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ROY COOPER MICHAEL S. REGAN MICHAEL A. ABRACZINSKAS, Certified Mail No. 7013 2630 0002 1133 5429 Return Receipt Requested February 7, 2018 Mr. John Achzet VP Operations Royal Pest Solutions, Inc. 53 McCullough Drive New Castle, DE 19720 Subject: Notice of Violation Facility ID No. 6500355 Violation: Exceedance of the 10-ton HAP limit, and Inaecurate recordkeeping and reporting for the 12-month rolling total methyl bromide usage from January 2017 through January 2018 Dear Mr. Achzet, In accordance with the Synthetic Minor Facilities operations restrictions (Specific Condition A.6.a.i.), recordkeeping (Specific Condition A.6.b.i.B.) and reporting (Specific Condition A.6.¢.ii) requirements specified in your Air Quality Permit No. 10302R00, you are required to remain below the 10-ton methyl bromide use limit and calculate the 12-month rolling total methyl bromide usage. These requirements are pursuant to 15A North Carolina Administrative Code 2Q .0315 to avoid the applicability of 15A NCAC 2Q .0501 “Purpose of Section and Requirement for a Title V Permit”, It has been determined by this office that the monthly 12-month rolling total usage of methyl bromide, based upon the monthly usage of methyl bromide from January 2017 through January 2018 was not calculated correctly and that during the month of June 2017, the facility exceeded the 10-ton methyl bromide limitation. You are hereby required to resubmit corrected copies for each monthly report from January 2017 through January 2018 with the appropriate 12-month rolling totals, The corrected reports are due in this office within 15 business days of receipt of this notification, If you have any questions concerning this letter, please contact Linda Willis or myself at (910) 796-7215. Sincerely, BLU) Ce: WiRO ‘Wilmington Regional Supervisor, DAQ Statof North Caran | Envormentl Quay | Ar Quy WiinatonReglonal fice | 27 Canal ve Extension Nowth Caron 26403 ‘910 79% 728 T | 103802008 7 TEP ET