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Kuwait Oil Company (K.S.

Job Safety Analysis Sheet


Facility: Work Area/ Equipment: Permit Number:

EPMP/ EF 1772 WPMP-Phase 1 & Phase 2 Date:
Personal Protective Equipments and tools: Hard hat, Safety shoes, Face shield, safety goggles, rubber hand
and coverall
Sequence of Precautions
Potential Hazards
Basic Job Steps (Mitigation Measures)

Non – compliance of KOC and HSE MS  Apply permit

Procedures  Conduct Tool Box Talk.

*competent personnel
*Hand gloves
Cutting by blades Cuts and amputation
* instruct not to touch trimed edges

Inspected prior to work

Burns Reqirede PPe to be worn by worker
Heating by heating
Fire /explosion in Hazardous Area
Gun Hands position given on tool properly
Tripping Hazards
Donot toucth hot part of tools

 Check ground condition if stable.

Delivery of Materials  Park dump truck on a leveled ground before
Using Boom truck Over turning of bbomtruck dumping materials.
 Assign flagman / banksman to assist dump

 Ensure proper housekeeping at worksite.

Exposure to dust  Waste & other materials generated during the

work should be removed or properly disposed
off from the work site after completing the job.
housekeeping 

Eye injury due to gliding/flying particles or  . Use dust mask during the housekeeping work.
rubbish materials  Proper PPE should be worn by worker

 Barricade the work area to prevent

Failure of Equipment unauthorized entry of worker.
 Ensure that concrete drilling/cutting machine to
Faulty / Defective Equipment be used on site has been inspected and
periodic inspection sticker posted.
soldering,griding, Exposure to dust
 Ensure that only trained persons are engaged
Eye injury due to gliding/flying concrete for the work.
particles  Use appropriate dust mask during cutting
Damage to existing cables  Proper and appropriate PPE must be worn
while working.

 Safety goggles should be worn during working
 Availability of eye washing station must be
ensured in the work area, so that workers can
address their need. .
 Ensure that the location of existing cables and
other embedded items in the concrete slab
have been properly identified

Fire from Equipment  Provide Fire Extinguisher

 Assignsignalman / flagman to control

Collision of Equipmet equipments involve.
Loading of Materials
 Ensure the approach to emergency equipment
Blocked access to emergency equipment
is not blocked due to equipment parking.

 The Scaffolder must use Safety Harness to

Damage to onsite detectors or switches prevent accidental fall Remove safely the load /
Scaffolding works Fall of objects / Tools. equipment / plant from the scaffold before
dismantling the scaffold
Accidental Fall of Person  The scaffolding is to be inspected for any
Unstable Scaffold damage before dismantling.
Loaded Scaffolding
Damaged Scaffold  Take extreme care while removing a loose part /
attachment from the scaffold
Accidental Fall of Person
Unstable Scaffold  Provide Access over bund
Working inside the
Loaded Scaffolding  Provide Acess into lower pit
pit Damaged Scaffold  Provide Acess to repair in the side wall

All shall be checked for any damaged.

•Never use other tools aside from hammer for striking
 •Use proper tool for the job.
All tools shall be kept free of mushroomed heads.
Slippage of tools •Goggles should be worn to protect eyes.
Use of Hand tools Flying chips of material •Wear gloves.
\] Hand cuts or abrasion •Use chisel holder
 •Never use a screwdriver in place of chisel
Replace all cracked or busted wooden handles, to
prevent pinching of hands
 •Never use tape or glues to repair broken
wooden handles
 Always wear eye protection and
hearing protection when using all
power tools. Leather gloves should
Noise be worn to protect the hands from
Operate power flying particles and hot materials.
tool Flying particles, including hot  Ensure other site workers are not at
(cut, drill, grind sparks risk from flying particles, position fire
material blanket to contain flying particles.
Fire, potential burns Ensure all flammable and combustible
materials are removed from the immediate
work area and ensure a fire extinguisher is

 Ensure all employees undergone commissioning
awareness training and understand the existing
hazard inside the commissioning areas.
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
 Ensure workers are informed of live system
 Provide trained flagman during working and moving
Live System Under near facility area
Commissioning  Flagman gives proper signal to operator during
Additional operation
Hazards  Operator do not operate without signal by flagman
(Other than Manual handling  Avoid awkward posture
indicated above) Hand Injury/Body Injury  Do not put hands between materials
 Seek the Help if object is heavy
 Ensure work area kept clear
 Use appropriate PPE snd tools if required
 Giving a balanced position of feet
 Feet apart ,giving a balanced and stable base
 Donot use knee ,keep straight
 When turning to the side ,move the feet do not twist
the trunk
 Keep close to the load materials

Prior approval/endorsement shall be obtained from Permit Applicant and Permit Issuer before carrying out any changes to existing
safety measures and safe work conditions for the duration of the permit.

JSA Done by Permit

Name : Controlling Team : MP - IX
Controlling Team /
KOC No. Signature :
Asset Owner

JSA Reviewed by Name : Controlling Team : MP - IX

Permit Issuer
KOC No. Signature :