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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job Description: Fence Installation Works JSA Ref. No.: JSA-GS-Civil-052

Leveling & Grading Wo
Facility: Work Area / Equipment : Permit No.:

WPMP / EF 1772 Date:

Personal Protective Equipment & Tools Needed For Work Activities: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety
Glasses, Coverall, Hand Gloves


Non-compliance to KOC- Yes • Get authorization for Work permit.

Preparation HSEMS Procedures or Yes • Conduct Tool Box Talk.
Engineering Standards Yes • Read JSA to workers.


1. Pinpoint location Strain personal injury from Yes • Safety wear (PPE) gloves
and auger hole power equipment
for post

2. Setting of post Yes • Safety work practices and keep the area clear
Strain personal injury
Yes • Wear proper PPE

3. Placement of
Yes • Wear appropriate PPE
fence mesh/ Strain, cuts, trip and fall
Yes • Use safe work platform (scaffolding)
corrugated sheet
and barb wire

4. Setting of guy Cut, abrasion, strain Yes • Safe work practices, wear proper working gloves

 Ensure all employees undergone commissioning

awareness training and understand the existing
hazard inside the commissioning areas.
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
 Ensure workers are informed of live system
 Provide trained flagman during working and moving
near facility area
Live System Under  Flagman gives proper signal to operator during
Commissioning operation
Yes  Operator do not operate without signal by flagman
Additional Hazards
(Other than indicated  Avoid awkward posture
above) Manual handling  Do not put hands between materials
Hand Injury/Body Injury  Seek the Help if object is heavy
 Ensure work area kept clear
 Use appropriate PPE snd tools if required
 Giving a balanced position of feet
 Feet apart ,giving a balanced and stable base
 Donot use knee ,keep straight
 When turning to the side ,move the feet do not twist
the trunk
 Keep close to the load materials.
Prior approval/endorsement shall be obtained from Permit Applicant and Permit Issuer before carrying out any changes to existing
safety measures and safe work conditions for the duration of the permit.

Name : Designation :
JSA Done by Permit
KOC/ID No. : Company :
applicant/ Controlling
Controlling Team : MP-IX Contract No :
Team / Asset Owner
Signature : Date :

JSA Reviewed by Name : Controlling Team : MP-IX

Permit Issuer
KOC/ID No. : Signature :