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Professional Development Plan

Complete the chart below to plan your professional development over the next 2-3 years. Be sure your goals are specific and

Goal #1: Take 3 professional Goal #2: Try to incorporate a Goal #3: Make my classroom
development classes flipped classroom more project based

Rationale: Why did I would like to gain more tools that I I chose this goal because students I chose this goal because most
you choose this goal? can take back into the classroom and seem to be more engaged with students dislike Math. So I believe
How do you expect it be able to move steps. It will improve technology and we can use it as a tool that this will help with student
to improve the the outcomes of my future students for learning. I expect it to improve the engagement and more meaningful
outcomes of your because I will be able to meet them outcomes of my future students by than just solving problems on a paper.
where they are at. giving them an opportunity to get It will improve the outcomes of my
future students?
more information, they can replay the students because project based
lesson, and students are able to watch learning is applicable and meaningful.
tutorials that visually shows them Students will be able to realize how
how to solve certain problems. important math really is and what
career path they could take from
understanding basic skills or even just
for their everyday life.
End Date: By when I expect to accomplish this goal by This would be an ongoing task It depends on the other teachers
do you expect to the end of the first semester of the however, if I am able to, I would like because we are supposed to be 100%
accomplish this goal? 2019-2020 school year. to get most of the videos done by the aligned on what summatives are. If
beginning of the next school year we can’t be fully project based, I will
(2019-2020). push for some projects as
summatives. I would like to complete
this goal by the beginning of next
school year (2019-2020).
Action Timeline: It depends on the availability and 12/01/18 Look at the units that is 1/16/19 bring the subject up in our
What steps will you courses offered, however I would like covered for the whole year for Math Department Work Day.
take to complete this to start: Geometry and Algebra 2. 2/01/19 depending on the discussion,
goal, and by when 12/01/18 Sign up for a PD course. start planning projects for next school

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will you take them? 6/01/19 Sign up for a second PD 1/10/19 Start to make an outline of year with my instructional cycle
Example: course. what I will be talking about in each team.
1/31/18: Join AACTE 12/01/19 Sign up for the third PD video.
course. 2/01/19 Start making the videos.
5/01/19 Find supplementary videos
and practice problems that I can
attach for students to be able to have
a better understanding of the content.
Resources: What The pde3 website lists all the courses I will use the state curriculum My colleagues in my assigned
resources are that you could possibly take. I also mapping from the previous school instructional cycle team (which are
available to assist you have my co-teacher that can clarify year. Supplementary videos will be teachers that teach the same subject).
in accomplishing your things if I am stuck because she is a from Khan Academy, YouTube, etc. I We will use the state curriculum and
goal? veteran teacher and has taken many will use the Kuta software to make resources.
PD courses. supplemental worksheets.

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