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The future of Engine Automation

MAN Diesel & Turbo
Leading technology – responsibly

MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of low- and
medium-speed engines – our power plants are capable of supplying around 50 per-
cent of the energy needed for all world trade. We develop two-stroke and four-stroke
units, auxiliary engines, turbochargers and propulsion packages, manufactured both
by the MAN Diesel & Turbo Group and licensed partners.

At MAN Diesel & Turbo, we are focusing more attention on the environmental
performance of our engines than ever before. By applying our unrivalled understanding
of large engine technology, we aim to make our engines progressively cleaner, more
powerful, and more efficient.

We are committed to cutting emissions while increasing the fuel efficiency and
power density of our engines. To this end, we support the introduction of new laws
and regulations on ship emissions. Our aim is to deliver power plants that achieve
an ideal synthesis of prime mover characteristics.

Leveraging MAN Diesel & Turbo’s core competencies, we have developed the
robust, first-class SaCoSone engine control system – taking our commitment to the
environment a step further.

SaCoSone 3
Advanced automation solutions for turbochargers
and four-stroke engines

Today’s engines are constantly evolving, and the latest innovations pose new
challenges. Control systems play a crucial role in extracting the best-possible
performance from the power plant, so it is vital that they keep up with the pace
of engine development. To do this, they must combine sophisticated hardware and
first-class software design. SaCoSone (Safety and Control System on engine) from
MAN Diesel & Turbo does just that, and is able to withstand even the harshest
operating conditions.

As technology pushes the boundaries of the physic- Increasing functionality & benefits
ally possible, concepts such as adaptive engine con-
trol provide the flexibility required to meet today’s 200
performance needs. And a guaranteed, future-proof
approach to design helps tackle the problems of
tomorrow. SaCoS one was developed with these
aspects in mind, while keeping an eye on another key
factor: safety. This system meets the highest of safety 100
standards, and this is reflected in the first two letters
of the name.

However, the complexity of engines is not shaped

by technology alone. Changing legal requirements 0
and evolving customer demands call for a range of 1995 2005 2015
application variants. In response to these imperatives,
MAN Diesel & Turbo has developed an intelligent, ■ Number of engine functions
decentralized system that separates hardware and ■ Number of sensors
software levels, and boasts a variety of modular ■ Number of total automation functions

4 SaCoSone
Variable valve timing Electronic injection Adaptive engine control

VTA control Emissions control Fuel sharing

Online data access Knock control Flexible interfaces

SaCoSone 5
The Family
A turnkey system solution

The SaCoSone family is a solution capable of meeting a variety of system require-

ments: with just a few module types, we cover the whole engine range.
Components can be added in line with the specific application. Older, centralized
systems can no longer keep pace with rapidly evolving engines and variants. In
contrast, SaCoSone is based on a flexible, decentralized system, so it is able to
adapt to these challenges quickly and easily.

A clearly structured system of modular components

The challenge was to create a solution that accom- incorporating additional functionality and I/O ranges
modates as many application scenarios as possible. is easy, regardless of the physical con­figuration. The
In response, we produced a clear, modular design modular design is highly scalable and simple, ensuring
that forms the basis of our entire four-stroke product that new monitoring functionality can be integrated
portfolio, including all turbochargers – from the small quickly and efficiently.
five-cylinder auxiliary genset, to the 20-cylinder dual-
fuel engine. Compatibilities at a glance

Intelligent system structure

Flexibility and scalability are core elements of the GENSET PROPULSION LARGE
SaCoSone development philosophy. The system archi- L16/24 X
tecture connects control modules, display devices, L21/31 X X
and other modules designed for specialist functions or L27/38 X X
standard input/output (I/O) ranges. All modules are V28/33D X
designed for versatility, communicate seamlessly with L32/40 X X
one another, and provide system information via an V32/40 X
easy-to-use interface. L+V32/40G X
L+V32/44CR X
Thanks to redundant engine control, SaCoSone offers V35/44G X
maximum reliability and availability. What’s more, it L+V48/60B X
also improves monitoring and analysis. All components L+V48/60CR X
communicate via a compact bus system, which can L+V51/60DF X
be extended using external I/O channels. As a result, L+V51/60G X
S.E.M.T. Pielstick X X X

6 SaCoSone
Control modules Display module

Redundant System Bus

Modules with flexible functionality Gateway modules

Control modules Display module

These highly integrated modules have been designed This module enables straightforward, user-friendly
for a variety of uses and feature a number of analog operation, and boasts a TFT touchscreen display
and digital I/O channels. They include the main pro- specially designed for harsh operating environments.
cessing system for use in SaCoSone products. What’s more, it features an integrated programmable
logic controller (PLC) and a range of I/O channels. The
Modules with flexible functionality additional Ethernet port allows system downloads and
These modules are designed for specific uses based software backups to take place via EXPERT or service
on particular core functions. With software developed programs.
in-house by MAN Diesel & Turbo experts, they can be
upgraded via flexible system extensions. Gateway modules
These modules provide the main interface-to-customer
system functionality, as well as data logging options
and a dual-core service module. They enable users to
download and back up system software.

SaCoSone 7
The Wide Range of Benefits Offered by
Ongoing development of future-proof solutions

Plug-and-play family of modules
philosophy from a single

Retrofit and
safety standards
upgrade solutions

End-to-end expertise
Guaranteed Classification
in data management, Cost optimization
future-proof societies
with online support

First-class quality
A product of excellent design and failure mode effect The entire system is then subjected to an automated
analysis (FMEA), SaCoS one meets all environmental integration test before ultimately undergoing an on-
testing requirements defined by classification societies. engine system test.
Excellent production and quality management systems
help ensure extremely high levels of quality. Plus, all Hardware
SaCoS one modules must pass rigorous electronic n Control system pre-tested in factory
testing, including: n Plug-and-play components ensure easy
module exchange
n Automated optical inspection n Reduced cabling
n In-circuit testing n Guaranteed long-term supply of spare parts

n Boundary-scan testing
n Burn-in and run-in testing Software
n Functional testing n Integrated self-diagnostics and data security
n Sensor monitoring
n Standardized interfaces
n Easy operation and maintenance

8 SaCoSone
Optional Extensions
End-to-end data management expertise,
including online support

Online Service
Remote access

Collection of engine
operating data

Self service on board

Installation and

More than just engine electronics The SaCoSone Toolbox

SaCoSone doesn’t stop at engine control. This end-to- The SaCoS one Toolbox combines hardware and
end system combines a variety of solutions, while of- software elements, enabling the installation and
fering access to online services and a far-reaching maintenance of products from the SaCoS one range.
network of experts. It meets both customer needs Specialist software programs are installed on a
and market demands, and includes features such dedicated laptop and delivered with all the neces-
as safety and alarm systems, auxiliary control, and sary peripheral hardware components, including
remote access. SaCoS one is fully engine-mounted, cables and USB sticks.
making it an ideal solution for use with conventional
or electronic fuel injection engines. The CoCoS EDS (on-board unit)
CoCoS EDS provides all the tools necessary for
The SaCoSone Databox monitoring, performance evaluation and fault analysis
This data logging module works in much the same way in diesel engines. Suitable for single- or multiple-
as black boxes on aircraft – continuously gathering engine plants, it offers owners and operators an
engine operating data and archiving it. Information integrated data analysis system. What's more, it
is compressed and processed, before being made streamlines fault analysis – helping to minimize the
available for further analysis. risk of engine failure or damage.

SaCoSone 9
MAN PrimeServ Online Service
Greater protection for your engines

Comprehensive services and solutions are complemented by our Online Service –

now available for all plants. Customers benefit from an end-to-end data manage-
ment concept, with MAN Diesel & Turbo ideally located to provide outstanding
support, anywhere in the world. This is possible due to rapid access to operating
data, long-term trend information, insight into event triggers, and production
variant data.

PrimeServ Online Service transmits key engine data via secure connections to
PrimeServ experts, from anywhere in the world. They then analyze the information
and make recommendations for engine maintenance or repair. What’s more, they
can access real-time engine data, and use it to offer troubleshooting support.
MAN PrimeServ Online Service comprises the following modules:

Condition monitoring Remote support

Continuously collects and monitors engine operating Should a fault develop, online service experts can re-
data. Carries out regular evaluation (using both auto- motely access the plant and view all relevant data. In
mated and manual methods) and analysis. many cases, the problem can be resolved quickly by
working together with personnel on-site.
Condition reporting
Delivers regular status reports on key operating condi- Quick information
tions. Provides a long-term overview of the condition of In the event of unexpected changes or irregularities in
your engine and a customized view of operating data, engine operation, you will receive a telephone call or a
combined with recommendations for future operation. brief report highlighting and outlining the issue.

10 SaCoSone
Power plant / vessel MAN Diesel & Turbo


Data logging Firewall Secure Firewall Online Service

VPN tunnel server Real-time data

Internet Trend

Analysis results

Diagram of PrimeServ Online Service for power plant and marine engines

Performance curves Benefits

We compare the current state of your engine with n Optimized reliability
its peak condition (engine fingerprint). By utilizing n Higher level of availability
performance data in combination with additional on- n Reduce cost
site measurements (e.g. combustion pressure), we n Predictive maintenance
can provide advice on restoring your engine to its n Faster troubleshooting and fault elimination
best-possible condition.
Advanced functions
Trend analysis n Secure communication channel
This feature evaluates long-term patterns in operating n Graphical display of operating conditions and trends
data, making it possible to anticipate potential irregu- n Lifetime trend storage and backup of operating data
larities (e.g. lube oil degradation) before faults occur. n Guided fault analysis

SaCoSone 11
A Global Network of Automation Expertise
Your gateway to the technology of the future

Automation services Ready to meet future challenges

Innovative technology is only half of the equation. MAN Diesel & Turbo has over 15 years of experience in
Even the most advanced systems can only achieve engine control software and electronics, and SaCoSone
their true potential if supported by professional service. is the product of this knowledge.
Our systems automation sites enable us to ensure that
our technology works for you. Our teams include over The system features a combination of established,
300 highly skilled and motivated automation systems well-structured software and the latest embedded,
specialists. Once the system is up and running, microcontroller-based hardware. The software has
operation and maintenance is both simple and safe. been tested extensively using standardized PLC
Customers always have a skilled point of contact, technology.
guaranteeing peace of mind.
The new hardware is based on standard components
And with sites located conveniently throughout widely used in the automotive industry, and is robust
Europe and Asia, help is always close at hand – enough to withstand even the harshest environments.
wherever it is needed.
With SaCoS one, all engines are well-prepared for
Automation sites Europe Automation sites Asia future challenges.
n Frederikshavn n Busan
n Copenhagen n Changzhou

n Holeby n Shanghai

n Hamburg n Aurangabad

n Berlin

n Oberhausen

n Augsburg

n Zurich

n Saint-Nazaire

12 SaCoSone
SaCoSone 13
World-Class Service
Marine propulsion, gensets and stationary plants

Service centers

The PrimeServ offering PrimeServ’s aim is to provide:

The MAN Diesel & Turbo Group offers worldwide,  Prompt delivery of high demand OEM spare
round-the-clock service, 365 days a year. In addition parts within 24 hours
to MAN Diesel & Turbo’s service headquarters in  F ast, reliable and competent customer support
Augsburg, Copenhagen, Frederikshavn, Saint-Nazaire,  Individually tailored O&M contracts
Hamburg and Stockport, service centers on all conti-  Ongoing training and qualification of operators

nents provide comprehensive and continuous support. and maintainers

 Global service, open 24 hours-a-day,
MAN Diesel & Turbo engines are renowned for their 365 days-a-year
quality and durability. We are a global organization  Diagnosis and troubleshooting with our
with a strong local presence, delivering exceptional high performance Online Service
field service management, tailor-made solutions,
and first-class technical support.

PrimeServ provides advice and assistance to

customers throughout the product lifecycle, from
delivery to resale. With our far-reaching network of
Service centers, we respond rapidly to customer
needs. What’s more, we offer outstanding service
and unrivalled technical expertise. Plus, we only use
genuine spare parts – safeguarding the longevity of
your engine.

14 SaCoSone
SaCoSone 15
All data provided in this document is non-binding. This data serves informational
purposes only and is not guaranteed in any way. Depending on the subsequent
specific individual projects, the relevant data may be subject to changes and will
be assessed and determined individually for each project. This will depend on the
particular characteristics of each individual project, especially
specific site and operational conditions. Copyright © MAN Diesel & Turbo.
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