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2 Adopt-A-Peer Rubri Instrument: Horn Date Assessed: Score: (5/24 Beginner Developing ‘Accomplished Advanced 1 2 3 4 Student can put | Student has a Studenthasa | Student brings the the horn collapsed posture, | decent posture. | hormrtorthem, can together and sit | blocks too much | but slight ‘demonstrate a good with flat feet. | of the bell with R | adjustments are | R-hand shapeeand Student does not | hand shape, and | needed. Student |-knowsalhof the. Posture, and | know more than | knows fewer than | has a good parts of the hor. Identify Parts | 4 parts of the | 8 parts of the understanding of of the Hom | horn: horn: the R hand shape. and knows 8 or mouthpiece, | mouthpiece, lead _ | more parts of the lead pipe, thumb | pipe. thumb key, | horn, key, 1°, 2™,3" | 1%, 2, 3% valve valves, pinky | pinky rest, bell, rest, bell, Bb | Bb side, and F side, and F side. | side. Student can play [Student can make | Student ean play 6 | Studentean play all 4 out of 8 notes. | 6 out of 8 notes out of 8 notes |S notes With’a: speak, but some with a controlled |-quality (not airy) ane notes sound and quality sound. | sound artials: strained, or airy Vv BDFB Vv BDFB I"V BDFB “Vv BDFB Open CEGC__| Open CEGC Open CEGC Open CEGC Student is still | Student Student can play — | Student ean play learning ‘demonstrates that | all of the notes, | the chromatie scale Chromatic | fingerings. theyknowthe | but some of the | with a quality Scale fingerings: even if | notes sound sound at a steady B to an octave | they cannot make | strained, and there | tempo of theit plus a 3%. | allof the notes’ _| is no sense of choosing. ‘speak. ‘meter present. The piece isnot | Student needs | Student ean voice | Student ean play recognizable | assistance with | all of the notes, _| with acleartone, at due to missed | fingerings or but some pitches | a steady-tempo, and Hot Cross | notes/partials, | tempo, but sound strained. | phrasing is present. Buns in F and a lack of demonstrates a There is a steady rhythmic rudimentary tempo. -No~ understanding. | understanding of | phrasing is | pitches and present. rhythms. The piece is not | Student needs recognizable sistance with due to missed | fingerings. misses. | Student can voice’ | all of the notes, but some pitches Student can play with a clear tone, at a steady tempo, and notes/partials, | partials, and has | sound strained. | articulations, Sok #73. | andalack of | aninconsistent | There isa steady | dynamics, and “For French | rhythmic | tempo, but tempo. Musical | phrasing are Homs Only” understanding, | demonstrates a | ideas are present: | present, rudimentary. articulations | understanding of | dynamics, and - |3 pitches and phrasing | ‘rhythms. | recognizable Sok #73 Transposed to G Major ‘Student stumbles with sight transposition, but completes the exercise, and the piece was recognizable. incon Sten The piece is not due to missed notes/partials, and a lack of rhythmic understanding Student ean play notes. and | with a clear tone; at some of the a steady tempo, and pitches sound articulations, strained, but there isa steady tempo, and musical ideas are present: Articulations, ynamies, and dynamics, and phrasing are present. At 21-24 B: 20-17 Cs 16-12. Cz 11-6