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Facilitator's Training

1. Twenty Filipino people aged 16-30 will be listed as voluntary facilitators for the BEGIN Program - 10
representatives from the Tagum City Youth Development and 10 from different churches of different

2. Sixty days before the event, the facilitators will undergo series of trainings, seminars, and other
activities regarding ecumenism, nationalism, and leadership. Educators and speakers will help in
organizing and providing training modules, facilitators' guide, and ten discipleship and leadership

II. BEGIN Program

1. Thirty days before the event, 30 Filipino representatives per barangay aged 13-24 will be listed as
participants for the BEGIN Program regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender
identity, and state of living. This will be done during pre-registration.

2. Twenty-four days will be utilized for the conduct of BEGIN Program on the 24 barangays of Tagum
City. Each scheduled day, 10 trained facilitators out of the 20 will be alternately be assigned to facilitate
one barangay.

3. The flow of the series of activities is as follows:

i. Part I - Friendship Circle: Participants will be gathered and grouped into 10 circles where they
get know more of each other by bringing out their full potential through games, songs, dances, arts, and

ii. Part II - God and his People: Participants will be educated on God's special care and concern
for his people, the importance of ecumenism in bridging religious gaps, and answering God's request
"that they may all be one" (John 17:21) regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender
identity, and state of living.

iii. Part III - For Love of Country: Participants will be engaged on team building activities on the
importance of unity and leadership amidst interreligious understanding on a national setting.

iv. Part IV - Declaration of Mission: Participants will be challenged to re-echo this activity to
other people especially those who are alienated by the beauty of ecumenism through good governance.