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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job: Dumping of soil JSA Ref. No. JSA: 026 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week

Permit No.
Facility: EWTIP Work Area/Equipment:
Note: If JSA Revised, updated JSA shall be used
Personal protective equipment’s and tools:
Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles/ Glasses, Hand Gloves, Overall, Dust Mask, Dump Truck, Barricading Materials

Pre - work Presence of EOD  Ensure all personnel have undergone Project HSE Induction and EOD
Non-compliance of KOC training.
HSEMS procedure, F & S  Ensure Permit to Work, CSE permit (For excavations deeper than 1.2
Regulations Meters if personnel entry is required) is duly authorized by Company.
Untrained peoples  All Mobile Plants and equipment’s (MPE) will be checked by KOC
Equipment Failure and a “Valid Clearance Certificate issued”, prior to equipment use
Inadequate Lighting at work  First Aid Kit at the point of work all times
location ( Early morning  Conduct TBT
hour work and night work)
 Operator must have a valid equipment operating license of the State
of Kuwait.
 Ensure driver of the vehicle have completed Defensive Drive training
by the Contractor.
 Strictly follow Company driving procedures, Kuwait Ministry of
Interior Traffic regulations
 Obtain markup drawings and clearly identify day’s scope of work &
designated access routes.
 Do not drive in Foggy/ Dusty/ rainy weather condition in case of
poor visibility.
 Ensure that the Emergency Numbers are posted at site, and personnel
are informed in the TBT once per week
 For early morning works/ night works, ensure sufficient lighting
arrangements/ lighting towers are in place at the work areas as
 Ensure proper communication means available.
 In case of any medical assistance supervisor / safety personnel must
call KOC emergency no 160.
 In addition the following numbers must be contacted :

Backfilling (Manual and Injury / damage from  Provide adequate warning signs, Barricades, Flash lights for exposed
Mechanical) improper tools & excavation.
 Ensure all equipment are inspected and in accordance with the KOC
Falling of personnel, tools, SA.013 prior to its use
excavated materials into the
trench  No Equipment shall be used for backfilling within 5 Meters distance
from existing hydrocarbon carrying pipelines and 3 Meters away from
Collapse / Cave ins of other live facilities as per KOC.SA.026
excavation walls
 Keep Equipment’s at safe distance from excavation edge.
Trapping of personnel inside
trench  Do not make equipment’s work very close to trench
Possibility of toxic  Ensure availability of Banks man with vest
flammable gas

026/ JSA- Dumping of soil. / RevA 13/06/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 1 of 2
Damage to expose  Ensure Supervision and all personnel are trained before deployment
underground/ aboveground at Site.
 Provide appropriate means of access and egress (Ladders) at regular
intervals, if required
 Carry out Gas test before attempting any Backfilling in hazardous live
plant area/ near live company assets.
 Ensure to perform extra precautions while doing backfilling on
exposed live services as required.
 Follow the approved methodology of Backfilling
 Use appropriate hand tools with no damage and safe to use.

Compaction using mechanical Noise  Wear appropriate PPE, i.e. ear muff /ear plug.
compactor / Roller
Untrained personnel  Ensure all personnel have undergone HSE awareness training on
Injury / damage from Backfilling and compaction.
improper tools &  Ensure all equipment used is inspected by a competent person and in
equipment’s compliance with KOC HSEMS procedures prior to its use.
 Provide adequate warning signage as required.
 Ensure availability of Banks man with Hi-Vis vest as required.

Additional hazards Animal/ Reptile bites  Do not feed or befriend with stray animals / wild life Ensure
Heat Stress/ Extreme Cold availability of ample quantity of fresh water

Un identified Objects  In case of strange objects are found, immediately stop the activity,
exposure isolate the area, evacuate all personnel from the work location and
inform Company representative or call KOC Safety / EOD as
appropriate at 160.
 Ensure shelter is available in case of inclement weather, and shade for
summer weather.
 Either hot drinks or cold water to be available dependent on the time
of year.
 Dust mask to be available for personnel’s use during strong winds.

Worksite Supervisor Permit Applicant Permit Issuer

Name: Name:
Company: Company: Company:
Designation: Designation: Designation:
Signature: Signature:

026/ JSA- Dumping of soil. / RevA 13/06/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 2 of 2