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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job: Electrical works for
JSA Ref. No. JSA: 016 1st week 2nd week 3rd week 4th week
Site Facilities
Permit No.
Facility: Train 3 WPMP Work Area/Equipment:
Note: If JSA Revised, updated JSA shall be used
Personal protective equipment and tools:
Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles/ Glasses, Hand Gloves, Overall, Rubber Mat / Gloves etc.

Pre - work Poor Task planning  Ensure all personnel have undergone Project HSE Induction and
Non Compliance of KOC EOD training
HSE MS Procedures  Ensure to comply with KOC HSEMS procedure.
Un trained People  Ensure all personnel have completed safety awareness trainings
Poor knowledge of as applicable by Contractor
emergency response (ERP)  Physically check all equipment’s/ tools by a competent
Defective electrical tools Foremen or Supervisor
and equipment  Ensure only competent/authorized personnel are carrying out
Inadequate Lighting at the task
work location ( Early  Conduct TBT and ensure that PPE appropriate to the work to be
morning hour work and undertaken is correctly identified & used
night work)
 For early morning works/ night works, ensure sufficient lighting
arrangements/ lighting towers are in place at the work areas as
 Ensure that the Emergency Numbers are posted at site, and
personnel are informed in the TBT once per week
 Ensure proper communication means available.
 In case of any medical assistance supervisor / safety personnel
must call KOC emergency no 160.

Isolation & Energizing of DB panels, Faulty / non-standard  Check and ensure the testing equipment’s are calibrated with
lightings and other Electrical equipment’s used for valid certification and in good condition before commence of
Accessories testing and checks works.
Electrocution due to  Ensure all necessary tools and equipment required for the
improper isolation, assigned works are available, in good condition and fit for
damaged cables etc. purpose.
Work carried out by  Provide rubber mats / gloves if necessary for safe working
incompetent or around live equipment.
unqualified / inexperienced
personnel  Ensure that the correct checks and tests are identified, along
with correct testing procedures and safety precautions. (Records
Wrong identification of are to be taken and filled / maintained as required).
cables / system
 Ensure that the correct circuits; cables; equipment is identified,
Improper protection and a valid permit has been issued for the intended work /
settings testing.

016/ JSA- Electrical JSA. / Rev.0 12/06/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 1 of 3
Fire  Where necessary, ensure that equipment is isolated and locked
Lack of communication out.

Slip/trip/falls  Ensure approved (and current) electrical layout drawings are in

place as applicable, and that are all necessary equipment / panels
Exposure to high etc. clearly carry electrical warning signs.
 Check and ensure proper earth connection (or earth leakage
Unauthorized entry into protection) of the related cables or panels before commence any
electrical panels and energizing. Trip breakers / earth leakage devices to verify
systems correct operation and rating.
Improper isolation and  Check and ensure protection settings as per
failure to follow correct
permit / isolation (lock out / Manufacturer’s recommendation.
tag out) procedure.  Ensure sufficient class / type of firefighting equipment’s
Spark potential / Flash Over available at work site.
Inadequate guards in place  Ensure proper safe access shall be provided to the equipment’s
and other accessories.
Sudden unannounced
startup of electrically driven  Ensure appropriate personnel protective equipment’s are being
/ energized equipment used by testing personnel.
Improper grounding  Ensure proper sign boards and cautionary signs / barricading are
Incorrect depth of burial in place around the work location, as appropriate to work to be
cables undertaken

Lack of protective tiles and  Ensure proper coordination and communication between
warning tape. personnel before energizing equipment(s), along with “Tool
Box” talks.
Lack of correct drawings
identifying “As Built”  When using power from a generator supply, always ensure the
changes. electrical generator is turned off before stopping or starting the
generator motor. This avoids rapidly changing voltages
damaging connected electrical equipment, and thus minimizes
possible fire risks.
 Ensure proper grounding and bonding of the equipment’s.
 Ensure each DB inside the offices has a valid circuits / load
 Ensure that all breakers in the panel are working correctly, and
correctly rated for the attached load.
 For external / buried cables, provide cable tiles; warning tape,
and cable route markers.
 Carry out a cable location check with a cable detector to verify
the actual cable position, before any subsequent excavation
 Only excavate only under the control of an excavation permit,
and hand dig to locate the cable.
 Canopies are provided to DB panels, DG sets posted outside.
Battery operated emergency lights are fixed in the common
 Only the testing crew should be in the building during initial
energization of the building.
 In the event of a subsequent shutdown of an occupied building,
ensure personnel are advised of what is happening, electrical
equipment is correctly shutdown, and if appropriate, all non-
essential people leave the building during the related works.
 Ensure that all necessary weather proof glands and protective
devices are in place, as appropriate to externally located
equipment and panels.
 On energization of a building, conduct a polarity and earthling
check of all electrical out lets and related devices.

016/ JSA- Electrical JSA. / Rev.0 12/06/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 2 of 3
 House keeping  Exposure to dust  Ensure proper housekeeping at worksite.
 Eye injury due to  Waste & other materials generated during the work should be
gliding/flying particles removed or properly disposed off from the work site after
or rubbish materials completing the job.
 Slip / Trip Injury  Use dust mask during the housekeeping work.
 Proper PPE should be worn by worker.
 Ensure that no slip/trip hazard is on work site where
housekeeping is being carried out.
 Presence of liquid or water that may contribute to slippery work
environment must be removed.

Additional hazards  Animal/ Reptile bites  Do not feed or befriend with stray animals / wild life and make
 Heat Stress/ Extreme sure the team always stay together.
Cold  Ensure Buddy system is implemented.
 Un identified Objects  Ensure availability of ample quantity of fresh water
exposure  Do not touch any company assets without proper authorization.
Do not touch any unidentified objects.
 In case of strange objects are found, immediately stop the
activity, barricade the area if possible, evacuate all personnel
from the work location and inform Company representative or
call KOC safety / EOD as appropriate at 160
 `Live System
 Ensure all employees undergone awareness training and
understand the existing hazard inside the live plant areas.
 Ensure there is full time supervision and control.
 Ensure workers are informed of live system

 Heat Stress, Sunburn,  Drink plenty of water, and electrolyte drinks as needed.
 Wear light-colored, cotton clothing.
 Slow down work rate and increase breaks in hot weather.
 Use sunscreen.

Worksite Supervisor Permit Applicant Permit Issuer

Name: Name: Name:

Company: Company: Company:
Designation: Designation: Designation:
Signature: Signature: Signature:

016/ JSA- Electrical JSA. / Rev.0 12/06/2018 “Do it Safely or Not at All” Page 3 of 3