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STUDY OF YEARS 2018/2019
Prajjan Camplong Sampang – East Java 69281

School Unit : SMA Nazhatut Thullab Class : X (SMA/SMK) …..

Subject : BHS.INGGRIS Time : 90 minutes
Day/ Date : ..................................... Name : .................................


 Choose the correct answer by A, B, C, or D

 Choose the correct answer from the listening exercise section by listen the tape record and then

A. Choose the correct answer from a,b,c,or d by the correct answer below !

1. Tomo : What is ….. hobby since your holiday?

John : My primary hobby is watching movie
Tomo : Ow, I see.
The correct of pronoun to complete the dialog above is ….
a. you
b. your
c. yours
d. a,b,c,and d are incorrect
2. (+) I and you come to my house everyday. The correct answer the introgative sentences is ....
a. I and you do not come late to my house
b. Are we come to my house everyday ?
c. Is I and you come to my house everyday ?
d. do we come to my house everyday ?
3. Mahmudah is very happy to his friend because her friend is winning at running sack championship. I must
say to her with expression .....
a. Compliment
b. Congratulation
c. Sadness
d. Jokeness
4. Lisa : I'm very glad to meet you again. You look very beautiful wearing this wedding gown.
Dulla : ...... . May you lasting relationship with him.
The incorrect respond of compliment expression is ..... (Except)
a. I think is good ideas
b. Thank you a million
c. This is briliant topic
d. It's up to you
5. "May you always keep spirit and smiling" . This is belongs to respond of congratulation types is .....
a. Informal
b. Formal
c. Non-formal
d. The a,b,c are not correct
6. The complement and congratulation is similar in the context ....
a. The compliment and congratulation is same the expression to give appreciation to others
b. The compliment and congratulation is same using verbal sentence
c. The compliment and congratulation is same characteristic
d. The compliment and congratulation is same questioning sentence
7. "Saya akan menjadi seorang murid yang optimis" . The correct translation by the simple present future tense
is ....
a. I will be an optimistic pupil
b. I will be on optimistic pupil
c. I shall be an optimistic student
d. I shall be not an optimistic student
8. Diana will water the plants this day.The correct auxiliary and adverb of time from the sentence above is ....
a. will and these
b. shall and those
c. shall and next
d. will and next
9. The use of would like are correct from the sentences below ...... (Except)
a. Sutiyeh would like to study English tomorrow
b. Buharto would like to work harder next week
c. Sukkur would like to take call player the day before
d.Salima would like to sleep in front of the door
10. The correct be going to form from introgative sentence is …..
a. (?) Be + S + Going to + V1 + O/Complement ?
b. (+) S + Be + Going to + V1 + O/Complement
c. ( - ) S + Be + not + Going to + V1 + O/Complement
d. (?) Be + S + Going to + V-ing + O/Complement ?
11. John benar-benar akan mengerjakan PR-nya dengan sebaik-baiknya. The correct English translation
based on the sentence above is …..
a. John will always do homework regularly
b. John will be going to do homework regularly
c. John is going to do his homework regularly
d.John is being to do his homework regularly
12. a. Gerry and his a beloved rabbit
b. Gerry and her a beloved rabbit
c. Gerry and his an pretty monkey
d. Gerry and his a pretty monkey
13. a. Camplong beach is wonderful place as like a heaven garden
b. Camplong beach is extream place whenever I coming
c. Camplong beach is excited view to take a selfie
d. Camplong beach is attractive spot to diving and snorkling
14. I .... listen the Sabyan the next after. The correct modal to complete this sentence is ....
a. will
c.would like to
d.should like to
15. I and Lisa would like to swim in Nepa beach with monkeys together. The bold and Underline can be
replaced by ….
a. we
b. they
c. their
d. our

B. Answer the questions below correctly and briefly !

1. Make sentences by using this word used would like to or be going to !
a. discuss (would like to)
b. study (be going to)
2. Arrange to be correct answers and coherently !
a. Compliment – to – Jono – Arimbi – like – would – on – your – style – new – hair
b. Aziz – Azizah – congratulate – your – on – and – are – going – to – birthday – his
3. Complete this sentences by using will or shall below !
a. Iis (........) be happy next time.
b. Sulehah (......) play a see saw with his friend.
4.Choose the correct answer below !
(My / I / me ) name is Raden Mas Fian Bhaskoro, (my / myself) daily life is usually called by the name Fian,
(He / Him / Himself ) is my clan that signifies me as a descendant of the original Madurese tribe. The
meaning of my own name is selfless sincerity. I do not understand (my / mine / me) parents by giving a
name like that.
5. Make a simple story one paragraph talking about descriptive text. It tells about your favourite place
destination !