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VT Report

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Period of examination / Date Technician (Init.) Certificate no. Assistant 1 (Init.) Cert. no. Assisitant. 1 Assistant 2 (Init.) Cert. no. Assistant. 2
28.10.2010 Gaivoronskiy 4355.VT.2/10                        
Assistant 3 (Init.) Cert. no. Assistant. 3 Assistant 4 (Init.) Cert. no. Assistant. 4 Examination organization / Inspection authority
                        PE "DDP"
Client Contractor Location
Wadan Yards Okean       1.Zavodskay Sgyare.Mykolaiv.Ukraine 54050
Object Section ID-no. Drawing no. ECN. no.
door frame 177R 1004720 30991
Examination procedure Acceptance criteria Material.
CI 568932-31871 CI 568932-31871 Steel
Supplementary information
Weld preparation Time of examination Heat-treated Other
X Y U V K I Fillet Hours after weld 24 Yes No      
Welding Process 121 131 135 136 141 Other
Man.elec. 111 Sup. arc. Mic Mag Fluxcored wire TIG      
Surface condition
Ground Smooth Coarse
Technique Other
EN 970      
Ruler Tape measure Caliper Feeler gauge Weld gauge Contour gauge Material for replica
Quality requirements (Standard) for finished welds Other standards
ISO EN 5817 level B      
Time of examination Extent of examination
Before welding During welding After welding 100 % Random
Extent of examination
100% of weld no. 1 100% of weld no.2
100% of weld no. 3 100% of weld no.4
100% of weld no. 5 100% of weld no.6
100% of weld no. 7 100% of weld no.8
100%of all non-specified welding
Results of examination
Repairs Enclosures Technician (Date/Signature)

Marked on object Marked on sketch Checked after grinding 1 sheets Gaivoronskiy


Siemens Wind Power A/S 1/1

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