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Adopt-A-Student Rubric

Instrument: Horn Date Assessed: Score: ___/24

Beginner Developing Accomplished Advanced
1 2 3 4
Student can put Student has a Student has a Student brings the
the horn collapsed posture,decent posture, horn to them, can
together and sit blocks too much but slight demonstrate a good
with flat feet. of the bell with Radjustments are R hand shape, and
hand shape, and needed. Student demonstrates a full
Posture and has a shallow has a good breath.
breath breath to include understanding of
moving the the R hand shape,
shoulders. and knows to
breath from the
Student cannot Student can sound Student can sound Student can play a
play different two different two distinct high, medium, and
partials partials, but one partials low partial
or both are very

Student is still Student Student can play Student can play

learning demonstrates that all of the notes, the 5 note scale
fingerings. they know the but some of the with a quality
5 Note EM
fingerings, even if notes sound sound at a steady
they cannot make strained, and there tempo of their
all of the notes is no sense of choosing.
speak. meter present.
The piece is not Student needs Student can voice Student can play
recognizable assistance with all of the notes, with a clear tone, at
due to missed fingerings or but some pitches a steady tempo, and
Mary Had a notes/partials, tempo, but sound strained. phrasing is present.
Little Lamb and a lack of demonstrates a There is a steady
rhythmic rudimentary tempo. No
understanding. understanding of phrasing is
pitches and present.
The instrument Student plays Student plays Student plays with
is with a well, but the a characteristic
unrecognizable recognizable horn sound quality is horn sound, 3+
sound, but it is slightly muffled, articulations, and
Horn Sound
lacking. There is or sputter. At dynamic contrast.
a start to notes, least 2
but no articulations are
differentiation present, and
between limited dynamic
articulation contrast.
markings. No
dynamic contrast.

(1) Where does a good breath come from? [The diaphragm]

(1) How many instruments is the horn? [2]
(1) When did Tchaikovsky compose his 5th symphony? [1888]
(1) Name a ballet written by Tchaikovsky. [The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, or Sleeping

A: 21-24 B: 20-17 C: 16-12 C-: 11-6