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Setup of Function or Events in Banquet is one of the most challenging job for hoteliers. Banquet
Events Set up requires not only planning but experience of handling various situations during
Banquet Events Set up.


1. Chairs (remove with a chair caddy) and tables are moved to the function room, 6 to 8 hours
prior to the function’s start.

2. Trolleys are used to transport equipment.

3. All setup begins with a clean room. A room is considered clean when all unnecessary
equipment is removed and the room has been properly vacuumed, dusted and polished.

4. Floor plans must be followed strictly in order to avoid wasting of human resources and
double- jobs.

5. Setup is symmetrical, equal and aligned.

6. Setups for meetings must include water glasses, note pads, pencils and fruits/candies
unless otherwise specified.

7. All head tables for meeting setups and all stage setups must be properly decorated and shall
not be skirted.

8. All tables, chairs and amenity setups are in-line with the concept of the event.

9. Visual aides must be clean, properly working ad completed with its necessary accessories.

10. Head tables for meetings have full amenities set.

11. At the end of every function chairs must be stacked-up and returned to the store area.

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1. Table with table cloths or a wooden registration desk.

2. Flower vases, garbage bin, full amenity setup as requested.


1. Align all chairs.

2. Clean floors and rearranged table top setup.

3. Do not disturb business papers, briefcases, folders, books or other equipments not belonging
to the hotel.

4. Replace all dirty glassware.


– Setup of Cash bar with an extra table and chair for cashier(s), petty cash, register as per

Where no table service (service by plate) is provided, table space must be provided for the
display of main courses, appetizers, bread and butter, condiments, desserts and beverages.

Tables can be arranged to create buffet spacing/setup that guests can easily serve themselves
without having to wait in-line. Rectangular tables can be combined to form V-shapes, U-shapes, L-
shapes, hollow squares etc

Half-round and quarter-round tables can be arranged to from ovals, S-shapes, hollow circles, etc.
Tables can be arranged to form islands for different types of cuisine and themes. Table cloths shall be
long enough to hide table legs and are 5cm off the floor. Skirting is not adequate in modern


Table flowers, bouquets, arches and garlands for weddings are arranged and prepared by the Florist
stated on the Function Order.

VIP Flower Setup – A VIP setup should be indicated by listing the specifications on arrangements
in the column
‘Flowers/Florist’ of the Function Order.


Two directional signs should be produced for each function to be placed at:

1. Lobby (sign board)

2. Entrance at the Ball room/Function room (standing sign board)

Lettering is made by the artists. Specifications must be given at least one week prior to the date of
the function so as to give sufficient time for preparation. Foam lettering is prohibited due to
environmental reasons.


Requirements depend on external demand and are influenced by the character and location of
the hotel/resort. Rooms are multi-functional, being used for business, leisure, private parties,
meetings of societies and other purposes. The need is for arrangement of furniture and facilities,
including built-in A/V aide equipment, adjustable engineering services, large furniture storage
areas and efficient F&B services.

Maximum flexibility is provided by sliding or folding partitions into separate areas, each self-
contained having separate entrance and independent service facilities. Movable portion must
provide a high degree of sound insulation and this involves special attention to the design panels,
joints and supports. In addition, lighting, air-conditioning, sound systems and other engineering
services must be capable of separate operation and control with provision for balancing when the
room condition change.

One method of increasing space utilization is to combine daytime use of rooms for small business
meetings etc. Rooms for multi-purposes must be larger than normal guest rooms and provide
facility for family use during vacation periods. The room must be easily converted with minimum of
effort and disturbance features such as sliding or swivelling bed recesses, convertible divans,
closets for desks and furniture.
Meeting rooms should be directly accessible from the main or a second lobby. Large ball
rooms/function rooms should be located near the street approached through stairs or elevators
leading directly to the entrance foyer. Separation from the guest rooms is important to facilitate
management and reduce noise disturbance. Sign posting and directional support is essential
throughout the Hotel/Resort.

Pre-function rooms/foyers are usually necessary to provide a reception/registration area.

Tables will usually be rectangular with provision for linking together to meet banquet needs. In larger
rooms, circular tables may also be provided. Seat spacing is usually based on width 60cm per diner.

To allow easy arrangement and storage, furniture should have the following characters:

1. – Light weight but robust/strong.

2. – Fitted with protective ends to legs.

3. – Stackable into mobile carrier.

4. – Inter-changeable.

5. – Replaceable.

6. – Linkable to form rows.

7. – Resistant to marking.

8. – Durable resisting, scraping and impact.

9. – In-line with the character of room and hotel/resort.

Also, service trolleys, mobile side boards and other meal sources equipment shall be provided. A
temporary bar (moveable even) or permanent is to be considered. Carpet and furnishing are

Special requirements for meeting rooms:

– Dance floors
– Band stages, stands and equipment

A/V equipment:

1. – LCD Projectors, Plasma TV’s/LCD TV’s

2. – Built-in or moveable PA speakers

3. – Slide projectors, tape speaker extension


5. – Microphones, wireless microphones

6. – Projection screens (moveable or built-in)

7. – Pin board, display board, flip charts

8. – Remote lighting and air-control

9. – Portable closed circuit TV/Camera and projection equipment

10. – CCTV surveillance

11. – Control room or moveable control panels/switch boards

12. – DJ sets/turntables

13. – Additional special lighting equipment for show performances etc.

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Success or failure of any conference or banquet depends on the quality of the speakers, the
amount of assistance or information and the degree of learning which participants received.
These elements are out of the control of the Hotel Management.


Organizers and leaders of such meetings are likely to be impressed with the fact that the hotel
associate knows what he/she is doing. Confidence in the smooth running of these arrangements will
undoubtedly lead to more business in the future.

Checklist of the information needed from the organizers must be prepared in order that a
systematic plan of campaign can be setup. A checklist below reads such possible details needed:

Dates to be set:

1. – Majority of group arrival/departure, late arrivals, release of reserved rooms not taken-up.
Type of arrangement/event:

2. – Wedding, dinner, meeting, funeral, anniversary, conference etc. Attendance to be


3. – Total number of guests expected, plus wives/children/relatives (if any).

4. – Total number of participants.

5. – Total number of adults and children

Overnight accommodation to be ascertained:

– Number of DBL/TWN/SGL/TPL rooms, suites etc. and comp. rooms

Planning of Meeting requirements during Banquet Events Set up :

1. – Conference room(s), Annex(s), Cloakroom(s), changing room(s), Number of tables and


2. – Decoration concept; banners, flags, canvas, logos etc.

3. – Flower arrangements/ plants

4. – Microphone(s), wired or non-wired

5. – Projectors or other visual aid

6. – Paper, pencils, notepads etc

7. – Lectern
8. – Platform(s)

9. – Carpet(s)

Organization of F&B services during Banquet Events Set up :

– Menu sections, members per table, shape of tables, bar facilities, appetizers with drinks,
tea/coffee facilities, starting and finishing times of meals and breaks, venues of meals and breaks.

Basic costs:

– Double rooms, single rooms, Suites, Executive Floors, Children rates, conference room(s),
additional room(s), business centre and its facilities, parking, drinks (‘open bar’ or ‘by consumption’),
main meals, breaks, coffee/tea service.

Other services to be costed:

1. – Provision of special equipment, i.e. projector, microphones etc.

2. – Provision of personnel for service of above.

3. – Provision of flowers.

4. – Complimentary meals and/or accommodation.

5. – Sign/place cards, gratuities. General Information

The Hotel/Resort should be prepared to make suggestions and arrangements for the
entertainment of the relatives (wives, children) and friends not participating the event/function. A
list of facilities is helpful and may list as the following:

1. – Shops and stores within the property or nearby

2. – Kids activities (chargeable or free)

3. – The hotel’s/resort’s restaurants and leisure facilities.

4. – Theatre and cinema program.

5. – In-house DVD movie program (if applicable).

6. – Excursion arrangements specially tailored for this group.

7. – All transportation facilities available.

8. – Baby sitting facilities.

9. – Availability of guides and tours.

Opportunities for promotional events within the hotel can be means of increasing income from


Banquet Events Set up and Services

– Conference rooms preferably be windowless, artificially lighted and air-conditioned and the
following points indicate why this should be so. It amounts to the fact that the speaker or instructor
can then control all these factors.

– If a conference room has windows, all curtains/blinds should be pulled over existing windows to
allow greater concentration on the guest speaker.

Lighting for Banquet Events Set up

– The eye is always drawn to either the highest luminous point or the one which has the highest
color intensity. Therefore, it is important that the speaker should be illuminated and seen

against a very simple background which is preferably darker then the rest of the room. Beware of
concentration of light, if, which can cause glare, forcing the speaker to step aside to avoid this painful
experience or give his/her performance in discomfort. It is a simple matter to shield or cover the light

General Information on Banquet Events Set up

The Hotel/Resort should be prepared to make suggestions and arrangements for the
entertainment of the relatives (wives, children) and friends not participating the event/function. A
list of facilities is helpful and may list as the following:

1. – Shops and stores within the property or nearby

2. – Kids activities (chargeable or free)

3. – The hotel’s/resort’s restaurants and leisure facilities.

4. – Theatre and cinema program.

5. – In-house DVD movie program (if applicable).

6. – Excursion arrangements specially tailored for this group.

7. – All transportation facilities available.

8. – Baby sitting facilities.

9. – Availability of guides and tours.

Opportunities for promotional events within the hotel can be means of increasing income from


– Noise of bad air-conditioning or heating system in operation must be avoided. An audience is

more responsive mentally if they are seated in a slightly lower ‘climate’ than normal
temperature. There should be an awareness of a flow of air cross the room, at least a
movement noticeable.

Noise control

– Lift operations, opening and closing of doors, walking or talking are to be cut down to a
minimum. It is important that distractions of all kind are avoided.

– Chairs shall be comfortable with semi-padded seating but without front edge. The speaker’s chair
should be always brighter-colored fabric to keep the attention of the audience’s field of vision. Chairs
should be stackable sot that the room can be easily cleared and setup.


– Flat-topped foldable tables of uniform size are better than one or two large ones. Also they must
be of light-weight, no obstructions for the knees and a rod underneath for the feet to rest.


– A raised speaker platform must be set in order to give best visibility. The nearer the speaker is
located to the ceiling, the better will the audience at the back of the room be able to hear.


– The lay-out of the room is to be discussed and planned beforehand depending on purpose
and multi-functional usage. A series of diagrams of seating arrangements should be drawn-up and
checked with the organizer/leader before each meeting.

Other points to be checked during Banquet Events Set up are:

1. – Seating styles (classroom, theatre, u-shaped, top tables) and for how many participants.

2. – Size of conference room; Length, width, height. Is this adequate (comfortable) for the
group, if seated as required?

3. – Is there space for coffee breaks in the room or will it be served outside?

4. – When is the latest dead line of finishing all setup and its equipment?


Some minimum requirements:

1. – Required number of chairs arranged in the form requested.

2. – A platform.

3. – A presiding officer’s table and chairs.

4. – A lighted lectern (either table or floor type).

5. – A gavel.

6. – Water (bottled) and glasses on the speaker’s table.

7. – A black board/flip chart/white board.

8. – Chalk/Pens.

9. – An eraser.

10. – A pointer.

11. – A national flag (for public gathering).

12. – A/V tools.

13. – Any other latest sophistication.

14. – The hotel logo/wording on the back (drop).

Key Points for Banquet Events Set up :

1. – Entrance and exit facilities for material and properties, as well as guests, facilitating
movement without delay.

2. – Provision for adequate parking varies for guests and meeting sponsors.

3. –
Provision of safety features including properly marked fire exits, properly fused circu
its, adequate floor load capacity and flame-proofed drapiers.

4. – Provision for adequate electric circuit, 20-amperes min. capacity with outlet, both at front
and rear of room. All lights are controllable from one light switch panel.

5. – Air-condition and heating should be

controlled by a room thermostat which can easily be adjusted without services of the

6. – Ventilation should be provided and washing rooms and drinking fountains should be
arranged near by.

7. – Top quality sound systems are a must. In addition to lectern mike, there should be
provision for “lavaliere’, microphones for panelists and portable microphones for audience

8. – Minimum required A/V equipment must be available in sufficient quantity.

9. – Associates must be
readily available to assist in setting up the room and equipment for a meeting.

10. –
Provide F&B services for breaks and meals in an efficient manner. For larger properti
es, separate wing with kitchen equipments should be setup/installed.

11. – Provide convenient outlet and space for projection equipment to keep audience
distraction to a minimum.

In smaller Hotels/Resorts, it is uneconomical to own meeting equipment which is very costly. The
Hotel/Resort should consider arranging needed equipment with local suppliers on a rental
basis/contract. This may include the following equipment:

– Sound projectors, LCD Projectors, Slide projectors, PA Systems.


It is also known as off-premises catering. The Hotel/Resort providing outdoor catering facilities
should make it a continuing activity to ensure the fuller utilization of its equipment and associates. A
full and comprehensive sales service such as, meals, drinks, confectionary, tobacco, kiosk,
merchandises etc. should be provided in these functions.
The following points should be included in the initial survey to be conducted for proper planning of
outdoor catering:

1. – Type of function
2. – Size of function

3. – Date and time

4. – Site and distance to Hotel/Resort/depot/store

5. – Local transport facilities

6. – Local commodity supplier

7. – Availability of associates and equipment/facilities

An important note in Banquet Events Set up ; Remember that associates from the F&B operation
team used in the regular operation might be taken-out of the regular operation, thus hiring
of temporary associates might be considered. The same applies for the equipment and
transportation used.

1. – Layout of site

2. – Number or people expected

3. – Availability of electricity, gas, water, sanitary installations, wastage disposal

4. – ASP of people attending

5. – Occupancy of the Hotel/Resort (to schedule additional resources for the outside event)

6. – Kiosk and merchandise stand/booth

7. – Time allowance for setting up catering units and dismantling

8. – Type of license required

9. – Provision of mobile units adaptable to hot and cold food items

10. –
Communication facilities to ensure coordination and control of associates and continuo
us supplies of commodities

11. – Arrangement for photographers/internal-external PR/DVD camera team etc.

12. – Press and the Media

13. – Provision for changing rooms and toilettes

14. – Insurance against fire/weather

15. – Provision of first-aid

16. – Available A/V and PA system as required

17. – Needed resources of Housekeeping and Engineering

18. – Forecasting of weather reports and possible rain-protection

19. – Safety regulations of employees for loading and unloading of equipment

20. – Estimate of cost of overhead

21. –
Type of service received; Buffet service/Service by plate (table service)/Takeaway Servic
e/ Supply of hot dishes/Beverage service

22. – Clearing and cleaning facilities (Stewarding)

23. – Containers for small and disposable items used

24. The person in charge needs to be

decisive, quick to command and adaptable to various situations. Everything is possible
during an outdoor event!