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Joshua Holdaway

Health 1050

9 September 2018

Quiz 2 Cocaine

What is cocaine? Where does it come from? Can you grow cocaine here? What

is the % of cocaine in the coca leaf. How cocaine is made? Cocaine is one of the oldest drugs

known to mankind. The active ingredient in cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the coca

plant.The plant grows in South America in places like Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile.

Who was/is Sigmund Freud, What’s his association with cocaine? Sigmund was

the founder of psychoanalysis but he really loved his cocaine.

How cocaine works in the brain, compare cocaine with Meth in the way they

work in the brain. Quite different, but the effects are similar. Cocaine acts by attaching to the

dopamine transporter. Blocking the removal of dopamine from the synapse. Dopamine then

gathers in the synapse to produce an amplified signal to the receiving neurons. This is what

causes the euphoria commonly experienced immediately after taking the drug.

List 5 acute effects of cocaine Constricted blood vessels, Dilated pupils, Increased

body temperature, Violent behavior, tremors.

List and EXPLAIN 2 chronic effects Vertigo, Muscle spasms and cramps

Explain how neurons communicate using the 3 steps a) Nerve impulse b) The

binding and 3) re-uptake related to COCAINE. The brain's Dopamine system is stimulated by

food sex cocaine. The dopamine pathway is in the middle of the brain. it also helps to control

emotion and motivation, dopamine is released by a neuron in to the synapse and then it binds to

the protein, dopamine. Dopamine acts as a messenger and goes from one neuron to another. A)

Nerve Impulse- Cocaine alters nerve impulses from one neuron to another because dopamine is

blocked. B) Binding- Dopamine binds to a protein causing the high from cocaine. C) Re-uptake-

when cocaine blocks the action of the dopamine transporter. This happens when the dopamine is

not absorbed by the neron.

How the traffic of cocaine has impacted governments, crime, corruption, music,

culture etc. at the international, and global level. The traffic of cocaine has negatively impacted

all of these. Governments are more corrupt.

What is crack cocaine, how it is made? To make crack powder cocaine is

dissolved in a mixture of water and either ammonia or baking soda. The mixture is boiled

to separate out the solid and then it's cooled. The solid is then dried and cut up into small

nuggets or rocks.

What is ‘Paco “cocaine? Is a paste cocaine that contains 40% 91% of cocaine


What others sympathetic prescription medication work in similar way in the

brain? Explain....Dextroamphetamine and other forms of ADHD medicine.

What is a narco-submarine? In what other ways cocaine is smuggled to the


US? A narco submarine is a form of submarine built by drug traffickers to smuggle drugs across

the border.

Who were/are Pablo Escobar, El chapo Guzman. Do you think building a wall

in the south border will help to reduce the flow of cocaine to the US? Why ...? They were huge

drug lords and cartel leaders. Yes i believe a lot of the trafficking and smuggling is because of a

border that can't be regulated and controlled

How cocaine has influenced music/creativity? Can you sing “cocaine “by E

Clampton? No i can't sing it but i've definitely heard the song before. Songwriters Used to do

cocaine and write songs.

What are some of the sectors where cocaine is likely to be abused, tip: “ the

wolf of wall street”(movie) Highly paid jobs and sells jobs.

Why cocaine was taken out of coke -cola? What was the intention of the

Harrison Act? The Harrison Act regulated and taxed the production, importation, and distribution

of opiates and coca products.

What was Vin Mariani ? Can cocaine and alcohol co-exist? What is coca -

Ethylene Vin Mariani is a tonic and patent medicine created in 1863. Cocaethylene is the name

of a unique chemical that forms in the liver when people simultaneously use cocaine and alcohol.

Describe a typical cocaine addict, personality, social tendencies. Pumped up for

no reason, Dilated pupils, Diminished appetite, lack of judgment.

What is the rate of success of existing rehab programs for cocaine addicts?

Explain what kind of activities these programs do. ? inpatient treatment 73% of addicts complete

treatment and 21% remain sober after five years.

What will you tell a friend abusing cocaine? Approach them nicely tell them they

have a problem ask to get them help and show them the side effects.

How much is $ kilo of cocaine in Bogota, how much is in the streets of New

York? It costs $1500 in Bogota, In new York it's about $40,000