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So, we can say that through the

RAMÍREZ QUIRÓS, Francisco (2005).

fulfillment of these suggested actions
and mentioned approaches, we will have
 Tratamiento de Desinfección del control over this great problem. Also as I
Agua Potable. Canal Isabel II. mentioned, it is not easy to achieve a
 "el agua y su importancia para la vida great change, we all have to support each
humana" S.EP. other so that we can make more strength
[enlinea].Disponiblehttp://www.ace and achieve the objectives. One day when you get up you can start little by
o1_Final_nov.pdf [accesado el día 26 little creating awareness and trying to
de octubre del 2014]. assimilate these actions that are for the
good of all.
 When washing the dishes close the key
The purpose of this work is to disseminate while lathering, rinse the
and raise awareness about the problems of  Close the sink faucet while you lather crockery "in groups" (first all glasses, for
water in PERU and the world in order to your hands, shave or brush your example); so you take better
encourage informed discussion and the teeth. advantage of the water. Try not to open the
construction of solutions. In its preparation,  An open tap consumes up to 12 liters entire key to rinse the
several sources, both governmental and civil of water per minute! dishes.
organizations, were consulted and cited. The
"water" one of the most important  Use a shower instead of a tub when  Use buckets with water to wash cars and
compounds for the life of the planet and the bathing; close the shower while you sidewalks instead of using
universe, which, we can find in different soaping. hose; You will also save up to 12 liters of water
states like liquid, solid and gaseous. This every minute.
compound is a liquid substance formed by  Collect the water from the shower in a
the combination of two volumes of hydrogen bucket while it is cold and use it for  In traditional toilets you can put one or two
and one volume of oxygen, which is the most the toilet or for your pots. bottles of water inside the
abundant component on the earth's surface. box to decrease the amount of each discharge.