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Class Observation

Submitted by: Katzen Tupas

Sybmitted to: Dr. Clarito H. Oras

Grade 7

Receiving Output – When the teacher discussed, he delivered the lesson clearly and

concisely. He gave examples, especially real-life situation examples. Most of the

students receive it well but some grade 7 learners are not really listening which is

understandable because they are in their puberty stage. Overall, the presentation of

lesson is interesting.

Responding – The learners respond by raising their hand in order to answer the

questions. Most of the students are listening attentively especially when the teacher

gave examples.

Valuing – The lesson was well presented. The learners understand it well. There are

well placed examples especially the real-life examples. The quizzes are easily

understood by the learners.

Organization – Class organization is the minus part in this class. Some of the students

are really noisy and is always roaming around, some of the students are sleeping. The

teacher tried to scold them and they will listen for a while. Not long after, they will

continue their previous activity (sleeping, talking and roaming around) while ignoring the


Characteristics – The teacher is passionate with the way he taught the students. You

can see his enthusiasm and his love towards his profession.
Grade 8

Receiving Output – The teacher conducted an activity for today. The students were

very attentive. The classroom was very lively and you can feel the vibe was very warm.

It was like an atmosphere for learning.

Responding – The learners were really attentive to the activity. They participated well

and you can see that they also enjoy the undergoing activity.

Valuing – The approach of having activity was interesting. It made the learners think in

a new perspective which made them engage in the lesson being presented to them.

Organization – The way the teacher organized the classroom was really neat. The

classroom was really lively but the noise that you hear are connected to the lesson.

There were no students who were distracted and all of them are participating in the


Characteristics – The teacher knows the learners well and adapts the activities based

on the lesson and the characteristics of the learners.

Grade 9
Receiving Output – The teacher made the learners form a group to discuss about their

project which is an interview.

Responding – The learners formed groups and discussed about their project. Most of

the students were serious in their discussions.

Valuing – The learners are improving their brainstorming and teamwork abilities in their

group discussions.

Organization – The way the teacher organized the students was a lacking. She was lax

and she did not mind what the students are doing.

Character – The teacher is a kind teacher but she has little commanding power towards

the students.

Grade 10

Receiving Output – The teacher clarifies materials which needed elaboration.

Responding – The learners are doing their individual activity, the Venn diagram.

Students are participating in the class.

Valuing – The teacher explains difficult materials clearly. Takes appropriate actions

when students appear to be bored.

Organization – The teacher summarized or emphasized main points in lectures and

discussion. Uses post-test or other forms of assessment to determine whether lessons

objectives are met. Characterization Sets high expectations for all learners. Flexible

when a lesson isn't working.