. with meridian GP will give
exact position of a Stonehenge in an orthogonal

Hexagram allows defining place in the

orthogonal projection of Easter Island. For this
purpose we will construct 6-angle of hexagram
included into 15th latitude and we will draw a
straight horizontal line through intersection
points of 2 hexagrams. Crossing of this line with
side of 6- angle is point of Easter Island.

As our projection is centered in the North Pole

and Easter Island is in Southern hemisphere
actually, the received point, displays an axis
passing through an island of Easter under right
angle to a plane of equator. By this reason in the
given projection the point gets on the western
coast of the North America. So that to see a real
point it is necessary to look at an equator plane
from the other hand, i.e. to center a projection
across the South Pole.
But the most surprising results gives
combination of drawing of Great pyramid with
an orthogonal projection. If to combine the top
GP on the drawing with point of GP in
projection and the pyramid basis to include in
its latitude we will see so much coincidence that
their casual character causes big doubts.
At such position of the pyramid, the roof top of
"the Chamber of the tsarina» marks the centre of
co-ordinates, i.e. the North Pole. Mines - "the
air ducts" leaving the chamber mark intersection
points of the Polar circle with average lines of
hexagram triangles.
If to draw a horizontal line through points of an
exit of these "air ducts" on the pyramid surface,
it will pass precisely through crossing of 2
triangles of hexagram and roof top of "the
Chamber of Pharaoh».
The mine leaving from «chamber of t Pharaoh»
under angle 45 degrees coincides with diagonal
and passes through crossing of 2 hexagrams.
As the chamber is displaced from the central
axis exactly so, as much as necessary, the
second mine under the necessary corner, also
passes through crossing of 2 hexagrams.
The horizontal line, traced through the points of
the mines exit of «chamber of Pharaoh» on the
pyramid surface it marks:
* Crossing of the pyramid borders with
diagonals.* Crossing of a Stonehenge latitude
with the vertical hexagram sides once more
pointing in its invisible connection with GP.*
Crossing of the circles constructed from
diagonal points with average lines of triangles.*
Crossing of the circle constructed from the point
of intersection-Y and equator with 30th latitude.
Pyramid borders pass through:
* Crossing of two triangles of one hexagram
with average lines of triangles of the second
hexagram turned on 30 degrees.* Crossing of a
Stonehenge latitude with the triangle side
hexagram and the circle constructed from
diagonal points.* Crossing of the square side
included in 30th latitude with 40th latitude.
The descending corridor and not complete
chamber describe the Polar circle, and the
ascending corridor marks the circle traced from
the point of axis +Х intersection with equator.
The symmetry axis passes «chamber of
Pharaoh» through crossing of a Stonehenge
latitude with the square side included in 45th
latitude. Also this axis passes through crossing
the pyramid border with 40th latitude.
The Big gallery which slope angle is connected
with hexagram has not stood aside also. As the
proof a dark blue dashed line parallel to the big
gallery can serve. This line is traced in the other
place through the crossing of triangles of one
hexagram with the average line of triangle of the
second hexagram and axis crossing-Y with 45th
latitude. This line has also other crossings
shown in drawing lower. In other words it is
possible to tell that the big gallery is parallel to
the line having a direct relationship to hexagram
and to a pyramid.
In terms of the aforesaid, it is possible to assume
that in the Great pyramid are in addition put also
geodetic parameters of the Earth. More and
more the facts confirm that the Great pyramid is
a huge geodetic sign, the central reference point,
and the passport in which basic data about the
Earth and its vicinities are written down. Who
had created this sign and for whom the
information is intended remains as riddle for
One more interesting fact is connected with the
pyramid. When the question had been solving
where to pass a zero meridian the Great pyramid
along with Greenwich and Paris was among
pretenders. Probably, if the zero meridians
passed through the pyramid everything would
stand on the places. But may be on the contrary,
the zero meridians did not pass through GP just
because then everything would stand on the



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This illustration of Viking Varangian troops near Moscow is

from the chronicle of Skylitzis, he was a Greek historian,
dead c. 1100

A Description of the Black Vikings of Europe By

Renowned European Writers – Compiled By-
Invasion2012“blá-maðr, m. A BLACK MAN, NEGRO, i.e. AN ETHIOPIAN,
Al. 51, Orkn. 364 (referring to A.D. 1152), distinguished from the Saracens and
Arabians; three ‘blámenn’ were sent as a present to the German emperor Frederic the
Second, Fms. x. 3: in romances blámenn are mentioned as A KIND OF
‘BERSERKERS,’” q.v., Finnb. ch. 16, Kjalnes. S. ch. 15; cp. Scott’s Ivanhoe, note
B. See AN ICELANDIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY by Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand

3 Blau Mhors (Libyan Moors/Tuaregs)

“The Irish annalists were a lesson to all with their division of Norse invaders into White
Foreigners, Norwegians(Finn-gaill), and Black Foreigners, Danes(Dubh-gaill), but it was
a lesson no one heeded; nor do we know why they distinguished them by colour.” See A
HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“The Welsh chroniclers, for example, made no such clear distinction. The Danes coming
in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black:
Black Gentiles(y Kenedloed Duon), Black Norsemen(y Normanyeit Duon), Black Host,
Pagans, Devils and the like.”(CONT.) See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn

“Prince of Maine Mor(moor) was accompanied by his father Eochaidh, and his two sons
Breasal and Amlaff.” Eochaid mac Run, known in English simply as Eochaid, was king
of the Picts from 878 to 889 He was a son of Run, King of Strathclyde, and his mother
was the daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin (NIGER VAL DUBH)

“There are turning hither to our shore lithe keels, ring-stags [ships] with long sail-yards,
many shields, shaven oars, A NOBLE SEA-LEVY, MERRY WARRIORS. Fifteen
companies are coming ashore, but out in Sogn there lie seven thousand more. There lie
here in the dock off Cliff-holt surf-deer [ships] SWART-BLACK and GOLD
ADORNED. There is by far the most of their host.” Helge Lay, i. 197-
206.” See SCANDINAVIAN BRITAINby William Gershom Collingwood(1908)

“There was a man hight Thorvard; he married Freydis, a natural daughter of Erik the Red;
he went [219] also with them, and Thorvald the son of Erik (100), and THORHALL who
was called the hunter; he had long been with Erik, and served him as huntsman in
summer and steward in winter; he was a large man, and strong, BLACK AND LIKE A
GIANT, silent and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Erik to the

“According to Egils Saga, of the 2 famous sons of Kveldulf, Thorolf was tall and
handsome like his mothers people, but Grim took after his father was black and ugly.
Grim’s sons Thorolf and Egill, born out in Iceland, repeated the pattern- Thorolf was the
image of his uncle, tall, handsome and sunny-natured, and many Egill was black, even
uglier than his father, totuous and incalculable,…..etc. craggy head, broad nose, heavy
jaw and swart visage.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS, GWYN JONES pg 86

“The evidence indicates that Blacks in ancient times came to Britian from Spain, Felix
Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, West Africa, India, Persia and what is today named Denmark.
These Negroes were builders, scientists, masters of ocean travel and inventors of letters,
according to Higgins, they built Stonehende, Gerald Massey agrees pg 11 Book of The
Beginnings.” See Ancient and Modern Britons- MacRitchie pg 2

“The Danes, then were like the ‘MOORs’ -black. Like them, too, they were Picts, as
more than one eminent writer has proved. The title of’GROM’ (WOAD-STAINED) is
not confined to Highland genealogies, it was the actual name of a grim old pagan Dane
who ruled over Denmark,(it meant daub).” See page 121, -David MacRitchie- Ancient
and Modern Britons: Volume One (Ancient & Modern Britons)


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German Mohrs/Moors of Strasbourg – By – Marc
Only Rastafari Shall Save Them Kenyans – By – Jah Rateng

. NorthsideRastaMARCH 9, 2011 AT 5:16 AMTacitus
in 70 or 90
b.c.e. a Roman historian notes that the “Silures”of
Britania have some who are dark skinned with
“unusally curly hair”.In J.A.Rogers Sex&Race vol.1and
other booksmention these darker,ancient,Brits. why
do some whites and blacks doubt any ancient
presence of blacks in ancient Europe? Mind control to
confuse and keep minds dull withoutresearch
capabilities is strong and malevolent today as ever.
. lwMAY 14, 2013 AT 2:11 PMIt is silly to try and rewrite
history… the same people who live on Irish soil
today lived on Irish Soil 10,000 years ago! The
black vikings in Ireland were called so as they
were dark haired unlike native Irish and the
blonde fair vikings and finally the fair Norman
invaders. Irish people know where they come
from so just ask and families can tell you which
people they come from.REPLY
. JahdeyMAY 14, 2013 AT 2:39 PMIgnorance and hubris!
Pride goes before a fall…REPLY
. CeeB-ElOCTOBER 5, 2016 AT 9:54 AMNo they didn’t
lmao the Caucasian race is less than 10,000
. Rahel Saddiq Musawwir ELOCTOBER 3, 2018 AT
1:57 PM?its 20,000 my dna 275000yrs
the original y chromosome is in my dna

. CLAWFEBRUARY 11, 2015 AT 8:21 PMhi from england is

there any actual artifacts from the black vikings
and also have you heard of OBL & BLA ,because
i think iown two pices one an oval bronze broach
with the letters OBL on it and also some kind of
iron axehead or placard with BLA on ithe front
and other smaller writings of which i dont
comprehendi was left a suitcase full of stuff from
an old bloke whose paths i would clean for him
when it snowed ,i would never take his offer of
money for doing this so he gave me the case full
of swag from his days in the fields and died
shortly after ,i have had it the garage for years
,then in my shed at other house ,it was only
recently when i split with the mrs that i took this
case to my lonely flat and made friends with OBL
and BLA i even play my guitar and make up
songs about em lol i think they are awsome,
anyway thats all i wanted to say i have a lot
more stuff to drag out still , if your interested i;ll
keep you posted and send you some pics thanks
for your time ….. The Clawmaster ;o)REPLY
. Rusty WilsonMARCH 13, 2015 AT 3:03 PMDo you have
. jimJANUARY 7, 2016 AT 10:58 AMBrother your right about
the sellout Tribe of Dan. Who stole artifacts from
the priest of the Tribe of Levi. Which are part of
the 12 tribes. Remember Tribe of Dan is
excluded from the 144,000. What I’m saying is
Dan were great seamen of ships these are your
black Celts,Viking,Saxons. They are not part of
12 tribes to be saved in last days.REPLY
. Suze OJULY 3, 2011 AT 11:50 AMAnother possibility: The
earliest native peoples of Scandinavia were a darker
skinned, dark-eyed and dark-haired people. What we
think of as Scandinavian-looking now came from the
Germanic tribes that migrated into norther Europe
and far north. They were lighter skinned, with many
of them blond, red-haired and blue or green eyed.
Often, people in Ireland that call themselves ‘black’
are more commonly describing their dark hair. There
is a theory that the “black Irish” were actually
descended from sailors from the ships of the Spanish
Armada blown off course after their defeat and
wrecked in northern latitudes. They were taken in by
Gaelic peoples and their Moorish looks may have
been passed on that way.Similarly, the early Norse
settled in Normandy. It is often historically mentioned
that after the Duke of Normandy – William the
Conqueror – invaded England, it was easy to tell the
Normans (leaner, finer bones, dark-haired, somewhat
olive-skinned) from the Saxons (husky, blue-eyed,
light haired) for a few hundred years. The English
king defeated by William, Harold Godwinson, was
described as light-haired and blue-eyed, but his
brother, Tostig, who became an outcast and took to
Viking ways, was dark-haired. He may have been
called a “black Viking”. You must be careful with your
interpretation of “black” in this case. We now use the
word to describe African-descended people. They
may have used it to refer to people who tended to be
darker-haired than the Saxon inhabitants, in other
words, the “black” was RELATIVE to the Germanic
tribes.A good book that refers often to this difference
is a kind of archeological/historical novel called
“Sarum”. It describes the centuries of the Salisbury
plain, where Stonehenge is located. While the
prehistory and more ancient chapters are based on
theories and archeological evidence instead of
written history, the novelist often refers to and bases
his narrative on these different bloodlines.It may also
be instructive to look into the Sami people – which
we now call Lapps – as they are descended from the
very ancient natives of Scandinavia. There has been
a fair amount of racial mixing, however.There is also
a chronicle written by a Persian or Arabic explorer
that visited that area, although it seems he was only
a visitor and never settled in the North.REPLY
. Salahudin RahimMARCH 3, 2012 AT 11:21 AMSuze Q, what you
say is very interesting…but very wrong, and s a
perpetuation of racist white supremecist philosophy.
There were Negroid blacks among the scandinovians,
with black skin and kinky hair of verian tectures and
lengths. Don’t let this surprise you so much after all
the first human beings were black people. The first
proof of this is in the name itself – ADAM, which
means black hard earth. Then, white scentists such
as Leaky and others have affirmed that the earliest
human that they could find was a black woman,
which they agree may have been the first human.
The Qu’ran says that Allah dispersed the children of
Adam and Eve throughout the land. The Adamites
traveled all over the earth and as they went they
taught the message of God’s oneness and the
knowledge of plants and animals, what to eat and
what not to eat, and the knowldge of cleanliness and
how to cook food. When the whites begin to emerge
from the caves and spread abroad in the earth they
came amongst the black children of Adam who were
already settled in europe, asia and africa.REPLY
. AyannahAPRIL 23, 2012 AT 6:25 PMSo True! Thanks
Salhudin Rahim! Amiyn! (Amen)!REPLY
. Heather GeibMARCH 27, 2016 AT 2:39 PMHow ignorant you
are. whites didn’t come from caves, we came
from blacks, a genetic mutation caused the
color. Ideas and inventions come from cultures,
not skin color, as evidenced by history. And fyi,
there is no such thing as Allah. That is just a way
for insecure prejudiced black people (namely
Americans) to assert their “superiority”.REPLY
. S.MAY 13, 2018 AT 7:29 PMFor Your Information
heather geib there is no such thing as the
foolish mind attempting to educate an
educated person. Telling another human
being that “there is no such thing as “Allah”
reveals your ignorance. Allah is a word. It is
the word used for God in Arabic, spoken by
people of many skin colors. This includes
Black People that you say you descend
from. When your mothers and fathers (Black
People) say Allah they know what it means.

. AliceDECEMBER 28, 2017 AT 10:27 PMI I am a black

American living in the states my DNA is 89%
Nigerian with traces of ScandinavianREPLY
. MikeAPRIL 30, 2012 AT 6:11 PMI’m so sorry to disagree after
you said the whites came out of their caves. The first
part is very true Adam and Eve were very dark with
tight nappy hair and they are the parents of us all. I
think they also had a slight Asian eye look. Whites
were in them too.We of all colors were in them. It is
like any living being if they mate in one area long
enough with out adding new blood the dominunt
genes will begin to be common this is how we have
all been separated by color and common looks. Adam
and Eve were very beautiful people they had all of
the races in them for use of a better term. Their is
more to the story but then we would get into self
segragation as time goes by ” no song intended “
. HermesAPRIL 9, 2013 AT 5:57 AMTrue…but the only
people whom possess such a gene are the
original people…but it’s not about black and
white…it’s about proper acknowledgement…I
can talk biology with you all day….as well as
anthro…and theory…but the fact is that “black”
possess the genetic code that overrides ALL
others that it comes into contact with…..hence
. Ivy BlackmoorJUNE 20, 2017 AT 4:29 PMAsian features
don’t exist. Those are African or Neanderthal
features. Then slanted eye is an evolutionary
trait to protect the eye from harsh wind and high
temps. Asians are the sub .. hybrids of Africans
and Neanderthals. Hence the flat facial
construct. Look at then statues of there
ancestors. The nappy hair, Bantu knots, and
other traditional African hair styles are present.

. JantavantaJUNE 20, 2012 AT 6:11 AMLack of the essential

Melanin is not an attribute form Creation. Whenever
Science proves that Whites did not exist in the
Beginning, they seek refuge in Judaic Religions,
forgetting that plagiarized Ancient African texts are
the basis for these Religions, which originated from
Ancient Egypt Mysteries.REPLY
. SkoriiAUGUST 17, 2012 AT 4:44 PMAfrica is the oldest of all
places, we white people came from people that
migrated northward. Over the years of the
Pleistocene, lost most of the melanin in their
body. The “African” gene is dominant, with the
Asiactic gene following and all others are a
mutagenic occurrence. (Mutagenisis is when a
mutation breeds true after x number of
generations) If that angers some people then so
be it. I am just stating the facts as I know them
as an Anthropologist.I am an Asatru and I pray to
the old Norse Gods and what is strong and true
in ones heart is what matters. Not race.regards.
. HermesAPRIL 9, 2013 AT 6:01 AMTrue…but keep in
mind…the white gene is a survivor as
well….its an advancement of the early black
gene through trial and tribulation for a lack
of better terms…WE black people fell to
realize that we needed yall to go out and
discover and “re-vamp” all of our genetics…
so when we came back together “America”
we would all benefit from it brotherREPLY
. DoMoreGoodDeedsAUGUST 1, 2012 AT 3:26 AMThank you Rast
LiveWire! This is a HOT post…it got all the way up
into 2012.I am looking for the same thing evidence of
Black a Norse :0) I am in Norway now, and think it
WONDERFULLLLLL they have some melanin roots!
Thank you again for an OUTSTANDING JOB :0)REPLY
. ROBERT.RINGOAUGUST 18, 2012 AT 5:30 PMdo i crossREPLY
. egmond codfriedJANUARY 12, 2013 AT 5:59 AMDear fellow
researchers,I’m missing here a reference to the fact
that Europeans who were brown or black of
complexion were called Blue Men. Hence their
descendants called themselves Blue Bloods, the
highest nobility. The significance for researching
these brown and black Europeans to me is that by
1100-1200, they elevated themselves in a nobility
who dominated the bourgeois caste and the white
serfs. They were defeated with the French
Revolution, but due to restorations like the one by
Napoleon, the whites, the serfs, were only
emancipated in 1848. Then they set out to wipe out
the memory of the black domination by the Ancien
Regime, and set out to retouch all Old Master
portraits that showed the brown and black
complexioned elite. Both the ( true) old nobility and
bourgeoisie were brown and black of complexion, yet
they were like two tribes fighting for power. The
bourgeois philosophers invented the human races
and racism as an liberation ideology to forge an
alliance with the white majority, to defeat the nobles.
Europe was ruled by Black Supremacy from 1100-
1848, and we do not know this all important fact to
really understand racism and the position of Blacks
today, because the portraits were whitened. We are
being deceived, and this is a serious type of scientific
misconduct. Anyone can spot the over paints, they
are clearly visible too. Protest the fake portraits and
watch how white supremacy and racism will come
tumbling down. Not by itself, but by some prodding
by people like me who hate racism and white
supremacy with a passion. Opened a museum too, to
show the black surviving portraits, mostly engravings
cut after painted portraits who now look white. Catch
my posting of an old photo of Rembrandts group
portrait called De Staalmeesters (The Syndics of the
Clothmaker Guild) before it was retouched, in google.
And portraits of the Van Aerssen-Beyeren family
before they were whitened after 1934. We are
dealing with people who are still waging battle
against an oppression that does not exist, and we
need to tell them this. No Black person is out to turn
whites into shoe leather again. My research puts
Blacks, who are no victims or slaves, right in the
middle of history, where they belong.egmond
. Shannon AFEBRUARY 20, 2013 AT 4:27 PMAs mentioned above,
if the first people on earth were black, then why is
anyone surprised about blacks being all over the
world, and that every human originally came from
Africa??There is a new show out next month on the
History channel called the Vikings. Naturally they will
be portrayed as Nordic looking possibly Danish,
Norwegian or Swedish, but they were always seen
that way anyway.I heard of the Black Vikings many
years ago and found it an interesting subject that
most people do not know about!For the prejudice of
white people lying about history, if they had told the
truth from the start no one would be upset or care.
The truth WILL always be revealed and will always
outshine the lie. Good to see some people on this
post knows the truth. That is SO refreshing!Good
. Mikelegayeraby davisMAY 8, 2018 AT 5:30 PMMy name is
mikelegayeraby davis my grandfather is a dark
Dane he was born in 1903 died 1940 he was
born in Georgia usa .isthere a difference
between a darker skin and a lighter skined
person. By the way I’m not against any person
no matter what their color .without the Vikings
this world would be worse place.REPLY
. Mikelegayeraby davisMAY 8, 2018 AT 5:34 PMThe
name of raby came from denmark originally
so I am a person of Scandinavia descent. I
don’t need anything else to verify that.REPLY
. Mikelegayeraby davisMAY 8, 2018 AT 5:48 PMThe
DNA test said that there are are
country’s also involved such as french
and finish and even jewesh and even
Italian. So that makes me a person of
the world.very cool.REPLY
. NordicAPRIL 27, 2013 AT 9:49 PMWow, I’ve never been so
amused here by a subject such as this and these so
called intellectual Africans trying to claim my
heritage as I am Norwegian, and I know what Nordic
features are, genrrally blonde hair, blue eyes. You
want to call the trutj about a people I see walk
around on a daily that still exist here today your own
and say to the ones that aren’t being brainwashed a
white supremist? Lmao! I am just amused that you
really actually believe this bull, speaks volumes on
your intelligence. I hope you can actually see how
completely stupid you look when there is not one of
ypu who can track their family tree to any
Scandinavian country during the Viking age. Wake
up, and wow again.REPLY
. nikkiSEPTEMBER 2, 2013 AT 8:22 AMRead my post….you
may learn somethingREPLY
. schlomo mischamFEBRUARY 13, 2015 AT 10:38 AMwell sorry
to bust your bubble sir but scienetist say that all
europeans including yourself, have 10%
african/black blood & 20% neanderthal blood!
pure blooded africans are the only people in the
world without neanderthal blood. the truth is
what makes us free, all people are beautiful, if
they have good character! thats why i love
sports muhhamed ali is the greatest & rocky
marciano is undefeated and the best that ever
did it, get my point, man life is beautiful lets give
credit where credit is do, and stop white washing
history, because thats insanity, and a flaw in
character of a person who doesnt love truth or
life. who the hell wants an all white or all black
picture hanging on there wall.REPLY
. GJANUARY 28, 2017 AT 7:04 AMbro Im black andi have 14
percent scandinavian in my blood i dont
understand it either. Ancestory resultsREPLY
. Melvin FisherAPRIL 22, 2017 AT 4:50 AMWhy are so many
of us Hebrew Israelites ( the people who came to
America on Cargo slaveships) being categorized
by the DNA company’s like 23 and me, as haplog
group I-M253, Viking DNA? Science and blood
don t lie folks!REPLY
. Juliet ReesSEPTEMBER 26, 2017 AT 2:55 AMI’ve lived in
Denmark, been to Sweden on a few occasions
and just recently came back from Norway. What
surprised me most of all about these countries,
is the lack of blond people!!! Seriously, blondes
in Scandinavia, are at most 15% of the
population, the rest are dark haired!You need to
get over your myth regarding the Vikings, who
enslaved white people, including Swedes, the
Danes and Norwegians. Did you know, that the
Vikings also sold millions of white people as
slaves to the Arab Muslim! In many cases, the
Whites were sold for salt, lol!REPLY
. Truth HurtsFEBRUARY 13, 2018 AT 7:15 PMBible calls you
an Edomite. . Read the book of obediah..
everything spoken in here is biblical once you
learn the names God gave the nations.. they
painted everything and changed all the names..
called themselves white when bible says yall are
“red”.. get ready for slavery after ww3.Kjv
Revelation 13:10.. He that leadeth into captivity
shall go into captivity. . Yall days of ruling
wickedly are almost over.REPLY
. noble terrell ali beyAPRIL 28, 2013 AT 6:59 PMyoull see who
gets the last laugh ,if anyone was on thsat land
before 7000 years ago it wassnt u ,,thgat aryan
wasbnt created until 7000 years ago.if we genocide
an eat all of u like u id us in europe then ur fami;ly
treee would be erasedalso but still wouldnt mean it
didnt exist.ive never been n so amused when i tell
. noble terrell ali beyAPRIL 28, 2013 AT 7:18 PMcan u read what
it says ,on top, european writers ,can u translate
what it does or doesnt say,do u speak any ancient
language of scadanivia like that latin on that paper
,or the germanic ,north germanic dialects,latin from
m,moors taiught an civilized europe freemasonry
also,do u know we created vulgar latin cause u
copuldnt speak the cl;assical moorish latin ,like u call
ebonics ,first albionbonics arwe all euro languiages
esp[ecia;ly germanic ones from moorish latinREPLY
. Marco BorgJULY 12, 2013 AT 12:25 PMWas slavery that bad?!! I
mean , even the name “noble terrel ali bey?” Why
not add Moses Hebrew Kimet to have the
comprehensive coverage of Afrowannabeism.1.
There was no “AfrIcan” invasion of Europe ever if by
African you mean Negroes.2. There was an invasion
by Arabs and Berbers (together called moros or
Moors in English ) of parts of Spain, Portugal and
later Sicily.3. But the Moros certainly weren’t Negroes
or sub-Saharans . The Moors of Spain were mostly
Berbers who prefer to call themselves Amazigh4.
One has only to go to the Berber areas in Kabilyes, al
Hoceima or the Atlas, where the native language is
Amazigh to realise that none of the Berbers looks
Negro. If you doubt it YouTube “Amazigh”5. But there
is a generic word for Blacks (Negroes). It is used
throughout North Africa and the Middle East
especially in Egypt . It is “abid” which literally means
. Natural MysticJULY 12, 2013 AT 2:34 PMMarco Borg,You
are a pathetic liar. The ancient Berbers were a
negro race of people from north Africa who
invaded Europe. They were not pig skinned like
you. You and other white revisionist want the
world to believe that pig skin people lived and
thrived in Africa and even had a god, Jesus Christ
with his pig skin running around in Africa desert
preaching and teaching to his pig skin flock –
Peter, Mark, Luke, John and the rest of those
made characters. Whether you like it or not,
North African has changed as a result of recent
pig skin invaders. The original north Africans
were “negros”, “niggers”, “monkeys”, “apes”
and look like the rest of the “sub Saharan”
Africans. I bet shits like you have never met
anyone from North Africa but you rely on the
fairytales fed to you by white historians as to
what they looked like.”One of the most
misrepresent people in North Africa are the
indigenous Berber people. These beautiful
women are not shown on mainstream television,
movies and rarely in print. These are the
descendants of the ancient Berbers that the
ancient Romans spoke of and wrote about.The
original indigenous Berbers were the North
African ancestors of the present day dark-brown
peoples of the Sahara and the Sahel, mainly
those called Fulani, Tugareg, Zenagha of
Southern Morocco, Kunta and Tebbu of the Sahel
countries, as well as other dark-brown arabs now
living in Mauretania and throughout the Sahel,
including the Trarza of Mauretania and Senegal,
the Mogharba as well as dozens of other
Sudanese tribes, the Chaamba of Chad and
Algeria.” The Westerners have chosen to
concentrate on the most recent world of the
Arab and Berber-speaking peoples and present it
as if it is a world that has always been. “It is like
comparing the Aztecs of five hundred years ago
with the ethnic mix of America today,” wrote
Reynolds. “The story of when North Africa was
Moorish and Arabia, the land of Saracens, has
yet to be told.”– Dana Reynolds, Anthropologist
Anthropologist, Dana Reynolds traced the African
roots of the original North African peoples
through a dozen Greek and Byzantine (neo-
Roman writers) from the first to the sixth century
A.D. “They describe the Berber population of
Northern Africa as dark-skinned [modern
Europeans call dark brown skin color, as black-
skinned] and woolly-haired.” Among these
writers who wrote about the Berbers were
Martial, Silius Italicus, Corippus and Procopius.
Saint Augustine was a dark-skinned Berber and
many of the later Roman emperors would have
trouble getting citizenship in some of today’s
European states.– Professor Mikuláš Lobkowicz,
the former rector of the Munich university and
current director of the Institute of Central and
East European Studies in Eichstätt.There are
those who say that the Berber is part of the
African story of Ham, from the land of Ber, the
son of biblical figure Ham.The original
inhabitants of Ireland before the Celts invaded
were Berber people who stretch all the way from
Saharan Africa to Western Ireland. In North Africa
they are known as Berbers, the original people
before the Arab invasion of North Africa, they
were known to the ancient Greeks and Romans
as “barbarians,” the Tuaregs of Nigeria, Niger,
Chad, etc. are a Berber people. In Spain and
Portugal they were known as “Iberians,” which is
the name of the Peninsula. In Ireland the Berbers
are known as “Hibernians.” The Celts and later
invaders pushed them back to the West of
Ireland, where you most commonly see the
“black Irish” with black hair and brown eyes. The
most popular recreational organization of Irish
Americans is the Ancient Order of Hibernians
(AOH).Modern Berber family having a traditional
mealThe images that are shown in mainstream
television, movies and in print are of the lighter
skinned people that are also referred as Berber.
Modern north Africa has changed a great deal,
from waves of invasions such as the Persians,
Greeks, Romans, Germanic tribes, Arabs, Turks
and the French have led to the amalgamation in
the region. The role of literally millions of
enslaved Indo-Europeans and concubinage in
the creation of admixed populations in cities like
Tunis, Tripoli, Fez, Sale and Algiers are well
documented. This is the formation of populations
in north Africa today. These now lighter skinned
people do not call themselves African. In fact,
the term “African” is a very demonized term to
many, more than likely because of the modern
European invasion into Africa, Europeans had to
justify their behavior (some still do), and the
term African is the object of ridicule and
humiliation. The term Berber is now a regional
word to apply to these people that now share
many common cultural ideas and customs. “REPLY
. nikkiSEPTEMBER 2, 2013 AT 8:19 AMMy mother recently passed
away…my sister had her DNA researched 2x because
she couldn’t believe the findings…middle eastern
and viking and swedian…now that I’m reading the
history of black vikings, its amazing. to you racist
people who want do eliminate black people from any
parts of Viking history….I have proof…..there is more
proof of black Vikings than not!!!!! And every race
originated from Africa….you are all in some way
fashion or form originated from Africa….ahhhhh
haaaa!!!! Lovin itREPLY
. Master1111OCTOBER 28, 2013 AT 12:07 PMAll I can say is, they
are still in denial, they still walk around with that
blind ignorance, and yet call themselves intelligent..
Thats amazing! If is isn’t the Viking, the Asians, the
mexicans, all deny their Moorish origins. Enqi, Enlil,
Arishkagel,Gilgemesh,Enoch, Soloman, David we are
the Summon Bunum of them all. It doesn’t matter
because when our fathers return, I can’t wait to see
that STUPID ass look on their faces.REPLY
. Blake SkjolsvikAPRIL 11, 2014 AT 8:04 AMBlamen means blue
men, not black men. Blue could very well reference
to their eye color since 99% of Scandinavians have
blue eyes. So you pointing out that Vikings were
sometimes referred to this doesn’t make your case.
There is not a Black person alive who can trace their
roots to Old Scandinavia from that time period.REPLY
. manitouSEPTEMBER 17, 2014 AT 8:21 PMI believe in this totally ,
I am Norwegian, Scottish, French and Native
American , why is it that the Norwegian people in my
family have big lips and curly hair, also most
Scandinavians have the bridge below the nose. There
are certain peoples in Ethiopia, that bare some
resemblance to these features as mentioned in the
Scandinavian people . it is also known that early-on
in the history of the vikings , the raiders would
portage and travel as far east as Baghdad(and
possibly further), trading various items for gold and
silver. The ancient Vikings were everywhere!! Often
they’re history has been repressed. Due to many
wars and religious conquest into the lands those
areas. I as a distant descendant of these people,
believe that before all of this crap that is going on
the world today, we were all connected !! In many
native american traditions they say “all my relations”
or “we are related” . Look into our DNA and even that
would be enough to prove this fact. ONE LOVE!! REPLY
. Craig ApelbaumJANUARY 27, 2015 AT 5:23 PMI do believe there
were black vikings. Or Bluemen if you will. If this is
the case. And if these explorers lived among the
Norsemen.Then why aren`t there history books
written on them. And why aren`t they written in
school history books. Our young people, starting from
the first grade all the way through the twelfth grade,
should read and learn about them.Or is the subject of
Black Vikings only a college subject ? And if these
people did exist, does Barnes and Nobles Bookstores
sell books on them.And do the public libraries have
books on The Bluemen, (Black Vikings). I`m a history
buff. I would like to read more on The Black Vikings.
They sound like an intersting people to read and
learn about.REPLY
. velluAUGUST 20, 2015 AT 8:28 AMWe europeons took our
culture from the deteriorating kemetians/egyptians.
The fathers of our culture, whose all knowledge came
from the mystery schools of egypt, said that europe
is a continent of barbarians, whereas the egyptian
culture was a complete culture. Europeon iq tests
test only four capabilities more concerned with the
logical left brain. The more evolved europeon
intelligence experts say that instead of four
capacities of intelligence, there are eight. I say
there’s more. With more complete tests, i’d say that
blacks would fare better. Yet, even low logical iq is a
trait of many generations of no logical education, not
incapability. Our logical education is a fraction of the
education of kemetian mystery schools.I am also
finnish, with white thin body, blonde hair and blue
eyes. There’s no self-appraisal in here, only
information of facts. I don’t see any race as superior.

. brian richSEPTEMBER 5, 2015 AT 1:13 PMHowever,Ibn Fadlan

recounts Blondes with blue eyes. The term black,if
anyone here is even familiar with old
descriptions,would know it’s telling of demeanor.
Reading the Elder Eddas,and younger poetic eddas in
Olde English and Saxon,would key one into this.
However the Bkummen were real,they worked as
mercenaries along with the Nords,the Nords would
pick them up while maurading the Western coasts of
Africa. They we’re called Blummen because of the
color of their skin,it was,they say,so dark it was blue.
. Ivy BlackmoorJUNE 20, 2017 AT 4:46 PMThat’s very
believable. I know some people that are blue
. built on sandSEPTEMBER 11, 2015 AT 6:43 PMThrough all this
what I find most fascinating is the, often violent &
insulting responses of some whites who find out
these truths. What gives ‘superior people’? A
function out of the lower self I would say.That and the
visceral need to whitewash EVERYTHING, the need to
enforce in extreme ways that only people with pale
skins have made any contribution on this
phenomenal planet is the most telling thing about all
of this. And it’s always that way, in my experience.
Seldom can leave emotions out of it.Pretty much
proves the point of the post. It doesn’t make sense to
even the most uninformed that black and brown
aren’t the colors of the original humans of the whole
earth. But the pale are really the only ones making
such a big deal about it then project and blame the
higher melinated ones for the problem.Me thinks
thou dost protest too much ~REPLY
. RobbieJANUARY 30, 2016 AT 3:00 AMHi there!I’m a black haired
frisian descendant and i’d like to add a few things.
We Frisians use the word “swart” all the time in
different situation. It is VERY common hear the
sentence “Sjoch net sa SWART!” Wich litteraly
translates to “Don’t look so black!”. It refers to a
person looking angry, or anoyed.“Swartkop”
translates to “black face”. A black face is someone
who is always mad.I’d also like to point out that the
big bad guy in germanic/norse mythology is litteraly
called BLACK (surt).I’ve grown up wich the word
SWART meaning more then just a color.I met an old
frisian farmer who spoke an old type of frisian even i
had difficulty following, and he refered to me as the
“That black one” (Die Swarte) because of my black
. PriscillaOCTOBER 17, 2018 AT 12:18 PMYes, you’re right it
was used for many things and Europeans used it
toward the Africans quite often from within the
areas of land mass from the middle east aka
East Africa along the continent towards Morroco
and on both sides of the continent of Africa to
the meeting point that would near Scilly. It’s
really sad how Europeans made up so many
negative names towards colored people. I’m
sure they had their negative names as well, it
just didn’t get the publicity through the media as
Europeans did and still do today.REPLY
. nblakemoreDECEMBER 27, 2016 AT 9:32 AMI find this post very
very interesting considering my sir name is a literal
variant of Black moore. I’ve been trying to fill in the
dots for years. I’m starting to wonder if I’m
descended from Phoenicians nowREPLY
. George WOCTOBER 14, 2018 AT 8:01 AMIt makes sense that
there are quite a few darker people in Norway. There
was a Celtic component in various parts of Northern
Europe and these people tended toward darker hair
and eyes (like Highland Scottish Gaels or the earlier
Picts). I have seen photos of these dark brunette and
brown-eyed Norwegians in the past and wondered
how numerous they were.It’s strange, because in
earlier Australia if you did not have blue eyes and fair
hair it was considered somehow alien. This might be
because blondeness was bred into Middle Class
Australians. Working Class Aussies (of which I’m one)
tended to be more Celtic and therefore darker of hair
and eye than their wealthier cousins. REPLY
. Rascal Von ManorOCTOBER 22, 2018 AT 10:37 AMBlá-maðr does
not mean Black Man. Maor means light skinned
black. You can simply say Maor or Blamaor.REPLY
. Rascal Von ManorOCTOBER 22, 2018 AT 10:51 AMLet me
clarify my previous statement.Blá-maðr does not
mean African Man. Maor means light skinned
black. You can simply say Maor for light skinned
or Blamaor for Brown skinned.It means to be like
a African but not a African. It’s a brown skin of
mix African descent.(Bla): Blue as in African
Maor: Light skinned BlackIt’s like describing a
Creole person. Like Afro-Americans are like
Africans but they aren’t because they are mixed
therefore called Blamaor/Maor (Creoles of
African descent).Another word would be:
Schwartz, Svartr, Blokumann, Celts…

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Ancient History

Were there ever black vikings? If not,

then what is the black/African
equivalent to Norse vikings?

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18 Answers

Francesco Brosolo
Answered Apr 20, 2018 · Author has 1.4k answers and 2.1m answer
The vikings were familiar enough with african people to give their
ethnicity / appearance a name - blámaðr. Literally blue
men translated into English. (The colours black and blue
apparantly had the same name for the vikings, a common pet
name for a black sheep was blåmann, or blue man in English, but
I digress.) The word is not unlike the word "blackamoor" which is
Middle English for native africans.

They were familiar with africans from their journeys, mostly

north-africans and moors (in Spain and Portugal).

It's of course possible trading on a small scale happened (forgive

me for speculating), the vikings did travel far and trading was a
very international thing. Sigurd Jorsalfar travelled to Jerusalem
(the name Jorsalfar means Jerusalem traveller). Arab traders
visited Hedeby.

So we know that the vikings met africans, and we know that they
tended to trade with the people they met. It's not a great leap to
assume that some vikings must at some point have traded with
africans. But I am not sure there is any hard evidence for much
trading with africans, on the african continent.
To let me expand upon my previous reply, the vikings attacked
and raided Arzilla and Nakur in present day Morocco. There is
evidence for raids at Rabat on the Atlantic coast, at Al-Jazair and
at Tunis. It's what referred to (I presume) in this map at
wikipedia. (Forgive me for using a map on wikipedia as a source,
it was the most relevant I could online.) In 1108 King Sigurd
Jorsalfar sent 300 ships with 10.000 warriors to Palestine and
beat the Muslims forces at Saifa in Syria in 1110.

The following is more in Terra Speculatorum than in the land of

hard facts, but it's in an interesting theory that has been proposed
many times.

Olav Haraldsson fought against "heathen people " in Southern

Spain. That's not a disputed fact. This was quite possibly referring
to Gran Canaria. That's a disputed fact. The arguments go
something like this:

In Galdar, (the name is possibly an arab rendering of Gardar) in

Gran Canaria, what is very likely a viking grave has been found. In
a burial mound parts of a ship was found, ie the clamps holding
together the ships planks and the structural beams. A skeleton
carbondated to 1082 (+ - 60 years) was also found. The blade of a
sword was also found. Burial mounds with the skeletons oriented
north-south were found and excavated in 1934. Gran Canaria was
an important producer / seller of salt, which was a very important
commodity for the vikings. They'd trade slaves from raids in the
mediterranean area for salt. Gran Canaria also had plenty of trees
and forests at that time, which the vikings would have

The prevailing oceanic currents and directions of the wind meant

it would've been easy for the vikings to make the trip to Gran
Canaria before sailing back home to Scandinavia. They could
navigate to Iceland, New Foundland, Greenland, Isle of Man, The
Faroe Island, the Hebrides and so on. Finding their way to Gran
Canaria would've been relatively easy one might imagine.

Again, I point out that this is not established as fact, but is a

theory that is brought up every time viking travels into North
Africa is discussed.

But of course OP is asking about if african men ever integrated

among the Vikings. The answer is: no. There is no historical
account of a black man ever joining a viking tribe.

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Did the Vikings ever conquer Paris?
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Were there ever German Vikings?
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Brandi McDonnell, Information Management at Reseune

Answered Sep 20, 2017 · Author has 807 answers and 168.1k answer

Being a Viking was a cultural heritage. When people moved and

set up shop in a new area, they had children with locals. As most
of these people would have been men travelling for such purposes,
the men would have taken mothers for their children from local

Women may have done so too, but they would be outnumbered by

the men for a number of reasons one of which being that the
Viking expansion of males was because they were committing too
much infanticide killing females leaving a population gap that
drove single males out.

These installations would last many generations. After a few

generations the populace would have continued to move people
from the local groups into the Viking group. Making the Vikings
largely genetically like the local populace with an unique social
heritage. The culture of the people continued to be the Viking
group’s culture. The men dressed as Vikings, had Viking customs,
and Viking culture.

So for example there is an Inuk area where there was a Viking

settlement. The people buried show mostly features and genetic
markers of the local Inuk populace, but the men are all dressed as
Vikings in their burials. Because they were Vikings. (the group
eventually disappeared, and any one left likely reintegrated into
the local populace.)

It is when you mistake culture for genetics that you become


5.5k Views · View 7 Upvoters

Answered Sep 21, 2017

Some good answers here. Chances are excellent there was at least
one. The tendency of people to move around in earlier times is
underestimated by modern people. For example, when pilgrims
first arrived in an Indian town, they were greeted in fluent
English. An Indian had been kidnapped to England and France,
and managed to make his way home.

Based purely on my guesstimate of probability, I believe the

chances were overwhelmingly good that some African at some
time would fit a reasonable definition of a viking. The vikings
themselves traveled extensively in the Mediterranean, and ships,
particularly raiding ships, are known for taking on foreign crew.
Pirate ships were oases of friendly multi-ethnicity in historic
times. Viking ships seem to have at the least not been limited to
one people. The crew member who first discovered grapes in
Vinland was German. It was his reduction to speaking German,
not Norse, on account of his drunkenness that made his
shipmates aware of his discovery (according to the Vinland
Sagas.) A vik is a bay, incidentally, so viking is a gerund that
means bay-ing, or going from bay to bay. Also, blámenn literally
means blue men (not to imply the quoran didn’t know that).
Descriptions of skin color of African Americans often include
“blue” to mean very dark. Finally, to wander off topic yet further,
some though not all believe the vin in Vinland comes from the
Norse word for vine (vin). So you could argue that not only were
Viking crews multinational, but that a foreign viking gave one of
the most famous viking destinations its name.

3.5k Views · View 11 Upvoters

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Jason Wills-Starin, Former CTO, Software Developer, Writer, Gardener,

Eccentric, Aspie
Updated Dec 19, 2017 · Author has 647 answers and 859.5k answer

The people of Southern Egypt, called the Nubians or the Kush

were the closest thing to the ferocious warriors and metal workers
of the Vikings in ancient times, who also happened to be black
and African.

Their exploits against the Egyptians put several Black Pharaohs in

charge of all of Egypt on a few occasions, and seeded multiple
colonies. The Medjay, a group of elite warriors and shock troops
were originally ethnic Nubians loyal to the princes and Pharaohs
of Egypt, and were feared for centuries for their mastery of arms,
ferocity, effectiveness and custom made weaponry.
19.1k Views · View 29 Upvoters

John Bartram, Studied history and practised archaeology worldwide for

50+ years.
Answered Dec 20, 2017 · Author has 3.4k answers and 6.7m answer

Some Sub-Saharan Africans may have joined the Vikings on their

longships and raiding parties. I don’t know of any, but:

• At the beginning of Sub-Roman Britain, some slaves fled north

and joined those attacking the south. There were both North
Africans in Roman Britain and some even from Sub-Saharan
Africa, so it is not impossible one or two joined the northern
raiders. Vikings are a little later, but again, maybe an African
descendant joined them.
• Vikings worked their way downriver to the Black Sea and
Mediterranean, making quite an impact in the region, so
again, maybe they picked up one or two from within Africa.
• Enough Byzantine artefacts have been found in both
Scandinavia and the British Isles to say that there was
contact with both the Mediterranean world and the Eastern
Roman Empire. Who knows what Africans may have made it
far north?
As for Sub-Saharan Africa producing seafarers, of whom some
may have been piratical, then yes; some possible examples:

History of science and technology in Africa

The Sahel and West Africa

i. In the 14th century CE King Abubakari II, the brother of

King Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire is thought to have had a
great armada of ships sitting on the coast of West Africa.[84] This
is corroborated by ibn Battuta himself who recalls several
hundred Malian ships off the coast.[85] The ships would
communicate with each other by drums. This has led to great
speculation, that Malian sailors may have reached the coast
of Pre-Columbian America under the rule of Abubakari II, nearly
two hundred years before Christopher Columbus.[86]

ii. Some canoes were 80 feet (24 m) in length, carrying 100 men
or more. Documents from 1506 for example, refer to war-canoes
on the Sierra Leone river, carrying 120 men. Others refer to
Guinea coast peoples using canoes of varying sizes – some 70 feet
(21 m) in length, 7–8 ft broad, with sharp pointed ends, rowing
benches on the side, and quarter decks or focastles build of reeds,
and miscellaneous facilities such as cooking hearths, and storage
spaces for crew sleeping mats.

Horn of Africa and the Swahili Coast

It is known that ancient Axum traded with India, and there is

evidence that ships from Northeast Africa may have sailed back
and forth between India/Sri Lanka and Nubia trading goods and
even to Persia, Himyar and Rome.[92] Aksum was known by
the Greeks for having seaports for ships from Greece and Yemen.
[93] Elsewhere in Northeast Africa, the 1st century CE Greek
travelogue Periplus of the Red Sea reports that Somalis, through
their northern ports such as Zeila and Berbera, were
trading frankincense and other items with the inhabitants of
the Arabian Peninsula as well as with the then Roman-
controlled Egypt.[94]

Middle Age Swahili kingdoms are known to have had trade port
islands and trade routes[95] with the Islamic world and Asia and
were described by Greek historians are "metropolises".
[96] Famous African trade ports such
as Mombasa, Zanzibar, Mogadishu and Kilwa[97] were known to
Chinese sailors such as Zheng He and medieval Islamic historians
such as the Berber Islamic voyager Abu Abdullah ibn Battuta.
[98] The dhow was the ship of trade used by the Swahili. They
could be massive.

The port of Adulis - Axum - is described in the 1st

century Periplus of the Erythraean Sea:

7.5k Views · View 29 Upvoters

Ken Frye, lives in Indiana (1999-present)
Answered Dec 16, 2017

The Bla-Maors - The Black Vikings And The Black Danes -

Compiled by Invasion2012


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Were the Vikings really as brutal as pop-history likes to
portray them? I know they were also masterful traders and
Did the Vikings ever conquer Paris?
Who were the Vikings?
Were there ever German Vikings?
Were the Vikings ever defeated or surprised?
Were Vikings Saxons?
How old is the Norse/Viking belief system?
Who were the strongest, knights or vikings?
Who were the Vikings’ enemies?
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The Viking Explorer
Who Beat
Columbus to
Leif Eriksson Day commemorates
the Norse explorer believed to have
led the first European expedition to
North America.

Nearly 500 years before the birth of

Christopher Columbus, a band of European
sailors left their homeland behind in search of
a new world. Their high-prowed Viking ship
sliced through the cobalt waters of the Atlantic
Ocean as winds billowed the boat’s enormous
single sail. After traversing unfamiliar waters,
the Norsemen aboard the wooden ship spied a
new land, dropped anchor and went ashore.
Half a millennium before Columbus
“discovered” America, those Viking feet may
have been the first European ones to ever have
touched North American soil.

Exploration was a family business for the

expedition’s leader, Leif Eriksson (variations of
his last name include Erickson, Ericson,
Erikson, Ericsson and Eiriksson). His father,
Erik the Red, founded the first European
settlement of Greenland after being expelled
from Iceland around A.D. 985 for killing a
neighbor. (Erik the Red’s father, himself, had
been banished from Norway for committing
manslaughter.) Eriksson, who is believed to
have been born in Iceland around A.D. 970,
spent his formative years in desolate
Greenland. Around A.D. 1000, Eriksson sailed
east to his ancestral homeland of Norway.
There, King Olaf I Tryggvason converted him to
Christianity and charged him with proselytizing
the religion to the pagan settlers of Greenland.
Eriksson converted his mother, who built
Greenland’s first Christian church, but not his
outlaw father.

Icelandic legends called sagas recounted

Eriksson’s exploits in the New World around
A.D. 1000. These Norse stories were spread by
word of mouth before becoming recorded in
the 12th and 13th centuries. Two sagas give
differing accounts as to how Eriksson arrived
in North America. According to the “Saga of
Erik the Red,” Eriksson crossed the Atlantic by
accident after sailing off course on his return
voyage from Norway after his conversion to
Christianity. The “Saga of the Greenlanders,”
however, recounts that Eriksson’s voyage to
North America was no fluke. Instead, the
Viking explorer had heard of a strange land to
the west from Icelandic trader Bjarni
Herjolfsson, who more than a decade earlier
had overshot Greenland and sailed by the
shores of North America without setting foot
upon it. Eriksson bought the trader’s ship,
raised a crew of 35 men and retraced the route
in reverse.

After crossing the Atlantic, the Vikings

encountered a rocky, barren land in present-
day Canada. Eriksson bestowed upon the land
a name as boring as the surroundings—
Helluland, Norwegian for “Stone Slab Land.”
Researchers believe this location could
possibly have been Baffin Island. The
Norsemen then voyaged south to a timber-rich
location they called Markland (Forestland),
most likely in present-day Labrador, before
finally setting up a base camp likely on the
northern tip of the island of Newfoundland.

The Vikings spent an entire winter there and

benefitted from the milder weather compared
to their homeland. They explored the
surrounding region abounding with lush
meadows, rivers teeming with salmon, and wild
grapes so suitable for wine that Eriksson
called the region Vinland (Wineland).

After spending the winter in Vinland, Eriksson

and his crew sailed home to windswept
Greenland with badly needed timber and
plentiful portions of grapes. Eriksson, who
would succeed Erik the Red as chief of the
Greenland settlement after his father’s death,
never returned to North America, but other
Vikings continued to sail west to Vinland for at
least the ensuing decade. In spite of North
America’s more bountiful resources, the Viking
settlers remained in desolate Greenland. This
was perhaps due to the violent encounters—
including the slaying of Eriksson’s brother
Thorwald–they had with the indigenous
population of North America.

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence that

supports the sagas’ stories of the Norse
expeditions to America. In 1960, Norwegian
explorer Helge Ingstad scoured the coasts of
Labrador and Newfoundland for signs of a
possible settlement, and he found it on the
northernmost tip of Newfoundland at L’Anse
aux Meadows. An international team of
archaeologists that included Ingstad’s wife,
Anne, excavated artifacts of Viking origin
dating from around A.D. 1000, and the remains
of the Norse village are now part of a UNESCO
World Heritage site.
While Columbus is honored with a federal
holiday, the man considered to be the leader of
the first European expedition to North America
has not been totally forgotten on the calendar.
In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed a
proclamation that declared October 9 to be
Leif Eriksson Day in honor of the Viking
explorer, his crew and the country’s Nordic-
American heritage. The proximity of the days
honoring Eriksson and Columbus is
coincidence. October 9 was chosen because it
is the anniversary of the 1825 arrival in New
York of the ship Restaruation, which carried
the first organized band of Norwegian
immigrants to the United States.

Americans get a day off work on October 10 to

celebrate Columbus Day. It's an annual holiday that
commemorates the day on October 12, 1492, when the Italian
explorer Christopher Columbus officially set foot in the Americas,
and claimed the land for Spain. It has been a national holiday in
the United States since 1937.
It is commonly said that "Columbus discovered America." It
would be more accurate, perhaps, to say that he introduced the
Americas to Western Europe during his four voyages to the region
between 1492 and 1502. It's also safe to say that he paved the way
for the massive influx of western Europeans that would ultimately
form several new nations including the United States, Canada and

But to say he "discovered" America is a bit of a misnomer because

there were plenty of people already here when he arrived.

And before Columbus?

So who were the people who really deserve to be called the first
Americans? VOA asked Michael Bawaya, the editor of the
magazine American Archaeology. He told VOA that they came
here from Asia probably "no later than about 15,000 years ago."
They walked across the Bering land bridge that back in the day
connected what is now the U.S. state of Alaska and Siberia.
Fifteen-thousand years ago, ocean levels were much lower and the
land between the continents was hundreds of kilometers wide.

Beringia land bridge

The area would have looked much like the land on Alaska's
Seward Peninsula does today: treeless, arid tundra. But despite its
relative inhospitality, life abounded there.

According to the U.S. National Park Service, "the land bridge

played a vital role in the spread of plant and animal life between
the continents. Many species of animals - the woolly mammoth,
mastodon, scimitar cat, Arctic camel, brown bear, moose, muskox,
and horse — to name a few — moved from one continent to the
other across the Bering land bridge. Birds, fish, and marine
mammals established migration patterns that continue to this

And archaeologists say that humans followed, in a never-ending

hunt for food, water and shelter. Once here, humans dispersed all
across North and eventually Central and South America.

Up until the 1970s, these first Americans had a name:

the Clovis peoples. They get their name from an ancient
settlement discovered near Clovis, New Mexico, dated to over
11,000 years ago. And DNA suggests they are the direct ancestors
of nearly 80 percent of all indigenous people in the Americas.

But there's more. Today, it's widely believed that before the Clovis
people, there were others, and as Bawaya says, "they haven't really
been identified." But there are remants of them in places as far-
flung as the U.S. states of Texas and Virginia, and as far south as
Peru and Chile. We call them, for lack of a better name, the Pre-
Clovis people.

And to make things more complicated, recent discoveries are

threatening to push back the arrival of humans in North America
even further back in time. Perhaps as far back as 20,000 years or
more. But the science on this is far from settled.

Back to the Europeans

So for now, the Clovis and the Pre-Clovis peoples, long

disappeared but still existent in the genetic code of nearly all
native Americans, deserve the credit for discovering America.

But those people arrived on the western coast. What about

arrivals from the east? Was Columbus the first European to
glimpse the untamed, verdant paradise that America must have
been centuries ago?

A reconstruction of the Viking settlement in Newfoundland.

Not even close.

There is proof that Europeans visited what is now Canada about

500 years before Columbus set sail. They were Vikings, and
evidence of their presence can be found on the Canadian island of
Newfoundland at a place called l'Anse Aux Meadows. It is now a
UNESCO World Heritage site and consists of the remains of eight
buildings that were likely wooden structures covered with grass
and soil.

Today the area is barren, but a thousand years ago there were
trees everywhere and the area likely was used as winter stopover
point, where Vikings repaired their boats and sat out bad weather.
It's not quite clear if the area was a permanent settlement, but it is
clear that the expansion-minded Norsemen were here long before

One final mystery

And to add one fascinating wrinkle to the story of America's

discover, consider the Sweet Potato.

The sweet potato, native to South America was around in Polynesia 1,000
years ago. (Credit: Miya)

Yes, that's right the sweet potato. This humble pinkish-red tuber
is native to South America. And yet, there have been sweet
potatoes on the menu in Polynesia as far back as 1,000 years ago.
So how did it get there?

By comparing the DNA of Polynesian and South American sweet

potatoes, scientists think it's clear that someone either brought
them back to Polynesia after visiting South America, or islanders
brought them from South America when they were exploring the
Pacific Ocean. Either way, it suggests that about the same time
Nordic sailors were cutting trees in Canada, someone in Polynesia
was trying sweet potatoes from South America for the first time.

Speaking of genetics, a 2014 study of the DNA of natives on the

Polynesian island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, found
a fair amount of Native American genes in the mix. The entry of
American DNA into the genetics of the Rapa Nui natives suggests
that the two peoples were living together around 1280 AD.

There are other theories out there. A retired British Naval officer
named Gavin Menzies has been pushing the idea that the Chinese
colonized South America in 1421.

Another theory from a retired chemist named John Ruskamp

suggests that pictographs discovered in Arizona are nearly
identical to Chinese characters. He puts the Chinese in the U.S.
state of Arizona sometime around 1300 BC.

We mention these two only because we have seen them pop up in

newspaper articles recently. They're thoroughly discredited, so
we'll leave it at that.

A melting pot indeed

So what to make of all this?

Well, here at VOA, we are trying to tell the story of America. And
what is clear is that America was a melting pot hundreds of years
before the Statue of Liberty began urging the world, "Give me
your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe

In fact, the entirety of North and South America are a polyglot of

cultures stretching back before recorded history. And people have
been coming here ever since, chasing a better life, abundant food,
water and opportunity.

Today, maybe not that much has changed.

Your opinion
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victorOctober 13, 2016 9:19 AMColumbus was trying
to find a route to China. Along the way he knew he had to pass India
before he hit China. (Check out Marco Polo) He found a land mass,
and thought he had found India. And he thought the natives were
Indians. And that's why the redskins were called Indians. Did anyone
try to find out why the natives of the present USA were called

victorOctober 13, 2016 9:11 AMWhat happened to

Amerigo Vespucci? Wasnt America named after him?
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Celts, Vikings, Black

Xavier SéguinOctober 19, 2017 - Black Saga

My readers are used to shocks, some of

them ask for more, but in this case, it is too
much. The first Celts and Vikings were
Blacks. Yes, you read correctly. In any case,
it is an American, Dr Clyde Winters, who
affirms it.

In a short article, well documented, the good

doctor aligns proofs that will shake the
skeptics. Just have a look.

The ancient Celts and Vikings were Black


The Celts were originally Black people.

Ephorus –c. 405BC– claimed that the Celts
were Blacks or Ethiopians. (source) The
Celts continued to be recognized as Blacks
by Tacitus, who wrote about the Black Celts
and Picts in 80 AD. (source)

The Celts on the mainland of Europe were

called Iberians or Silures. (source) Though
the original Celts were Black, overtime their
name was stolen by Europeans. Father
O’Growney has discussed the history of the
Celts. He makes it clear that the original
Celts were the Iberians. (source)

The Iberians were probably conquered by

the Ligurians. (source) It is suggested that
the Ligurians may be represented by the
modern Basque of Spain. (source) The
Ligurians took the name Celt.

The Ligurians/Celts were conquered by the

Gaulish speaking people. The Gauls
conqered the Ligurians and pushed them
into Spain. It was these Gauls who imposed
their language on the Iberian and Ligurian
Celts .

The Gauls were Belgians according to

Father O’Growney. The Irish and Welsh are
descendants of these Gauls. (source)These
Gauls spoke Gaulish or Gaelic. (source)

The Germans conquered the Gaulish-Celts,

and Gaulish disappeared around 4th Century

All of the Black Celts in Britain were not

erased by the Gauls.

This is supported by the Ivory Lady of

York ,England. The reconstruction of the
face of the Ivory Bangle Lady (c.350AD)
indicates that she was African or Black.

This woman was rich and indicates the

African type common to the Bristish
Isles.She was highly respected by her white
There is genetic and linguistic evidence that
proves that the Celts were Black or African
people. An examination of the language
spoke by the Basque has a Niger-Congo
substratum. C.J.K. Cambell-Dunn has found
a Niger-Congo substratum in
Basque. (source)

Dr. Cambell-Dunn found that the Niger-Congo

and Basque languages share personal
pronouns, numerals and vocabulary items.

There is also genetic evidence linking the

Basque and Niger-Congo speakers. Both
groups share SRY10831.1, YAP,
M2,M173(xR1a,R1b3), E3*-P2, E3b2-
M81. (source) This linguistic and genetic
evidence supports the African origin of the

The original Danes or Vikings were

Blacks. (source) This is made clear in the
Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on the Norway
Sledge carving of the Black seafarers that
populated the region at this time. It is clear
from this carving that the 8th Century
Vikings were different from the Blond, big
bodied folk of Viking legends. (source)

The blond Vikings, the red Gauls, Asterix,

Obelix, Panoramix, all is tricks?! Definitely
not. There is no conspiracy in it, just an
omission. A big size one. A gigantic
forgetfulness that threw a veil, long ago, on
our true past.

Since the colonial and racialist France

forced the unfortunate Africans to
repeat “our ancestors the Gauls”, at long
least, it comes to be true! The Celts were
black! Jules Ferry must turn to his grave.

All black. Magnificent Africans, who had

come from the Iberian peninsula, had
gradually colonized all Europe, as far as the
Urals. We already find this assertion in the
writings of Fabre d’Olivet. For him, Central
Europe was populated by Blacks, skilled in
the handling of large javelins, as those white
Gauls later used.

The next thing is that at some point – which

one? – the Blacks were dominated by white
invaders with blond or red hair. The Black
Celts have given way to the Gauls, who had
white skin. (source)

The first Celts and Vikings were Blacks, says

Dr. Winters. The first Homo Sapiens were
Africans, yes or no? Lucy, Toumaï, the first
women were black skinned. “I am black and
yet beautiful,” said the Queen of Sheba – or
rather the racialist and racist translation of
the Jerusalem Bible. That terrible and yet !!
Heavy with the contempt of the dominant
race, the white.

Hey my friends, calm down! The dominant

race today is yellow. And before the white,
the first dominant race was the black race.
The first humans were black, the Sphinx of
Giza has the face of a black Pharaoh.
Egypt represents the meeting place of white
and black peoples. Their union was sacred in
the double crown of the pharaoh. Like its
model, Atlantis. Amenta, the land of the
dead to the west, is the distorted memory of
the island engulfed. The island of the gods
that disappeared in the space of a terrible
night, the night of the great deluge.

Atlantis was populated by whites and

blacks. Hyperborea too. These giant
spaceships were divided into four
islands, four continents each populated by a
different race. In the center was a mountain,
Olympus, where the masters of the gods
lived, with blue skin. The Olympians, whom
the Bible calls the Elohim.

The blue race has completely disappeared,

but the memory has remained in Egypt and
India. Osiris had blue skin. His life and that
of Jesus have some points in common.
Krishna also had blue skin. He was beautiful,
seductive, no woman resists him. As a child,
he was already very cute, with his
enchanted flute, his velvety eyes and his
smile to fall to the ground. Osiris and
Krishna are gods, derived from
the terraformers of Hyperborea,
like Rama and many others.

Each race had its hour of glory, but every

hour lasted for centuries. The wheel
spins. To everything, there is is a time. The
white supremacists would do well to
remember. All supremacy has but one time.

From the height of your glory, you despise

those from below? What is above is like what
is below. Hate will pass. Nothing lasts
except unconditionnal love. Wisdom is to
love without judging. Empty head, wide open



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The ancient Celts and Vikings were Black people.

The Celts were originally Black people. Ephorus (c.

405BC) claimed that the Celts were Blacks or
Ethiopians(1)The Celts continued to be recognized as
Blacks by Tacitus, who wrote about the Black Celts
and Picts in 80 AD .(2)

The Celts on the mainland of Europe were called

Iberians or Silures.(3)though the original Celts were
Black, overtime their name was stolen by Europeans.
Father O’Growney has discussed the history of the
Celts. He makes it clear that the original Celts were
the Iberians.(4)

The Iberians were probably conquered by the

Ligurians.(5) It is suggested that the Ligurians may
be represented by the modern Basque of Spain.(6)
The Ligurians took the name Celt.

The Ligurians/Celts were conquered by the Gaulish

speaking people. The Gauls conqered the Ligurians
and pushed them into Spain. It was these Gauls who
imposed their language on the Iberian and Ligurian
Celts .

The Gauls were Belgians according to Father

O’Growney. The Irish and Welsh are descendants of
these Gauls.(7) These Gauls spoke Gaulish or Gaelic.

The Germans conquered the Gaulish-Celts, and

Gaulish disappeared around 4th Century AD.

All of the Black Celts in Britain were not erased by

the Gauls.

This is supported by the Ivory Lady of York ,England.

The reconstruction of the face of the Ivory Bangle
Lady (c.350AD) indicates that she was African or

This woman was rich and indicates the African type

common to the Bristish Isles.She was highly
respected by her white subjects.

There is genetic and linguistic evidence that proves

that the Celts were Black or African people. An
examination of the language spoke by the Basque
has a Niger-Congo substratum. C.J.K. Cambell-Dunn
has found a Niger-Congo substratum in Basque .(9)

Dr. Cambell-Dunn found that the Niger-Congo and

Basque languages share personal pronouns,
numerals and vocabulary items.

There is also genetic evidence linking the Basque

and Niger-Congo speakers. Both groups share
SRY10831.1, YAP, M2,M173(xR1a,R1b3), E3*-P2, E3b2-
M81 . (10)This linguistic and genetic evidence
supports the African origin of the Celts.

The original Danes or Vikings were Blacks . (11)This

is made clear in the Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on
the Norway Sledge carving of the Black seafarers
that populated the region at this time. It is clear from
this carving that the 8th Century Vikings were
different from the Blond, big bodied folk of Viking


1. William and Robert Chambers, Chambers

Information for the people, Vol. 2 ,(London &
Ediburgh,1884) p.66.

2 J.A. Rogers, Sex and race, Vol.1 (New York, 1967)

3. Ibid, p.196.

4. Father O’Growney, The Celts, American

Ecclesiastical Review, (1901) pp.350359.

5. Ibid, p.352.

6. Ibid., p.353.

7. Ibid., p.352.

8. Ibid., p.353.

9. C.J.K. Cambell-Dunn, Basque as Niger Congo.

Retrieved 8/28/2010 at

10. Alonso S, Flores C, Cabera V. The place of Basque

in the European y-Chromosome diversity landscape,
European Journal of Human Genetics, (2005)

11. W.B., The Doctrine of Celtism, Notes and Queries,

(1871) 7: p.8.

Here are more sources via Google Book:

Black celts
The Europeans make it clear that the early Welsh
were Black Celts. They were a small black race that
came to Britain from Iberia. They were forced off the
mainland by whites.

T.R. (1890). The Gael at Bala. Bye-Gones, 26 Feb,

pp.320-321. Black Celts

Dr. Masson reported on the Highlanders of Canada.

He said they were of the descendants Black Celts.
Dr, Masson made it clear these Highlanders spoke
Caelic and had African faces. Black Celts 2

Dr. Masson. (1875). “The Gael of the Far West”, The

Academy, Oct.30, pg.451. Black Celts 3

William Chamers , in Information for the people, said

the Celts were descendants of Blacks who mixed
with invading white tribes.Chambers said these Celts
were Northern Ethiopians. Black Celts 4

Black Celts 5

Black Celts 6

Europeans also make it clear that the Danes were



So, there's a lot of things wrong with this, including some Bad
Anthropology and Social Science, but I'm going to stick with the
history. I'm pulling the actual sources this article claims to
reference as I go, so any corrections or additions are welcome.
Here we go.
Ephorus (c. 405BC) claimed that the Celts were Blacks or
I'm not entirely sure why the article cites a secondary source
rather than the source itself, when it's readily available on the
internet. But, Ephorus makes a point to differentiate between
Celts and Ethiopians.
The Indians inhabit the east and the country towards the rising
sun; while the Ethiopians dwell towards the south; to the west the
land is held by the Celts; and the north is peopled by the
As we can see, Ephorus considered the Celts and the Ethiopians
to be a separate people.
The Celts continued to be recognized as Blacks by Tacitus, who
wrote about the Black Celts and Picts in 80 AD .
The source in the article is a book called *Sex and Race, v. 1" by J.
A. Rodgers. Here we can see the cited passage. However, it cuts
Tacitus short:
The dark complexion of the Silures, their usually curly hair, and
the fact that Spain is the opposite shore to them, are
an evidence that Iberians of a former date crossed over
and occupied these parts.
Emphasis mine.
Tacitus would have been familiar with both Iberians and some
Sub-Saharan Africans. If they looked like Africans, he would have
described them thusly. He did not. The article in question even
makes the differentiation itself:
The Iberians were probably conquered by the Ligurians.
This tale comes from Thucydides, and he is pretty specific that
the conquered people were Sicani. I suppose it's possible these
people could have been black, but there is no evidence of it that I
know of.
This is supported by the Ivory Lady of York ,England. The
reconstruction of the face of the Ivory Bangle Lady (c.350AD)
indicates that she was African or Black.
The most recent information (2010) about the Ivory Lady that I
could find makes no mention of any possible sub-Saharan
ethnicity. Mediterranean, Berber, Phoenician...
The original Danes or Vikings were Blacks .
No they weren't. There are plenty of medieval depictions of
vikings, and they're quite pale. I haven't been able to find
anything from the 8th-century specifically, but unless something
pretty cataclysmic happened in a couple generations, the Danes
were what we would think of as "white".
This is made clear in the Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on the
Norway Sledge carving of the Black seafarers that populated the
region at this time.
I'm really not sure how but, regardless, the sled aparrently dates
to the late 9th century.
Personally, I think what we have here is some people inferring
way too much based on passing historical mentions of various
peoples being "black", when that phrasing wouldn't be used to
describe sub-Saharan Africans until much, much later.
It's also worth noting that the sources are decades (if not over a
century) old.
For those of you wishing to find more bad history, the comments
are a gold mine.


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63 points
4 years ago
One of my favourite historical factoids about the use of the word
"black" is that, when Charles II was on the run from Cromwell's
forces, the wanted poster described him as a "tall black man".
I'm just waiting for some tumblroid to explain to us that the
English royal family are descended from Africans.
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46 points
4 years ago
Here you go.
The Bad History starts almost immediately:
King Edward III of England was the son of Edward II and Philippa of
Philippa of Hainault was Edward III's wife, not mother.
That is as good as the history gets from that point on.

level 3

52 points
4 years ago
edited 4 years ago
It's been revealed that medievalpoc was a blog with good
intentions but run by a white person from america pretending to
be a person of color. She didn't understand how race works in
europe now or in the medieval period and claimed jewish and
roma people counted as white people in the medieval period. Just
all sorts of bad history and it's for the best the blog is no more.
Update: I hope people aren't downvoting this thinking i'm some le
epic anti-sj dude because I'm just a concerned person of color not
wanting people spreading disinfo and I'm against white people
pretending to be black.

level 4

unjustifiably confident in undergrad coursework

14 points
4 years ago
It still seems to exist. It was updated five hours ago.

level 5

Sauron saved Mordor's economy

24 points
4 years ago
True Badhistory never dies.

level 6

Turning boulders into sultanates

19 points
4 years ago
but rises again harder and stronger

level 7

10 points
4 years ago
That is not dead that can eternal lie.
And over strange eons even death may die.
level 8

3 points
4 years ago
The correlation of the contents...

level 4

it's all Vivec's fault, really

5 points
4 years ago
Do you have a source for that? If true, that explains an awful lot,
but I'd like some confirmation first.
level 5

11 points
4 years ago
omgstopbeingashittyperson-this-is-girljanitor here ya go, there's
more on that site. She's still running the blog but I'm realllly
uncomfortable with a white person pretending to be a person of
color for internet social justice points.

level 6

2 points
4 years ago
I don't even particularly like the term "person of color" since it
seems to kinda lump in any non-white person into one group,
which is what I thought we were trying to move away from.
level 7

5 points
4 years ago
Well I'm a person of color, so I feel comfortable talking about this
with you and that's commonly something said by white people.
It's not so much lumping all non-white people together and then
going "okay we're all team mates against racism" so much as
acknowledging that we're who experience racism on a systematic
level and so it gives us common footing to discuss our
experiences with racism. Though the term itself is problematic in
that it often erases anti-blackness from non-black people of color
and it doesn't pay attention to things like native american treaties
(I.e. the racism felt by natives is from one sovereign nation to
another in many cases) however, it's the best term we currently

level 8
1 point
4 years ago
Alright, I kinda see what you're saying.

level 6

Victor Von Doom is the Writer of History

1 point
4 years ago
Thank you for that link. The other people mentioned on there
remind me why I've grown to dislike internet SJ so much.

level 4

3 points
4 years ago
Where did you find this out? If that's true that's very amusing.

level 4

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to type here, and did I sp
4 points
4 years ago
What the... why would... OMG.

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Quetzlcoatl chemtrail expert

1 point
4 years ago
Aw man I like just found that tumblr. is diasporic roots good at
level 5

1 point
4 years ago
I'm sorry, I don't use tumblr, twitter activism is more of my thing
so I can't really give you any info on diasporic roots.

level 6

Quetzlcoatl chemtrail expert

1 point
4 years ago
aw, ok, sorry.

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7 points
4 years ago
He was his own grandpa. Bam, solved.

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Uncultured savage since 476 AD

10 points
4 years ago
Former German international Ulf Kirsten was also nicknamed „Der
Schwatte“ ( the black). That does not necessarily mean that we
can assume modern constructions of race.

level 3

8 points
4 years ago
Don't forget the Black Prince!
level 4

6 points
4 years ago
He wasn't even called that during his lifetime. And, as I linked
above, Medieval POC uses that as proof he was black.

level 4

Tupac died for this shit

2 points
4 years ago
Or the Black Adder.

level 3
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4 years ago
There's a gaelic term for someone with dark skin, but it translates
to 'blue man' (fear gorm) so I wouldn't take any gaelic sources
talking about black men (like Kenneth the Black) at face value, it's
most likely referring to something else.
This is the same logic behind Ancient Egypt = Kemet = Black

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Library of Alexandria 2.0

1 point
4 years ago

Dub of Scotland:

Dub mac Maíl Coluim (Modern Gaelic: Dubh mac Mhaoil

Chaluim), sometimes anglicised as Duff MacMalcolm,
called Dén, "the Vehement" and Niger, "the Black" (died 967)
was king of Alba. He was son of Malcolm I (Máel Coluim mac
Domnaill) and succeeded to the throne when Indulf (Ildulb mac
Causantín) was killed in 962.
While later chroniclers such as John of Fordun supplied a great
deal of information on Dub's life and reign, including tales
of witchcraft and treason, almost all of which are rejected by
modern historians. There are very few sources for the reign of
Dub, of which the Chronicle of the Kings of Alba and a single entry
in the Annals of Ulster are the closest to contemporary.
The Chronicle records that during Dub's reign bishop Fothach,
most likely bishop of St Andrews or of Dunkeld, died. The
remaining report is of a battle between Dub and Cuilén, son of
king Ildulb. Dub won the battle, fought "upon the ridge of Crup",
in which Duchad, abbot of Dunkeld, sometimes supposed to be an
ancestor of Crínán of Dunkeld, and Dubdon, the mormaer of
Atholl, died.

Interesting: Dub, King of^Scotland | Dübs and ^Company | Wickerman ^Festiv

al | ^Aifric | Dubdon of ^Atholl
Parent commenter can toggle ^NSFW or ^delete. Will also delete on comment score o
f -1 or less. | FAQs | ^Mods | Magic ^Words

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Indians can't lift British tea. Boston tea party was inside job.
9 points
4 years ago
I'd like to be a tall black man one day too.

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Sauron saved Mordor's economy

12 points
4 years ago
This is made clear in the Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on the
Norway Sledge carving of the Black seafarers that populated the
region at this time.
I'm really not sure how...
They think some of the simplified, stylized figures on it 'look

level 2

Indians can't lift British tea. Boston tea party was inside job.
9 points
4 years ago
I've almost expected some sort of caricature carvings. Cause how
the hell else can you determine race of carved person?

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2 points
4 years ago
Comic sans was a nice touch.

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4 years ago
The people of Scandinavia between the 8th and 11th century are
called Norsemen, not vikings. Vikings were the Norsemen who
chose to go on boats and plunder and trade and colonize and all
of that. The vast majority of the Norsemen were however farmers,
much like in the rest of Europe. They were also very white,

level 2
12 points
4 years ago
I assume they meant the Vikings specifically, since they also say

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17 points
4 years ago
So basically, a bunch of Africans came to Scandinavia and started
their plundering journeys from here, and everyone was totally
okay with this? Huh.

level 4

12 points
4 years ago
That's what I can't quite figure out. Does he mean that the people
living in Scandinavia were black, or that the people doing the
raiding were black? If the former, it's definitely wrong. In the case
of the latter, I'm not really sure why so many people would have
thought they were Norsemen if they were black.

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5 points
4 years ago
It's certainly not beyond the bounds of credibility to say there
may have been black African Vikings. They travelled far and wide
and like most naval travellers they likely recruited new crew in
any port they came across.
To say Scandinavians were predominantly black is of course rather

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4 years ago
haven't you read Eaters of the Dead

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4 points
4 years ago
Nah but I've heard Eat Of The Dead, were Norsemen Lovecraftian
Egyptian cultists?

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1 point
4 years ago
I read the shit out of that book.

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3 points
4 years ago
To be fair, even within Scandinavia people use Viking to refer to
8th-11th century Norsemen. Heck, even saying 'people of
Scandinavia' isn't "correct" in a technical sense since Denmark
(and Iceland, and Norway, and parts of Finland) isn't even part of
the Scandinavian peninsula. These days I think people mostly use
the term "Viking raider" to distinguish from everyday

level 3

2 points
4 years ago
Heck, even saying 'people of Scandinavia' isn't "correct" in a
technical sense since Denmark (and Iceland, and Norway, and
parts of Finland) isn't even part of the Scandinavian peninsula.
Scandinavia and the Scandinavian peninsula are different.
The Scandinavian peninsula covers Norway, Sweden and some of
Scandinavia is slightly different than the peninsula and consist of
Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This is the definition of
Scandinavia that gets used so refering to the population of either
country as Scandinavian is
Iceland, Finland, Åland, Greenland and the Faeroes is often placed
in Scandinavia as well, but they're part of the Nordic

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7 points
4 years ago
As an Icelander I'm aware of all that. My point is that all of those
definitions notwithstanding, people's everyday use of those terms
isn't necessarily consistent with those definitions.

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5 points
4 years ago
Oh man, not the "what is Scandinavia" discussion again...

level 2

2 points
4 years ago
That is the origin of the word, absolutely, but nowadays it's fairly
standard to refer to the entire culture and the people as "Viking".
Source: Am Swedish.

level 3

6 points
4 years ago
I'm sorry, but your national identity and popular usage don't
change the academic definition of something. It might be okay if
we're having a conversation, but if we're speaking in historical
terms, "viking" has a specific meaning that does not apply to all
Medieval Scandinavians.

level 4

2 points
4 years ago
edited 4 years ago
You may well be right, but I've never ran into or heard of a
problem relating to someone using the word like that. I think it's
not and previously on the /r/badhistory subreddit that I've ever
come across it.
But, then again, I'm not an historian.
EDIT: I scimmed through a few books I have on this and swedish
scholars seem to agree with you, the definition has
been wrongly expanded. I stand corrected.

level 3

1 point
4 years ago
So am I. The distinction is still an important one if you wish to say
something about Norse history.

level 4

1 point
4 years ago
In some instances I guess, but as long as one is aware of the
background I don't see it as very troublesome to use the word like

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4 years ago
I just want to say that trying to racially identify Vikings,
Phoenicians, or ancient Ethiopians using today's terminology of
white/black/Asian is almost bad history in itself. "Race" did not
really exist as anything other than a shorthand until the 1500s at
the earliest, so an ancient Roman could easily see a Germanic
and an Iberian as, respectively, a white person and a black
person. It would be better to say that Vikings were "proto-white"
or "ancestors of whites" than to say they were "white" as they
never would have seen themselves as members of a group called
"white people." Since race is two social constructs, one a
shorthand and the other the creation of a globalized caste
system, confusion is very commonplace.
Please correct me if I'm propagating further bad history here.

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I mean, I think you are technically correct, but I would at least do
the author the favor of assuming that he means that Celts and
Vikings would be black under our current racial classification. On
that point, he is categorically wrong, but it's fairly clear what he
If an ancient author described a people as having skin as black as
ebony or coal we would understand they would be called "black"
under current racial ideas.
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Joseph Smith is in the Kama Sutra

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That's just presentism though; accommodating them therein only
feeds their ideological bias.
Also, it's still rather Americentric. This idea of dividing the world
into colour-coded groups is very dated and not too important
outside of certain social-cultural contexts. Those 'current racial
ideas' have no physiological basis and don't make much sense, to
be honest.

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I meant it purely from an appearance perspective, not from the
perspective of ethnic identity. I only used the phrase "white" once,
and if I rephrased it as "appeared to be white by modern
standards", would it still be presentism?
I don't think I tried to say that any of the people would have
considered themselves one or the other. Simply that there was no
similarity in appearance between Celts/Norse and sub-Saharan

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Joseph Smith is in the Kama Sutra

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4 years ago
My criticism wasn't aimed at you; you make good points. I'd
personally just put "white" in this context in single quotation
mark, like a sort of scare quote.

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Oh, okay. I'm having a hard time parsing which criticisms are
leveled at me, the source material, or both. I tried to avoid the
whole "race isn't what it is today" thing, because I felt like that
was more social science, and simply tried to attack their
interpretations of their sources, specifically with regards to Tacitus
and Ephorus.
I'm also aware that there may be a flaw in my interpretation of
Ephorus, as he does differentiate between peoples that we would
consider "white" today. However, he also lumps in all the peoples
of Africa as "Ethiopian", saying that their lands stretched from
sunrise to sunset. So, there is precedent for him being less
discerning with darker or African peoples.

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This Clyde Winters guy has posted a lot all over amateur genetics
blogs and forums from what I recall. Perhaps he understands
"race" biologically as well, in the sense of "distinct
In that sense, it'd be correct, for example, to say that medieval
Scandinavians would cluster with contemporary Western Eurasian
and North African populations on a PCA plot and not with sub-
Saharan Africans, whatever one thinks of the social construction
of race, when the current categorization began and so on.

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so an ancient Roman could easily see a Germanic and an Iberian
as, respectively, a white person and a black person.
Look, i don't really want to get into the extent of how race is
a social construct in society, but what you just said is defiantly not
representative of the reality at the time.
The ancient Celts by all manners of today's standers would be
considered white, same as the Vikings. They would have fair skin
and different facial features than those of north of Africa and
Ethiopia, please, lest not pretend that skin tone has no influence
on the habitat zone and vice-versa. Fair skin facilitates the
absorption of vitamin D from the sun which lacks in northern
regions and darker skin prevents sun damage to the skin which is
abundant in south regions, and while "ignoring" those facts might
not be considered bad history by some* its definitely Bad Science
& Bad Anthropology, very bad.
Just saying.
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I think you missed their points, judging by your reference to skin
color and going back and forth from ancient to modern
categorizations (and why would you not get into how race is a
"social construct in society" if you specifically mention skin color
that prominently?). Or perhaps I misunderstood you.
Of course, to cover another possibility, skin color has no particular
importance in population genetics, either, when it comes to
defining "races" (it's a bit like the argument that wants to,
instead, debunk "biological race" by arguing you could use sickle
cell alleles or height to classify "races") and I'm not that sure that
you would be absolutely able to reliablytell Europeans
and Northern Africans apart based on "facial features." There's a
reason old time physical anthropologists thought various "physical
types" (as flawed as typology was...something later
anthropologists clearly recognized) were present both inside and
outside Europe, for example.

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There are groups of people who would lead us all to believe that
white people magically sprang up just before 1492. Probably
created in a mad scientist's (black) lab.

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4 years ago
There are people who believe pretty much exactly that, although
the timing isn't quite what you were talking about.

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Catherine the Great: Death by Horseplay

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Man, the NOI is about as nutty as they come.
They make some good sandwiches, though.
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Library of Alexandria 2.0

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Yakub (Nation of Islam):

Yakub (sometimes spelled Yacub or Yakob) is, according to

the Nation of Islam (NOI), a black scientist who lived "6,600 years
ago" and was responsible for creating the white race to be a "race
of devils". He did this through a form of selective breeding
referred to as "grafting", while living on the island of Patmos.
The Nation of Islam theology claims that Yakub is
the biblical Jacob. Traditional Muslims do not have this belief, or
anything similar to it. The story has caused disputes within the
NOI during its history. Under its current leader Louis Farrakhan,
the NOI continues to assert the truth of the story of Yakub, stating
that modern science is consistent with it.
Image i

Interesting: Nation of ^Islam | Malcolm ^X | Black ^supremacy | Jacob in ^Isla

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f -1 or less. | FAQs | ^Mods | Magic ^Words

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Will Shill For Flair

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Man, the lengths people will go to just to prove that Heimdall
could have really been a black man.

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I mean, he coulda been. I haven't read any Space Viking accounts.

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Catherine the Great: Death by Horseplay
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Heh, I have a (genuine hippie) friend who once told me that my
Irish half was so cool because it meant I had partly African blood.
I was like, wut....

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I mean, assuming the "Out of Africa" theory is true, everyone
does. But it's asinine to link a shared African lineage to our
modern perceptions of race.

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Catherine the Great: Death by Horseplay

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Well, yeah, heh.

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Oh shit, I've heard that one before. I can't for the life of my
remember where I've read it, but I'm half-ashamed to say it might
be in a Sitchin book. I think it was mentioned in a cultural context,
like music or language. Across northern Africa, into Iberia, and
then up to Ireland. Ugh, it was probably "Uriel's Machine" or
something like that.
And then there's this from "Rasta Livewire".

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Catherine the Great: Death by Horseplay

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motherfucking tapir cavalry

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As a Norwegian-American I am offended by this disgusting act of
cultural appropriation!!!!!!!!!

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4 years ago
1st 2nd or 3rd gen?

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motherfucking tapir cavalry

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4th, actually.

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cool, know any norwegian?

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motherfucking tapir cavalry

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No, but I want to, Nynorsk Norwegian, specifically, because my
great-grandfather Anders came from one of the parts of Western
Norway where the local dialect is far closer to Nynorsk than it is to
Bokål Norwegian and the "Standard Østnorsk" of Oslo.

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Cool, I live in western Norway actually! Do you know more specific
where he is from?

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motherfucking tapir cavalry

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4 years ago

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Hm, not quite. I'm from Ålesund so that's 1.5 hours away. Still
pretty cool though!

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4 years ago are my ancestors black or Belgian? Or black Belgian?

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4 years ago

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That sounds like a vomiting sort of noise.

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Abraham Lincoln Africanus conquered Carthage

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4 years ago
I think it's sad that the author (of the bad history, not this reddit
post) will never see this. I would really like to watch a discussion.
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4 years ago
The people who write these kinds of articles don't really care if it's
true or not. It doesn't affect their goals.

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Abraham Lincoln Africanus conquered Carthage

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4 years ago
Sadly that's true.

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Tsuji Masanobu did nothing wrong

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This is an ingenious little bit of script-flipping exploiting the
common back-projection of race--'my essentialism isn't any
dumber than yours.' You can find lots of references to skin-tone in
ancient sources (look at the depictions of Nubians in Egyptian art,
for example) but the Romans definitely didn't have modern race
concepts, which emerged quite late (the 19th century). You'll even
find stuff in Goethe talking about how the Germans were Asiatic in
their souls.
In short, if Vikings were white (it doesn't mean much to say so)
they might as well have been black. Of course, most people with
descent from that area of the world are today what we consider
white, but that's a late attribution. If you want to insist on back-
projecting descent, you get into a hellish jumble because there's
no way to prove Vikings didn'tintermarry with whomever (though
it's implausible hat they intermarried with Africans to any
meaningful degree) , and if you trace it far enough back they're
Africans anyway. It's a grin without a cat.

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but the Romans definitely didn't have modern race concepts
That's why I tried to show that the primary sources referred to
differentiated between the Celts and sub-Saharan Africans,
instead of looking for references to their skin tone.

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4 years ago
Agreed. Race is not a social construct; it is a number of social
constructs, from a handy shorthand for describing traits that
occur together ("John is black" is a lot less wordy than saying
"John is distantly descended from sub-Saharan Africans" or even
"John has dark skin, curly hair, and full lips"), to a global hierarchy
of power to a categorization of continents that bears a loose
relationship with genetic differences.
Racial purity is basically nonexistent; medieval Danes had
substantial "middle-eastern" ancestry
from-denmark.html) but their descendants have been accepted as
white because of their predominantly light skin, light hair, and
characteristically European features. (Don't say medieval Danes
were white except as a shorthand for their appearance, as
whiteness didn't exist in 1300 AD.)

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4 years ago
Also, Black meant something different to early peoples - usually it
meant evil, not the skin color - like how the "black Irish" are
thought to have that name because they descended from the
Vikings who raped and pillaged Ireland before settling there...

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I was under the impression that "black Irish" was in reference dark
hair, not moral alignment.
Either way, the definition of "black Irish" isn't really standardized,
and the origin of whatever group it's supposed to apply to isn't
either. I've heard that they were the original Celts, that they were
Iberians who came over to Ireland during Antiquity, that they
were survivors of the sinking of the Spanish Armada, and now
that they're evil Vikings.
So, basically, the term Black Irish can be used as liberally as the
term "white".

The word “Viking” entered the Modern English language in 1807,

at a time of growing nationalism and empire building. In the
decades that followed, enduring stereotypes about Vikings
developed, such as wearing horned helmets and belonging to a
society where only men wielded high status.

During the 19th century, Vikings were praised as prototypes and

ancestor figures for European colonists. The idea took root of a
Germanic master race, fed by crude scientific theories and
nurtured by Nazi ideology in the 1930s. These theories have long
been debunked, although the notion of the ethnic purity of the
Vikings still seems to have popular appeal – and it is embraced by
white supremacists.

In contemporary culture, the word Viking is generally

synonymous with Scandinavians from the ninth to the 11th
centuries. We often hear terms such as “Viking blood”, “Viking
DNA” and “Viking ancestors” – but the medieval term meant
something quite different to modern usage. Instead it defined an
activity: “Going a-Viking”. Akin to the modern word pirate,
Vikings were defined by their mobility and this did not include the
bulk of the Scandinavian population who stayed at home.

‘Going a-Viking’. Shutterstock

While the modern word Viking came to light in an era of
nationalism, the ninth century – when Viking raids ranged
beyond the boundaries of modern Europe – was different. The
modern nation states of Denmark, Norway and Sweden were
still undergoing formation. Local and familial identity were more
prized than national allegiances. The terms used to describe
Vikings by contemporaries: “wicing”, “rus”, “magi”, “gennti”,
“pagani”, “pirati” tend to be non-ethnic. When a term akin to
Danes, “danar” is first used in English, it appears as a political
label describing a mix of peoples under Viking control.
The mobility of Vikings led to a fusion of cultures within their
ranks and their trade routes would extend from Canada to
Afghanistan. A striking feature of the early Vikings’ success was
their ability to embrace and adapt from a wide range of cultures,
whether that be the Christian Irish in the west or the Muslims of
the Abbasid Caliphate in the east.

Blending of cultures
Developments in archaeology in recent decades have highlighted
how people and goods could move over wider distances in the
early Middle Ages than we have tended to think. In the eighth
century, (before the main period of Viking raiding began), the
Baltic was a place where Scandinavians, Frisians, Slavs and Arabic
merchants were in frequent contact. It is too simplistic to think of
early Viking raids, too, as hit-and-run affairs with ships coming
directly from Scandinavia and immediately rushing home again.

Recent archaeological and textual work indicates that Vikings

stopped off at numerous places during campaigns (this might be
to rest, restock, gather tribute and ransoms, repair equipment and
gather intelligence). This allowed more sustained interaction with
different peoples. Alliances between Vikings and local peoples are
recorded from the 830s and 840s in Britain and Ireland. By the
850s, mixed groups of Gaelic (Gaedhil) and foreign culture (Gaill)
were plaguing the Irish countryside.

Written accounts survive from Britain and

Ireland condemning or seeking to prevent people from joining the
Vikings. And they show Viking war bands were not ethnically
exclusive. As with later pirate groups (for example the early
modern pirates of the Caribbean), Viking crews would frequently
lose members and pick up new recruits as they travelled,
combining dissident elements from different backgrounds and

The cultural and ethnic diversity of the Viking Age is highlighted

by finds in furnished graves and silver hoards from the ninth and
tenth centuries. In Britain and Ireland only a small percentage of
goods handled by Vikings are Scandinavian in origin or style.

From the Galloway Hoard, discovered in Scotland in 2014. John Lord, CC BY

The Galloway hoard, discovered in south-west Scotland in 2014,
includes components from Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland,
Continental Europe and Turkey. Cultural eclecticism is a feature
of Viking finds. An analysis of skeletons at sites linked to Vikings
using the latest scientific techniques points to a mix of
Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian peoples without clear ethnic
distinctions in rank or gender.

The evidence points to

population mobility and acculturation over large distances as a
result of Viking Age trade networks.

The Viking Age was a key period in state formation processes in

Northern Europe, and certainly by the 11th and 12th centuries
there was a growing interest in defining national identities and
developing appropriate origin myths to explain them. This led to a
retrospective development in areas settled by Vikings to celebrate
their links to Scandinavia and downplay non-Scandinavian

The fact that these myths, when committed to writing, were not
accurate accounts is suggested by self-contradictory stories and
folklore motifs. For example, medieval legends concerning the
foundation of Dublin (Ireland) suggest either a Danish or
Norwegian origin to the town (a lot of ink has been spilt over this
matter over the years) – and there is a story of three brothers
bringing three ships which bears comparison with other origin
legends. Ironically, it was the growth of nation states in Europe
which would eventually herald the end of the Viking Age.

Unrecognisable nationalism
In the early Viking Age, modern notions of nationalism and
ethnicity would have been unrecognisable. Viking culture was
eclectic, but there were common features across large areas,
including use of Old Norse speech, similar shipping and military
technologies, domestic architecture and fashions that combined
Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian inspirations.

It can be argued that these markers of identity were more about

status and affiliation to long-range trading networks than ethnic
symbols. A lot of social display and identity is non-ethnic in
character. One might compare this to contemporary international
business culture which has adopted English language, the latest
computing technologies, common layouts for boardrooms and the
donning of Western suits. This is a culture expressed in nearly any
country of the world but independently of ethnic identity.

Similarly, Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries may be better

defined more by what they did than by their place of origin or
DNA. By dropping the simplistic equation of Scandinavian with
Viking, we may better understand what the early Viking Age was
about and how Vikings reshaped the foundations of medieval
Europe by adapting to different cultures, rather than trying to
segregate them.

Thor (2011) - Heimdall (Idris Elba)

Why is a black man playing a Viking? Aren't all Vikings
blonde-haired and blue-eyed? Here are six good reasons that
it makes total sense to have a black man in Thor: The Dark

(This post is part of the Thor Love blogfest)

Race isn't a major issue in the Marvel films, although two

characters stand out. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Idris
Elba as Heimdall.

When the Thor movie came out, there was an uproar and
backlash from people claiming it was wrong to change the
Thor character Heimdall from white to black. Mainly this was
on racist and white supremacist websites, but some in the
media picked it up as a real thing. In the end, the backlash
was unfounded because as Harry from Ain't It Cool News said,
"To those people who asked, 'Why cast a black man as a
Viking', every scene Elba is in is [a] resounding THAT IS
WHY!" He's incredible.

So, to end the controversy once and for all, here are reasons
why it makes sense for there to be a black man in Thor: The
Dark World.

1. Vikings Visited Africa

The Viking ships are renowned for their long voyages. These
ships allowed the Vikings to travel as far east as
Constantinople and the Volga River in Russia, as far west as
Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland, and as far south
as Morocco. Maps of the Viking travels show them stopping in
North Africa. The black African tribes were mainly in
subsaharan Africa, but trade routes were common. While the
Vikings were mainly traders, they would sometimes take
people as soldiers, slaves or wives. Some Vikings had "jungle-

2. Some Vikings Are Described as Black

There's a rather controversial article at Rasta Livewire that
suggests that all Vikings were black. This is based on
historical descriptions of the people. I'm not going that far,
but at least some of them must have been black.

“The Irish annalists were a lesson to all with their division of

Norse invaders into White Foreigners, Norwegians(Finn-gaill),
and Black Foreigners, Danes(Dubh-gaill), but it was a lesson
no one heeded; nor do we know why they distinguished them
by colour.” See A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones

“The Welsh chroniclers, for example, made no such clear

distinction. The Danes coming in by way of England and the
Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black
Gentiles(y Kenedloed Duon), Black Norsemen(y Normanyeit
Duon), Black Host, Pagans, Devils and the like.”(CONT.) See A
HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968)

“There was a man hight Thorvard; he married Freydis, a

natural daughter of Erik the Red; he went [219] also with
them, and Thorvald the son of Erik (100), and THORHALL who
was called the hunter; he had long been with Erik, and served
him as huntsman in summer and steward in winter; he was a
large man, and strong, BLACK AND LIKE A GIANT, silent and
foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Erik to the

“According to Egils Saga, of the 2 famous sons of Kveldulf,

Thorolf was tall and handsome like his mothers people, but
Grim took after his father was black and ugly. Grim’s sons
Thorolf and Egill, born out in Iceland, repeated the pattern-
Thorolf was the image of his uncle, tall, handsome and sunny-
natured, and many Egill was black, even uglier than his
father, totuous and incalculable,…..etc. craggy head, broad
nose, heavy jaw and swart visage.” See A HISTORY OF THE
3. Black Asgardians Could Be Moors
The Moors were the medieval Muslim inhabitants of
Morocco. In the movie The Long Ships (1964) Sidney Poitier
played a Moor, named Aly Mansuh, who worked with a Norse
king to find a treasure. We know that the Vikings
encountered the Moors, who were black. See there could be a
Moor among the Vikings.

4. Lots of Actors of Color Have Played Scandinavians

Changing the ethnicity of a character happens in
Shakespeare all the time. In 2001, Adrian Lester played
Hamlet in Paris. David Oyelowo was the first black
performer in the Royal Shakespeare Company's history to be
cast as Henry VI. "This is not a defining moment for black
actors," Hugh Quarshie, who was the first black Hotspur on a
British stage, said. "It is a lot easier to have non-traditional
casting with Shakespeare. In fact, this seems only possible in
the classics at all these days. The real problems for black
actors come with modern plays and the cinema." There's no
definitive evidence that William Shakespeare intended
Othello to be black, but most productions cast a black man in
the role. Director Kenneth Branagh often compared his Thor
movie to Shakespeare, so why not follow the same casting

5. The Asgardians Are Not Scandinavian

The Asgardians are not from Scandinavia. They're
from another dimension. When they showed up the people
revered them as "gods." That means they aren't required to
be any specific race and don't have to look anything like the
blonde-haired, blue eyed people in the history books.

The most obvious reason is that it's a movie. They can have
Vikings played by Latinos if they want to. The casting call
for Thor: The Dark World said "any ethnicity" so there's not
reason not to hire black people as Asgardians. Thor 2 wasn't
the only movie to do this. In the movie The Norsemen (1978)
the late Deacon Jones played an African slave named Thrall.

MARVEL’S THOR: THE DARK WORLD releases in theaters on November 8, 2013!

Marvel’s "Thor: The Dark World" continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty
Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that
predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvel’s "Thor" and "Marvel’s The
Avengers," Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos...but an ancient race led by the
vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. To defeat an enemy
that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor sets upon his most dangerous and
personal journey yet, forced into an alliance with the treacherous Loki to save not only his
people and those he loves…but our universe itself.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba,
Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary
Levi, Tadanobu Asano and Jaimie Alexander with Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins as Odin,
Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” is directed by Alan Taylor, produced by Kevin Feige, p.g.a.,
from a story by Don Payne and Robert Rodat and screenplay by Christopher L. Yost and
Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and is based on Marvel’s classic Super Hero Thor,
who first appeared in the comic book “Journey into Mystery “ #83 in August, 1962.

“Thor: The Dark World” is presented by Marvel Studios. The executive producers are Louis
D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Craig Kyle, Alan Fine, Nigel Gostelow and Stan Lee. The film
releases November 8, 2013, and is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The should be happy because in reality Thor himself was

actually black... no, I'm not a crazy person, let me explain, in
reality Thor was a prince of the kingdom of Troy, his original
name was probably Tror not thor, he was the son of an
Ethiopian (Aethiopian) king called Memnon who came to the
defence of Troy during the Trojan war and killed Antilochus,
one of the suitors of Helen of Troy, his son Tror (Thor) was
born to Troana the daughter of Priam, former King of Troy,
Priam himself was described as being swarthy (the old
germanic word for black being swarz/blach>swart/
blaek>swarthy/black) not saying he was truly dark african or
even african at all, or his daughter Troana for that matter, but
Mennon the father of Thor was most likely pure Ethiopian. So
either Thor would be close to pure black or half black half
white, or as the white people would call him, BLACK.
I myself only found this out today, I'm a little angry about it.