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CONTRACT NO.:17052048

Job Safety Analysis Sheet

JOB DESCRITION: Manual excavate for electrical trench
excavation,earth pit and Pilot Plant foundation pit JSA Ref. No. JSA: CPECC 2017-005

Permit No.*
Facility: Work Area / Equipment: Date:3/12/2017
Effluent Water Disposal Plant (EWDP)-2

Personal protective Equipment’s and tools: coverall, helmet, safety glass, safety shoe, dust mask, gloves;
Shovel and pinch bar
 Non-compliance of KOC  Ensure all workers have attended HSE induction
-HSEMS Procedures, training
Regulations  Train the team for Working @ Simultaneous Operations
Pre - work  Get the appropriate permits to works
 Prepare JSA and discuss to workers.
 Conduct Toolbox Talk
 Ensure continuous Safety Supervision and the
availability of First Aid facilities.
 Unauthorized access to the  Mechanical excavation is prohibited
excavation area.  Provide adequate warning signs, Barricades for the pit.
 Injury / damage from  Keep Tools / Equipment’s, excavated soils/ materials
improper tools. at safe distance from excavation edge.
 Falling of personnel, tools,  Check ground conditions prior to excavation;
Manual excavate for
excavated materials into the  Use sloping, benching as appropriate for the pit if
electrical trench
pit applicable
excavation(300mm x
 Collapse of the pit  Continuous Supervision.
500mm) ,earth pit and
 Trapping of personnel inside  All personnel should be trained for excavation
Pilot Plant foundation pit
trench  Safety before deployment at Site. Provide adequate
(underground 200mm)
 Possibility of toxic means of access and egress (Ladders).
flammable gas  Carry out Gas test before work in hazardous live plant
 Damage to expose area.
underground/ above ground  Excavation notification and PTW should be complied
services with and underground pipe/cable should be marked as
 Housekeeping  Ensure proper Housekeeping of the work site.
 Securing of Tools and  All wastes and spillages shall be removed and disposed
Job Completion Equipment as Waste Management Procedure (HSEMS EV.008).
 Biological hazards, Bites  Be aware of the snakes, scorpions and other dangerous
from insects and reptiles or poisonous insects and animals at work sites.
 Extreme Weather Condition  Do not feed or befriend with stray animals / wild life
Additional hazards  Live Systems under and make sure the team always stay together.
operation Or  Take rest at designated rest shelters.
Working in operational area  Closely watch the surroundings while performing the
 Ensure all employees undergone awareness training and
understand the existing hazard inside the operational
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.

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