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141 = 10%6, what is the watus of P’ 5-5 Compute the watue of P forthe following disgram. 5-8 1 b 5.9 stonecutter, assigned to carve the headstone for 9 well-known engineering economist, began with the } following design. 5-6 Compute the value of P far the following disgear, se $.17 napressnt worth analysis of ceria equipmentone alternative aas 4 net pesent wor of 4-420, tased un 8 & pene seal ysis periud tha equals the wseCal [ie of the sltemative. A IDS interest rate was used it the computations “The elternative device is v9 be repluced at che end of the € yes by am identical item with the same cost, bones, and wseful life. Based on a 104% interest rate, compuur the get present worth of die ‘akeraative equipment for due |2-vear analysis pesiod. 5-25 TBP Inc. isconsidering csablishinga new machine ta automate a meat packing process. The machine will suve 950,000 in labor anaually, The machine ca be ‘puretased for $200,000 today and willbe aed fr a ‘pefiod of 10 years. Itis bas salvage value oF $10,000 ‘atthe end ofits usefl life. The new machine will ‘require an annual maintenance east uf $8000. The sconporation has a miniraum rate nf seavm of 10%. Be ‘you recomend sutomating the process? 6-3 Compute the value of E: : “ . | 4 15 Pog “ly | 6-4 Lfi = 6%, compute the value of D that is equivalent to the two disbursements shown. 200 rt 4 DD bp b Bb DBD 1} 6-10 An electronics firm invested $60,000 in a precision inspection device. It cost $4000to operate and main- lain in the first year and $3000 in each of the subse- ‘quent years. At the end of 4 years, the firm changed heir inspection procedure, eliminating the need for the device. The purchasing agent was very fortunate inbbeing able to sell the inspection device for $60,000, the original price. The plantmanagerasks youro com- pute the equivalent uniform anmwal cost of the device during the 4 years it was used, Assume interest at 10% per year. (Answer: $9287) 6-11 A firmis about to begin pilet plant operation on a pro- cess it has developed. One item of options) equipment that could be obtained is a heat exchanger unit. The company finds that a unit now available for $30,000 could be used in other company operations. It is es- timated that the heat exchanger unit will be worth $535,000 ar the end of 8 years. This seemingly high sal- vage value is due primarily to the fact thatthe $30,000 purchase price is really @ rare bargain. If the firm believes 15% is an appropriate rate of retum, what annual benefitis needed to justify the purchase of the heat exchanger unit? (Answer: $4135) 6-22 727 7-32 734 7-45 Jeamy McCarthy isan engineer for a municipal power plant. The plant uses natural gas, which is currently provided from an existing pipeline at an anitual cast ‘0 $10,000 per year. Fenny is cousidering a project to construct ¢ new pipeline, ‘The initial cost of the new pipeline would be $35,000, but it would reduce the annual cost to $5000 per year. analysis period of 20 years and ao salvage vaiue for either the existing or new pipeline. The intetest rate is 6%. (@) Determine the eouivalent uniform annual cost (FUAC) for the new pipeline? (@) Should the new pipeline be constructed? An investment of $5000 in Biotech common stock proved to be very profitable. At the end of 3 years the stock was sold for $25,000. Wht was the rate of return on the investment? Jan purchased 100 shares of Peach Computer stock for 418 per share, plus a $45 brokerage commission. Every 6 months she received a dividend from Peach of 50 cents per share. At the end of 2 years, just after receiving the fourth dividend, she soid the stock for $23 per share and paid a $58 brokerage commission from the proceeds. What annuai cate of return did she receive on her investment? An investor purchased 100 shares of Omega common stock for $9000. He beid the stock for 9 years. For the fist 4 years he received annual end-of-year divi- dends of $800. For the next 4 years he received annual dividends of $400. He received no dividend for the ninth year. At the end of the ninth year he sold his stock for $6000. What rate of return did he receive on his investment? ‘The owner of a comer lot wants (0 find a use that will yielda desirable rear on his investment. After much study and calculation, the owner decides that the two best altematives are Build Soft Build Ice Cream Gas Station — Stand First cost $80,000 $120,000 ‘Annual property taxes 3,000 5,000 Annual income 11,000 16,000 Life of building, in years 20 20 Salvage value 0 ° the owner wants a minimum attractive rate of return cn his investment of 6%, which of therwo alternatives would you recommend?

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