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Group Members:
 Genesis Patricia Rivera  Leonel Alexis Melendez
 Hellen Scarlett Villalta  Maria Fernanda Rivera
 Javier Antonio Varela  Naín Josue Alcerro
 Keren Nycol Gutiérrez Mejía

Teachers: Miss. Mejia and Mr.Caballero


Place and Date: El Progreso, Yoro October 29, 2018










The objective of this project is for the school to have an app to inform the user,
since the boom in the services provided today is on the internet and all the
technological advances, together with the need for access to information in any
moment, are the determining factors of the emergence of our new app.

This project explains the design and implementation of the application for mobile
devices offering the user an easy way to learn about the school. To carry out this
objective, we analyzed the needs that parents felt when they arrived at school and
we looked for a way to increase the enrollment for this. In addition, the application
will obtain additional information from the user through questionnaires on
continuous improvement.

General Objectives

• Learn how to design and program applications for mobile devices

with the online tool for applications.

• Develop skills and procedures that solve problems creatively.

Specific Objectives
• Offer parents an easy way to keep informed about the activities to
be carried out and that have been carried out in the school,
contacts of teachers, give constructive opinions for an
improvement among others.

• Allow new users to know about the school and thus increase


We decided as a group to do this project because it seemed like the right moment
to test the technology in our school and motivate others to do the same.

We comply with having accurate and brief information that makes us understand
why it is important to have a mobile app at school.

Our project will serve to motivate new students to undertake and create new apps
that can fulfill a need inside or outside the school.

1. If we don’t have gmail we made one.

2. After create an gmail we enter to
3. Then we put a name to the app and choose the option (newspaper).
4. Then we modify all the options and save.
5. After all that we actualizate after changes.
6. Then we publish it.

Procedures in the cellphone

1.First we download adiante drafts.

2.Then we see how the app is advanced.

The result with this application was very useful for our learning as we learned how
to develop a mobile app in an innovative and creative way that today are of great
value to users because they facilitate the way of explaining the information.

We as a group understood that a mobile app is of utmost importance since

technology teaches us how to reach thousands of people through a download
without the need for them to ask for information about the school they have to go
to it every day.

This serves in the future to update day by day with the technological advances and
also to increase the number of students in the school.


We approved the first hypothesis since the app worked according to the
technological advances.

We accept the second hypothesis because we show the benefits that come with
creating a mobile app.
We agreed to the third hypothesis that the development of mobile applications
allow us to be at the forefront of communications and information systems.


We recommend the school to run our apps, as it would be

useful for them to promote themselves and obtain better
income through new users.