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 The reception of Kant's critical philosophy: Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel / edited by Sally
 Science of knowledge; with the First and Second introductions / J.G. Fichte; edited and
translated by Peter Heath, John Lachs.
 Attempt at a critique of all revelation / by Johann Gottlieb Fichte; translated, with an
introduction by Garrett Green.
 Foundations of natural right: according to the principles of the Wissenschaftslehre / J.G. Fichte;
edited by Frederick Neuhouser; translated by Michael Baur.

 Nietzsche and the spirit of tragedy / Keith M. May.
 Beyond good and evil / Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
 A Nietzsche reader / Friedrich Nietzsche and translated by R. J. Hollingdale
 The portable Nietzsche / selected and translated, with an introduction prefaces, and notes, by
Walter Kaufmann.
 The philosophy of Nietzsche / by Nietzsche
 On the genealogy of morals: a polemic: by way of clarification and supplement to my last book,
Beyond good and evil / Friedrich Nietzsche; translated with an introduction and notes by
Douglas Smith.
 Daybreak: thoughts on the prejudices of morality / Friedrich Nietzsche; translated by R.J.
Collingdale; with an introduction by Michael Tanner.
 Untimely meditations / Friedrich Nietzsche; translated by R.J. Hollingdale; with an introduction
by J.P. Stern.
 The vision of Nietzsche / introduced and edited by Philip Novak.
 Matter and memory / Henri Bergson; authorized translation by Nancy Margaret Paul and W.
Scott Palmer.
 The Creative mind.
 Key writings / Henri Bergson; edited by Keith Ansell Pearson and John Mullarkey ; Melanges
translated by Melissa McMahon.
 Creative evolution / by Henri Bergson in the authorized translation by Arthur Mitchell, PH.D;
with a foreword by Irwin Edman.
William James
 Politics and rationality / edited by William James Booth, Patrick James, Hudson Meadwell.
 Kant & political philosophy: the contemporary legacy / edited by Ronald Beiner and William
James Booth.
 Essays on faith and morals / William James; selected by Ralph Barton Perry.
 Selected papers on philosophy / by William James.
 The will to believe and other essays in popular philosophy / William James; [edited by Frederick
H. Burkhardt, Fredson Bowers, Ignas K. Skrupskelis ; introd. by Edward H. Madden].
 Essays in religion and morality / William James; [Frederick H. Burkhardt, general editor; Fredson
Bowers, textual editor; Ignas K. Skrupskelis, associate editor; introduction by John J.
 The will to believe : and other essays in popular philosophy, and Human immortality / William
 William James: Pragmatism, in focus / edited by Doris Olin.
 The writings of William James: a comprehensive edition. / Edited, with an introd., by John J.
 The nature of existence / John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart; edited by C.D. Broad.
 The world as will and representation.
 The world as will and idea / by Arthur Schopenhauer; translated from the German by R. B.
Haldane and J. Kemp.
 The essential Schopenhauer : key selection from the world as will and representation and other
writings / Arthur Schopenhauer
 The world as will and idea: abridged in one volume / Arthur Schopenhauer; edited by David
Berman; translated by Jill Berman.
 On human nature: essays, partly posthumous, in ethics and politics / by Arthur Schopenhauer.
Selected and tr. by Thomas Bailey Saunders, M.A.