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Final Exam College Algebra

Word Problems
Interest rate problem
If the simple interest on Php1000 for 2 years is Php300, then what is the rate? 15%
The Payday loan Company lends you Php500. After 2 weeks you pay back Php520. What is the
simple interest rate? Note that the time is a fraction of a year. 104%
If the simple interest on Php2000 at 18% is Php180, then what is the time? One-half year
Number problem
The sum of three consecutive integers is 228. Find the integers. 75, 76, 78
The sum of a number and 5 is -8. What is the number? -13
Twice a number increased by 6 is 52. What is the number? 23
Commission Problem
Sonia is selling her house through a real estate agent whose commission is 6% of the selling price.
What should be the selling price so that Sonia can get Php84, 600? Php90000
Karl wants to get Php80, 000 for his house. The real estate agent charges 8% of the selling price
for selling the house. What should be the selling price be? Php86,957
Sally bought a used Mustang. The selling price plus the 7% state sales tax was Php9041.50. What
was the selling price? Php8450
Investment Problem
Bob invested some money at 5% simple interest and some money at 9% simple interest. The
amount invested at the higher rate was twice the amount invested at the lower rate. If the total
interest on the investments for 1 year was Php920, then how much did he invest at each rate?
4,000 @ 5%
8,000 @ 9%

Norman invested one-half of his inheritance in a CD that had a 10% annual yield. He lent one-
quarter of his inheritance to his brother-in-law at 12% simple interest. His income from these two
investments was Php6400 for 1 year. How much was the inheritance?

Claudette invested one-half of her inheritance in a CD paying 5%, one-third in a mutual fund
paying 6%, and spent the rest on a new car. If the total income on the investments after 1 year
was Php9000, then what was the amount of her inheritance?
Mixture Problem
How many gallons of 5% acid solution should be mixed with 20 gallons of a 10% acid solution to
obtain an 8% acid solution? 40/3 gallons
Aaron mixes 12 pounds of dried apricots that sell for Php5 per pound with some dried cherries
that sell for Php8 per pound. If he wants the mix to be worth Php7 per pound, then how many
pounds of cherries should he use? 24 lbs
Armond has two solutions available in the lab, one with 5% alcohol and another with 13% alcohol.
How much of each should he mix together to obtain 6 gallons of a solution that contains 8%
alcohol? 3.75 gal @5%, 2.25 gal @13%