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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job: Confined Space Entry for Excavations JSA Ref. No. JSA: 006 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week

Permit No.
Facility: EWDP-2 Work Area/Equipment:
Note: If JSA Revised, updated JSA shall be used
Personal protective equipment and tools:
Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles/ Glasses, Hand Gloves, Overall, Protective Clothing, Gas Monitor

Pre - work Poor task planning  Ensure all personnel have undergone Project HSE Induction
Non-compliance with KOC and EOD training.
HSEMS guidelines  Ensure PTW and CSE Permit is obtained from Company.
Incompetent personnel  Ensure to comply with KOC HSEMS Entry into Confined
Lack of Oxygen Space (KOC.SA.007), Excavation Procedure (KOC.SA.026)
Poor Communication.  Ensure all personnel have completed Confined Space Entry
safety awareness training by Contractor.
Inadequate Lighting at work
location ( Early morning hour  Ensure all equipment’s are having a valid KOC vehicle entry
work and night work) pass permit as applicable and Operators have applicable
training and licenses to drive / operate the identified
 Physically check all equipment tools to be used by a
competent Foremen or Supervisor and carry inspection color
coding as required
 Ensure the Confined Space is free from any flammable/ toxic
atmosphere and has sufficient oxygen in acceptable levels to
perform the task
 For early morning works/ night works, ensure sufficient
lighting arrangements/ lighting towers are in place at the work
areas as applicable are in place at the work areas as applicable
 Ensure proper communication means available.
 In case of any emergency supervisor / safety personnel must
call KOC emergency no 160.
 Follow guidelines when working inside the live plant

Confined Space Entry for No contact with person inside  Gas testing to be carried out with records. Frequency to be
Excavations deeper than 1.2 Mtrs. based upon work location and degree of risk
Improper and Insufficient access/
egress  Ensure the atmosphere inside the excavation is not flammable
Defective Tools and Equipment’s by conducting Gas tests and ensuring all fire safety
precautionary measures are in place before starting any work.
Fire and Explosion
 As appropriate, Ensure sufficient ventilation and air
Heat and Humidity and circulation is available inside excavation by use of fans or
Exhaustion other suitable means.
Entrapment or Collapse of Entrant  Provide frequent and periodic rest to the entrant including
Presence of Toxic and flammable shade and adequate water
gas  At any point of time if the person inside trench feels
Oxygen deficiency uncomfortable, immediately stop the work and move out of
the excavation. Obtain medical attention if / as appropriate.
Collapse of soil
Conduct a gas test.
 Sufficiently long ladders shall be positioned at regular

007 JSA- Confined space for excavation. / Rev.0 11/03/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 1 of 2
intervals for access/ egress. Spacing at the point of work shall
not exceed 10 meters
 Ensure no materials, tools, equipment’s etc are left inside the
excavation after completion of works.
 Barricade the area and post warning notice as required.
 PTW instruction shall be communicated to all the workers by
Supervisor. Conduct TBT before starting work.
 Sufficient sloping/ benching/ shoring the trench shall be done
as applicable to ensure safety of personnel inside.
 All excavated material shall be stacked at least 1 meter clear
of the top of the open excavation, and in such a way that it
cannot fall back into the open works

Additional hazards Personnel injury due to poor  Ensure the work place is maintained clear of debris, waste,
house keeping other rubbish & make the place clean & tidy.
Injury / accidents due to animal/  Provide adequate warning signage as required.
reptile bites
 Do not feed or befriend with stray animals / wild life
Use of mechanical equipment
(trucks / loaders etc.) adjacent to  For welfare facility/ short breaks, contractor temporary
the open trench facility on work location shall be used.
 No mechanical equipment shall be used near to the open
excavation to remove spoil materials whilst men are inside
the excavation.

 Live System  Ensure all employees undergone awareness training and

understand the existing hazard inside the live plant areas.
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
 Ensure workers are informed of live system

 Heat Stress, Sunburn,  Drink plenty of water, and electrolyte drinks as needed.
 Wear light-colored, cotton clothing.
 Slow down work rate and increase breaks in hot weather.
 Use sunscreen.

Worksite Supervisor Permit Applicant Permit Issuer

Name: Name: Name:

Company: Company: Company:
Designation: Designation: Designation:
Signature: Signature: Signature:

007 JSA- Confined space for excavation. / Rev.0 11/03/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 2 of 2

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