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Program/course: B.Tech/APE-UP
Semester : 1st
Subject: Computer Programming
Code : INFO106
No. of page/s: 1

1. Explain generation of computers.

2. Explain computer with the help of Block Diagram.
3. What is Pseudocode and explain its need.
4. What are flowchart ? Explain various symbols of flowchart with the help of diagram.
5. Explain generation of various languages.
6. Explain compiles Vs interpreter.
7. (234)10 convert it in binary, octal, hexa-decimal, base 3, base 4, base 5.
8. What are preprocessor directive? Explain with example.
9. Explain basic data types with example.
10. What are format specifiers? Explain with example.
11. Write program and flow charts for the following problems.

i. Finding the Area of Rectangle

ii. Finding the Area of triangle
iii. Finding the simple interest for the given P, T, R values.
iv. Finding the biggest of 3 numbers
v. Finding the roots of a Quadratic Equation
vi. Find the sum of first 10 natural numbers.
vii. Write a program with given 2 numbers, calculates their sum, difference,
multiplication and division.
viii. Write a program to input two numbers in variables, and then swap the values of
variables, without using third variable.
ix. Write a program which accepts an amount, time period and rate of interest and
calculates the simple interest.
x. Write a program to accept an integer type variable and show its cube as an