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Kuwait Oil Company (K.S.

Job Safety Analysis Sheet


Facility: Work Area / Equipment : Permit No.

WPMP / EF 1772 Date :

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Face Shield, Safety Goggles, Hand Gloves, Coverall

Sequence of Yes Precautions

Potential Hazards
Basic Job Steps / No (Mitigation Measures)

 Refer to HSEMS Procedures - Doc. No.
SA.KOC.004 “Permit to Work”.
Non – compliance of KOC Yes
Planning  Obtain a Hot Work Permit & necessary permits
and HSE MS Procedures
prior to work.
Yes  Conduct Tool Box Talk.

 Ensure proper housekeeping at worksite.

 Waste & other materials generated during the
Exposure to dust Yes work should be removed or properly disposed off
from the work site after completing the job.
Eye injury due to  Use dust mask during the housekeeping work.
Housekeeping gliding/flying particles or
rubbish materials Yes  Proper PPE should be worn by worker.
Yes  Ensure that no slip/trip hazard is on work site
Slip / Trip Injury where housekeeping is being carried out.
Yes  Presence of liquid or water that may contribute to
slippery work environment must be removed.
 Ensure all employees undergone commissioning
awareness training and understand the existing
hazard inside the commissioning areas.
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
 Ensure workers are informed of live system
 Provide trained flagman during working and moving
near facility area
 Flagman gives proper signal to operator during
Live System Under operation
Commissioning  Operator do not operate without signal by flagman
Additional Yes  Avoid awkward posture
Hazards  Do not put hands between materials
(Other than Manual handling
 Seek the Help if object is heavy
indicated above) Hand Injury/Body Injury Yes
 Ensure work area kept clear
 Use appropriate PPE snd tools if required
 Giving a balanced position of feet
 Feet apart ,giving a balanced and stable base
 Donot use knee ,keep straight
 When turning to the side ,move the feet do not twist
the trunk
 Keep close to the load materials

1 (JSA-GS-Civil-49)
Prior approval/endorsement shall be obtained from Permit Applicant and Permit Issuer before carrying out any changes to existing
safety measures and safe work conditions for the duration of the permit.

JSA Done by Permit

Name : Controlling Team : MP - IX
Controlling Team /
KOC No. Signature :
Asset Owner

JSA Reviewed by Name : Controlling Team : MP - IX

Permit Issuer
KOC No. Signature :

2 (JSA-GS-Civil-49)