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D744000102-IDX-001 281
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
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281 3/13/15 SEE ECN L Rondou S Williams S Williams

01 1/22/08 Initial Release L Rondou K Daw K Daw
Rev Date Reason for issue Prepared Checked Approved


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01 First issue
02 Release of PIB
03 Changed title to Drilling Systems Product Bulletin Index
04 Bulletin update
05 Bulletin Release
06 Bulletin Release
07 Bulletin Rrlease
08 Revised P/N. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
09 New Bulletin Release
10 New IDS Bulletin Release
11 New TDS Releases
12 New ED Release
13 Bulletin update
14 Bulletin update
15 Added Rig Bulletins
16 New TDS Release
17 New ST-80 Release
18 New AR Release
19 New TDS Release
20 New TDS Release
21 New RBS Release
22 New TDS Release
23 New PTC Release
24 New RBS Release
25 New ST-80 Release
26 New TDS Release
27 Bulletin Update
28 Revised P/N. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
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29 New TDS & PHM Release

30 New PHM Release
31 New TDS Release
32 PRS Bulletin Revised
33 New RIG Release
34 New ZMS Release
35 New ADS Release
36 New TDS Release
37 Revised P/N. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
38 Revised P/N. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
39 New TDS Release
40 New TDS & PRS Release
41 New TDS Release
42 New PRS Release
43 Revised P/N. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
44 New TDS Release
45 Revised TDS-09-04
46 New ED Release
47 New IDS, PLS & TDS Releases
48 New ED Release
49 New TDS Release
50 Revised P/N. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
51 Revised P/N. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
52 New ED Releases
53 Revised PB. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
54 Released New TDS-09-07 & ALL-09-01
55 New ST-80 Release
56 New TDS Release
57 New IDS Release
58 New TDS Release
59 Rev A Add Photos on 1st Page
60 New PLS & TDS Release
61 New ST-80 Release
62 New IDS Release
63 New TDS Release
64 New TDS Release
65 New TDS Releases
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
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66 New TDS Release

67 Revised PB. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in the
68 Revised TDS PB. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in
the margin.
New PRS Release
69 Revised TDS-09-02. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
70 Revised TDS PB. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in
the margin.
New ST120 Release.
71 Revised TDS PB. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears in
the margin.
72 New AR Release
73 New ST-80 Release
74 New ST-80 Release
75 New TDS Release & Revised TDS PB. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a
vertical line appears in the margin.
76 New TDS and AR Releases
77 New TDS Release
78 New RIG and ST-120 Release
79 Revised AR-09-02. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
80 Revised PRS-00-15. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
81 Revised ALL-03-02. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
82 New AR and ALL Release
83 Correct faulity information
84 New TDS Release
85 New PRS and TDS Release
86 New TDS Release
87 New TDS Release
88 New TDS Release
89 New TDS Releases
90 New TDS, Iron Roughneck and TDX Releases
91 New TDS Release
92 New TDS Release
93 New TDS Release
94 Revised TDS-09-03. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
95 New IDS Release
96 New TDS Release
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 5

97 Revised TDS-09-03. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
98 New TDS and IR Release
99 New TDS Release
100 Revised TDS-04-15. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
101 Revised TDS-04-15. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
102 New TDS and IR Release
103 New TDS Releases
104 New PRS Release
105 Revised TDS-06-05. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
106 New EDS and Type-V Release
107 New EDS Release
108 New TDS Release
109 NEW ST-80 Release
110 Deleted D614000664-PIB-001 and added D364000236-PIB-001
111 Added New TDS and IDS Release
112 Added New TDS Release, Revised D734000114
113 Revised D614000676-PIB-001. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical
line appears in the margin.
114 Revised D614000676-PIB-001. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical
line appears in the margin.
115 Added New PRS Releases
116 Added D364000246-PIB-001 & Revised D614000648-PIB-001
117 Added New Releases
118 Added New ALL Release
119 Revised TDS-09-17
120 Released D634000257-PIB-001
121 Released D614000747-PIB-001
122 Revised AR-09-01
123 Revised AR-09-01
124 Added D614000776-PIB-001
125 Added New Releases
126 Added D 364000275-PIB-001
127 Added D614000797-PIB-001
128 Revised Index
129 Added D614000807-PIB-001
130 Added D364000292-PIB-001
131 Revised D364000292 and D364000275
132 Added D364000288-PIB-001
133 Added D734000162-PIB-001
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 6

134 Added D364000345-PIB-001

135 Revised TDS-09-03B
136 Revised TDS-93-1A
137 Revised TDS-93-1B
138 Revised D614000747-PIB-001, Added D411000443-PIB-001
139 Released D611002322-PIB-001
140 Revised TDS-02-12A
141 Added D611004372
142 Added D611004385
143 Revised D611004385-PIB-001 Rev 01 & added D611005397-PIB-001
144 Added D611005402-PIB-001, D611005506-PIB-001
145 Added D611005566-PIB-001 & D611005572-PIB-001
146 Revised D614000776-PIB-001
147 Revised PRS-03-08 Rev
148 Revised PRS-03-08 Rev A
149 Added D611005723-PIB-001, D611005746-PIB-001, D841004304-PIB-001
150 Added D611005747-PIB-001, D611005752-PIB-001
151 Added D361004355-PIB-001
152 Added D611005799-PIB-001 & PRS-03-08 Rev C
153 Revised D611004372-PIB-001
154 Added D361005783-PIB-001
155 Added: D361004312-PIB-001
156 Added: D361005320-PIB-001
157 Added D841004328-PIB-001
158 Added D611006074-PIB-001, D841004334-PIB-001
159 Added D611005761-PIB-001
160 Added D841004369-PIB-001
161 Added D361006233-PIB-001, D841004380-PIB-001
162 Added D611006477-PIB-001, D611006480-PIB-001
163 Added D611006496-PIB-001
164 Added D611006737-PIB-001
165 Added 10652308-PIB & 10653149-PIB
166 Revised 10653149-PIB. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line
appears in the margin.
167 Released 10657051-PIB
168 10660682-PIB Rev 02
169 Added 10664722-PIB, 10665279-PIB
170 Added 10656364-PIB
171 Added 10669984-PIB & 10669233-PIB
172 Added 10666095-PIB
173 Added 10673272-PIB & 10673297
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 7

174 Revised TDS-07-5. Where changes have been made in old requirements, a vertical line appears
in the margin.
175 Added 10677767-PIB
176 Added D841004371-GEN-001
177 Added 10681466-PIB, 10681733-PIB & 10682546-PIB
178 Added 10684138-PIB
179 Added 10684780-PIB
180 Added 10685875-PIB
181 Added 10689691-PIB
182 Added 10691601-PIB
183 Added 10694162-PIB, released D614000575-PIB-001 Rev 02
184 Added 10696954-PIB, 10696958-PIB
185 Added 10698557-PIB
186 Added 10699672-PIB
187 Added 10677720-PIB
188 Added 10701477-PIB & 10701478-PIB
189 Added 10702379-PIB
190 Revised PIB number from 10701478 to 10701487-PIB
191 Added 10705446-PIB
192 Added: 10706692-PIB
193 Added 10709193-PIB
194 Added: 10709975-PIB & 10711562-PIB
195 Added: 10713188-PIB, 10713762-PIB, 10711562-PIB Rev 02 & 10691601-PIB Rev 02
196 Revised 10677720-PIB, Added: 10716126-PIB
197 Revised AR-01-02A & TDS-02-11
198 Revised TDS-02-11 Rev B, Released 10723621-PIB
199 Revised TDS-02-11 Rev C, 10696954-PIB Rev 01
200 Released 10729506-PIB, Updated 10709975-PIB & D841004369-PIB-001
201 Revised D114005746-PIB-001
202 Added 10734973-PIB
203 Released 10731752-PIB, 10731962-PIB, 10733289-PIB
204 Added 10739040-PIB
205 Added 10744143-PIB
206 Added 10744285-PIB
207 Revised 10701487-PIB Rev 03, TDS-02-14 Rev A & Released 10746152-PIB
208 Released 10745637-PIB & 10747666-PIB
209 Released 10753708-PIB
210 Revised D361006233-PIB-001 Rev 2
211 Added 10756068-PIB, Updated D614000747-PIB-001, Updated ALL-03-02 Rev D, Added
212 Added 10770757-PIB
213 Revised 10684780-PIB Rev 01, Released 10779709-PIB, 10787098-PIB
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 8

214 Added 10781104-PIB

215 Added 10784284-PIB
216 Added 10787131-PIB
217 Revised 10756164 Rev 01 & 10696954-PIB Rev 02
218 Released 10779986-PIB, Released 10799926-PIB
219 Added 10803982-PIB, 10807171-PIB, 10805723-PIB, 10805713-PIB
220 Revised 10673297-PIB
221 Added 10812286-PIB, 10812469-PIB, Revised 10734973-PIB Rev 01
222 Added 10816335-PIB
223 Added 10818704-PIB
224 Revised 10734973-PIB Rev 02
225 Added 10830622-PIB & 10834236-PIB
226 Revised 10818704-PIB
227 Added 10841809-PIB, 10689691-PIB Rev 02, 10848114-PIB
228 Updated 10753708-PIB Rev 01
229 Added 10855502-PIB, 10863378-PIB
230 Added 10864248-PIB
231 Revised 10689691-PIB Rev 02, Updated 10799926-PIB
232 Added 10875287-PIB, Updated D611006737-PIB Rev 01
233 Revised 10799926-PIB Rev 02
234 Added 10884692-PIB
235 Added 10887819-PIB
236 Added 10891176-PIB
237 Added 10893259-PIB
238 Added 10896171-PIB, 10909071-PIB, 10840469-PIB
239 Added 10908252-PIB, 10908253-PIB, Revised 10739040-PIB Rev 02, Revised 10812286-PIB
Rev 02
240 Added 10909498-PIB, 10918210-PIB, Revised 10816335-PIB, Revised 10909498-PIB
241 Revised 10893259-PIB Rev 01, Revised 10756164 Rev 02, Revised 10887819-PIB Rev 01
242 Revised 10893259-PIB Rev 02, Added 10921108-PIB, Added 10831461-PIB
243 Added 10923104-PIB, Revised 10805723 Rev 01, Added 10895371-PIB, Added 10926113-PIB
244 Added 10929015-PIB, 10928752-PIB, 10929708-PIB, 10930252-PIB
245 Added 10943553-PIB, Revised 10909498-PIB Rev 02
246 Revised 10926119-PIB & 10909071-PIB Rev 01, Added 10948325-PIB, 10938568-PIB
247 Added 10957878-PIB
248 Revised 10729506-PIB Rev 01, 10939088-PIB, 10962484-PIB
249 Added 10978405-PIB, 10960941-PIB, 10954931-PIB
250 Revised 10962484-PIB Rev 01, Added 10968451-PIB, Added 10972914-PIB
251 Revised TDS-07-04 Rev A, Added 10976753-PIB
252 Revised 10696954-PIB Rev 03
253 Released 10983021-PIB, 10983043-PIB
254 Added 10988012-PIB, 10987985-PIB
255 Added 10992381-PIB
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 9

256 Revised 10972914-PIB Rev 01, Added 11000353-PIB

257 Released 11001944-PIB, Revised 10948325-PIB
258 Added 11004908-PIB, 11004907-PIB, 11008968-PIB, Revised 10834236-PIB Rev 01
259 Added 11011500-PIB, 11012715-PIB, Revised 10948325-PIB Rev 02
260 Revised 10923104-PIB Rev 01, Added 11018864-PIB, Revised PLS-08-01
261 Added 11020314-PIB, Revised 10983043-PIB Rev 01, Added 11018864-PIB, Added 11027232-
PIB, Added 11028361-PIB
262 Revised 11020314-PIB Rev 01, Added 11029221-PIB
263 Released 11032754-PIB
264 Released 11032724-PIB
265 Revised 10950291-PIB Rev 01, Added 11043329-PIB
266 Added 11045450-PIB, 11051652-PIB
267 Revised 11008968-PIB Rev 01, Added 11309192-PIB
268 Revised 11032724-PIB, Added 11318637-PIB
269 Released 11040764-PIB, Revised 10812469-PIB Rev 01, Released 11321141-PIB
270 Released 11322188-PIB, 11323189-PIB, 11323631-PIB, Revised 11309192-PIB Rev 01, Revised
11309192-PIB Rev 02
271 Released 11320414-PIB, 11025651-PIB
272 Revised 10895371-PIB Rev 01, Added 11334688-PIB, Revised D611005397-PIB Rev 01,
Revised 10744143-PIB Rev 01
273 Revised PLS-08-01 Rev A, Released 11339214-PIB, Revised 11008968-PIB Rev 02, Added
11340920-PIB, 11340634-PIB
274 Added 11336639-PIB, Revised 11334688-PIB Rev 01, Added 11347565-PIB, 11347753-PIB
275 Added 11339877-PIB, 11348398-PIB, 11341273-PIB
276 Revised 11032724-PIB Rev 02, Released 11359022-PIB
277 Revised 11339877-PIB Rev 01, Revised 10923104-PIB Rev 02, Released 11359371-PIB,
Released 11365209-PIB
278 Released 11366372-PIB, 11359218-PIB, 11342989-PIB
279 Revised 10756164 Rev 03, Released 11372033-PIB
280 Released 11376403-PIB, Revised 10711562-PIB Rev 02, Released 11328136-PIB, Released
11382597-PIB, Revised 11382597-PIB Rev 01
281 Released 11377427-PIB, 11386951
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 10


1 HOISTING DRAWWORKS ............................................................................................................................ 11

1.1 ADS Bulletins..................................................................................................................................... 11
2 PIPEHANDLING ............................................................................................................................................ 13
2.1 PDM Bulletins .................................................................................................................................... 13
2.2 PHM Bulletins .................................................................................................................................... 14
2.3 PLS Bulletins ..................................................................................................................................... 15
2.4 PRS Bulletins..................................................................................................................................... 17
2.5 PTC Bulletins ..................................................................................................................................... 22
2.6 RHS Bulletins .................................................................................................................................... 23
2.7 VCR Bulletins .................................................................................................................................... 23
2.8 Type V Bulletins................................................................................................................................. 23
2.9 SRS Bulletins..................................................................................................................................... 24
3 TOP DRIVE SYSTEMS .................................................................................................................................. 25
3.1 IDS Bulletins ...................................................................................................................................... 25
3.2 RBS Bulletins..................................................................................................................................... 26
3.3 TDS Bulletins ..................................................................................................................................... 27
4 IRON ROUGHNECK ...................................................................................................................................... 50
4.1 ARXXXX Bulletins ............................................................................................................................. 50
4.2 ST-80 Bulletins .................................................................................................................................. 52
4.3 ST-100 Bulletins ................................................................................................................................ 54
4.4 ST-120 Bulletins ................................................................................................................................ 55
4.5 ST-160 Bulletins ................................................................................................................................ 55
5 OTHERS ........................................................................................................................................................ 56
5.1 All Products Bulletins ......................................................................................................................... 56
5.2 ED Bulletins ....................................................................................................................................... 57
5.3 ZMS Bulletins .................................................................................................................................... 58
5.4 Rig Bulletins ...................................................................................................................................... 58
5.5 TDX-1250 Bulletins............................................................................................................................ 60
5.6 TDX-1000 Bulletins............................................................................................................................ 62
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 11

5.7 STV Bulletins..................................................................................................................................... 58

5.8 PS2 ................................................................................................................................................... 58


1.1 ADS Bulletins


ADS-02-01 Yes - Attachment of Third Party Encoders 8/8/2002 All ADS-20SD Drawworks
ADS-20SD Gearbox Clutch Inspection
ADS-02-02 - - 8/29/2002 H & P Rig 210 ADS-20SD
for H & P Rig 210
ADS-20SD Gearbox Clutch Adapter ADS-20SD Drawworks, Serial No.
ADS-02-03 - - 8/29/2002
Plate Bolt Replacement 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
ADS-20SD Gearbox Intermediate
ADS-02-04 - - 8/29/2002 H & P Rig 210 ADS-20SD
Shaft, Bearing and Clutch Assembly
Recommended Lubricants for ADS
ADS-03-01 - - 1/14/2003 All ADS Models
H & P (P/N 30152889) Rigs 210-
Periodic Brake Shim Measurements /
ADS-03-02 - - 4/21/2003 224, (P/N30170736) Rigs 225 and
ADS-20SD Pneumatic System
All ADS Automated Drawworks
ADS-03-03 Yes - Maintenance and E-Stop Valve 6/4/2003
ADS-20SD Automated Drawworks
ADS-03-04 - - Reduction of Gearbox Oil Temperature 6/20/2003
ADS-20SD Automated Drawworks
Adjustment of ADS-20SD Gearbox
ADS-03-05 - - 9/19/2003 Assemblies (P/N 30152889 &
Encoder Belts
Torque Requirements for ADS Wire Wire Rope Drum and Associated
ADS-04-01 - A 9/21/2005
Rope Clamps Wire Rope Clamps
Uncoupling of ADS-10T ADS-10D, ADS-20SD and ADS-
ADS-05-01 - - 8/22/2005
Motor/Gearboxes 30Q Assemblies
Routine Inspection of Friction Pad Eaton Water-cooled Drilling Brakes:
ADS-06-01 Yes - 6/9/2006
Wear on ADS Drawworks Brakes 436 WCSB, 348-WCSB
ADS Air Brake Pressure Sensing Line
ADS-07-01 - - 12/17/2007 ADS-10D's, 10T's, 10Q's and 30's
Location Change
All ADS Units that Utilize Water
ADS-08-01 - - Eaton Brake Service Manual Revision 4/7/08
Cooled Brakes
Manufacturer Changes to Brake Air ADS-10SD, 20D, 10D, and 10T
ADS-08-02 - - Bypass Solenoid Valves (P/N 12/8/08 Units Equipped with Wichita Air
30154750 and 30154750-HE Cooled Brakes
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 12

All ADS Air Intensifier/Receiver

Potential Problem with the Safety Assemblies (P/N 30154196) that
Yes 01 Relief Valve on the ADS Air 2/14/11 have relief valves that were
Intensifier/Receiver Assembly manufactured from February 2009
through August 2010
ADS Triple Encoder Assemblies
Replacement of Faulty Set Screw
10656364-PIB - 01 6/8/12 (P/N’s 30180740-BSC, -100, -200, -
Used On Encoder Assembly
300, -400, -500, & -600)

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Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 13


2.1 PDM Bulletins


PDM-97-01 -- -- PDM Jaw adjustment Kit 12/31/1997 All Pipe Deck Machines
PDM-01-01 Yes - Pipe Deck Machine Jaw Finger Pin 7/17/2001 All Pipe Deck Machines
PDM Top Assemblies (P/Ns 99813,
PDM-06-01 Yes - Pipe Deck Machine Hoist Chains 10/23/2006
109159, 30156056 and 35558132)

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Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 14

2.2 PHM Bulletins


Pipe Handling Machine Grip Jaw

PHM-93-01 - - 2/22/1993 All PHM Owners (PHM-3I)
PHM-93-02 - - Control System Radio Interference 4/6/1993 All PHM Owners (PHM-3I)
PHM-94-01 - B PHM-3I Lower Drive 3/6/1998 All PHM Owners
PHM-95-01 - - Overhaul and Repair of Machinery 3/6/1995 All PHM-3 Pipe Handling Machines
Installation and Maintenance of PHM-31/Type V/Type VI
PHM-96-01 - A 5/6/1996
Machinery Fingerboards

PHM-96-02 - - Chain on PHM Lower Drive Assembly 11/18/1996 All PHM

PHM-98-01 - - PHM Spinning Wrench Cam Followers 2/2/1998 All Pipe Handling Machines
PHM-98-02 - A PHM-3I Lower Drive Gearbox 7/15/1999 All Pipe Handling Machines
All PHM-3I Utilizing Drill Pipe Solid
PHM-98-03 Yes - 400Ton Drill Pipe Solid Body Elevator 9/16/1998
Body Elevators
All PHM-3i units with standbuilding
capability (i.e. powered mousehole,
PHM-99-01 Yes - PHM-3i Pneumatic Pipe Guide Mounting 6/9/1999
retracting diving board and
pneumatic pipe guide)
400 Ton Solid Body Elevator Used with All Users of 400 Ton Solid Body
PHM-99-02 Yes - 7/19/1999
PHM-3i Pipe Handling Machines Elevators

All 400 Ton Solid Body Elevators

PHM-99-03 - - Solid Body Elevator, P/N 88471 10/26/1999 Used in Conjunction with Varco Pipe
Handling Machines and Top Drives
Field Replacement of Lower Drive
PHM-00-01 - - 1/18/2000 All PHM-3i Units
Pinion Gears
PHM-00-02 Yes - PHM-3i Incident Involving Injury 8/2/2000 All PHM-3i Pipe Handling Machines

PHM-3i Spinning Wrench Vertical

PHM-01-01 - - Travel Increase to Facilitate Makeup 7/3/2001 All PHM-3i Pipe Handling Machines
and Breakout of HT Tool Joints

Reported Failure of Torque Cylinders at

PHM-01-02 - - 7/25/2001 PHM-3i’s and AR3500
Threaded Rod / Clevis
PHM Diving Board Extension Falling All PHM-3i’s with Diving Board
PHM-01-03 Yes - 9/7/2001
Object Incident Extensions
PHM-3I Upper Drive Gearbox Oil Sight
PHM-01-04 - - 9/18/2001 All PHM-3i Pipe Handling Machines
Glass Plumbing
Pinion Gear Key Damage of PHM-31
PHM-01-05 Yes - 12/21/2001 All PHM-3i Pipe Handling Machines
Upper Drive
Pinch Point on 400 Ton Solid Body All Users of 400 Ton Solid Body
PHM-02-01 Yes A 5/6/2005
Elevators Elevators (Varco P/N 88471)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 15

PHM-03-01 Yes - Tie Rod Assemblies (P/N 95957-1 & -2) 3/17/2003 All PHM-3i Pipe Handling Machines

Report of Hex Cap Screws Falling From

PHM-03-02 Yes - 8/18/2003 All PHM-3i Pipe Handing Machines
PHM-3i Pipe Handling Machine

PHM-3i Lower Drive Axle/Flanged

PHM-04-01 - A 2/10/2004 PHM-3i Lower Drive Assembly
Roller Gear Lubrication
Failed Camrol Bearing on PHM Jaw
PHM-04-02 Yes - 9/17/2004 PHM-3i Jaw Assembly
Corrosion of Roll Pin on Drill Pipe Solid Drill Pipe Solid Body Elevator
PHM-04-03 Yes B 5/11/2005
Body Elevator Assemblies (P/N 88471)
Dropped Camrol Pin on PHM-3i Jaw
PHM-05-01 Yes - 6/14/2005 Jaw Assembly (P/N 99709)
Risk of Potential Loss of Control on All Upper Drive Assemblies with
PHM-08-01 - - 10/20/08
PHM-3i Upper Drive Assembly Gearbox Assembly (P/N 81887)
Risk for Potential Inadvertent Latch All Fingerboards with Fingerboard
PHM-08-02 Yes - 10/24/08
Operation on PHM-3i Fingerboard Latch Controller (P/N 92803)
Dropped Motor Junction Box Cast Iron Upper Drive Assembly (P/N
Yes 01 Cover Involving the PHM-3i 12/22/11 121284) and Motor (P/N 118446)
D841004380- Dropped Object Incident Involving a 400T Air Operated Solid Body
Yes 03 4/26/12
PIB-001 400T Air Operated Elevator Elevator (P/N 88471)
Dropped Object Involving a Jaw Sensor Jaw Assembly (P/N 30181029)
10812469-PIB Yes 02 11/5/14
Target Bracket
Dropped Object Incident Involving Clamp Cylinder Assembly, PH-100
10909071-PIB Yes 02 3/25/14
Stabilizer Liner on PH-100 Pipe Handler Pipe Handler (P/N 30125050)
Bellyboard and Fingerboard
Dropped Bolt and Nut from Fingerboard
10918210-PIB Yes 01 1/24/14 Assemblies (Multiple Part Nos.)
Safety Chain Assembly
Fatality Occurred During Maintenance Integrated Roughneck (Multiple
10948325-PIB Yes 03 7/14/14
on PHM-3i Integrated Roughneck Part Numbers)

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2.3 PLS Bulletins


PLS-98-01 Yes A Handling Tubulars with PLS-3 6/4/1998 All PLS-3

Falling Object Report on PLS-3
PLS-01-01 Yes - 8/10/2001 All PLS-3
Pickup/Laydown System
Report of Falling Pipe Guide Roller on
PLS-02-01 Yes - 3/19/2002 All PLS-3 Pickup/Laydown Systems
Handling of Tubulars with PLS After All PLS-1, -3 and -5 Pickup/Laydown
PLS-02-02 Yes - 5/23/2002
ESD Activation Systems
Brake Assemblies on the PLS-5 Hoist Brake Assemblies (P/N 109226 and
PLS-05-01 Yes A 6/7/2007
Carriage 109227
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 16

Boom Assembly (P/N 122491), and

Stabbing Arm Shimming Provision on
PLS-08-01 Yes B 12/11/14 Stabbing Arm Assembly (P/N
the PLS Hoist Carriage
Carriage Installation Kit (P/N
Potential Interference between Derrick
PLS-09-01 Yes - 3/5/09 122485) and Stabbing Arm
Windwall and PLS Hoist Carriage
Assembly (P/N 122875)
Stabbing Arm Assembly, (P/N
PLS-09-02 Yes - Potential Loss of Control of Tubular 5/29 122875 for PLS-5 and P/N 107624
for PLS-3)
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Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 17

2.4 PRS Bulletins


All PRS-3 and -3I Racking

PRS-98-01 __ A PRS-3 Grip Jaw Assembly 8/6/1999
Use of Override when Operating Pipe
PRS-98-02 Yes - 11/19/1998 PRS-3, -3i, 4i & 5
Racking Systems

PRS-98-03 Yes A Inspection of 119001-06 Cam Followers 9/20/1999 PRS-3,-3i, -4i, -5, -5I and 6I

PRS-99-01 Yes - Use of Override Mode in PRS Operation 6/24/1999 All PRS Racking Systems

Inspection of Single Joint 9-3/4” Elevator All PRS-4i and 6i Racking

PRS-99-02 - - 6/25/1999
Assemblies Systems
All PRS-3i, 4I 5 and 6i Racking
PRS-99-03 - - Upper Track/Upper Drive Interference 7/12/1999
Casing Length Requirements for Use All PRS Racking Systems Capable
PRS-99-04 - - 7/26/1999
with PRS Rackers of Running Casing
All PRS-3i, 4i, 5, 5R and 6i
PRS-99-05 - - PRS Shaft Bearings 9/1/1999
Column Rackers
PRS-99-06 Yes A 20 Inch Single Joint Elevator Assembly 1/8/2001 All PRS-4i Racking Systems
All PRS-3, -3i, 4i, 5 and 6i Racking
PRS-99-07 - - PRS Linear Actuator Assembly 9/23/1999
Electric Motor/Brake Assembly Sealing All PRS-3, -3i, 4i, 5 and 6i Racking
PRS-99-08 - - 9/23/1999
Against Water Ingress Systems
New Retrofit Kit Designed for Improved All PRS-4i, -5, -5R and -6i Pipe
PRS-99-09 Yes - 10/28/1999
Jaw Performance Racking Systems
Retrofit of PRS Roller Housing All PRS-3i, 4i, -5, 5R and 6i Pipe
PRS-99-10 - - 11/2/1999
Assemblies Racking Systems
Parted Driveshaft on PRS-4i Pipe
PRS-99-11 Yes B 1/18/2000 All PRS-4i
Racking System
Inspection of PRS-5 Pipe Racking All PRS-5 Pipe Racking Systems
PRS-00-01 Yes - 1/21/2000
System Driveshafts Only
Inspection of PRS-3i Pipe Racking All PRS-3i Pipe Racking Systems
PRS-00-02 Yes - 1/24/2000
System Driveshafts Only
Inspection of PRS-6i Pipe Racking
PRS-00-03 Yes - 2/17/2000 All PRS-6i Racking Systems Only
System Driveshafts
Inspection of PRS-3 Pipe Racking
PRS-00-04 Yes - 2/17/2000 All PRS-3 Racking Systems Only
System Driveshafts
Inspection of PRS-5R Pipe Racking
PRS-00-05 Yes - 2/17/2000 All PRS-5R Racking Systems Only
System Driveshafts
Mandatory Inspection of PRS Pipe
PRS-00-06 Yes - 2/22/2000 All PRS-5R Racking Systems Only
Racking System Driveshafts
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 18

Installation of Driveshaft Centralizer Kits All PRS-3i, 4i, -5, 5R and 6i Pipe
PRS-00-07 - A 7/17/2000
on PRS Pipe Racking Systems Racking Systems

Inspection of Lifting Jaw Rollers on PRS All PRS-4i, 5, 5R and 6i Pipe

PRS-00-08 Yes C 1/27/2006
Pipe Racking Systems Racking Systems
Falling Object Report with PRS Riser All PRS-4i, -5 and -6i Pipe
PRS-00-09 - A 7/26/2000
Hand Assembly Racking Systems Only
Reliability of PRS-3 Lower Drive Yoke All PRS-3 Pipe Racking Systems
PRS-00-10 - - 5/18/2000
Rollers Only
Adjustment of PRS Kick Back Roller All PRS-3, 3i, 4i, 5, 5R and 6i Pipe
PRS-00-11 Yes - 6/1/2000
Assemblies Racking Systems
All PRS-3, 3i, 4i, 5, 5R and 6i Pipe
PRS-00-12 Yes A Adding a Stand While Drilling Ahead 6/6/2000
Racking Systems

Safe Working Load (SWL) Rating of 9- All PRS-4i and 6i Pipe Racking
PRS-00-13 - - 7/20/2000
3/4” and 20” Elevator Assemblies Systems

All PRS-3i, 4i, 5, 5R and 6i Pipe

PRS-00-14 - - Lower Drive Bearing Lubrication 10/4/2000
Racking Systems
PHM-3i, PLS-3, PLS-5, PRS-3, 3i,
Dropped Pipe Incident on Pipe Racking
PRS-00-15 - C 9/11/09 4i, 5, 5i, 6i, 8i, VCR, and Flush
Joint Elevator
All Porch Hoist Assemblies (used
9-3/4” and 20” Elevator Assemblies
PRS-00-16 Yes A 1/23/2001 with PRS-5R Pipe Racking
Used with Porch Hoist Assembly

Small Grip Jaw Assemblies used on

PRS-01-01 - B 6/5/2001 PRS-5R Pipe Racking Systems
PRS-5R Racker Assemblies

Towing of PRS Using Lower Drive All PRS-3, 3i, 4i, 5, 5R and 6i Pipe
PRS-01-02 Yes A 4/10/2001
Lifting Eyes Racking Systems
Riser Fingerboards Used with PRS-5R
PRS-01-03 Yes - 2/8/2001 All PRS-5R Pipe Racking Systems
Racker Assembly
Inspection of PRS Floor Track All PRS-4i, -5, -5R and -6i Pipe
PRS-01-04 - A 1/21/2003
Assemblies Racking Systems
Gear Pinion Locking Assemblies Used All PRS-3i, -4i, -5, -5R, -6i and -8i
PRS-01-05 - - 3/20/2001
with PRS Rackers Pipe Racking Systems

PRS-01-06 - - Damage to TDS-4S Top Drive Guard 3/22/2001 All PRS-6I Pipe Racking System

Unspooling of PRS Hoist Carriage All PRS 3, 3i, 4i, 5, 5R and 6i Pipe
PRS-01-07 - - 5/10/2001
Wirelines Racking Systems
Injury to Rig Personnel During Grip Jaw All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-01-08 Yes - 6/15/2001
Troubleshooting Pipe Racking Systems
Proper Installation of Mousehole Spider
PRS-01-09 Yes - 6/21/2001 All 14” Mousehole Spider Users
Cover Plates
All PRS-3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i Pipe
PRS-01-10 - - PRS Setdown Sensor Reliability 9/18/2001
Racking Systems
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 19

All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i

Inspection of PRS Driveshaft
PRS-01-11 Yes B 7/2/2003 Column and Lower Drive
Dropped Drill Collar during Stand All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-01-12 Yes - 10/9/2001
Building Operations Pipe Racking Systems
Possible Machining Defect on
PRS-01-13 - - 10/11/2001 3-1/2” to 14” Mousehole Spiders
Mousehole Spider Slip Bodies
Restraint of PRS Upper Drive Assembly All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-01-14 Yes - 11/19/2001
during Driveshaft maintenance Pipe Racking Systems
Encoder Flange Adapter & 1 kHz All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, & -6i Pipe
PRS-01-15 - - 11/27/2001
Proximity Sensor Racking Systems
All 9-3/4” (Varco P/N 124374) and
Operational Damage to PRS Elevator
PRS-01-16 - - 11/30/2001 20” (Varco P/N 124375) PRS
Elevator Assemblies
PRS Handling Capabilities Related to All PRS-3, -3i -4i, -5, -5R and –6i
PRS-01-17 Yes - 12/5/2001
Tubular Diameter Pipe Racking Systems
All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5 & -6i Pipe
PRS-01-18 - - Wear Indicator for PRS Motor Brakes 12/10/2001
Racking Systems
Safety Precautions When Performing All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-01-19 Yes - 12/10/2001
Maintenance on PRS Brakes Pipe Racking Systems
Claw Carrier on PRS Lifting Jaw All PRS-3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i Pipe
PRS-02-01 Yes - 1/9/2002
Assembly Racking Systems
Upgrade of PRS Slew Index Sensor All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-02-02 - - 2/11/2002
Installation Pipe Racking Systems
Interference between the Driveshaft and All PRS-3i, -4i and -6i Pipe
PRS-02-03 - - 4/3/2002
PRS Tailing Arm Assemblies Racking Systems
All PRS-5R and –6i Pipe Racking
PRS-02-04 Yes - Claw Pin on PRS Lifting Jaw Assembly 5/23/2002
All PRS-4i, -5, -5R and –6i Pipe
PRS-02-05 Yes A Dropped Casing Latch Assembly 3/27/09
Racking System
Damage to PRS-3i During Tripping All PRS-3, -3i -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-02-06 Yes - 7/23/2002
Operations Pipe Racking Systems
Damage to PRS-5R Lift Jaw Claws All PRS-5, -5R and -6i Pipe
PRS-02-07 Yes - 9/13/2002
During Pipe Handling Operation Racking Systems
Lubrication of PRS Upper Carriage All PRS-3i 4i, -5 and -6i Pipe
PRS-02-08 - - 9/20/2002
Assembly Racking System
All PRS-5, 5R and –6i Pipe
New 6.0” PRS Cam Followers for PRS
PRS-02-09 - - 10/4/2002 Racking System (Lower Drive
Lower Drive Assemblies
Assemblies Only)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 20

Falling Washer from PRS Compensator All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-02-10 Yes - 11/6/2002
Assembly Pipe Racking Systems
Damage to PRS-3i During Tripping All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-02-11 Yes - 11/20/2002
Operations Pipe Racking Systems
Disengaged Driveshaft on PRS-5 Pipe All PRS-3, -3i, -4i, -5, -5R and -6i
PRS-02-12 Yes A 12/24/2002
Racking System Pipe Racking Systems
Availability of Well Center Update All PRS Control Systems with
PRS-03-01 - - 1/5/2003
“Snapshot” Kit Siemens PLCs
Redesign of Linear Actuator Trunion
PRS-03-02 - - 3/29/2003 PRS-6i Pipe Racking System Only
Mounting Brackets
Report of Retaining Pin Falling From
PRS-03-03 Yes - 6/5/2003 All PRS Pipe Racking Systems
PRS-6i Elevator Positioner
Wire Rope Interference with PRS-4i Pipe Racking Systems
PRS-03-04 Yes - 7/3/2003
Pump/Motor Assembly (On-Board Hydraulics Only)
PRS Lifting Jaw Clamp Pressure All PRS Control Systems with
PRS-03-05 - A 12/4/2003
Calibration Siemens PLCs
All PRS-3i, -4i and -6i Tailing Arm
PRS-03-06 Yes - Inspection of PRS Tailing Arm Links 9/3/2003 and PRS-3 Column Extension
9-3/4” Elevator Assemblies (P/N
Retrofit of 9-3/4” Elevator Assemblies to
PRS-03-07 Yes - 9/22/2003 114483 for PRS-3i) (P/N 124374
Prevent Inadvertent
for PRS-4i and -6i)
Falling Roller Reported on PRS-4i
PRS-03-08 Yes C 10/19/11 Elevator Positioner (P/N 123783)
Positioner Assembly
PRS-4i Upper Carriage, Column
PRS-03-09 - - PRS-4i Driveshaft Upgrade Kits 12/23/03
and Lower Drive Assemblies
Riser Hoist Arm Assembly (P/N
PRS-04-01 - A Broken Cap Screw Found on Riser 3/17/2004
Use of the PRS-5R to Handle Riser and PRS-5R Upper Column Assembly
PRS-04-02 Yes - 5/28/2004
Other Loads (P/N 127232)
Clarification of PRS Lift Jaw Operation PRS Lift Jaw Assemblies 3-1/2” to
PRS-04-03 - - 7/30/2004
and Lifting Capacity 14” (P/N 120420 and 131084)
Damage to PRS-3i during Tubular
PRS-04-04 Yes A 12/17/2004 PRS Column Assemblies
Failed Claw on PRS-6i Lifting Jaw Lifting Jaw Assemblies (P/N
PRS-05-01 Yes - 3/4/2005
Assembly 120420 and 131084)
All Users of PRS with Horizontal Drag
PRS-05-02 Yes - 5/6/2005 Drag Chain Assemblies
Chain Carriers
Dropped Pipe Incident on PRS-5R Pipe Lifting Jaw Assemblies (See
PRS-05-03 Yes - 5/25/2005
Racking System Service Manual for Part Numbers)
Riser Claw Assembly (P/N
Missing Fastener on PRS Riser Claw 30154628 for PRS-8i) and Riser
PRS-05-04 Yes A 6/28/2005
Assembly Hand Assembly (P/N 130371 for
Correct Installation of Die Carrier Flush Joint Elevator, O.D. 3 ½ -9
PRS-05-05 Yes - 7/14/2005
Assemblies in Flush Joint Elevator ¾” (P/N 127811)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 21

Hoist Carriage and Column

Upgrades to PRS Motor Brake Assemblies, Electric Motor
PRS-05-06 - - 10/14/2005
Assemblies w/Brake (P/N 118446 and 118446-
Damage to PRS during Bottom Hole
PRS-06-01 Yes - 2/10/2006 PRS Column Assemblies
Assembly Handing
Personnel Injured by Positioner
PRS-06-02 Yes - 6/13/2006 Positioner Assembly
Assembly during Maintenance
Shaft Repair Upgrade Kits for
Potentially Defective Drive Shaft PRS-4i (P/N 30170863), PRS-5
PRS-06-03 Yes - 10/26/2006
Component (30173928), PRS-5R (30176203)
and PRS-6i (30174135)
Falling 6” Cam Follower Roller Reported
PRS-07-01 Yes - 1/7/2007 Hoist Carriage Assemblies
on PRS-4i
Clarification of PRS-8i Lift Jaw PRS-8i Lift Jaw Assemblies 2-7/8”
PRS-07-02 No - 2/13/2007
Operation and Lifting Capacity to 9-3/4” (P/N 131690)

PRS-07-03 No - PRS Upper Track Sensor Retrofit 9/7/2007 Upper Carriage (P/N 30172806)

PRS-07-04 Yes A Dropped Object Incident on PRS-6 11/07/08 Hoisting Arm Assembly
PRS-09-01 Yes A Failed Claw on PRS-4i Lifting Jaw 3/27/09 Lifting Jaw Assemblies (P/N
Assembly 120420 and 131084)
PRS-09-02 Yes - Failed Anti-Rotation Shaft on Centralizer 2/3/09 Centralizer Duplex Cylinder
Cylinder Assembly Assembly (P/N 140889)
PRS-09-03 - - Encoder Housing Water Ingress 7/15/09 Motor Encoder Adapter
D844000192- - 01 Delayed Release of Pipe Centralizer on 10/22/09 Tailing Claw Assembly (P/N
PIB-001 Tailing Claw Assembly 120422)
D844000221- Yes 01 Dropped Object involving PRS 4/30/10 PRS Riser Hand Assembly (P/N
PIB-001 130371)
D844000227- Yes 01 Fallen Pipe Racking System (PRS) 6/28/10 PRS Drive Shaft Assembly
D844000228- Yes 01 Fallen Pipe Racking System (PRS) 7/1/10 PRS Drive Shaft Assembly
PIB-001 Column
D844000229- Yes 01 Upper Carriage Safety Brake 7/1/10 PRS Upper Carriage Assembly
D841004304- Yes 01 Failed Guard on PRS-3 Upper Carriage 9/20/11 All Guards and Guard Assemblies
PIB-001 Assembly

D841004312- Yes 01 Fastening of Spare or Replacement 11/23/11 Fingerboards manufactured to

PIB-001 Fingerboard Latch Assemblies order prior to May 2003 for which
spare latches have been
purchased and/or installed

D841004369- Yes 02 Hoisting Wire Rope Failure on PRS 3/6/13 Wire Rope Assembly (P/N
PIB-001 130733)

10677767-PIB Yes 01 Dropped Casing in Foxhole 7/30/12 Pipe Racking Systems
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 22

10684138-PIB - 01 Availability of Adjustable Casing Finger 8/30/12 Adjustable Casing Fingerboards

Secondary Retention Upgrade Kits

10698557-PIB Yes 01 Drive Shaft Coupling Failure on the Pipe 10/26/12 PRS Drive Shaft Assembly
Racking System (PRS)

10716126-PIB Yes 01 Pipe Released from Fingerboard 1/21/13 Manifold, Fieldbus Valve (P/N

10781104-PIB Yes 01 Corroded Retaining Ring on PRS-6i 7/2/13 PRS-3, -4, -5, -5R and -6 Column
Upper Arm Pivot Pin Assemblies and Tailing Arm
Assemblies (Multiple Part Nos.)

10848114-PIB Yes 01 Dropped Object Incident Involving the 10/2/13 Hoisting Jaw Assembly (P/N
Roll Pin on PRS-4i Hoisting Jaw 120420), Lifting Jaw Assembly
(P/N 131084)
10863378-PIB Yes 01 PRS Hoisting Jaw Contact with 10/25/13 Hoist Carriage Assembly (Multiple
Maintenance Platform Part Numbers)

10887819-PIB Yes 02 Dropped Pin on PRS-5 Guide Jaw 1/28/14 PRS-5 Guide Jaw Assembly (P/N
Assembly 130345-BSC, -500,-501), PLS-5
Pipe Guide Assembly (P/N
140733), MHH Pipe Guide
Assembly (P/N 140733-500) and
PHM-3i Pipe Guide Replacement
Kit (P/N 140733)

10992381-PIB Yes 01 Potential Drop of Drill Pipe during Stand 6/5/14 PRS-4i and 6i Pipe Racking
Building System and Foxhole Slip
Assembly (Multiple Part Nos.)
11029221-PIB Yes 01 Dropped Object Involving a PRS-6i 8/15/14 PRS Column Assembly (Various
Electric Motor Protective Cap Part Numbers)

11045450-PIB - 01 Hose Wear in Drag Chains 9/24/14 Column Assembly, Upper Track
Assembly (Multiple Part Nos.)

11323189-PIB Yes 01 Report of PRS-5 Disengaged from 11/11/14 PRS-5 Pipe Racking System
Upper Track Carriage Upper Track Assembly, Column
Assembly (Multiple Part Nos.)

11386951-PIB Yes 01 Gearbox Flange Failure Reported on 3/13/15 Linear Actuator (P/N 130054)
PRS-5R Linear Actuator
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2.5 PTC Bulletins


All Conveyors Fitted With Overrun

PTC-00-01 Yes -- Short Lengths of Pipe on Conveyors 3/2/2000 Rollers at the Conveyor
Tensioning End
Operation of Pipe Transfer Conveyors All Pipe Transfer Conveyors with
PTC-00-02 Yes -- 5/17/2000
(PTC) with Skidding Capability Skid Base and Auxiliary Drive
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 23

Proper Procedure for Transferring All Pipe Transfer Conveyor
PTC-00-03 Yes - 6/1/2000
Tubular Systems

PTC-08-01 Yes - Dropped Pipe Incident 8/14/08 All Pipe Transfer Conveyors
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2.6 RHS Bulletins


All Riser Handling Systems w/P/N

RHS-99-01 Yes -- Riser Handling System 10/11/1999 115460 & 127057 Bucket
Riser Handling Systems with
Emergency Shutdown of Hydraulic
126924 Hydraulic Interconnect
RHS-00-01 -- -- Pressure to Riser Handling System 4/3/2000
Panel (Customer Configurations
124759, 125116 & 125684)
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2.7 VCR Bulletins


Drillfloor and Derrickman

Operational Guidelines during Tubular
VCR-05-01 Yes - 5/16/2005 Operators Control Station
(30171872-1 &-2)

Operational Guidelines for Handling of

VCR-06-01 Yes - 5/18/2006 All Varco Compact Rackers

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2.8 Type V Bulletins

Safety DATE
Alert REL.

TYPE V-94-01 Yes -- BJ Pipe Racker Upper Arm Jaw 10/27/1994 All Type V Racker

All Type V/VI Fingerboards Using

BJ Pipe Racker Type V/VI Finger
TYPE V-97-01 -- B 9/20/2002 Varco P/N 39392 Finger

TYPE V-98-01 -- -- BJ Type V Pipe Racking Systems 6/12/1998 All Type V Racking Systems
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 24

Hazard of Dropped Object Involving All VarcoBJ Type V Racking

D844000222-PIB-001 -- -- VarcoBJ Type V Racking System 5/5/10 System

BJ Type Racker Assemblies that

D841004328-PIB-001 Yes 01 All BJ Type Rackers 12/1/11 incorporate Shock Absorber P/N

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2.9 SRS Bulletins


SRS-96-01 Yes - Star Racker Slip Lanyard Kits 7/18/1996 All Star Rackers
All Star Racking Machines
SRS-96-02 Yes - Compensator, Pipe Handling Tool 9/9/1996
SRS-96-03 Yes - Star Racker Pipe Handling Tools 10/7/1996 SRS w/compensators
Star Racker Jaw and Claw Pipe
SRS-97-01 Yes - 2/10/1997 All Star Rackers
SRS-97-02 Yes - Star Racker Slip Lanyard Kits 2/25/1997 Shell Troll and Ekofisk 2/4K
SRS-97-03 Yes - Star Racker Jaw Assembly Slips 3/17/1997 All Star Rackers
SRS-97-04 Yes - Star Racker Jaw Slip Hangers 5/28/1997 All Star Rackers
SRS-97-05 Yes A Star Racker Jaw Improvements Kit 11/18/1997 All Star Rackers
Crack In Upper Column Stabilizer
SRS-97-06 Yes - 7/25/1997 All Star Racker Machines

SRS-97-07 Yes - Star Racker Jaw Assembly Controls 9/16/1997 All Star Rackers
SRS-97-08 Yes A Star Racker/Top Drive Collision 11/6/1997 All Star Rackers
SRS-97-09 Yes - Star Racker Motor Relocation Kit 10/22/1997 All Star Rackers
SRS-97-10 - - Star Racker Lenze AC Drives 12/31/1997 Rackers w/Lenze AC Drives
SRS-98-01 - - Arm Rack and Rack Carriers 1/13/1997 All Star Rackers
Star Rackers Using P/N 112044
SRS-98-02 - - Star Racker Load Cells 2/24/1998
Lower Jaw Assembly
All Star Rackers w/Claw
SRS-98-03 Yes - Upper Claw Assembly 5/4/1998
All Star Rackers with Varco
SRS-98-04 Yes - Upper Claw Pipe Sensor Assembly 412/98
Control Systems
Shear Pin Assemblies on Upper Rackers using 98308, 98308-1,
SRS-98-05 - - 7/30/1998
Columns 110899 & 112495 Columns
All Star Rackers with 110667 or
Tethering of Column Extension
SRS-99-01 - - 6/1/1999 114437 Column Extension
Inspection of Upper and Lower Column Upper and Lower Column
SRS-05-01 - - 10/5/2005
Joint Connection Assemblies

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Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 25


3.1 IDS Bulletins


IDS-94-01 Yes A Retainer Pin, P/N 103126 3/18/1994 IDS Top Drives & Type “E” TDS

IDS-94-02 Yes A Guide Rollers on Carriage Assembly 12/22/1994 All Varco IDS Model Top Drives

All units w/Bolted Joint Torque

IDS-94-03 Yes A Torque Tube Joint Integrity 11/15/1994
All units w/Bolted Joint Torque
IDS-95-01 - - Torque Tube Joint Lifting Load Capacity 1/24/1995
All units w/Pinned Joint Torque
IDS-95-02 - Torque Tube Joint Lifting Load Capacity 1/24/1995
Torque Tube Assembly (Hinge
IDS-95-03 - A Pin, Retainer P/N 109007 3/3/1995

IDS-98-01 Yes - IDS Warning to Inspect Dolly Rollers 5/7/1998 All IDS Top Drives

Incorrect Shear Pin Documented in IDS IDS Special Tool Kits (P/N 105611
IDS-03-01 - - 5/27/2003
Tool Kit and 108340)
IDS Carriage Assembly (P/N
IDS-03-02 Yes A Falling Seal from IDS 4.0" 1/15/2004 30172244-4100) and IDS Roller
Upgrade Kit (P/N 129276)
Clarification of IDS Stem Ordering
IDS-04-01 - A 1/26/2004 IDS Gearcase Assembly
Possible Rotating Link Adapter Rotating Link Adapter Assembly
IDS-07-01 Yes A 5/18/2007
Interference with Main Stem (P/N’s 121341 and 30173277)
Torque Wrench Clamp Body Assembly Cylinder Assembly (P/N
IDS-07-02 Yes - Lift Cylinder Rod Unscrewing from 8/9/2007 30177874), Torque Wrench
Clevis Assembly (P/N 30177878)
Possible Overheating of Lube Pump IDS-350P Motor Housing
IDS-08-01 - - Motor 4/23/08 Assembly (P/N’s 30177779 and
Report of Potential Dropped Object from
Pipe Handler Assembly (P/N
IDS-08-02 Yes - IDS-350P Pipe Handler 4/23/08

IDS Motor and Gearcase

IDS-09-01 - - Drilling Motor Performance Update 3/5/09 Assemblies (Part Nos. 109990,
110575 and 30110575)

IDS-350P (P/N 30177779-BSC &

IDS-09-02 Yes - Falling Drilling Motor Tie Rods 5/18/09

Oil Leak from gear Case High speed Motor Housing Assemblies (P/N
IDS-09-03 - - 6/19/09
Seal 30177779-BSC & 30177779-1)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 26

Shaft Liner Assembly and Torque

D614000594- IDS-4 Shaft Liner
- - 2/24/10 Wrench Assembly (P/N 30157402
PIB-001 Assembly/Disassembly Procedure
& P/N 105888)
IDS Motor Gearbox Assembly
IDS-1 Hook/Block Adapter Kit
D614000665- Counterbalance System Clevis Bracket IDS-3 Counterbalance Kits
Yes 01 6/16/10
PIB-001 Failures IDS-4A Counterbalance Kit
IDS-4A Motor Housing Assembly
IDS-4A Motor Electric Assembly
Adjustment of the Recommended Top Drive Motor Housing (P/N
- 01 Lubrication Oil Fill Level 9/15/211 M614000575 and M611003402)
Electric Hazard Involving Water Ingress IDS-350PE Gearmotor, 1000HP
10689691-PIB Yes 03 of the IDS-350PE Gearmotor J-Box 11/6/13 (P/N M611004392)

Motor Electric Kit (P/N 30171726)

Dropped Object Involving Link Guard on
10812286-PIB Yes 02 1/20/14 & Motor Electric Assembly (P/N
Pinch Hazard Involving IDS-350P and Swivel Body Link / Counterbalance
10864248-PIB Yes 01 IDS-350PE 10/31/13 Package (P/N 10378271-001 /
Dropped Object Incident Involving Bolts Oil Circulating Kit (P/N 30171725-
10930252-PIB Yes 01 2/20/14
on IDS-4A Service Loop Bracket 501 and -502)
Missing Guide Beam Latch on Top Guide Beam Kit (Multiple Part
10938568-PIB Yes 01 Section Guide Beam 3/19/14 Numbers)

PH-50 (P/N 117820), PH-65 (P/N

Dropped Retainer Pin from PH-75 Pipe
M614000681) and PH-75 (P/N
11323631-PIB Yes 01 Handler Link Tilt 11/12/14
30157366 & P/N 30173029) Pipe
Handler Packages
PH-50, PH-55, PH-65, PH-75 and
Dropped Jaw Retainer Bolt from PH-
11382597-PIB Yes 02 3/9/15 PH-100 Pipe Handler Assemblies
100 Pipe Handler
(Various Part Numbers)
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3.2 RBS Bulletins


RBS-95-01 Yes A Raised Backup System (RBS 1/24/1995 Obsolete, see RBS-99-02
RBS-97-01 Yes A RBS Safety Bulletin 7/8/1997 Obsolete, see RBS-99-02
RBS I, II & III Tong Arm Pin Inspection &
All RBS I, II & III Units with a Serial
RBS-99-01 Yes - RBS Tong Arm Product Improvement 5/20/1999
# less than RBSXXXX163
All RBS I Units with Serial Number
RBSxxxx183 and below (pre Aug
RBS-99-02 Yes - RBS Safety Bulletin 5/25/1999 96) All RBS III Units with Serial
Number RBSxxxx173 and below
(pre Jan 96)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 27

RBS-I, II & III Tong Arm Pin Retainer All RBS-I, II & III Raised Backup
RBS-00-01 Yes - 12/4/2000
Inspection Systems
ALL Rigs with RBS-I, -II & -III
RBS-01-01 Yes - RBS-III Raised Backup System Collision 4/27/2001
Raised Backup Systems
Maximum Torque Capacity of Raised All RBS-I, II & III Raised Backup
RBS-01-02 - - 9/6/2001
Backup Systems Systems
Report of Dies Falling from RBS Clamp
RBS-03-01 Yes - 6/20/2003 All RBS Raised Backup Systems
RBS-04-01 Yes - Damaged Tilt Cylinder on RBS-3 9/17/2004 Tilt Cylinder Assembly
Falling Object Involving RBS Clamp
RBS-08-01 Yes - 8/6/08 All Tong Are Assemblies
Cylinder Pin
Dropped Object Involving RBS Carriage All Raised Backup System
RBS-08-02 Yes - 8/20/08
Roller Carriage Assemblies
Dropped Object Reported on Raised Stabbing Head and Tong Arm
10921108-PIB Yes 01 Backup System (RBS-3) Die Retainer 1/31/14 Assembly (Multiple Part Nos.)
Dropped Object Involving a Clevis on RBS-4 Hydraulic Retract/Latching
11359022-PIB Yes 01 Raised Backup System (RBS-4) 1/29/15 Cylinder (Various Part Numbers)

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3.3 TDS Bulletins


1 - Counterbalance System Adjustment 1/3/1984 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 31

Incorporated, See Sec. 8 of
2 A GE Motor Lubrication 2/2/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 8 of
3 - EMD Motor Lubrication 1/5/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 2 of
4 - Field Welding of Service Loop Bracket 1/5/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 8 of
5 B Gearbox Lubrication Schedule 6/5/1984
original Service Manual
Obsolete, See Sec. 3 of original
6 - Blower Impeller Loosening 2/9/1984
Service Manual
Obsolete, See Sec. 7 (Mtr/Housing
7 - Gearbox Sight Gauge Installation 2/29/1984
Assy) of original Service Manual
Obsolete, See Sec. 4 of original
8 - Saver Sub Thread Recut 2/24/1984
Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 4 of
9 - Make-Up Torques 2/24/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 4 of
10 - Safety Valve Actuator Cylinder Locking 2/29/1984
original Service Manual
Obsolete, See Sec. 4 of original
11 - Safety Valve Actuator Assembly 2/29/1984
Service Manual
12 - Waterproofing Driller's Controls 3/29/1984 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 14
13 - Pipehandler Cylinder Clevis Loosening 4/6/1984 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 12
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 28

Incorporated, See Sec. 4 of

14 A IBOP Actuator - Pipehandler Kits 8/2/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 4 of
15 - Torque Wrench Operation Adjustment 4/6/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 4 of
16 - Dual IBOP Valve Kit 8/29/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 2 of
17 - Field Welding, Bail Pin Lock Tabs 9/24/1984
original Service Manual
Incorporated, See Sec. 4 of
18 - Rotating Pipehandler, Inst. /Oper. 11/2/1984
original Service Manual
Obsolete, See Sec. 3 & 7 of
19 - Oil Pump Shaft Retention 12/21/1984
original Service Manual
20 - GE Motor/Main Shaft Housing Rework 1/29/1985 Serial Number 1 only
Incorporated, See Sec. 8 of
21 - Blower Motor Lubrication 1/30/1986
original Service Manual
22 - Solid Body Elevator Ear 10/31/1985 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 60
23 - IBOP Actuator Sleeve 11/19/1985 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 64
24 - Link Tilt Improvement Kit 12/13/1985 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 70
25 - Pipehandler/Torque Arrestor Pins 12/2/1985 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 70
26 - Pipehandler Speed-Up Kit 1/31/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 70
27 - Bearing Shield Installation 1/29/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 74
28 - IBOP Actuator Arm Replacement 2/6/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 31
Serial Numbers 1 Thru 75 w/Expo
29 - I.S. Cable Slack 2/5/1986
30 - Hydraulic Pressure Filter Installation 2/13/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 80
31 - Solid Body Elevator Plate 3/11/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 83
32 - Short and Long Term Storage 3/11/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 35
33 - IBOP Valve Corrosion 5/2/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 90
34 - Upper Safety Valve Lubrication 9/3/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 90
35 - Safety Valve Actuator Installation 9/8/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 90
36 A Load Carrying Component Replacement 3/14/1994 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 90
Serial Numbers 1 Thru 93(w/o 500
37 - Dolly Link Adjustment 11/17/1986
Ton Conversion)
38 G Load Carring Component Care 12/23/08 Serial Numbers 1 thru 90
39 - Drilling Motor & Cooling System Maint. 11/17/1986 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 90
Serial Numbers 1 Thru
40 - Closed Loop Cooling System Air Req. 11/17/1986
90(w/Closed Loop Cooling)
All Units to Date Equipped w/
41 - STUMP Wiring Changes 12/1/1986
42 - Guide Rail Installation Tolerances 10/9/1987 All Units
Closed Loop Cooling System Water
43 - 9/11/1987 All Units w/Closed Loop Cooling
44 - Shunt Motor Field Coil Maintenance 9/11/1987 All Units W/ Shunt Drilling Motor
45 A 500 Ton System Upgrade 7/9/1990 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 93
46 A Motor Alignment Cylinder 10/23/1990 Serial Numbers 1 thru 93
47 - Torque Wrench Body Chamfer 11/6/1987 Torque Wrench S/N 1 Thru 110
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 29

48 - Exhaust Cleaning, Overtemp Protection 12/2/1987 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 92

All Units Equipped w/ Shunt
49 - Active vs Passive Shunt Field Supply 1/18/1988
Drilling Motor
50 - Revised Operation Section 1/19/1988 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 97
Serial Numbers 109, 127-129 &
51 - Clevises on Link Tilt Assy.P/N 74967 9/30/1988
52 - IBOP Control Circuit Kit P/N 87235 9/30/1988 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 153
Serial Numbers 1 Thru 113 w/
53 - Purge Air Oil Removal Filter P/N 86608 9/30/1988
Closed Loop Cooling
54 - Torque Wrench Hinge Pin P/N 76532 10/19/1988 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 117 & 119
55 - Motor Frame Fatigue Cracking 6/9/1989 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 174 per list
56 - Solid Body Elevator Plate Interference 6/13/1989 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 172
Link Tilt Intermediate Stop Spring
57 Yes A 1/17/1991 Serial Numbers 1 Thru 172
58 - Purge System Cycle Times 8/21/1989 Units w/ Expo Purge Sys.
59 A High Torque Drilling 10/23/1990 All Units
Heavy Duty Guide Roller Lube
60 - 8/21/1989 Units w/ 80230 Rollers
61 B Motor Lubrication Changes 6/11/1991 Units w/ G. E. Motors
62 A Motor Bearing Lubrication 10/19/1989 All TDS Units
63 - TDS Torque Wrench Body Pins 10/24/1989 All TDS Before 10/89
64 A TDS IBOP Valve Assy 12/13/1989 Selected MFGs.10/88-89
TDS-3 Up Through Serial Number
65 - Control Circuit, IBOP Actuator Shell 7/5/1990
66 - EMD Bearing/Seal Replacement 7/5/1990 All M89 VTS Mfg. up to 8/89
67 Yes - Operation Safety Notice 6/1/1990 All Units
68 - Safety Notice/Pipe Handler 9/19/1990 All Units
69 - Safety Notice/RBS 11/20/1990 All TDS w/ RBS
70 Yes - Pipehandler Connections 1/17/1991 All TDS Units
71 - Varco/Best IBOP Seal Kit 10/23/1990 All Varco/Best Style Valves
Elevator Floor Stand Bushing
72 A 1/17/1991 All Units
73 - DOE Notice 1/17/1991 All U.K. Customers
74 Yes A Safety Notice/Perforating Tools 3/5/1991 All Units
75 - PH 60/85 Torque Readout Gauges 3/5/1991 All Unit w/ PH 60-85
76 Yes A Drill Collar Dolly P/M 3/5/1991 All Units w/ Drill Collar Dolly
77 - Trans. Oil Heat Exchanger 4/18/1991 All TDS 4 & 4H Units
78 B Transmission Oil Selection 4/4/1991 All TDS Units
79 - Trans. Lube Pump Adjust. 4/4/1991 All TDS Units
80 Yes A Swing Bolt Modification 4/4/1991 All TDS Units
81 Not Released
82 Yes - Safety Notice/IBOP Actuator Shell 6/11/1991 All TDS Units using PH60
Service Bulletin No. 92 (Admin.
92 - S/B Numbering System Change 7/8/1992
92.1 - Varco BJ Internal Release (VOID)
92.2 Yes - Pipehandler Hinge Pins 4/14/1992 PH-60 Pipehandler
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 30

Inspect. of 500T Split Land.

92.3 Yes A 7/8/1992 All 500T IDS or IDS Pipehandlers
Mfg. w/ provisions for installation
92.4 Yes - Varco/Best Blow Out Preventers 5/30/1992
of a mud saver
92.5 Yes - AR3000 Maintenance Safety 8/21/1992 All AR3000 units
92.6 - RBS Position Indicator 10/8/1992 All Raised Backup Systems
Post Jarring Inspection of Top Drives
93-1 - C 5/29/11 All TDS Models
(Re-numbered TDS-93-1)
93.2 - S/B Numbering System Change 2/22/1993 Administrative Only
- Compound Brg Thrust Ring Letter 1/25/1993 TDS-4H/4S Owners
- Bonnet Seals Letter 1/19/1993 All S-Model Top Drive Owners
Post Jarring Inspection of Top Drives
TDS-93-1 - C 3/29/11 All TDS Models
(Formally 93-1 Rev A)
Transmission Oil Pumping & Cooling
TDS-93-3 - 2/25/1993 All TDS-3S, -4H & -4S Top Drives
TDS-93-4 Yes - Wireline Adapter 2/24/1993 All Model Top Drives
Varco/Best IBOPs mfg.
TDS-93-5 A Upper IBOP Valve 12/9/1994
w/provisions for Mud Saver
Air Brake Quick Exhaust Valve
TDS-93-6 A 3/10/1993 All Top Drives w/Air Brakes
Servicing of Air
TDS-93-7 A 3/10/1993 Immediately, on all Top Drives
IBOP Valves w/lip seals on spring
TDS-93-8 A Lower IBOP Valves 3/10/1993
loaded seat
Maint. & Improve. on Pipe Handlers,
TDS-93-9 A 3/10/1993 All TDS Models, PH-60 & PH-85
TDS-93-10 A TDS Torque Arrestors 3/10/1993 All TDS Users
TDS-93-11 Yes - Varco BJ 350Ton BNC Elevator 3/3/1993 All TDS Units
TDS-93-12 - TDS-5 Gear Box Oil Capacities 3/10/1993 All TDS-5 Units
All Top Drives w/PH-60 or PH-85
TDS-93-13 Yes - Link Tilt Adjustment Locking Device 3/26/1993
TDS-93-14 - Hydraulic Quick Disconnect 4/5/1993 TDS Pipehandlers PH-60 & PH-85
TDS-93-15 - Pre-Charging the C'balance System 4/5/1993 All TDS Units
TDS-93-16 - TDS Pipehandler PH-60 4/5/1993 All PH-60 Pipehandlers
TDS-93-17 - Pinion Gear and Drive Train Life 4/13/1993 All TDS Units
All Varco/Best Type Upper IBOP
TDS-93-18 - Varco/Best Upper IBOP Valves 4/7/1993
Top Drive Rotating Head Locking TDS w/PH-60 & Ph-85 & IDS
TDS-93-19 Yes - 4/5/1993
Handle w/PH-60 Pipehandlers
Upper IBOP Valve Crank Actuator
TDS-93-20 Yes - 4/7/1993 All TDS Units
TDS-93-21 - TDS-4 Gearshift Maintenance 4/8/1993 All TDS-4 Units
TDS-93-22 - Electrical Service Loop Handling 6/8/1993 All TDS Units
TDS-93-23 - TDS Pipehandler Booster Kit 9/8/1993 All Booster Kits
All Air Operated Elev. used w/TDS
TDS-93-24 - Air Operated Elev. used w/TDS or IDS 9/9/1993
or IDS
TDS w/Landing Collar Load Pickup
TDS-93-25 Yes - TDS Split Landing Collar 6/21/1993
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 31

TDS w/Local or Remote Cooling

TDS-93-26 Yes - TDS DC Motor Exhaust Duct Covers 8/25/1993
TDS-94-01 B TDS Mainshaft Wear Allowances 3/14/1994 All TDS-3, 4, 5 & 6 Units
TDS-94-02 A 500T Landing Collar Up Grade 5/10/1994 All 500T TDS w/Landing Collars
Installation of Elevator Links on TDS
TDS-94-03 Yes - 5/17/1994 All TDS
Link Adapter
C'Bal Cylinders Accumulator Nitrogen
TDS-94-04 Yes A 12/9/1994 All TDS
TDS-94-05 - Model Upper Bonnet Seal Lubrication 11/15/1994 All TDS-3S, 4S, 6S, 7S Units

TDS-94-06 Yes - Top Drive Pipehandler Make-up Torque 12/6/1994 All PH-60 and PH-85 Pipehandlers
TDS-95-01 - - TDS Lube Oil Filter 3/2/1995 All TDS
TDS-95-02 - B TDS Work Platform Latch 5/18/1995 TDS-3, -4, -5, -3H & -4H, 5H
TDS-95-03 - - Elevator Link Retainers 4/6/1995 All TDS
TDS-95-04 - B TDS Link Tilt Stop Adjustment 7/7/2003 All TDS w/link tilt stops
Pipe Handler Torque Tube Access TDS/IDS w/PH-60 & PH-80 Pipe
TDS-95-05 - - 6/15/1995
Holes Handlers
TDS-95-06 - - TDS Parking Brake 7/19/1995 All Top Drives
Lock Tabs on TDS Pressure & Temp.
TDS-95-07 Yes 7/21/1995 Baseefa/European TDS 7 IDS
TDS-95-08 - - Retractable Guide Dollies 9/1/1995 All TDS
TDS-95-09 - - Well Control Stripping Operations 11/13/1995 All TDS
TDS-9S Carriage Roller Contacting
TDS-96-01 Yes A 2/9/1996 All TDS-9S Units with Guide Beam
Guide Beam Hinge Pin
TDS-96-02 - - TDS Inline Orifice Bearing Filter Kit 3/15/1996 All TDS-3S & 4S models
TDS Retract Dolly W/Rubber
TDS-97-01 Yes A TDS Retract Dolly Stops 4/28/1997
TDS-3S, -4S, -6S & -7S Upper Bearing All TDS-3S, -4S, -6S & -7S with 3”
TDS-97-02 B 2/15/2000
Seal Retrofit Kit and 4” Bore Wash Pipe
TDS-9S Guide Beam, Slide Type (Non-
TDS-98-01 Yes B 7/8/1998 TDS-9S w/Slide Type Carriages
TDS-9S Hydraulic Manifold Hose
TDS-98-02 - B 5/29/1998 TDS-9S Units
Falling Crank from PH-85 Upper 7-5/8”
TDS-98-03 Yes B 6/12/1998 All PH-85 Upper 7-5/8” IBOP
TDS-98-04 - - TDS-9S Connector Label & Lockwire Kit 6/9/1998 All TDS-9S Units
TDS-98-05 - - TDS-9S Upper Seal Kit (P/N 119227) 6/9/1998
API Torque Specifications in relation to
All Varco Customers with Large
TDS-98-06 Yes B the use of Large Bore Saver Subs to 10/22/1999
Bore Top Drive
Smaller ID Drill Pipe
All TDS-10S Units w/Serial
TDS-98-07 - - TDS-10S Sight Gages on Oil Reservoir 9/29/1998
Number TDS10SXXXX39 & Under
TDS-9S Guide Beam Hoisting Hook All TDS-9S, -11S Portable Top
TDS-98-08 Yes - 10/13/1998
Failure Drives
Improved Terminal Blocks Available For All AC Motors P/N 108235 built
TDS-99-01 - - 3/16/1999
TDS-9S, TDS-10S and TDS-11S Motors before January 1999
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 32

Availability of Retrofit Kit for Lubricating

TDS-99-02 - - 8/16/2000 All TDS-4, TDS-6, TDS-8 Units
Vents for TDS
All Top Drive Models TDS-3, -3H, -
Counterbalance Chain Connecting Link
TDS-99-03 Yes - 5/6/1999 3S, TDS-4, -4H, -4S, TDS-5, -5H,
P/N 80392
Falling Object Incident of a TDS
TDS-99-04 Yes A 7/1/1999 All Top Drives
Pressure Filter (P/N 82747)
TDS-99-05 Yes - PH-100 Pipehandler IBOP Actuator 5/18/1999 All PH-100 Pipehandlers
TDS-99-06 Yes - Inspection Guidelines for Retract Dollies 5/26/1999 All TDS and Block Retract Dollies
Removal of U-Cup Seal (P/N 65260490 All Rebuilt Large Bore Lower IBOP
or P/N 109209) in Large Bore Lower Valves using Repair Kits (P/N
TDS-99-07 Yes - 6/4/1999
IBOP Valve Repair Kits and Rebuilt 95385-1 to 3) issued before
Valves August 1998
Falling TDS-10S Wear Pads - Wear Pad
TDS-99-08 Yes - 6/9/1999 All TDS-10S Top Drives
Kit (P/N 128406)
TDS-99-09 Yes - HPU Breather Obstruction 6/9/1999 All Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)
Implementation of Helical Gears in
TDS-99-10 - - 6/14/1999 All Top Drives
Varco Top Drives
Blower Motor Inspection / Lock wire of All Portable AC Top Drives (TDS-
TDS-99-11 - A 9/21/1999
Impeller 9S, -10S & -11S
All Single Crank, Upper 6-5/8”
PH-60 Single Crank, Upper 6-5/8” IBOP IBOP’s, P/N’s 94099, 94100 &
TDS-99-12 Yes B 11/8/2001
Falling Crank 94769 (Model #’s –500, -501 & -
All PH-85 Pipehandlers with
Hydraulic Link Tilt Systems
TDS-99-13 Yes B Top Drive Hydraulic Link Tilt Bolt Failure 9/21/2005
(Pipehandler Installation Kits
#118992 on configurations)
Potting Inspection of AC Top Drive All Portable AC Top Drives (TDS-
TDS-99-14 - - 9/21/1999
Connectors 9S, -10S & -11S)
New PH-85 Upper IBOP Break Out Tool All Top Drives with a PH-85
TDS-99-15 - A 3/26/2002
(P/N 127700-500) Pipehandler
Early TDS-3S, -4H, -4S Top
Drives, All Top Drives with P/N
91264 & 94767 Oil Cooler
TDS-99-16 - - Oil Cooler Motor Shield Kit, P/N 126997 11/15/1999
Assemblies (AKA Batwing
Coolers) Used on Remote Air
Cooled Drilling Systems
PH-50 Pipehandlers Shipped
Falling Link Tilt Pin from PH-50 before November 14, 1997. Used
TDS-99-17 Yes A 3/15/2001
Pipehandler on TDS-9S Top Drives with Serial
Nos. TDS9SM30D52 and Earlier
TDS-99-18 - - TDS-8SA Motor Alignment Cylinder 12/7/1999 All TDS-8SA Top Drives
TDS-9S Top Drives With Two
Link Tilt Cylinder Guard and Guide Double Rod Hydraulic Link Tilt
TDS-00-01 Yes - 2/24/2000
Beam Interference Cylinders And Guide Beam With
Recessed Lifting Pockets
All PH-100 Pipehandlers, Tool
TDS-00-02 - A PH-100 Pipehandler 12/3/2001
Joint Clamp Assemblies
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 33

All TDS-3, -3H and IDS Top Drives

Possible Interference Between Solid with Landing Collar and 500 Ton
TDS-00-03 Yes A Body Elevator Support Guide Shoes 6/17/2004 PH-85 Pipehandler and Elevator
and Upper IBOP Support Split Plate Assembly P/N
TDS-00-04 Yes - Dropped PH-85 Pipehandler Die 6/28/2000 All PH-85 Pipehandlers
All TDS-3, -3H -3S, -4, -4H, -4S, -5
TDS-00-05 Yes - U. L. Instrument J-Box Cover 9/5/2000
and –5H with UL Electric Controls
Proper Method of Changing
All TDS-4H and -4S Top Drive
TDS-00-06 Yes - Transmission Speeds on TDS-4 Top 11/8/2000
Drilling Systems
All Top Drives with Dolly Retract
TDS-00-07 - - Top Drive Dolly Retract Systems 12/21/2000 Control Systems Equipped with
Falling Shim Report from Top Drive All Top Drives / Traveling Blocks
TDS-01-01 Yes - 2/12/2001
Dolly with Retract Systems
All Varco 4” Washpipe Assembly
TDS-01-02 - - Large Bore Washpipe Assemblies 2/27/2001
All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-01-03 Yes B Falling Pin from PH-50 Pipehandler 10/15/2002
PH-50 Pipehandlers
All Units with PH-60 or PH-85
TDS-01-04 Yes A Link Tilt Adjustment Stop Mechanism 8/3/2005
Falling Outer Collar from PH-60 All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-01-05 Yes - 4/25/2001
Pipehandler PH-60 Pipehandlers
All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-01-06 Yes - Dropped Jaw Pin on PH-85 Pipehandler 5/2/2001
PH-85 Pipehandlers
All Top Drive Drilling Systems
TDS Rotating Head Assembly Locking
TDS-01-07 Yes - 5/11/2001 w/PH-60, PH-85 & PH-100 Pipe
TDS-01-08 Yes A Link Tilt Assembly Pivot Pins 9/26/2001 All Pneumatic Link Tilt Users
Rotating Hook Adapter Bypass Check Powered Rotating Hook Adapter
TDS-01-09 - - 7/12/2001
Valve Kit (PRHA)
All Top Drive Units with Standard
Link Tilt Clamp Base Failure and Chain
TDS-01-10 Yes D 12/4/2001 (52”) and Extended Reach (76”)
Link Tilt Assemblies
Falling Pin from Drill Pipe Elevator Link All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-01-11 Yes A 5/29/2003
Clamp Clevis PH-60 or PH-85 Pipehandlers
All TDS-9S & -11S Top Drive
TDS-01-12 Yes - TDS-9S and –11S Guide Beams 10/3/2001
Drilling Systems
Cam Follower on 500 Ton Rotating All Varco PH 60 & 85 Rotating
TDS-01-13 Yes - 11/8/2001
Head Assy Head Assemblies
All TDS-4, -4H, and -4S Top Drive
TDS-01-14 - - TDS-4 Maintenance Guides 11/15/2001
Drilling Systems
Rotating Hook Adapter Structural All Powered Rotating Hook
TDS-01-15 - - 11/16/2001
Modification Kit Adapter (PRHA) Assemblies
TDS IBOP Actuator Shell and Torque All 650-Ton Top Drive Drilling
TDS-01-16 - A 6/16/2004
Arrestor Interference Systems w/Landing Collar
All Units with PH-60 or PH-85
TDS-01-17 Yes - Operation of Link Tilt Assemblies 11/20/2001
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 34

Revised Make-Up Torque Values for AC All AC Top Drive Drilling Systems
TDS-01-18 - - Top Drive Drill String Load Carrying 12/5/2001 with PH-50 and PH-100
Components Pipehandlers
All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-01-19 Yes - Falling Objects From PH-50 Pipehandler 12/6/2001
PH-50 Pipehandlers
TDS-01-20 Yes A TDS Retract Dolly Stop Plates 7/1/2004 All Top Drives with Retract Dollies
All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-02-01 Yes - Screws Falling from PH-85 Pipehandler 3/13/2002
PH-85 Pipehandlers
All TDS-9S and TDS-11S Top
TDS-02-02 Yes A End Cap Falling from a Cam Follower 5/27/2003 Drives with Cam Follower Type
Report of Sheared Gearcase to Main
TDS-02-03 Yes - 4/26/2002 All Top Drive Drilling Systems
Body Fasteners on TDS-3S
PH-50, Ph-75 and PH-100
TDS-02-04 Yes - Damage to Hydraulic Link Tilt 5/17/2002 Pipehandler – Hydraulic Link Tilt
All Top Drive Drilling Systems w/
TDS-02-05 YES A Operation of Hydraulic Link Tilt Systems 10/25/2002
PH-50/55/75/100 Pipehandlers
Advise Users of Inspection PH-50 and PH-75 Pipehandlers –
TDS-02-06 Yes - 5/31/2002
Requirements Hydraulic Link Tilt Systems
TDS-9S, -10S and -11S Top
TDS-02-07 - - Faulty Caliper Brake Pads 6/20/2002
Report of Falling Fasteners from PH-85 All Top Drive Drilling Systems w/
TDS-02-08 Yes A 7/7/2003
Pipehandler PH-85 Pipehandlers
TDS-02-09 - - PH-100 Pipehandler Stabbing Guide 7/3/2002 All PH-100 Pipehandlers
Report of Falling Fastener from PH-50 All PH-50, -55, -60, -75, -85 and -
TDS-02-10 Yes - 8/2/2002
Pipehandler 100 Pipehandlers
TDS with Auxiliary Electrical
TDS-02-11 Yes D Control Loop Attachment Links 2/18/13 Service Loop Kit, Varco P/N
Revised Drilling Motor Temperature
AC Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-02-12 B Alarm and Trip for TDS-8S and TDS- 5.19/11
GEB-20 Drilling Motors
1000 with RTD Feedback
AC Top Drive Drilling Systems with
Reliability of PH-100 Powered Rotating
TDS-02-13 - - 10/10/2002 PH-100 Pipehandlers (Refer to
Link Adapter Assemblies
Table on Page 4)
Report of Falling Dust Plug/Cap from All TDS-9SA, -10SA and -11SA
TDS-02-14 Yes A 5/10/13
TDS-11SA During Drilling Operations Top Drive Drilling Systems
Reported Interference between PH-85
All PH-60 and PH-85 Pipehandlers
TDS-02-15 Yes - Pipehandler Link Tilt Assembly and 11/4/2002
with Link Tilt Assemblies
Report of Falling Stop Tube from PH-85 All Top Drive Drilling Systems w/
TDS-02-16 Yes - 11/14/2002
Pipehandler PH-60 and PH-85 Pipehandlers
This product bulletin affects the
Manifold Assemblies noted in
Table 1 and applies to those Top
PH-50, PH-55, PH-75 and PH-100
Drives supplied with Hydraulic
TDS-02-17 - A Pipehandler Unclamp Speed 5/19/2005
RLA Drive/Shot Pin Assemblies:
P/N 30151875 (for TDS-8SA, -
9SA,-10SA -11SA, -11HP and the
-1000 Top Drive Drilling System)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 35

and P/N 30174503 (for IDS-4A

Top Drive System only)

All Top Drive Drilling Systems w/

Report of Roller Assembly Falling from
TDS-02-18 Yes - 12/13/2002 PH-60 Pipehandlers (Single Crank
PH-60 Pipehandler IBOP Actuator Shell
IBOP Design only
All TDS-8SA, -9SA, -10SA & -
11SA Top Drives with Varco
TDS-03-01 - - Proper Setup for Siemens DB Choppers 1/16/2003
Control Systems utilizing Siemens
70 series VFD’s
Report of Falling End Plate on Becket
TDS-03-02 Yes - 1/17/2003 All Varco Becket Assemblies
All Varco TDS-9SA, -10SA and -
Report of Damaged Elevator Drill Pipe 11SA Top Drive Drilling Systems
TDS-03-03 Yes - 1/20/2003
Assembly w/ Type GG Drill Pipe Elevator
Possible Dowel Pin and Bolt Failures on All TDS-4S Powered Rotating
TDS-03-04 - - 1/20/2003
Powered Rotating Head Assemblies Head Assemblies
All Varco IDS, TDS-9SA, -10SA
Report of Sheared Hinge Joint Pin on
TDS-03-05 Yes A 2/27/2004 and -11SA Top Drive Drilling
TDS-11SA Guide Beam Assembly
All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
Potential Dropped Object from Link Tilt
TDS-03-06 Yes - 2/5/2003 PH-50, -55, -60, -75, -85 and PH-
Intermediate Stop Release Cable
100 Pipehandlers
Bumped/Broken Directional Control TDS-11HP Top Drive Drilling
TDS-03-07 - - 2/7/2003
Valve Handle Systems
Sheared Hinge Pin on PH-60
TDS-03-08 Yes - 2/18/2003 All PH-60 Pipehandlers
Report of Stabbing Guide Falling from PH-50, PH-75 and PH-100
TDS-03-09 Yes - 2/19/2003
PH-50 Pipehandlers Pipehandlers
Report of Broken Fasteners on TDS- All TDS-11SA Top Drive Drilling
TDS-03-10 Yes - 3/3/2003
11SA Motor Housing Guard Systems
PH-85 Pipe Handlers Using Upper
All Operators of PH-85 Upper IBOP
TDS-03-11 - - 3/21/2003 IBOP Quick Change Systems (P/N
Quick Change Systems
PH-50 and -75 Pipe Handlers
All Top Drive Operators with PH-50 and
TDS-03-12 - A 3/27/2003 Used with TDS-9SA and -11SA
PH-75 Pipe Handlers
Top Drive Systems
All Operators of TDS-9SA and TDS- TDS-9SA and –11SA Top Drive
TDS-03-13 - A 4/12/2004
11SA Top Drive Drilling Systems Systems
All PH-60 and PH-85 Pipe Handler
TDS-03-14 Yes - 3/28/2003 PH-60/PH-85 Pipe Handlers
To Advise DC Top Drive Users of Motor TDS-3H, -3S, -4H, -4S, -5 and -6S
TDS-03-15 - - 4/3/2003
Inspection Following Jarring Top Drive Drilling Systems
To Advise Users of Revised Lube Electrical Package, TDS-9SA,
TDS-03-16 - - 4/10/2003
Pressure Switch Settings TDS-11SA and TDS-11HP
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 36

To Advise Users of Proper Setup and TDS-11SA and 11HP Top Drives
TDS-03-17 - - 4/15/2003
Capabilities of Link Tilt with PH-50/75 Pipehandlers
Installation of Incorrect Parts in TDS-3, TDS-3H, TDS-4H and
TDS-03-18 Yes - 5/12/2003
Swivel/Bail Pin/Swivel Link Assemblies TDS-5H Top Drives
Torque Values for TDS Drill String Load All PH-50, -60, -75, -85 and PH-
TDS-03-19 - A 2/14/2007
Carrying Components 100 Pipehandlers
All TDS-9SA, TDS-10SA, and
Damaged Lower Guide Beam Tieback
TDS-03-20 - A 6/3/2003 TDS-11S Top Drive Drilling
Link During Saver Sub Break Out
Systems w/PH-50 Pipehandlers
Counterbalance Mounting Bolts Falling TDS-4S Units with the Remote
TDS-03-21 Yes - 6/19/2003
from a Top Drive Counterbalance (P/N 122549-100)
Damage to Attachment Bolts on TDS- TDS-9SA and TDS-11SA Top
TDS-03-22 Yes A 12/16/2003
11SA Carriage Assembly Drive Drilling Systems
Operation of AC Top Drives in Encoder
TDS-03-23 - - 6/22/2003 Digital Encoder Assembly
Bypass Mode
TDS-3, 4, 5, 7, 8SA, 9SA, 11SA,
Secondary Retention of Pins & 11HP, IDS-1, IDS-3 and Top Drive
TDS-03-24 - A 11/18/2003
Fasteners on Top Drive Drilling Systems Drilling Systems PH-50, 55, 60,
75, 85 and 100 Pipe Handlers
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) All Varco Top Drive Primary Load
TDS-03-25 - - 10/17/2003
Requirements Carrying Components
Maintenance of Hydraulic Piston All Varco Top Drive Drilling
TDS-03-26 - - 10/20/2003
Accumulators Systems
Upgrade of TDS-4S and TDS-8SA Oil TDS-4S and TDS-8SA Oil
TDS-03-27 - - 10/27/2003
Circulating Systems Circulating Kits
Periodic Lubrication of TDS-9SA, -11SA TDS-9SA, -11SA and -11HP Motor
TDS-03-28 - E 10/5/2005
and -11HP AC Drilling Motors Housing Assemblies
Falling Extension Spring from PH-85 All Top Drive Drilling Systems with
TDS-03-29 Yes - 12/2/2003
Pipe Handler Stabbing Guide Assembly PH-85 Pipe Handlers

Sheared Retaining Pin on Torque TDS Torque Arrestor Assemblies

TDS-04-01 Yes - 2/20/2004
Arrestor (P/N 90471, 90471-1 and 90471-2)
Roller Assembly Failure Resulting in a
External Crank Assembly (P/N
TDS-04-02 Yes - Dropped Cam Follower from the IBOP 2/20/2004
External Crank Assembly
Inductive Voltage Buildup on AC Top
TDS-04-03 - - 2/23/2004 Power Service Loop Assemblies
Drive Service Loops
Falling Stabilizer Liner on PH-75 Clamp Cylinder Assembly, PH-75
TDS-04-04 Yes - 3/29/2004
Pipehandler (P/N 30157287)
Performance Update on Washpipe
TDS-04-05 - - 4/8/2004 Varco Washpipe Assemblies
TDS-04-06 Yrs - Damaged Motor Guard on Top Drive 4/15/2004 TDS Motor Guard
Alignment Cylinder Retrofit for TDS-8SA Alignment Cylinder Assembly (P/N
TDS-04-07 - - 4/28/2004
and -1000 Top Drives 140891 & 30172237) and TDS-8S
Lubrication of AC Top Drive Drilling
TDS-04-08 - A 9/21/2005 General Electric AC Drilling Motors
TDS-04-09 - - Maintenance of Hydraulic Oil Reservoirs 4/30/2004 Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Assembly
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 37

Sheared Fasteners on TDS-10SA TDS-10SA Motor/Main Body and

TDS-04-10 Yes - 6/1/2004
Carriage Assembly Carriage Assembly (P/N 119800)
Adjustment of PH-85 Torque Wrench
TDS-04-11 - - 6/22/2004 PH-85 Pipe Handler Assembly
Rotating Adapter Assemblies (P/N
Sheared Crank Stop Pivot Screw on
TDS-04-12 Yes - 7/12/2004 124900 for TDS-8SA & P/N
PH-100 Pipehandler Link Tilt Stop
30170265 for TDS-1000)
Broken Mounting Lug Welds on TDS- Motor Power Junction Box (P/N
TDS-04-13 Yes A 8SA/1000 Top Drive Power Junction 10/7/2004 30156329-L or -R & 30174019-L
Box or -R)
Fractured Mainshaft on TDS-6S Top Motor Housing Assembly and
TDS-04-14 Yes - 10/8/2004
Drive with Retract Dolly System Retract Dolly Controls
PH-85 Installation Kit with
Falling Fasteners from Hydraulic Link
TDS-04-15 Yes B 4/14/10 Hydraulic Link Tilt (P/N 118992)
Tilt on PH-85 Pipe Handler
shipped prior to August, 2001
PH-85 Installation Kits with
Damaged Hydraulic Link Tilt on PH-85
TDS-04-16 Yes - 10/27/2004 Hydraulic Link Tilt Assembly (P/N
Pipe Handler
128996 and 116686)
All Top Drives with PH-60
Falling Lower Guard Pin on PH-60 Pipehandlers without Secondary
TDS-04-17 Yes - 11/3/2004
Pipehandler Retention Upgrade kit (P/N
Improvements to TDS-4S and TDS-8SA TDS-4S and TDS-8SA Oil
TDS-05-01 - - 2/4/2005
Oil Circulating Systems Circulating Kits
TDS-3H, -3S, -4H, -4S, -6S, -7S
Failed Cam Roller Bearing on TDS
TDS-05-02 Yes - 2/18/2005 and -8S Top Drive Drilling
Guide Dolly Assembly
Damage to Pneumatic Fittings on
TDS-05-03 Yes - 2/18/2005 All Rotating Head Assemblies
Rotating Head Assembly
Upgrade of Cap Screws on TDS-8SA
Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies
TDS-05-04 Yes A and TDS-1000 Rotating Link Adapter 3/18/2005
(P/N 124900 & 30170265)
Potential Wear on PH-75 Pipehandler Torque Arrestor Assembly, PH-75
TDS-05-05 - - 4/7/2005
Torque Arrestor Tube (P/N 30157288)
Guide Beam Kit (P/N 30154688-
TDS-05-06 Yes A Guide Beam Hang-Off Bracket Failure 7/14/2005
Damage to Rotating Link Adapter (RLA)
TDS-05-07 - - 6/17/2005 Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies
Failure of Counterbalance Cylinder Due
TDS-05-08 Yes - 7/20/2005 All TDS Counterbalance Systems
to Incorrect Installation
Report of Falling Flange Runner Motor Dolly Package (P/N
TDS-05-09 Yes - 8/31/2005
Assembly 30153042)
Corrosive Effects of Sea Water on IBOP Internal Blow Out Preventer
TDS-05-10 - - 10/20/2005
Valves (IBOP) Valves
Dropped Hinge Pin on PH-75 Clamp Cylinder Assemblies (P/N
TDS-05-11 Yes - 12/13/2005
Pipehandler 30157287 & 30125050)
Damaged Top Drive Cable Tray
TDS-06-01 Yes - 3/21/2006 Electrical Package, TDS
Resulting in Falling Object
Top Drive Operations in Dolly Retract
Hydraulic Link Tilt Assembly and
TDS-06-02 Yes - Mode with Hydraulic Link Tilt in DRILL 6/5/2006
Dolly Retract Systems
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 38

TDS-4S & TDS-8SA Oil Circulation

Available Retrofits for TDS-4S & TDS- Kits Retrofit Kit (P/N 30177015 &
TDS-06-03 - - 6/19/2006
8SA Oil Circulating Systems P/N 30176006) and TDS-8SA Oil
Circulating Kit 30177365-460/-575
Top Drive Motor Mounting Dowel Pin
TDS-06-04 Yes - 9/18/2006 TDS Motor Housing Assemblies
Alignment Cylinder Assemblies
TDS-06-05 Yes C Falling Alignment Cylinder Components 5/3/10 (P/Ns 85194, 30172237 &
Oil Circulation Kits with Vertically
Damage to TDS Oil Tool Lubrication Mounted Motor/Pump Assembly
TDS-06-06 Yes - Motor/Pump Assembly Resulting in 12/1/2006 (P/Ns 30156198, 30171097,
Falling Object 30173625, 30176006, 30177015,
30181233, 30181397)
Rotating Head Assemblies (P/N’s
TDS-06-07 Yes B Falling Rotating Head Locking Handle 9/10/09 79690, 88140, 98997, 104194,
109483 and 112846)
TDS-11SA Guide Beam
Rig Personnel Injured by Guide Beam
TDS-07-01 Yes - 2/15/2007 Assemblies (P/Ns 30178469 and
Stabbing Cylinder
Falling Hose Clamp from Local Cooling All Extended Intake Kits (Various
TDS-07-02 Yes A 5/8/2007
System Extended Intake Hose Part Nos.)
Cracked Crank Assembly on PH-85 All PH-60, PH-85 and PH-100
TDS-07-03 Yes A 5/7/2007
Upper IBOP Valve Upper IBOP Valves
Upgrade for the TDS-9S & TDS-11S TDS-9S & TDS-11S Carriage
TDS-07-04 Yes B 5/13/14
Carriage Package Packages (Various P/N’s)
Grabs Assembly (P/N’s 2027142,
TDS-07-05 Yes C Falling Object Involving Grabs Dies 7/13/12
2028406, 2031156, 2032866
Standard and Extended Reach
Pneumatic Link Tilt Systems on
Incident Involving Pneumatically
TDS-07-06 Yes B 8/13/09 PH-50, PH-60, PH-75, PH-85 and
Operated Link Tilt Systems
PH-100 Pipe Handlers (P/Ns
74587 & 82308)
Dropped Object Incident Involving a
TDS-08-01 Yes - 1/4/2008 Pneumatic Control System
Pneumatic Elevator
Guide Dollies w/Wheel and Leaf
Spring Assembly (P/Ns 2031352,
Dropped Object Involving a Guide
TDS-08-02 Yes A 6/9/08 2031353, 2031354, 2032147,
Wheel/Spring Assembly
2032156, 2032372, and 2037330)

Link Tilt Cyclinder Rod Detached from Link Tilt Cylinder, NOV P/N
TDS-08-03 - - 4/4/08
Cyclinder Assembly 2028422
Tool Joint Clamp Assemblies
Dropped Object Incident Involving IBOP
P/N’S 2027237, 2031389,
Clamp Assembly
TDS-08-04 Yes B 6/10/08 2031390, 2031391, 2031674,
2032081, 2032298, 2032474 and
Improvement to Hydraulic/Lube Motor Pump Assembly
TDS-08-05 - - 4/25/08
Circulation System (221035/006)
Dropped Object Incident Involving a Pin
TDS-08-06 Yes - 5/8/08 Dolly Roller Assemblies
from Dolly Roller Assembly
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 39

Torque Tube Assemblies (P/Ns

Secondary Retention to Grabs Hinge
TDS-08-07 - - 6/19/08 2034154, 2038731, 2038758, &
All Rotating Link Adapter
Assemblies P/N 120700 (TDS-
TDS-08-08 Yes - Dropped Link Tilt Stop Assembly 7/25/08 10S), P/N 30177192 (TDS-8S) &
P/N 30179009 (TDS-1000)

Dropped Hydraulic Link Tilt Intermediate Hydraulic Link Tilt Assembly (P/N
TDS-08-09 Yes - 7/31/08
Stop 128996)
Seals for Washpipe System (P/N
TDS-08-10 - - Washpipe Seal Recovery/Exchange 8/11/08
Secondary Retention to Wire Rope
TDS-08-11 Yes A 1/19/09 All Harness Style Service Loops
Clamps for Service Loop Brackets
All PH-50, PH-55, PH-60, PH-60d,
Premature Failure of Upper IBOP
TDS-08-12 - - 8/20/08 PH-75, PH-85 & PH -100 Pipe
Actuator Cam Followers
All TDS-10RR ‘Rapid Rig’ Top
TDS-08-13 Yes - Dropped Carriage Alignment Shims 10/28/08
Drive Drilling Systems
Gooseneck Assemblies, S-Pipe
Assemblies, L-Pipe Assemblies,
Secondary Retention to Grayloc Clamp
TDS-08-14 - A 7/15/09 U-Pipe Assemblies and Mud Line
Assemblies (See Table 1 below for
part numbers)
TDS-3, -3H, -3S, -4, -4H, -4S, -5H,
-6S, -7S, -8S, -9S, -10S, -11S, -
TDS-09-01 Yes B Dropped Nut From Guide Dolly Toller 7/28/09 1000, IDS-1, TDS-3, IDS-4A and
IDS-350P Top Drive Guide Dollies
and Carriages with Guide Rollers
PH-100 Pipe Handler Link Tilt
Cylinder Assemblies, P/N
TDS-09-02 Yes A Dropped Link Tilt Cylinder Clevis 7/20/09
30176544, P/N 128514 and P/n
Premature Seal Failure of the NOV NOV Washpipe (P/Ns: 30180220,
TDS-09-03 - C 3/18/11
Washpipe System P611000038 & P611000051)
Enhancements to Design of Air Swivel Air Swivel Assemblies (P/N
TDS-09-04 - A Assembly, Including Secondary 2/24/09 2038185, 2034187, 2031340 &
Retention 2027147)
TDS-09-05 - A Improvement to LS Pinion Retainer 7/28/09 LS Pinion Retainer (P/N 2031801)
Obsolete Printed Circuit Board (PCB) DC Top Drive PCB Based Control
TDS-09-06 - - 3/19/09
Based Control Systems Systems
650 and 750 Ton PH-85 Pipe
Contact between TDS Solid Body Handler Installation Kits (P/N’s
Elevator and Main Shaft Landing Collar 90870, 92956, 95497, 113834,
TDS-09-07 Yes - 5/5/09
due to the use of Oversize Elevator 116420, 117605, 118892, 118992,
Links and Elevator 30177261, 30179337, or
Dropped Object Incident Involving Latch
TDS-09-08 Yes - 5/11/09 Latch Pin (P/N 2031264)
Dropped Object Incident Involving Dolly Dolly Roller Assemblies: 2027352,
TDS-09-09 Yes A 5/22/09
Roller Assembly 2027705, 2027771, 2028222,
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 40

2028567, 2028568, 2031373,

2031672, 2031881, 2031940,
2032161, 2032436, 2032858,
2033266, 2034361, 2034371,
2034376, 2034377, 2034688,
2034689, 2037141, 2037266,
2037721, 2038208
Potential Rig Interference When Using Elevator Link Tilt Systems with the
TDS-09-10 Yes - 6/1/09
Drill Down Feature Drill Down Feature
Possible Safety Hazard from
Link Tilt Systems on Products
TDS-09-11 Yes - Unintended Actuation of Link Tilt 6/26/09
Dropped Object Incident Involving Link 350T Link Clamp Assembly (P/N
TDS-09-12 Yes - 7/1/09
Clamp Assembly Pin 2032892)
Grabs Die Assembly Secondary Grabs Die Assembly (P/N
TDS-09-13 - - 7/2/09
Retention Design Improvement 2039267, 2039269, 2039301)
Top Drive Brake Set and Resulting All NOV AC and DC Drilling Motor
TDS-09-14 Yes - 7/2/09
Manual Tong injury Powered Top Drives
Dropped Object Incident Involving All Top Drive Mounted Cooling
TDS-09-15 Yes A 7/13/09
Vibration Isolator Fasteners Systems
TDS Leaf Spring Roller
Dropped Object Incident Involving Bolt Assemblies(P/N 2032372,
TDS-09-16 Yes - 8/13/09
from Dolly Roller Assembly 2031353, 2031352, 2302156,
2032396, 2032857)
Assembly and Maintenance of Air Air Swivel Assembly located on the
TDS-09-17 - A 10/4/10
Swivel Assemblies Top Drive Drill Stem
TDS-09-18 - - S-Pipe Wear Limits 8/20/09 All S-Pipes Assemblies
D614000498- TDS-1000A Service Manual, SM00981, TDS-1000A Service Manual,
- - 10/21/09
PIB-001 Revision A SM00981, Revision A
Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies
D614000513- Dropped Top Drive Hydraulic Link Tilt P/N’s 120700 (TDS-10S),
Yes - 10/23/09
PIB-001 Stop Assembly 30177192 (TDS-8S), 30179009 &
30170265 (TDS-1000)
Bonnet Assembly (P/N
- - Seal Lubrication Access Improvement 11/17/09 219665/005)
Elevator Link Clamp Assemblies
D614000525- (P/Ns 2027604, 2032892,
- - Link Clamp Retention Improvement 11/19/09
PIB-001 2033322, 2038961 2038974,
2039218, and X20-1260)
Use of Marvel Mystery Oil® with All Top Drive Fluid Systems and
- - National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Top Drive 12/3/09 Lubrication Systems
D614000531- Brake System Improvement Brake System (P/N 219752/005)
- - 12/8/09
D614000532- Dropped Object Incident Involving Latch
Yes - 12/8/09 Latch Pin (P/N 2027145)
PIB-001 Pin
Incorrectly configured Hydraulic All NOV Top Drive Drilling Systems
- - Directional Control Valve for PH-60, PH- 12/8/09 with PH-60, PH-60d or PH-85
60d, and PH-85 Pipehandlers Pipehandlers
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 41

D614000552- Dropped Object Incident Involving

Yes - 12/23/09 Retract Dolly Wheel Assemblies
PIB-001 Retract Dolly Wheel Assemblies
Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies
(Part Nos. 30177192 (TDS-8S),
Yes - Top Drive Link Tilt stop Assembly 1/21/10 120700 (TDS-10S) and 30179009
(TDS-1000)) Produced Before Mid
Travelling Block and Carriage
Assemblies M614002057,
M614002074 & M614002604,
D614000575- Dropped Top Drive Guide Shoe
Yes 02 10/11/12 M614002710 (TDS-11S Drake Rig
PIB-001 Assembly
Type Top Drives), 30179150 &
M614000988 (TDS-10RR Top
D614000578- Potential Dropped Hydraulic Link Tilt Hydraulic Link Tilt Assembly (P/N
Yes 02 2/23/10
PIB-001 Intermediate Stop 128996)
Traveling Beam Assemblies. Refer
D614000606- Traveling Beam Secondary Retention to Table 1 for a full list of Top Drive
- 01 3/2/10
PIB-001 Models and their respective
Traveling Beam Part Numbers
Dropped Object Incident Involving a
Pinion Gear from a Handling Ring
D614000620- Handling Ring Rotation Drive
Yes 01 Rotation Drive 3/11/10
PIB-001 Assemblies (P/N 2027115,
2031185, 2037112, 2038155)

Use of Top Drive Link Tilt System with

D614000630- Large (750T & 1000T) Elevator Links
- 01 3/24/10 PH-100 Link Tilt Systems
PIB-001 and BX-5 Elevators

Gearbox Assembly (P/N’s

2028498, 2034110, 2034322,
D614000646- Secondary Retention of Gearbox 2034434)
- 01 4/23/10
PIB-001 Assembly Link Retainer Latches

Damaged Hydraulic Link Tilt Passive Hydraulic Link Tilt Assembly (P/N
- 01 Stops 4/28/10 128996) shipped before October,
D614000648- NOV Mechanical Washpipe Mechanical All NOV Mechanical Washpipes
- 02 8/10/10
PIB-001 Seals
Possible Failure of Pipe Handler Clamp
D614000662- PH-50, -55, -75 and -100 Pipe
Yes 01 Hinge Pin and Falling Objects 6/3/10
PIB-001 Handlers
D614000669- Dropped Object Incident Involving
Yes 01 6/11/10 Support Arm Pin (P/N 2031277)
PIB-001 Support Arm Pin
Gearbox, Handling Ring Assembly
(P/N 2038117, P/N 2038755, P/N
- 03 Main Stem End Play 6/28/10 2038927,
P/N 2039336 and P/N 2039437)

Defective Hydraulic Slip Ring O-Ring

D614000722- O-Ring Guides (Part Number
- 01 Guides (Part Number 30182263) 8/19/10
PIB-001 30182263) in spares inventory
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 42

Dropped Object Incident Involving Pipe All 500T, 650T/750T Pipe

D614000723- Handler Rotating Head Pivot Arm Pin Handler Rotating Head with Auto
Yes 01 8/18/10
PIB-001 Return Cylinder Assembly

D614000747- PH-50, PH-55, PH-75 and PH-

Yes 03 Dropped Pipe Handler Support Plate 6/5/13
PIB-001 100 Pipe Handlers
Quick Rig-up Guide Beam Kit’s
(The lowest section of the guide
Yes 02 Dropped Top Drive Guide Beam Section 8/11/11 beam kit is a component of the
Top Drive shipping skid,
Example P/N 30154688)

All NOV TDS-11-HP Motor

D614000797- Tong Hang-Off Line Interference with Dolly Assemblies (P/N
Yes 01 12/24/10
PIB-001 Top Drive 30153042)

D614000807- Inspection and Maintenance of Retract

- 01 1/12/11 Retract Dolly Wheel Assemblies
PIB-001 Dolly Wheel

Dropped Object Incident Involving a Link PH-50 and PH-75 Pipe Handler
Yes 01 Tilt System 4/5/11 Link Tilt Cylinder Assembly (P/N

D611002322- PH-75 Pipe Handlers (P/N

Yes 01 Uncontrolled Clamp Body Movement 4/8/11
PIB-001 30157366)

Rotating Link Adapter

Assemblies P/N 30177192 &
D611004372- Dropped Object Incident Involving a Top P/N 124900 (TDS-8S), P/N
Yes 02 11/3/11
PIB-001 Drive Link Tilt System 30179009, P/N 30170265, P/N
M614002914 & P/N 30154983

Dropped Object Incident Involving Retract Dolly Wheel Assemblies,

Yes 02 Retract Dolly Wheel Assemblies 6/24/11 (P/N 2038849), (P/N 2038850)
and (P/N 2038851)

D611005397- Dropped Pipe Handler Pipe Guide PH-50, -55, -65 -75, and -100
Yes 02 12/9/14
PIB-001 Pipe Handler Pipe Guides

PH-60 Booster and PH-85 Pipe Handler PH-60 Booster Kit (P/N 91577) &
- 01 Intensifier Kit Control Valve 7/20/11 PH-85 Intensifier Kit (P/N
Replacement 121547)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 43

D611005506- Dropped Portion of a Retract Dolly Roller Retract Dolly Roller Assembly (P/N
Yes 01 7/22/11
PIB-001 Assembly 2039417)

D611005566- PH-150 Pipe Handler Assembly

Yes 01 Dropped Die Carrier Incident 8/3/11
PIB-001 (P/N M614001968)

Dropped Stabilizer Liner and

D611005572- PH-100 Clamp Cylinder Assembly
Yes 01 Recommended Change of the Screw 8/10/11
PIB-001 (P/N 30125050)

PH-85 Pipe Handler Assemblies

D611005723- Reports of Falling Fasteners from the
Yes 01 9/15/11 (P/N 95461, P/N 114802 and P/N
PIB-001 PH-85 Pipe Handler
Pneumatic Link Tilt Assemblies
Report of Falling Pneumatic Link Tilt
D611005746- (P/N 74587-5 (standard reach)
Yes 02 Intermediate Stop Bar 3/19/13
PIB-001 and possibly the P/N 82308-2
(extended reach version)

D611005747- Report of TDS Air Inlet Filter Element

Yes 01 9/21/11 Mist Extractor Kit P/N 30171143
PIB-001 Shifting Position

Link Clamp Assemblies: P/N’s

D611005752- Dropped Object Incident Involving Link 215471/005, 215471/006,
Yes 01 9/22/11
PIB-001 Clamp Assembly Pivot Pin 215471/007, 218357/005,
218357/006, 218357/007
Report of Falling Objects as a Result of
Yes 01 Re-Using Worn or Damaged Secondary 10/17/11 General
Retention Hardware

D611006074- Potential Weld Failure on Flange Roller Flange Wheel Assemblies Utilizing
Yes - 12/16/11
PIB-001 Bracket (P/N 6749D272A) Bogie Rollers

P/N 118244-Block & P/N 118244-

Damaged TDS-9S and -11S Becket Counterbalance
D611005761- Counterbalance Cylinders on Travelling Attachment Kits. Note: The Hook
Yes 01 1/9/12
PIB-001 Block Installations with Counterbalance Assembly (P/N 118244) is not
Beam or Becket arrangement. affected.

Startup Procedure for Rotating Heads

All Rotating Head and Rotating
D611006480- and Rotating Link Adapters That Have
- 01 2/10/12 Link Adapters
PIB-001 Been In Long Term Storage

Flange Runner Assembly (P/N

D611006477- Incident Involving a Top Drive Flange
Yes 01 2/10/11 30171339)
PIB-001 Runner Assembly and a Tugger Line

Report of Falling Objects as a Result of

D611006496- Interference and Collision with a Derrick
Yes 01 2/23/12 All Top Drive Systems
PIB-001 Girt
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 44

Latching Adapter Becket

Dropped Object involving Latching
10652308-PIB Yes 01 4/4/12 Assembly, 500 Ton (P/N
Adapter Becket
5944A085 and 5944A059)
Intermediate Tieback (P/N
Dropped Object Incident Involving an
30154700) and Hang-off Link
10660682-PIB Yes 02 Intermediate Tieback 5/15/12
Tieback (P/N 30154905)

Inadvertent Rotation of the Rotating Link NOV TDS Control Panels VDC
10665279-PIB Yes 01 Adapter (RLA)/Pipe Handler Assembly 6/6/12 (numerous P/Ns)

All IBOP Actuators and Actuator

Top Drive Pipe Handler Rotation
10669233-PIB Yes 01 6/21/12 Shells
Occurring While Drilling

Shot Pin Assemblies (P/Ns

Unauthorized Refurbishing of TDS Shot
30151875, 30177194, 112620,
10669984-PIB Yes 01 Pin Assembly Resulting in Incorrect 6/25/12
120852, 30179368, &
The Link Tilt Crank Lever is called
out in various Top Drive Motor
Housing Assemblies (P/N’s
30177193 [TDS-8], 30177528
Dropped Object Incident Involving a Top
10681466-PIB Yes 01 8/17/12 [TDS-8S], 30178268 [TDS-8S] and
Drive PH-100 Pipehandler
30183713 [TDS-8S for GSF]) or
Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies
(P/N’s 124900 [TDS-8S] and
30179009 [TDS-1000])
Dropped Object Incident Involving a TDS Link Tilt Cylinder Assemblies
10681733-PIB Yes 01 PH-100 Link Tilt Cylinder Clevis 8/20/12 (P/N’s 30176544 (TDS-8 & -1000)
and 121784 (TDS-10SA))

Equipment Failure and Dropped Objects PH-75 Pipe Handler Assemblies

10682546-PIB Yes 01 8/24/12
Resulting from Jarring Operations (P/N 30157288)

Dropped Object Incident Involving a PH-100 Pipe Handler Assembly

10684780-PIB Yes 02 Top Drive PH-100 Pipe Handler Link 6/26/13 (Various Part Numbers)
Tilt Crank Pivot Pin
Dropped Object Incident Involving a
Top Drive Carriage Assemblies
10691601-PIB Yes 02 Cam Follower from a Top Drive Carriage 1/16/13
(Multiple Part Numbers Affected)

10694162-PIB - 01 Washpipe Performance Update 10/11/12 Various Model Top Drives

Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies

Dropped Object Incident Involving a Link
(P/N’s 30177192 (TDS-8S),
10696954-PIB Yes 04 Tilt Intermediate Stop Plate on Rotating 5/21/14
120700 (TDS-10S), 30179009 and
Link Adapter Assembly
M614002914 (TDS-1000)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 45

Dropped Object Incident Involving a Guide Dolly Assembly (TDS-4S

10696958-PIB Yes 01 Clevis from a Top Drive Guide Dolly 10/19/12 P/N 30150885, TDS-8S P/N
Assembly 122990)

Dropped Adjustment Nut on TDS-4S Remote Counterbalance

10699672-PIB Yes 01 11/1/12
Remote Counterbalance Kit Installation Kit (P/N 122549)

PH-100 Pipe Handler Kits (P/Ns

125500, 122000, 30122000 (for
10701477-PIB Yes 01 Dropped Die from PH-100 Pipe Handler 11/9/12 TDS-8S), (P/N M614003182 (for
TDS-8SGB) and P/N 30172427
(for TDS-1000))
Dropped Object Incident Involving a Top
Top Drive Guide Dolly Assembly
Drive Guide Dolly Roller Bracket
10701487-PIB Yes 03 5/8/13 (Reported on TDS-4S P/N
Assembly Shim

Explosion Damaged Top Drive Variable Top Drilling System VFD House
10702379-PIB Yes 01 Frequency Drive (VFD) House 11/14/12 (Multiple VFD House Part

Dropped Object Incident Involving Spline Ring Assemblies (P/N

10705446-PIB Yes 01 12/3/12
Spline Ring Assembly 2027127, 2027347 & 2031485)

Dropped Object Incident

Connecting Rod Assembly (P/N
10706692-PIB Yes 01 Involving Connecting Rod Assembly 12/11/12

Local Cooling Assemblies (multiple

10709975-PIB - 02 Assembly Motors with Incorrect Over- 3/5/13
Part Numbers)
Temperature Devices

Dropped Linear Transducer Housing on Link Tilt Anti-Collision Kit, MCWS

10711562-PIB Yes 03 2/24/15
TDS-11SA w/ MCWS Anti-Collision Kits (P/N M614003145-X)

Damaged Motor Guard on TDS-8S Top Guide Dolly Assembly (Multiple

10713188-PIB Yes 01 1/9/13
Drive Guide Dolly Assembly Part Numbers)

10713762-PIB - 01 Direct Current (DC) Contactor Ratings 1/15/13 DC Top Drive Transfer Panels
(Multiple Part Numbers)

Injury Reported while Handling Guide Quick Rig-up Guide Beam Kits
10723621-PIB Yes 01 2/14/13
Beam Section (Multiple Part Nos.)

Dropped Object Incident Involving IBOP IBOP Valves (Multiple Part

10734973-PIB Yes 03 8/27/13
Crank Assembly Numbers)

PH-50 (P/N 117820 & 110050),

PH-60D Torque Wrench (P/N
Inadvertent RLA Rotation on TDS-11SA
10739040-PIB Yes 02 1/17/14 109283) PH-75 (P/N 30173029 &
Top Drive Following Jarring
30157366), PH-85 (P/N 118892),
PH-65 (P/N M614000681), PH-55
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 46

(P/N 12100 & 30179147), PH-100

(P/N 3012200 & 30172427)

Dropped Object Involving Stabbing

Guide Assembly on PH-100 Pipe Clamp Cylinder Assembly, PH-100
10744143-PIB Yes 02 12/9/14
Handler Pipe Handler (P/N 30125050)

Sheared Lifting Rod End on TDS

Service Loop Assemblies (Multiple
10744285-PIB Yes 01 Service Loop 5/2/13
Part Nos.)

Dropped Object Incident Involving Lube

Pump/Motor Assembly (P/N
System Pump Motor Fan Cover on
10746152-PIB Yes 01 5/9/13 114113, 30178472, 30179191 &
TDS-11HP Top Drive
M61001499; see Table 1)

Top Drives with Quick Rig-up

Dropped Guide Beam Assembly While
10745637-PIB Yes 01 5/13/13 Guide Beam Kits (Multiple Part
Hoisting Casing Tubular

Caliper Brake Holding Capacity on Top Brake Assembly (P/N 10446004-

10747666-PIB - 01 5/17/13
Drive Systems 001, Legacy P/N 110410)

Dropped Object Incident Involving a Top PH-150 Gripper Assembly (P/N

10753708-PIB Yes 02 Drive Pipe Handler 10/11/13 30183146) (Reported on TDX-
1250 P/N 30181961)
Dropped Object Incident Involving Motor
Guide Dolly Assembly (Multiple
Guard on TDS-3 Top Drive Guide Dolly
10756068-PIB Yes 01 6/3/13 Part Numbers) and Motor Housing
Assembly (Multiple Part Numbers)
PH-50, PH-55, PH-65, PH-75, and
Report of Incident Involving Pipe
PH-100 Pipe Handler Assemblies
10758739-PIB Yes 01 Handler Tool Joint Lock Assembly 6/14/13
(Various Part Numbers)

Split Plate Assembly (P/N 97256)

Split Plate/Torque Arrestor Interference used in Pipehandler Installation
10779709-PIB - 01 7/1/13
on PH-60/85 Pipehandlers Kits (P/Ns 95496, 99520, 99540 &
Dropped Object Incident Involving
Traveling Block Dolly Assemblies
10784284-PIB Yes 01 Traveling Block Dolly Wheel Catch Plate 7/9/13
(P/N 6749D246)

Various Top Drive Systems with

Collision between TDS-8SA Top Drive
Retract Guide Dolly Assembly and
10787131-PIB Yes 01 and PRS-8 Pipe Racking System 7/10/13
Zone Management System (ZMS)
(Multiple Part Numbers)
Dropped Mist Extractor from TDS-8SA Moisture Separator Installation Kits
10799926-PIB Yes 03 “Uni-Dolly” Top Drive 11/18/13 (Multiple Part Nos.)

Potential Dropped Object Involving Block Dolly Assembly (Multiple

10807171-PIB Yes 01 8/2/13
Block Dolly Roller Bracket Shims Part Numbers)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 47

Dropped Object Incident Involving Guide Block Dolly Assembly (Multiple Part
10816335-PIB Yes 02 Shoe Assembly on TDS-11 Block Dolly 1/24/14 Numbers), Top Drive Dolly
Assembly Assembly (Multiple Part Numbers)

Potential Dropped Object Incident Top Drive Retract Dolly Assembly

10818704-PIB Yes 02 9/16/13
Involving a Bondura Bolt Assembly (Multiple Part Numbers)

Dropped Capscrew from TDS-8SA IBOP IBOP Valves (Multiple Part

10830622-PIB Yes 01 Crank Assembly 9/6/13 Numbers)

Dropped Object Incident Involving a

Top Drive Alignment Cylinder
10834236-PIB Yes 02 Clevis from a Top Drive Alignment 7/7/14
Assembly (P/N 30174224)
Cylinder Assembly

Motor Housing Assembly (P/N

10841809-PIB - 01 Gear Case Assembly Fastener Upgrade 9/20/13

Assembly, Hydraulic Link Tilt

3/4” NPT Plug Dropped from TDS-11SA
10855502-PIB Yes 01 10/11/13 Retrofit (P/N 35556669)
Link Tilt Flow Switch

10884692-PIB Yes 01 TDS-4S Collision with Monkey Board 11/25/13 Link Tilt Assemblies

All Washpipes, IBOP Valves, other

Recommended Maintenance
10891176-PIB - 01 12/6/13 Watercourse Components and
Procedures Post Cementing
PH-50, PH-55, PH-65, PH-75, and
Dropped Object Incident Involving a
PH-100 Pipe Handler Assemblies
10893259-PIB Yes 03 Spring Retainer Spacer on a PH-100 1/29/14
(Various Part Numbers)
Torque Arrestor Assembly

Dropped Object Incident Involving Auxiliary Power Junction Box

10896171-PIB Yes 01 Hinged Junction Box Cover on TDS- 12/16/13 Assembly (P/N 30156363)
Secondary Retention of Gooseneck Top Drive Motor Housing
10840469-PIB Yes 01 Hammer Union Plug 1/15/14 Assemblies (Multiple Part Nos.)

Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies

P/N 30177192 (TDS-8SA), P/N
Upgrade of Hydraulic Shot Pin Mounting
30118150 (TDS-9SA), P/N 120700
Screws on PH-50, PH-55, PH-75 and
10909498-PIB - 03 3/13/14 (TDS-10SA /SH), P/N 30173277
PH-100 Powered Rotating Link Adapter
M614002914 (TDS-1000)

Torque Arrestor (P/N 90471) used

Torque Arrestor/Split Plate/Solid Body in Pipehandler Installation Kits
10929015-PIB - 01 Interference on PH-60/85 Pipehandlers 2/14/14 (P/Ns 95496, 95497, 99520, 99540
and 118892)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 48

Air Conductor Assembly (P/N’s:

20371131, 20325331, 2037113,
10929708-PIB - 01 Incorrect Seals for Air Conductor 2/20/14
2032533, 2038698, 2031287, and
Fatality Reported While Handling Guide Quick Rig-up Guide Beam Kits
10943553-PIB Yes 01 Beam Assembly 3/10/14 (Multiple Part Numbers)

Multiple Incidents Involving Cam Top Drive Carriage Assembly

10957878-PIB Yes 01 4/3/14
Follower on TDS-11 Carriage Assembly (Multiple Part Numbers)

Oil Leakage from Gearbox When TDS Motor Housing Assembly

10962484-PIB - 02 5/1/14
Stored/Transported Horizontally on Skid (Various Part Numbers)

Incident Involving Guide Beam Upper Assembly, Guide Beam Kit (P/N
10954931-PIB Yes 01 4/18/14
Intermediate Tieback U-bolt 35557148)

Torque Unwind / Release Sequence on Top Drive Drilling Systems

10976753-PIB - 01 TDS, IDS and TDX Model Top Drives 5/16/14 (Various Part Numbers)

Report of Sheared Fasteners on Upper TDS-8SA Skid Assembly (P/N

10983021-PIB Yes 01 Shipping Skid Bracket during TDS-8SA 10718391) and PS2 (Multiple Part
Installation Nos.)
Rotating Link Adapter Hydraulic
Dropped Object from Top Drive Shot Pin Assembly (P/N
10987985-PIB Yes 01 6/3/14
Hydraulic Shot Pin Assembly 30179368)

PH-50, PH-55, PH-65, PH-75 and

Inadvertent Rotating Link Adapter (RLA) PH-100 Pipe Handler Assemblies
11001944-PIB Yes 01 6/23/14
Rotation on TDS-9SA Top Drive (Various Part Numbers)

Personnel Injury while Tripping Out Drill

11004908-PIB Yes 01 Pipe with TDS-8SA Top Drive and non- 6/27/14 Not Applicable
NOV Catwalk Machine
IBOP Valves (Various Part
Dropped Object Incident Involving IBOP
11004907-PIB Yes 01 6/27/14 Numbers)
Crank Assembly on TDS-8SA Top Drive

Dropped Object Involving Lube Oil Heat

11008968-PIB Yes 02 10/8/14 Heat Exchanger
Exchanger Mounting Hardware

Rotating Link Adapter Assemblies:

Rotating Link Adapter Assembly P/N 30118150 (for TDS-9SA), P/N
11018864-PIB - 01
Hydraulic Fluid Leakage 120700 (for TDS-10SA) and P/N
30173277 (for TDS-11SA, -11HP)
Torque Wrench Assembly, PH
Dropped Object Involving a PH-85 Pipe (P/Ns 80100, 90850, 95461,
11020314-PIB Yes 02 8/15/14
Handler 99522, 118880)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 49

Rotating Link Adapter

Assemblies: P/N 30118150 (for
Rotating Link Adapter Assembly
11018864-PIB Yes 01 8/8/14 TDS-9SA), P/N 120700 (for TDS-
Hydraulic Fluid Leakage
10SA) and P/N 30173277 (for
TDS-11SA, -11HP)

Potential Incorrect Rotary Screw Pump Oil Circulating Kits (Multiple Part
11027232-PIB - 01 8/12/14
on Oil Circulating Pump Assembly Nos.)

Manifold Assembly TDS-9 and

TDS-11 (P/Ns 114174 and
11051652-PIB - 01 Main Manifold Cracking Issues 9/26/14 114175), Manifold Assembly TDS-
11SH (P/N M611009712)

Rotating Link Adapter Hydraulic

Dropped Fastener from Top Drive
11040764-PIB Yes 01 11/4/14 Shot Pin Assembly (P/N
Hydraulic Shot Pin Assembly
TDS-8SA and TDS-1000 Motor
Sheared Stud from TDS-8SA Gear Case Housing Assemblies (TDS-8SA-
11339241-PIB Yes 01 12/15/14
Resulting in Dropped Object P/Ns 30177193/ 30179552 and
TDS-1000- P/N M614002810)
Motor Housing
Introduction of New Top Drive Air
11340920-PIB Yes 01 12/17/14 Assemblies/Gearbox Assemblies
Purge Seal Kits
(Various Part Numbers)
PH-100 Installation Kit (P/N
Dropped Manifold Guard from PH-100
11347565-PIB Yes 01 1/8/15 30122000) and Torque Arrestor
Pipe Handler
Assembly (P/N 30172425)

Dropped Object Involving a Dowel Pin Torque Tube Assembly (Hinge

11347753-PIB Yes 01 1/8/15
on an IDS-1 Torque Tube Assembly Type)

PH-50, PH-55, PH-65, PH-75 and

Dropped Die Retainer from PH-100 Pipe
11339877-PIB Yes 02 1/30/15 PH-100 Pipe Handler Assemblies
(Various Part Numbers
Contact between PH-75 Pipe Handler PH-75 Pipe Handler and Guide
11348398-PIB Yes 01 and Guide Beam during Tripping 1/9/15 Beam Assembly (Various P/Ns)

Parting of Saver Sub on PH-100 Pipe PH-100 Pipe Handler used on

11372033-PIB Yes 01 2/18/15
Handler TDS-8SA (P/N 30122000)

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Page 50


4.1 ARXXXX Bulletins


AR-93-01 - Solenoid Valve Assembly Spare Parts 7/9/1993 All AR30000 users

Injury Incident Involving AR3200 Hinge All AR3000/3200 Utilizing Floor

AR-99-01 B 9/15/1999
Plate Hinge Plates
All AR3200 Roughnecks Used
AR-99-02 - Use of AR3200 with HT-55 Tool Joints 9/23/1999
with HT-55 Drill Pipe Connections

Emergency Shutdown of Hydraulic All AR3000/3200 Automated

AR-99-03 - Yes 11/8/1999
Functions on Automated Roughnecks Roughnecks

Improper Use Of The AR3200 Resulting

AR-00-01 A Yes 10/5/2000 All Automated Roughnecks
In Injury
All AR3200 Automated
AR-01-01 - - Drag Chain Installation Kit for AR3200 4/10/2001
All AR3000, 3200, 3500 and 4000
AR-01-02 A Yes Dropped Debris from Drillpipe 1/31/13
Automated Roughnecks
All AR3200 Automated
AR-01-03 - - AR3200 Product Improvement Kits 7/2/2001
Recent Failures on Automated All AR and PHM-3i Torque
AR-07-01 - - 3/22/2007
Roughneck Jaws Wrench Assemblies
Faulty Extend/Retract Switch on IR3080
AR-07-02 - Yes 5/25/2007 Remote Control Console
Remote Control Console
Limit Switch Box Assembly (P/N
1100465) on IR30120-144 (S/N
Electrical Junction Box for Arm Extend 1100015101 and IR3012G11P002
AR-07-03 - Yes 10/30/2007
and Retract Proximity Switches Only) and ST-80CL (S/N
ST80LF29P001 only) Iron

Spinner Assembly Unable to Accept 9- Spinner Assembly F/ IR3080

AR-08-01 - - 7/22/08
3/4” Tubular (P/Ns SP01 and 1100189)

IR30120 Wrench Assembly (P/N

1100244) on IR30120 (S/N: HOU-
035; NPE-IR-1077; NPE-IR-1112;
AR-09-01 Yes B Torque Wrench Weldment Failure 11/29/10 HOU-121; NPE-IR-1082; NPE-IR-
1098; NPE-IR-1124; NPE-IR-1031
ONLY) Iron Roughnecks.
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 51

Broken Cylinder Pin and Clevis on an IR30120 Iron Roughneck w/144”

AR-09-02 Yes A 9/1/09
IR30120 Extend/Retract Cyclinder Arm(P/N 1100015)

D364000159- Torque Limitations in TDS Backup Automated Roughneck Assembly

- 01 9/24/09
PIB-001 Mode and Rig Floor Kits

D364000174- IR3080 Wrench Assembly (P/N

Yes 01 Recent Failure of Iron Roughneck Die 12/23/09
PIB-001 1100154)

IR3080 and IR30120 Assemblies

Top Spinner Head Frame Support (P/N 1100006, 1100011, 1100012,
D364000205- 1100014, and 1100018). Affected
Yes 01 3/11/10
PIB-001 units include Serial Numbers NPE-
IR-1100, NPE-IR-1102 up to and
including 1127.

D364000224- All IR3080/30120 and ST-

Yes 01 Torque Backup 4/23/10
PIB-001 80/C/R/CL Iron Roughnecks

D634000257- IR30120 Torque Wrench Die Holder

- 01 10/13/10 All IR30120 Iron Roughnecks
PIB-001 Upgrade

D364000275- Injury Incident during Handling of Rig Floor Kits (See Customer
Yes 02 1/26/11
PIB-001 Roughneck Rig Floor Kit Configuration for Part Numbers)

Electrical Assembly (P/N 107411)

D364000292- Unavailability of Replacement Parts for for AR3200 and Electrical
- 02 1/26/11
PIB-001 Manual Control Panels (P/N 107535) Assembly (P/N 116882) for

D361005783- Foot Injury While Operating AR3200 All Rig Floor Kits with Mounting
Yes 01 11/21/11
PIB-001 Iron Roughneck Pads

Modification of Hydraulic Settings on Iron Roughneck Assemblies

11359218-PIB Yes 01 2/10/15
ST/AR Model Iron Roughnecks (Multiple Part Nos.)

ST-80, ST-80C, ST-80CL, ST-

80R, ST-100, ST-120, ST-160, IR-
Torque Wrench and Spinning Wrench 3080 and IR-30120
11376403-PIB Yes 01 2/23/15
Crush Hazard

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4.2 ST-80 Bulletins


ST80-03-01 - - ST-80 Performance Issues 1/29/2003 All H & P ST-80 Iron Roughnecks

ST-80 Control Valve Assembly

ST80-03-02 Yes B 7/7/2003 All ST-80 Iron Roughneck
Damaged Resulting in Pinch Hazard

ST-80 Handling Instructions for Lifting

ST80-03-03 - - 6/13/2003 All ST-80 Iron Roughneck
and Transport
ST-80 Operating Instructions for
ST80-03-04 - - 6/13/-03 All ST-80 Iron Roughneck
ST-80 Instructions for Proper Use of
ST80-03-05 - - 6/13/-03 All ST-80 Iron Roughneck
Spinning Wrench Controls
ST-80 Set-up Instructions for System
ST80-03-06 - A 4/22/2005 All ST-80 Iron Roughneck
Pressure Setting
ST80-03-07 - - ST-80 Hose Abrasion 7/7/2003 All ST-80 Iron Roughneck
Revisions to Lubrication Frequency on
ST80-04-01 - - 5/10/2004 ST-80 Wrench
ST-80 Platform Assembly (P/Ns
30160030 and 30171698) Affected
Detachment of Duplex Extension units include serial number 001 up
ST80-04-02 Yes A 12/15/2004
Cylinder/Clevis on ST-80 to and including 091 and serial
numbers 301 up to and including
Clarification of Operating Procedure and
ST80-05-01 - - Capabilities of the ST-80 Iron 6/27/2005 ST-80 Torque Wrench
Arm Extension Assembly (P/N
Broken Cylinder Rod on the Duplex-
30180453), Duplex Extension
ST80-07-01 Yes - Extension Cylinder that Deploys the 8/9/2007
Cylinder Assembly (P/N
Arm Assembly on the ST-80C
Right Hand Spinning Wrench
Adding Drain Ports to St-80 Assemply (P/N 30160390) and
ST80-07-02 - - 12/7/2007
Transmission Assembly Left Hand Spinning Wrench
Assembly (30160387)
ST-80 and ST-80C with one of the
following Reach Extender Kits: 25”
ST80-08-01 Yes - Reach Extender Kit Fastener Inspection 7/11/08
(P/N 30174040), 21” (P/N
30172505), or 15” (P/N 30172058)
ST-80R Swing Arm Assembly (P/N
Damper Cylinder Failure on ST-80R 1100380) and ST-80C Iron
ST80-08-02 - - 8/27/08
Swing Arm Assembly Roughneck Assemblies (P/Ns
30179800, 30179200, 30181700)
Right and Left Hand Spinning
ST80-09-01 - - Spinning Wrench Hinge Pin Wrench Assemblies (P/Ns
30160387 and 30160390)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 53

Proper Use of Tool to Avoid Pinch Point ST-80, ST-80CL Iron Roughneck
ST80-09-02 - - between Control Console and Guard 6/11/09 Assemblies (P/Ns 30171700 and
Rail 30184046)
Carriage Assembly (P/N
30180759, and 30180759-200),
Carriage Frame Lower Plate Improperly
ST80-09-03 - - 8/4/09 Carriage Frame
(P/N 30180757, and 30180759-
ST-80CL Shipping Package (P/N
30185500-501). Affected units
include Serial Numbers
ST80-09-04 - - ST-80CL Performance Upgrade 8/11/09
ST80LF29P001 up to and
including 017.

Yes - Unintended Motion of an ST-80CL 6/7/10 ST-8-CL (P/N 30181700-100)
ST-80, ST-80C and ST-80CL
Assemblies (P/N’s 30171700,
D361005320- Auxiliary Link Pin Upgrade
- 01 11/30/11 30179200, 30179800, 30181700-
100, 30181700-200 and
Availability of Upgrade Kit to Improve Platform Assembly (P/N
10653149-PIB - 02 4/11/12
the ST-80CL Hoist Cylinder Alignment 30183571)
Misaligned Machining of Upper Jaw Torque Wrench Assembly (P/N
10657051-PIB - 01 Dies 4/27/12 30174930), Upper Die Package
(P/N 30174222)
ST-80 Model Iron Roughneck Upper Upper Jaw Assembly (P/N
10831461-PIB - 01
Jaw Assembly Upgrade 30174072)
ST-80 Iron Roughneck Carriage ST-80 Platform Assembly (P/Ns
10875287-PIB - 01 11/13/13
Upgrade 30160030 and 30171698)
ST-80 Model Iron Roughneck Upper Upper Jaw Assembly (P/N
10831461-PIB - 01 2/4/14
Jaw Assembly Upgrade 30174072)
ST-80 Iron Roughneck Extension Platform Assembly (P/N 30160030
10983043-PIB - 02 8/7/14
Cylinder Upgrade and 30171698)
Potential Cracking of Rotation Base ST-80CL Socket Flange and Base
11025651-PIB - 01 Welds 11/26/14 Assembly (P/N 30184416)

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Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 54

4.3 ST-100 Bulletins


ST-100 Inlet/Hydraulic Enable

D361006233- ST-100 Inlet Manifold Quick Disconnect Manifold Assembly (P/N
- 02 5/29/13
PIB-001 Cap Damage M854000292 & P/N M854000292-
Correct Selection of the Torque Wrench ST-100 Torque Wrench (P/N
10664722-PIB - 01 6/4/12
Jaw Size for the ST-100 M364001121)
ST-100 Inlet / Hydraulic Enable
Availability of the ST-100 Additional
10666095-PIB - 01 6/27/12 Manifold Assembly (P/N
Pressure Reducing Valve
Additional Tool Joint Guide on the ST-
ST-100 Head Assembly (P/N
10673272-PIB - 01 100 7/12/12
M361003626 and M364001054)
ST-100 Spin Wrench Assembly
Necessity of Regular Inspection and
ST-120 Spin Wrench Assembly
10673297-PIB - 02 Tightening of Spin Wrench Roller 8/8/13
Support Bolt
ST-160 Spin Wrench Assembly
Recommended Inspection of the ST- ST-100 Carriage Junction Box
10685875-PIB Yes 01 9/10/12
100 Remote Controlled Units NJB100 (P/N 10540124-001)
ST-100 Assembly (P/N
10731962-PIB - 01 Availability of a Hose Guide Upgrade 3/27/13
M364001665, P/N M364001052)
Proper Connection and Arrangement of ST-100 Spin Wrench (P/N
10803982-PIB - 01 7/31/13
Spin Wrench Hydraulic Hoses 10664337, M364001229)
Assembly, Iron Roughneck, ST-
10908253-PIB - 01 Improper Diffuse Sensor Calibration 1/17/14 100 (P/N’s M364001665-510, -
511, and -512)
ST-100 Main Assembly (P/N’s
M364001052, M364001052-500,
Manual Arm Functions Interlock
11043329-PIB - 01 9/16/14 M36001665-500, M364001665-
Upgrade Kit
520, 10788500-001 and
ST-100, ST-120, and ST-160 Left
Roller Carrier (P/N: 10664344-001,
Spin Wrench Compression Strut Stop
11336639-PIB - 01 12/18/14 10708352-001, 10478022-001,
Upgrade Kit
M364001596, M364001458 and
Advise operators of the availability
11341273-PIB - 01 Upgrade for ST-100 Spinning Wrenches 1/9/15 of the SW-10 Spinning Wrench
Upgrade Kit (P/N 10788410-001).
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 55

4.4 ST-120 Bulletins


ST-120 Proper Alignment to Drill Torque Wrench Assembly (P/N

ST120-09-01 - - 7/24/09
Pipe/Drill Collars M364000055)
ST-120 Iron Roughneck
ST120-09-02 - - ST-120 Performance Upgrade Kit 8/27/09 Assemblies (P/Ns M364000300
and M364000520)
D364000246- Centralizer (P/N M364000704-
- 02 Centralizer Cylinder Upgrade 8/12/10
PIB-001 100)
All ST-120 Arm Deploy Cylinder
D364000288- Inspection and Maintenance of Arm
- 02 1/31/11 Assemblies (P/N M364000934,
PIB-001 Deploy Cylinders
Valve Control Assembly (P/N
D364000345- Unintended Motion of the ST-120 When
Yes 01 3/15/11 M364000360-BSC and
PIB-001 in Manual Mode
D361004355- Necessity of Arm Weldment ST-120 Arm Assembly
- 01
PIB-001 Inspection/Rework (M364000033)
Counterbalance Manifold
Incident Involving a Falling ST-120 Iron
10729506-PIB Yes 02 4/10/14 Assembly (Multiple Part Numbers)
Roughneck Carriage Assembly
Assembly Wrench ST-120/ IR-120:
(P/N M364001245)
Relieve Residual Pressure Prior To Assembly Wrench ST-120: (P/N
10731752-PIB Yes 01 3/27/13
Maintenance M364000055)
Assembly Wrench ST-160: (P/N
M364001102/ M361005711)
Necessity of Proper Wrench and Drill ST-120, ST-160, IR-120 Torque
10770757-PIB - 01 Pipe/Drill Collar Alignment 6/20/13 Wrench Assembly


FUN-AUTO(P/N M364000356)
Lock Out/Tag Out Kit Available for
11328136-PIB - 01 Hydraulic Manifold Ball Valve 3/5/15
FUN-AUTO(P/N M851002879)
120(UL)(P/N M851003997)

4.5 ST-160 Bulletins


Torque Wrench Jaw Spring Failure ST-160 Torque Wrench Assembly

10733289-PIB - - 3/27/13
(P/Ns M364001102, M361005711)
Assembly, Arm, ST-160 (P/N’s
10908252-PIB - 01 Improper Diffuse Sensor Calibration 1/17/14
M361005613 and M364001343)
ST-160 Iron Roughneck
ST-160 Safety Bumper Upgrade Kit
10895371-PIB - 02 12/8/14 Assemblies (P/Ns M361005613
and M364001343)
Proper Plumbing of Hydraulic Hoses ST-160 Arm Assembly (P/N
10926113-PIB - 02 3/17/14
on Hydraulic Side End Link M361005613)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 56

ST-160 Spinning Wrench

Upgrade for ST-160 Spinning
11320414-PIB - 01 11/18/14 Assembly (P/Ns M364001522,
10670974-001, 10676154-001)

Ejected Sheared Bolt Head from ST- ST-160 Wrench Assembly (P/N
11365209-PIB Yes 01 2/5/15
160 Iron Roughneck Wrench M361005711)
Ejected Sheared Bolt Head from ST- ST-120 Wrench Assemblies (P/N
11336372-PIB Yes 01 160 Iron Roughneck Wrench Assembly 2/10/15 M364001245 and P/N

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5.1 All Products Bulletins


ALL-93-1 - - Field Performance Reporting System 2/23/1993 All Products

All-97-01 - C Year 2000 Compliance 11/1/1999 All Equipment Control Systems
Fingerboard Drill Collar Latch All Remote Operated
ALL-98-01 - A 12/22/1998
Assemblies Fingerboards (Elec. Only)
All IR2000/2100, AR3000/3200
Roughnecks & PHM-1 Pipe
Installation of Pressure Relief Valve
ALL-99-01 Yes - 6/16/1999 Handling Machines Utilizing
on Pressure Gauges
Gauge Part Nos. 82310 and
All Air-Operated Fingerboard
ALL-99-02 Yes - Fingerboard Latch Controllers 11/3/1999 Assemblies Utilizing Latch
Controller P/N 92803
Tubular Retention in Remote All Remote Operated
ALL-00-01 Yes - 1/21/2000
Operated Fingerboards Fingerboards
All Air Operated Fingerboards
ALL-01-01 Yes - Fingerboard Latch Controllers 1/8/2001 utilizing Inspection of Latch
Controller P/N 92803
All Fixed Fingerboard
ALL-01-02 Yes - Falling Fingerboard Adjustment Screw 1/31/2001
on PRS-4i, -5, -5R and -6i Pipe
Racking Systems
Wear on Fingerboard Drill Pipe and All Fixed or Adjustable
ALL-01-03 - - 4/27/2001
Drill Collar Latch Assemblies Fingerboard Assemblies
All Air-Operated Fingerboard
Assemblies using Finger
ALL-01-04 Yes - Fingerboard Finger Assembly 11/5/2001
Assemblies (Varco P/N 39392
Inspection of Adjustable Fingerboard All Adjustable Fingerboard
All-02-01 Yes 5/10/2002
Assemblies. Assemblies
Inspection of Drill Collar Latch All Drill Collar Latch Assemblies
ALL-02-02 Yes - 9/6/2002
Assembly for Damaged Pins Using Latch Pin (P/N 96779)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 57

All Equipment using Hydraulic

ALL-03-01 Yes - Mounting of Manual Valves 1/22/2003
Isolation Ball Valves
Introduction of Technical Information
ALL-03-02 - D 6/7/13 All Varco Systems Products
Single Board Computers P/N
Obsolescence of Single Board
40937706-001 (no Profibus) and
ALL-06-01 - - Computers (SBC) Used with Amphion 9/28/2006
P/N 40937706-002 (with
Control Systems
40222702-001 Touchscreen
222170-001 Touchscreen
222170-002 Touchscreen
40222629-002 Touchscreen
(Azonix PD2050Z2/002-UAC-
Obsolescence of HMI Touchscreens
ALL-06-02 - - and Transceivers used with VICIS 10/25/2006
222171-001 Transceiver (used
with 40222702-001, 222710-
001, and 222710-002)
40222778-900 Transceiver
(used with 40222629-002)
(Azonix 20-201575)

Obsolete Siemens SIMATIC S5 PLC SIMATIC S5 PLC Based Control

ALL-09-01 - - 5/1/09
Based Control Systems Systems

- 01 Hydraulic System Isolation Valves 9/24/09 Hydraulic Control Systems

D614000733- Dropped Object Involving Field Hydraulic or Pneumatic Cylinder

Yes 01
PIB-001 Repaired Cylinder Clevis Assemblies

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5.2 ED Bulletins


Plate Disc Brake Assembly (P/N

Overheating of Electronic Driller (ED)
ED-03-01 - - 7/23/2003 30150800, 30150030 and
Plate Disc Brake Assembly
Lubrication Schedules for Electronic All V236, V336 and V436 Series
ED-06-01 - - 4/20/2006
Driller EDS Brake Assemblies
Removing Air Supply from Air Applied EDS Systems installed on Band
ED-06-02 Yes -
Friction Plate Brakes Brake Drawworks
All ED Systems shipped in 2006 or
later (Serial Nos. ending in NXX or
EDS PLC Cabinet Power Supply
ED-07-01 - - 7/14/2007 PXX, where N and P = 2006 and
2007 respectively, and XX is a
sequence number)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 58

Advise Customers of Inadvertent

ED-07-02 Yes - Brake Fails to Fully Release 7/14/2007 Brake Release & Poor
All Systems Purchased Prior to
ED-08-01 Yes - EDS PLC and HMI Software Upgrades 5/14/08
February 1, 2008
Serial Numbers: EDC30N028H,
EDA09N032H, EDA13O031H,
EDA13O033H, EDA13O034H,
EDA13O035H, EDL16N030H,
EDL15N029H, EDE19O037H,
EDE240O038H, EDE30O039H,
EDG26O041H, EDG030O042H,
EDG19O040H, EDH22O046H,
EDA17P049H, EDA24P050H,
Electronic Drilling System Bearing EDK16O047H, EDB25P053H,
ED-09-01 - A 3/3/09
Lubrication EDB13P052H, EDD24P054H,
EDE10P055H, EDH01P056H,
EDH27P057H, EDJ26P061H,
EDJ09P059H, EDK24P064H,
EDL04P065H, EDJ10P060H,
EDL24P066H, EDK17P063H,
EDJ04P058H, EDM03P068H,
EDK09P062H, EDE18N027,
EDE150036H, EDG17R030

Electronic Drilling System Bearing All Electronic Drilling System

ED-09-02 - A 3/12/09
Housing Grease/Relief Fittings Brake Assemblies
ED-09-03 Yes - EDS Auxiliary Brake Limitations 4/14/09 All Electronic Drilling Systems

ED-09-04 Yes - Keyed Override Operations Warning 4/14/09 All Electronic Drilling Systems
Excessive Drawworks Fast Line
D734000114- All Electronic Drilling System
- 02 Speed 6/23/10
PIB-001 (EDS)
- - Brake Cooling Fluid Quality All Electronic Drilling Systems
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5.3 ZMS Bulletins


All ZMS w/MD/Totco Block and

ZMS-97-01 Yes - Zone Management System (ZMS) 3/26/1997
Control System,
PRS Riser Claw Interference with Top PRS-4i and PRS-6i Riser Claw
ZMS-08-01 Yes - 12/5/08
Drive and Associated Equipment Assembly
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5.4 Rig Bulletins

Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 59

Plastic Low Pressure Fuel

Risk for Engine Fires on IDEAL™ Rig
RIG-07-01 Yes A 8/10/07 Return Lines and Fuel Supply
and Rapid Rig™ Generator Sets
Risk of Overturning Substructure on
RIG-08-01 Yes - 6/6/08 Substructure Raising Cylinders
Risk during Raising or Lowering RAPID Drill Floor Anchors, Mast Raising
RIG-08-02 Yes - Rig Mast 6/6/08 Cylinders and Positioning
Forward Tugger Winch Mount on
the Off-Driller Side Platform (P/N
RIG-08-03 Yes - Floor Mounted Tugger Winch Support 6/9/08
Forward Tugger Winch Mount on
the Driller Side Floor (P/N
Mast Shoe Plan Assembly P/N
RIG-08-04 Yes - Mast Front Shoes 11/25/08

Hydraulic Tube Line/Tube Fitting

RIG-09-01 - - 8/27/09 Mast Scoping Cylinder Plumbing
Rapid Rig Pipe Handler (P/N’s
M220001536-04, M220001536-36
Rapid Rig Pipe Handler Weldment and M220001536-01). Affected
- - Rework/Hydraulic Upgrade 8/1/12 units include Serial Numbers
PHS001 up to and including

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Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 60

5.5 TDX-1250 Bulletins


TDX-1250 Top Drives Drilling

Systems delivered prior to
August 2009, when used with
Potential False Indication of Elevator Hydraulic Elevators. Serial
D614000494- “Closed and Latched” When Using Top Numbers: TDX1250L07P001,
Yes 01 12/23/09
PIB-001 Drive with “Derrickman Position” TDX1250C01R02,
Feedback on the Link Tilt Mechanism TDX1250D21R003,
TDX1250L28R005, and
D614000722- Defective Hydraulic Slip Ring O-Ring O-Ring Guides in spares
- 01 8/19/10
PIB-001 Guides (P/N 30182263) inventory
D611005566- PH-150 Pipe Handler Assembly
Yes 01 Dropped Die Carrier Incident 8/3/11
PIB-001 (P/N M614001968)
Dropped Safety Rod Accident and PH-150 Pipe Handler Assembly (P/N
Yes 02 Related Safety Precautions 11/15/13 M614001968)
TDX-1250 and TDX-1000 Pipe
Possible Gripper Support Failure Due To
Handler Assemblies
10677720-PIB Yes 02 Overload When Spinning Out a 1/21/13
manufactured May 2012 thru
June 2012

Termination Assembly, Derrick

Faulty Screw Clamp Grounding Terminal Marshaling J-Box,TDX-1250 (P/N
10709193-PIB Yes 01 Blocks 12/13/12 M614004047), Enclosure (P/N
30177200) located on HP-35S HPU
Assembly (P/N 30171557)
Loss of Counterbalance Function-
10756164-PIB Yes 04 Counterbalance Cylinder Bail 2/17/15 Becket Assembly (P/N M 614005748)
Attachment Separation (All configuration)

10781098-PIB Yes 01 Travelling Block Guide Weld Cracks 7/1/13 Block Guide (P/N M611005939) (All

Interference between Becket Adapter Becket Assembly (P/N M614005748-

10799896-PIB - 01 7/29/13
and Drilling Motors all configurations)

Gripper Piston Extension on Hydraulic PH-150 (P/N M614001968-100) and

10805723-PIB - 02 2/7/14 PH-203 (P/N M614004161) – all

Link Roller Cage Assembly Clash with Link Roller Cage Assembly (P/N
10805713-PIB Yes 01 8/1/13
Tube Guard 30183616 - All dash numbers)
PH-150 (P/N M614001968,
10923104-PIB - 03 Gripper Piston Rotation during Clamping 2/4/15 M614001968-100) and PH-203 (P/N
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 61

Missing Secondary Retention on Link

TDX-1250 Link Adapter (P/N
10928752-PIB Yes 01 Tilt Cylinder Trunnion Brackets 2/20/14
Missing Secondary Retention on TDX-1250 Retaining Chain
10939088-PIB Yes 01 Retaining Chain Assembly 4/14/14 Assemblies (P/N 10703376-001, -
002, -003, -004 and -005)
Dropped Objects Incident Involving a
PH-150 Gripper Assembly (P/N
10960941-PIB Yes 01 Hoist Cylinder Pivot Pin on PH-150 Pipe 4/18/14
M614001968 and -100)
Overheating of UIBOP Actuator Air
TDX-1250 IBOP Stack (P/N
10968451-PIB - 01 Swivel Seals 5/2/14
Dropped Object Incident Involving a
Selector Valve Lever from a Top Drive IBOP Actuator Assembly (P/N
11011500-PIB Yes 01 7/9/14
Dual Ball IBOP Actuator Assembly 30184495)

Dropped Object Incident Involving a

Top Drive Joint Clamp Assembly
11012715-PIB Yes 01 Sheared Bolt on a Joint Clamp 7/11/14
(P/Ns 10718425-001 and 30183491)

Sheared Hoist Cylinder Pivot Pin on PH- PH-150 Gripper Assembly (P/N
11028361-PIB Yes 01 8/12/14
150 Pipe Handler M614001968 and -100)

Report of Cracked Power Conductor Motor, AC, 1340 HP, 1800 RPM,
11032754-PIB - 01 Stud Bushings on TDX-1250 Drilling 8/28/14 (NOV P/N M614000240)

Spin Mode Pipe Handler Clamp TDX Top Drive PLC Control
10950291-PIB - 02 9/10/14
Interlock Systems

PH-150 Gripper Assembly (P/N

Sheared Bolt/Spherical Rod End on
11309192-PIB Yes 03 11/13/14 M614001968) and IBOP Stack (P/Ns
TDX-1250 IBOP Stack
Dropped Object Involving Self Installation Kit, Link Adapter TDX-
11318637-PIB Yes 01 Lubricating Bearing on TDX-1250 Link 10/29/14 1250 (P/N 30182291 &
Adapter M614002217)
Dropped Object Involving Bushing on Installation Kit, Link Adapter TDX-
11322188-PIB Yes 01 TDX-1250 Link Adapter. 11/7/14 1250 (P/N 30182291 &
IBOP Assemblies (P/N 30182596/-
Reports of Seized TDX-1250 Hi Kalibre
11359371-PIB - 01 2/5/15 ABS and 30182606/-ABS)
IBOP Valves

Screw Pump Cooling Skid (P/N’s

Maintenance of TDX Cooling Skid
11342989-PIB - 01 2/13/15 M611009160 and 10670128)
Screw Pumps
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 62

Motor Housing Assembly, TDX-1250

Staking of TDX-1250 Quill Shaft to (P/Ns 30180309, 30181963,
11377427-PIB - 01 3/12/15
Prevent Wear Sleeve Movement M614002425)

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5.6 TDX-1000 Bulletins


Potential for Loss of Counterbalance Becket Assembly (P/N

10978405-PIB - 01 Function – Counterbalance Cylinder Bail 8/19/10 M614004720 & M611006287) (All
Attachment Separation configurations)
Dropped Object Incident Involving a
PH-203 Safety Tube Assembly
11000353-PIB Yes 01 Load Plate and Safety Rod on a PH-203 6/17/14
(P/N M614005500)
Pipe Handler
Screw Pump Cooling Skid (P/N’s
Maintenance and Repair of Screw Pump
11032724-PIB - 03 1/13/15 M611009160 and 10670128)
Cooling Skid Reservoir
Dolly Mechanical Assembly (P/N
Dropped Bolt from TDX-1000 Dolly
11321141-PIB Yes 01 11/6/14 M611004312)
Mechanical Assembly
Retract Dolly Cylinder Lug Weld Cracks Dolly Mechanical Assembly (P/N
11334688-PIB Yes 02 1/7/15
Dropped Object Involving a PH-150 Joint
11” Joint Clamp (P/N 10718423-001
Clamp Swing Bolt and Latch Swing
11340634-PIB Yes 01 12/17/14 and 30183460) and 10” Joint Clamp
(P/N 10718425-001 and 30183491)

5.7 STV Bulletins


STV Installation Kits, P/N’s

Dropped Object Incident Involving Idler 10691646-002, M841006267,
10972914-PIB Yes 02 6/12/14
Pulley Assemblies M844001344, 10656526-002,
M844001483, 10735986-001

5.8 PS2 Bulletins


Cylinder, Grabs 10” Diameter (P/N

10988012-PIB - 01 Cylinder Grabs Seal Kit 6/3/14 2038760)
Document number D744000102-IDX-001
Revision 281
Page 63