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@ Lively topic-based approach | at Oe @ Over 1000 items of vocabulary Sepa @ Hundreds of bilingual flashcards @ Extensive practice activities Free CD! Authentic Pronunciation Models Build your Arabic vocabulary Haroon Shirwani js, words, words! To get ahead in a language, it is important to build up a of essential vocabulary. The aim of this book is to help you do just that and, , to make the process as efficient and interesting as possible. UT THIS BOOK AND CD of the 16 topics covers an area of everyday life, and contains: vocabulary: the key words that will help you build a foundation in each area. vocabulary: this will supplement the core vocabulary and enhance your and of the language. ises: the purpose of the exercises is to bring the vocabulary to life. They help you progress from recognizing the words to actually using them, seeing they relate to each other and making them yours. They start with the most ‘words and then increase in sophistication. A final freer exercise allows you fess yourself using your new vocabulary. age tips: these explain small points of grammar and spelling to help you words with greater confidence. ds: an invaluable aid to help you memorize the core vocabulary. You can the words with you wherever you go. CD: gives invaluable support for pronunciation of the topic vocabulary, native-speaker voices. See the audio CD face for track details. , there is a section with Examination advice. This section contains tips on to prepare for examinations and tests. There is also a list of questions and ions (rubrics) which frequently appear in public examinations. find suggestions and tips on using this book on pages 6-7. INTRODUCTION 3