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8 Turbo
Racing a CP M
$5.00 US
$6.00 CANADA
Pump Gas M8 Turbo Kit “Stage 1”

Say hello to fun and good-bye to your buddies. Huge HP and torque gains with
instant throttle response. This kit can be installed in a hand full of hours with ba-

sic hand tools. Kit includes Garrett ball bearing turbo, CNC machined charge box
cover with O rings, quiet muffler, Attitude EFI control box, 1 piece mandrell bent
aluminum charge tube, high volume high pressure light weight oil pump, boost
gauge, fuel pressure gauge and more. This turbo kit retains stock oil injection. The
quality and design of this kit is unsurpassed! Maximum boost 8 lbs. depending on
elevation & fuel octane.
CP-001-0700 M8 stage 1 Retail $4299.00

M8 Turbo Kit “Stage 2”

You can customize this kit to run on pump gas or turn up the boost and let it fly on
race gas. Kit includes Garrett ball bearing turbo, our CPC cold air intake, complete
drive and driven clutch kit, CNC machined charge box cover with O rings, quiet muf-
fler, adjustable boost controller, blow off valve, rubber mounted vented oil tank,
one piece mandrel bent lightweight aluminum charge tube, high volume high pres-
sure lightweight oil pump, Attitude EFI control box and more. This kit retains stock
oil injection. Maximum boost 10 lbs. depending on elevation & fuel octane.
CP-001-0800 M8 stage 2 Retail $5299.00

M1000 Turbo Kit “Stage 3” M8 Turbo Kit “Stage 3”

This kit will turn your Arctic Cat into one amazing fast Cat. It’s both trail freindly This kit can run on pump gas or turn you can turn up the boost and let it fly on race
and mean to the bone when you point it vertical in the mountains. This kit can run gas. Kit includes Garrett ball bearing turbo, our 50mm dual injector cast throttle
on pump gas or turn it up the boost with the boost controller and run on race gas. bodies, 2 extra injectors (total of 4 injectors), CPC cold air intake, complete drive
Kit includes Garrett ball bearing turbo, our 58mm dual injector CNC billet throttle and driven clutch kit, CNC machined charge box cover with O rings, quiet muffler,
bodies, 2 extra injectors (total of 4 injectors), CPC cold air intake, complete drive adjustable boost controller, blow off valve, rubber mounted vented oil tank, one
and driven clutch kit, CNC machined charge box cover with O rings, quiet muffler, piece mandrel bent lightweight aluminum charge tube, high volume high pressure
adjustable boost controller, blow off valve, rubber mounted vented oil tank, one lightweight oil pump, Attitude EFI control box and more. This kit retains stock oil
piece mandrel bent lightweight aluminum charge tube, high volume high pressure injection. Maximum boost 18LBS depending on elevation & fuel octane.
lightweight oil pump, Attitude EFI control box and more. This kit retains stock oil CP-001-0810 M8 stage 3 Retail $5799.00
injection. Maximum boost 18LBS depending on elevation & fuel octane.
CP-001-0900 M1000 stage 3 Retail $5999.00

Performance Kit
Package M8 & M1000
2005-11 M-SER
Includes: Act Diamond Drive Conversion Kit, CPC Ad-
justable Cam Arms, CPC High Flow 4" air intake, V-
Force Reed Valves, Power Commmander, SLP Single
Pipe, Y pipe and muffler

PKP M8 m8 performance kit $1,777.75
PKP M1000 m1000 performance kit $1,777.75

Dragon Cat 1000cc Motor Kit

This kit rocks! This is not just another big bore kit, it is a completely redesigned motor kit with superior engineering to blow away
your friends and the competition. In hot trail form it will exceed 200 hp and 135 foot lbs of torque! In race form, over 210 hp! So
how did we get a 1000 cc’s out of this kit? Well we started with a 95mm piston, We use the stock stroke of 70mm with a few finish-
ing touches from the engine builders at CPC which include balancing the crank with mallory metal and pinning and welding the
crankshaft. This kit will fit all F-6, F-7, M-6 and M-7 models, both carburetor and EFI models. This motor kit includes a mono-billet
head with extra water capacity and a 7 head bolt design for stronger clamping force to the cylinder, your choice of compression
dome inserts patented by Hymark Performance with built-in mini heat exchanger, 2 completely new 11 port CPC cast cylinders
which are oversized to hold more water in the jacket area for better cooling and include 3 port exhaust technology and 8 transfer
ports, 95mm forged anodized pistons, gaskets and O-rings, hardware and our own CPC twin quiet pipes. You will need only to
send in your crankshaft and power valves to be reworked. Crankcase blue printing optional. EFI motors will also need to purchase
our fuel management system. All 2003 F-7 models will need to have a coolant system update.
CP-001-1070 DRAGON CAT 1000cc MOTOR KIT $3999.00 CP-LBR-BLUE Crankcase blue printed (optional) $200.00
CP-LBR-CRNK Crank balanced Pined and welded $650.00 CP-001-8601 M6/M7/M8 ATTITUDE FUEL CONTROLLER $369.95

1300cc Monster Cat Big Bore Kit

This bolt on kit fits all 2007 to 2011 M 1000 , Crossfire 1000 or F1000 to give
you Monster horsepower and Monster torque. Kit includes new CPC 11 port
high performance cylinders, billet head with your choice of compression in-
serts,102.5 mm piston & ring kits, O rings and hardware.
CP-001-1300 1300cc Monster cat big bore kit $2999

900cc Baby monster Cat Big Bore Kit

This bolt on kit fits all 2007 to 2011 M 800 , Crossfire 800 or F800 to give you
Monster horsepower and Monster torque. Kit includes new CPC 11 port high
performance cylinders, billet head with your choice of compression inserts,
90.3 mm piston & ring kits, O rings and hardware. 2007-9 models will have to
2 purchase 2011 power valves.
CP-001-0910 900cc baby monster cat big bore kit $2999
50 mm / 56 MM / 58 mm EFI Throttle Bodies For m8, f8, m1000 and F1000
This is the Snowmobile industry’s first ever aftermarket EFI throttle body. The CNC machined billet construction ensures accuracy within
.001 tolerances for easy synchronization. The concept of larger throttle bodies is simple: more air & more fuel = more horsepower. The 58mm
design bolts into the same place as stock throttle bodies and uses the factory throttle cable and throttle position sensor (TPS). These throttle
bodies are avaiIable in a single injector or a twin injector patent pending design for naturally aspirated or turbo charged engines.
CP-002-0058 CNC Machined single injector 58mm $499.95 CP-002-0056D Cast dual injector 56mm $459.95
CP-002-0058D CNC Machined dual injector 58mm $499.95 CP-002-0050 Cast single injector 50mm $499.95
CP-002-0056 Cast single injector 56mm $449.95 CP-002-0050D Cast dual injector 50mm $499.95

throttle position sensor block

We have designed an all new CNC machined Throttle Position Sensor out of
billet aluminum which allows you to use CPC Racing carburetors or other af-
ter market carburetors with the stock 3D ignitions systems. This item allows
you to bolt the stock TPS sensor onto our conversion block which operates
via throttle cables.
CP-001-8106 TPS BLOCK FOR EFI MODELS $119.95


VForce3 reed cages dramatically increase horsepower in Arctic Cat motors & CPC custom built motors. VFORCE3 Reed blocks double the reed tip
surface of a standard reed valve. The advantages of doubling the reed tip surface are numerous. On a VForce, with it’s less restrictive design, the
reed petals only travel half the distance of a standard valve resulting in greater airflow through the entire RPM range and increasing reed petal
life. Throttle response and horsepower is greatly increased with the addition of a VForce, however fuel economy is typically also greater, due to
the efficiency of a VForce reed valve system.
1. Snap together cage design that utilizes symmetrical reed petals, eliminating the need for different “inner” and “outer” replacement pet-
als. The new design completely eliminates the need for screws, so when you do need to finally replace your worn reeds the job is literally…
2. Patent pending reed tip shape that accelerates the air mixture over the reed tips, ensuring increased airflow for increased horsepower.
59-4500 440, 500, 600 Twins 1999-2002 $258.95 59-4503 M1000-F1000 2007-2010 $258.95
59-4502 Twins 800, 900, M5, M6, M7, M8, F5, F6, F8 2003-2010 $258.95 59-4505 ALL TRIPLES 1993-2002 $348.95

cpc aluminum throttle block

Our throttle block is stronger and lighter than the stock plastic throttle blocks and has been redesigned and reengineered into a new two
piece design. The two piece design allows you to install this without destroying your handlebar warmer. A special groove is machined into
this block to allow handlebar warmer or thumb warmer wires to be routed through without pinching. This throttle block is CNC machined
from 6061-T6 alloy aluminum and offers 3 different pin pivot positions which allows this part to open 36mm to 48mm bore carburetors.
Order thumb lever separately.
CP-003-0006 THROTTLE BLOCK $49.95 ARC-0609-324 THUMB LEVER ONLY $16.49


With the influx of larger displacement motors each year, came the demand for larger venturi carbu-
retors to be manufactured, especially in the high performance arena and racing circles. Our carbu-
retors were designed on a CAD computer and then tested and with a Super Flow 120 flow bench as
well as field tested on the snow. We have expanded our line of carburetors and now offer a smaller
version (44mm x 52.5) that we call the Baby Monster Carburetor. All of our carburetors will out flow
any and all competitors carburetors size for size, especially our new 48 x 58.5 Monster carburetors.
Other new features include improved idle and low end circuits. We now have an external screw to
control the pilot jet, (no more removal of float bowls). All Monster carburetors are made out of 6061
T6 aluminum that is CNC machined for precision tolerances. We also offer 4 external fuel screws on our new billet Monster carburetors. Fuel can be adjusted externally
at 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full throttle positions. All internal calibration components use Mikuni parts including, floats, needle and seat, pilot jets, needle jets and main jets. Each
carburetor comes with titanium needles to provide extra long needle life due to the vibrations that long stroke motors inherently posses. Our new carubretors are oval
in shape. Manufacturing carburetors with an oval venturi has many advantages. One of these advantages is the ability to fill the engine with more air. Because most
current snowmobiles have a rectangle shaped reed valve, passing air through the rectangle shape with current round design carburetors overloads the center reed
pedals and does very little to get air into the far left and far right of the reed cage. With the new CPC oval bore carburetors, you can now distribute air and fuel mixture
more evenly through a rectangle reed cage.
CP-002-4858 48mm x 58.5mm MONSTER CARBURETOR $550.00 cp-002-5001 cpc #1 throttle cable for ac twins $79.95
CP-002-4452 44mm x 52.5mm BABY MONSTER CARB. $550.00 cp-002-5004 cpc #4 throttle cable for ac, fc & m twins $89.95
CP-001-8104 ARCTIC CAT 800/900/F7/M7 MANIFOLD SET $179.95 arc-0687-007 choke cable $44.87

CPC billet intake manifolds

These manifolds are not only trick looking but are packed with technology. These are the only manifolds that are manufactured specifically
for the use of 48mm X 52.5mm carburetors and allow an adjustable offset feature to allow the carburetor to miss the steering post/and or
motor mounts and at the same time allow you to tilt the carburetor forwards or backwards to improve performance. The manifolds are CNC
machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum.
CP-001-8104 A-CAT 800/900/f-7/m-7 MANIFOLD $179.95 CP-001-8105 Universal intake manifold set $179.95

CPC custom Driven Spring

CPC Custom Driven Springs will work in Arctic Cat Driven Clutches and a CPC Diamond Drive Conversion Kit using torsional springs. They
are ideal for hill climbers, drag racers, and turbo snowmobiles.
CP-000-0020 Black/White Spring .192 dia. wire 4 coil long free length softest $24.95
CP-000-0025 blue/White Spring .206 dia. wire 5 coil $24.95
CP-000-0023 pink/White Spring .218 dia. wire 4 coil $24.95
CP-000-0021 red/White Spring .207 dia. wire 4 coil long free length $24.95
CP-000-0026 silver/White Spring .218 dia. wire 4 coil long free length $29.95
CP-000-0028 GREEN/White spring .218 dia. wire 4 coil long free length $29.95
CP-000-0027 ORANGE/White Spring .228 dia. wire 4 coil long free length stiffest $29.95

CPC Purple/White High Engagement Spring

Our Purple/White engagement spring was originally designed in 1990 and was and is the standard for all aftermarket high engagement
springs. Our competitors have tried for years to clone this famous spring without success. This spring allows a high engagement but at the
same time allows the primary drive clutch to shift out quickly thus allowing the snowmobile to accelerate faster than our competitors. The
purple/white spring will fit in Arctic Cat, Comet, and Polaris drive clutches. This spring is ideal for drag racing, turbo charged engines and
high altitude applications.
CP-000-0014 Purple/White Spring 175 @ 2.562” and 305 @ 1.3712 $24.95

CPC Gold/White Engagement Spring

Our Gold/White engagement spring was specifically designed for low to medium engagement use. Our Gold/White springs will fit in Arctic
Cat, Comet and Polaris drive clutches.
CP-000-0015 Gold/White Spring 135 @ 2.562” and 305 @ 1.312 $24.95

OEM Arctic Cat Drive Spring Chart

0646-148 53 224 Red/Blue $29.95
0646-150 72 188 Silver $34.95
0646-149 74 228 Red $23.95
0646-376 75 275 Gold $29.95
0646-147 114 267 Yellow/Green $22.95
0646-155 121 240 Purple $22.95
0646-229 122 285 Yellow/White $22.95
0646-248 143 290 Orange/White $23.95
0646-684 158 290 Black $23.95

cpc Driven Clutch Rollers

These driven clutch rollers are made out of an aero-space grade of plastic and CNC machined to be used as a direct
replacement for all 1998-present Arctic Cat driven clutches including ACT diamond drive clutches. The rollers will
improve up shift and back shift which stabilizes clutch shifting to allow consistant clutching characteristics.
cp-000-0096 Replacement Rollers for Diamond Drive (6 rollers per set) $69.95


This handbook has been updated and combines clutch theory and practical application for the racer and trail
4 rider. Authored by Dale Cutler.
CP-000-0099 Clutch Tuning Handbook $19.95
This kit fits all Diamond Drive driven clutches manufactured from 2005 to present including 2009-2011 engine
reverse models and transforms them into a custom high performance driven clutch that provides many features
and benefits. They include torsional spring technology which improves up shift acceleration and improved back
shifts. It has an easy to work on design and an easy external roller replacement design. Our rollers incorporate
an aerospace plastic for longer wearing and higher lubricity. This kit increases belt life due to a decrease in heat.
This kit includes a custom spring and a custom helix of your choice and the rollers. (Please call with your model
and modification history of engine.)
CP-000-0303 DIAMOND DRIVE CONVERSION Kit version 2 $299.95

CPC diamond drive belt deflection adjuster

This adjuster allows for belt deflection without changing shims in your driven clutch. The clever 13/16” hex al-
lows for the adjustments to be changed with the spark plug wrench. This kit includes a bolt, lock washer and
allen wrench.
CP-000-0305 cpc diamond drive belt deflection adjuster $34.95
CP-000-0304B cpc diamond drive belt BLACK deflection adjuster $39.95
(Will not fit 2010 & 2011 models)


With our new adjustable cam arms you can adjust the weight in seconds by simply adding or subtracting set
screws. It’s that easy! This new generation of cam arm is made specifically for the new Arctic Cat set screw
clutch. The accessibility of this adjustment can be made without the removal of the cam arms or by removing
your drive belt. You can now purchase one set of cam arms and have the ability to add up to approximately 10
grams of weight. Each kit comes with three cam arms, an assortment of different weight set screws, and the
Allen wrench to make any needed adjustment. This product is made under licence agreement of Patent #5,795,
255 with John P. Hooper/Dale Toole.
CP-000-6070IT* 60-70 GRAMS $159.95 CP-000-8090tm** 80-90 grams $159.95
CP-000-6070TM** 60-70 GRAMS $159.95 CP-000-8595it* 85-95 grams $159.95
CP-000-6575IT* 65-75 GRAMS $159.95 CP-000-8595tm** 85-95 grams $159.95
CP-000-6575TM** 65-75 GRAMS $159.95 CP-000-90100it* 90-100 grams $159.95
CP-000-7080IT* 70-80 grams $159.95 CP-000-90100tm** 90-100 grams $159.95
CP-000-7080Tm** 70-80 grams $159.95 CP-000-95105it* 95-105 grams $159.95
CP-000-7585IT* 75-85 Grams $159.95 CP-000-95105tm** 95-105 grams $159.95
CP-000-7585TM** 75-85 Grams $159.95 CP-000-100110iT* 100-110 grams $159.95
CP-000-8090IT* 80-90 grams $159.95 CP-000-100110tm** 100-110 grams $159.95
*improved trail (IT) Standard Shift Profile
**turbo mag (TM) Aggresive Shift Profile

CPC Set Screw Kit

This kit includes an assortment of 1/4” set screws with the following sizes:
quantity 3 1/4 X 1/4 set screw .75 Grams quantity 3 1/4 X 5/8 set screw 2.53 Grams
quantity 3 1/4 X 3/8 set screw 1.34 Grams quantity 3 1/4 X 3/4 set screw 3.15 Grams
quantity 3 1/4 X 1/2 set screw 1.93 Grams quantity 3 1/4 X 1”set screw 4.15 Grams
CP-000-SSKT CPC Set Screw Kit $5.00


This new and exciting part will convert your 1998-2004 driven clutch to a button style clutch simply by remov-
ing the roller cover and bolting this CNC billet aluminum cover on. Drag racers, trail riders and hill climbers can
add as much as 5 sled lengths of performance in acceleration runs by adding this part. The secret of this part
is that it allows the driven clutch to shift out smoothly and consistently without drawing or sucking the belt
into the sheaves uncontrollably like the roller driven clutches do. On engines that produce a lot of horsepower
and torque like big twins or monster triple engines, the stock roller driven clutch over reacts to the huge power
levels. Often the belt burns and is sucked into the driven clutch, causing the snowmobile to bog out on starts or
to allow the drive belt to slip. Our button clutch cover converts your existing clutch so you can tune it to achieve
predictable and awesome accelerating characteristics. If you want improved acceleration and belt life, we have
the part for you! This cover will not fit Diamond drive models.
CP-000-0202 Driven Button Clutch Cover $150.00


ArCtic Cat DIAMOND DRIVE Driven ClutchES
CP-CR 38 38 $95.00 CP-CR 42/48* 42/48 $95.00
CP-CR 38/44* 38/44 $95.00 CP-CR 44 44 $95.00
CP-CR 38/46* 38/46 $95.00 CP-CR 44/36 44/36 $95.00
CP-CR 38/48* 38/48 $95.00 CP-CR 44/38 44/38 $95.00
CP-CR 40 40 $95.00 CP-CR 44/50* 44/50 $95.00
CP-CR 40/46* 40/46 $95.00 CP-CR 46* 46 $95.00
CP-CR 40/44* 40/44 $95.00 CP-CR 46/40 46/40 $95.00
CP-CR 42 42 $95.00 CP-CR 48/44 48/44 $95.00 5
CP-CR 42/36 42/36 $95.00 * CPC Turbo Helix
This product reduces under-hood temps with our kit. Now you are able to maintain a high horsepower engine Ice Scratchers minimize hi-fax wear when riding on icy
and run cooler clutches by delivering additional cold air and allowing hot air to escape from your chassis. or hard-packed snow. These spring loaded scratchers
CP-004-1007 CPC FRESH AIR SIDE PANEL AIR VENTS $99.95 drag in the snow creating a spray of snow and ice chips
into the skid frame lubricating your hi-fax. They are easy
to install and allow for extra wheels to be removed from
skid frame. These scratchers are manufactured by HRP.
CPC fresh air NOSE CONE VENTS hrp8001 hrp ice scratchers $59.95
Kit includes 4 Fresh air intake vents that have been strategically placed to draw in cold air. CPC’s Fresh Air Nose Cone
Vents allow fresh air circulation to remove hot under the hood and at the same time to keep snow and ice out. This 2009-11 M-Series ice scratchers $52.95
kit works excellent with our Side Panel Air Vents.
CP-004-1006 CPC fresh air nose cone VENTS $49.95

4 piece hood vent kit

Prevents snow and water infiltration. Self-adhesive screens install over standard vents. Fits 2005-2011 M series & Crossfire
CP-5639-333 Hood vent kit (set of 4) $29.95
CPC 4” Air Inlet Snorkel
This trick part allows a 200% increase of air to the air
box on all F-6, F-7, M-6, M-7, models. This stock appearing
part is made out of black plastic and replaces the stock
3 piece hood vent kit 2 1/2” inside diameter tube with a 4” diameter inlet. The
This kit fits all M-Series Snowmobiles. All three vents help air flow into the hood and also keep the snow out. stock rubber accordian inlet duct fits on this part just like
CP-004-1005 3 piece hood vent kit $26.95 the stock inlet tube.
CP-001-8110 CPC 4” Air Inlet Snorkel $49.95


This off-set flywheel timing key allows you to advance your ignition timing without modifying your stator or cases.
Increased ignition allows your engine to build more cylinder pressure which increases your horsepower. For low
elevation application we encourage you to use higher octane fuel to prevent detonation while trail riding. Use
small keys for carb models and large keys for EFI models. If you are not sure which one you need you can call our
tech line for assistance.
CPC M Series Cold Air Intake
Lightweight Stinger Muffler Add horsepower and better throttle response by elimi-
nating your heavy, horsepower robbing, stock air box.
Our lightweight stinger muffler (6.13 lbs) saves you 14 lbs over your factory 2011 exhaust Upgrade it with CPC'S Fresh Air intake Kit. This kit in-
resonator muffler. Our compact design offers mandrel bent tubing, long life packing and cludes a cnc machined billet flange, a high flow coarse
a durable mellow sound and is one of the quietest aftermarket mufflers available. air filter, a pre-filter, custom nose cone vents, and a
CP-001-8201 2010-11 M8 LIGHTWEIGHT STINGER MUFFLER $265.95 air filter shield.
CP-001-8202 2007-11 M1000 LIGHTWEIGHT STINGER MUFFLER $265.95 CP-004-1008 CPC COLD AIR INTAKE $259.95

water temperature probe hose coupler Oil Injection Disconnect Plate

With this water temperature probe hose coupler, you can easily add a water tem- This plate allows you to remove the oil injection pump on Arctic Cat engines. In-
perature probe/gauge to your snowmobile. You simply cut the water outlet hose cludes gasket and screws. Grease Zerk allows you to pump high temperature
and splice in this coupler. It is pre-drilled and tapped for any 1/8” NPT water tem- grease into the water pump shaft/oil pump shaft cavity that is driven by the crank-
perature probe. Two sizes are available, either for a 7/8” ID hose or a 1” ID hose. shaft. NOTE: oil pump retainer must be modified before installing this part.
CP-000-005 billet w/coupler 7/8” $24.95 CP-001-3004 Oil Injection Disconnect Plate $19.95
cp-000-006 billet w/coupler 1” $24.95 CP-001-3010 greasable oil injection disconnect Plate $29.95


CPC offers the finest fit and finish traction boards available for your sled due to the
laser cut scratch free aluminum that is used. These unique traction products offer
additional tunnel support to keep floor boards from sagging as well as allowing the
snow and ice build up to fall through the cut-outs in the bottom. They include your
choice of either pop rivets or solid rivets. Please indicate when ordering.
CP-004-1000 ARCTIC CAT 2005-7 M-series sno-cleat traction board $149.95
CP-004-1001 ARCTIC CAT 2002-6 800-900 models including King Kat $149.95
These billet heads offer extreme cooling due to 150% extra water capacity over stock heads. The attractively designed head allows for your
choice of compression ratio with our own removable dome inserts. Our dome inserts have a patented* anti-detonation feature to allow
more compression on lower octane fuel. More compression in your engine means more low and mid range power, faster acceleration, better
throttle response and more top end speed.
* Under license from High Mark Performance.

CPC EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator

This EFI fuel pressure regulator can be used on all 2003 and newer Firecats or on 2005 or newer M-6, M-7, M-8 & M-1000 mountain sleds.
The CPC EFI fuel pressure regulator is CNC machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum and uses a modified OEM regulator inside it that can
be adjusted anywhere from 0 to 60 psi. Now you can increase fuel pressure or decrease fuel pressure on your EFI by simply turning a screw!
This is a perfect product for any one who wants to “tweak” on their jetting or who wants to modify their EFI motor by adding a set of Pipes
or a big bore kit. Remember that when adjusting fuel pressure, adjustments are linear from an idle to full throttle. On many applications,
this regulator can be used in conjunction with a EFI “Chip” to fine tune your fuel requirements. A $80.00 credit can be applied by trading
in your stock pressure regulator. The gauge is glycerin filled and is essential for measuring and monitoring the fuel pressure at the time of
adjustments to the fuel pressure. The gauge comes with fittings, hoseclamps and instructions.
CP-001-0104 CPC EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator with Gauge $259.95

CP-003-0100 2003-2006 brake reservoir cap $24.95 CP-003-0110 BRAKE lever 2007 m-series & Newer $29.95
CP-003-0200 2007 & Newer Brake Reservoir Cap m-8, m-1000 $27.95 CP-003-0104 CPC Billet Gas Cap2001-05 Mountain Cat, KC $49.95
CP-003-01073 3” m-series Handlebar Riser $89.95 CP-003-0103 CPC Billet Gas Cap, F-6, F-7, M-6, M-7, m-8, m-1000 $84.95
CP-003-0107b3 3” m-series black Handlebar Riser $99.95 CP-003-0103B CPC Billet Gas Cap, F-6, F-7, M-6, M-7, m-8, m-1000
CP-003-01072 2” m-series Handlebar Riser $84.95 anodized black $89.95
CP-003-0108 2009-11 RISER FOR TELESCOPING POST $104.95 CP-003-0017 Billet axle washers $39.95
CP-003-0015 CPC Billet Recoil Starter Handle $39.95
CP-003-0016 CPC Heavy Duty Rope $12.95

CP-003-0102 BRAKE lever m1 & mc & old m-series $29.95


Attitude Industries provides a tuning solution for all your electronic fuel injection (EFI) needs. Our fuel controller, the Attitude Box, incorpo-
rates technology to function much like a carburetor. It takes the knowledge and tuning experience many of us have had for years and con-
verts it to a fuel injection interface. It makes EFI tuning just like adjusting the pilot jet and mixture screws, needle, or main jet in a carburetor.
Our Attitude Box contains multiple different tuning modes determined by colors that are easy to read while riding instead of trying to read
a LCD screen. The different colors allow you to quickly figure out what load or RPM range you are currently in.
ai-86009 2010 M8 TURBO DUAL INJECTOR ATTITUDE BOX $499.95 ai-9620030 05-09 M678 TURBO SINGLE INJECTOR ATTITUDE BOX $469.95
ai-86006 05-09 M678 TURBO DUAL INJECTOR ATTITUDE BOX $499.95

Cpc pressure regulator

CPC now offers our own 1 to 1 boost compensating fuel pressure regulator. This new pressure regulator was designed specifically for snow-
mobile turbo use.
CP-001-0110 Cpc pressure regulator $169.95


The new CPC Racing blow off valve was CAD designed specifically for snowmobile use. All body and all internal components are CNC-ma-
chined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. It features a large 50.5mm (1.988 inch) valve. The V-Band design mounting clamp uses an all aluminum
design which allows the clamp to be anodized to prevent corrosion and uses stainless steel hardware for durable trouble free use. Our valve
seal utilizes a Viton O-ring that is locked in place by using a specially designed and machined O ring grove in the piston to prevent the pos-
sibility of sticking to the seat and pulling out. The body, cap and piston are all hard anodize-coated for wear resistance. The Blow off Valve
also comes with 1/8 stainless steel fitting to be used in snowmobile turbo charging or supercharger use. We use a flora-silicone actuator
diaphragm and stainless steel hardware for long lasting life. The unique design of an internal diaphragm prevents the piston to seize up in
harsh environments where snow and ice buildup or belt dust is present in snowmobile use. CPC uses a patent-pending unique design to allow
the owner to externally fine tune the blow off sensitivity of the spring inside the blow off valve.

cpc high performance fuel pump

This pump is designed for turbo’s or big bores that require additional fuel volume and additional fuel pressure. This pump’s minimum output
is 150 liters per hour at 58 psi. This special pump has been custom manufactured for CPC to provide high output with low amperage draw.
This pump is designed to replace the original pump and fits in the original fuel pump location inside the gas tank. A special wiring harness is
required to operate this pump and plugs into the factory wiring harness (not included). 2009 or newer models require AC to DC converter.
cp-002-0007 Cpc high performance fuel pump $169.95 7
cp-002-0006 cpc custom wiring harness $39.95
Bore Light Arctic/Comet Drive clutch alignment tool
This high-intensity light is ideal for inspecting “wash” Clutch Pullers This tool makes it easy to correct misaligned drive &
on your pistons or other hard to see places. The new For easy removal of Arctic Cat drive clutches use this driven clutch off set. This tool only works on ‘05-’09
Stylus Reach® has a flexible cable extension, allow- one piece clutch puller. M-Series Diamond Drive models.
ing you to get deep into the tighest spots. With a wa-
ARC-0644-207 $34.95 0644-427 clutch alignment tool 2005-09 $25.29
terproof, aircraft aluminum casing and a tough PVC
Fits Artco round drive clutches from 1995 to 0644-496
shielded cable, the Stylus Reach is built to illuminate
those unforgiving, hard-to-reach areas. It’s unbreak- 2009 excluding m1000 clutch alignment tool for 2010-11 $24.95
able, 100,000-hour LED–which never needs replacing. ARC-0744-062 2010-11 m8 & all m1000 $32.95
SO-003-2250 Bore Light $29.95

Our Machine Shop Offers a Complete Line of Quality Services Including:

• Flow Bench Testing • Mill Head Twin Including Squish • Arctic Drive Clutch Rebuild
• Trail Porting • Carb Boring • Arctic Driven Clutch Rebuild
• Full Mod Porting • Hone Cylinder • Tunnel Porting Crankcase Twin
• Re-Nicasil Cylinders • Balance Drive Clutch • Tunnel Porting Crankcase Tripple
• Mill Head Single Without Squish • Balance Driven Clutch • Twin Cylinder Complete Engine Rebuild
• Mill Head Single Including Squish • Machine Faces & Balance Drive Clutch • Three CylInder Complete Engine Rebuilds
• Mill Head Twin Without Squish • Machine Faces & Balance Driven Clutch • Aluminum Welding
• Dyno Services

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made or authorized to be made by the Company.
All performance parts and modifications to engines produced after 2006 (compliance motors) are to by used for competition use only.