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W1 states that Jessica told him that she remembered making out with the respondent before

having sex. However, I’m pretty sure Jessica has said that she never made out with me before
sex. W1 also states that Jessica explained “Literally, the entire outline of events leading up to and
after [sex].”
I remember being at the party with Michael Hassel, Kavin Moore, Zack Keller, Austin White,
Jessica Lawrence, Jessica’s roommate, Ike Wellhausen, Brian Sweeney, and Shea Pender in his
room. Laura Girard was not at the house and was in no way able to see Jessica “Consuming a lot
of alcohol”. Laura Girard was also only ever present at one group meeting for our Aesthetics
class in the very beginning of the year. Every meeting afterword’s she and her boyfriend were
Also, if Jessica was talking to Ike until 5am, then where are the phone records?
Why are they picking and choosing witnesses?

o Girard stated Walton was rude to her as the TA for the class and disrespectful of women (If I
was rude to her I would love to know when it was seeing as she was never present)
Girard pointed to non-verbal communication from Walton during class and Walton interrupting
Girard during class (I never once opened my mouth or did anything remotely rude In that class
because I was always so lost by what was going on)
Girard was TA for the class along with a male TA (her boyfriend, Shea Pender)
Walton would find another TA (other than Girard) to ask for the male TA when the
male TA was not present for class (what? I never talked to any TA’s other than Ike and I disliked
both Laura and her boyfriend equally because they were completely unhelpful during group
Girard mentioned seeing Walton’s hands on Lawrence in various class situations (more detail?
Cause i can’t think of one insistence where this happened)
Lawrence stated she just wanted to come to class and get her work done, but he (Walton) is a
detriment to that (I was never aware that she didn’t like me. Had I known this I probably
wouldn’t have bothered even talking to her)
Girard suggested Ivy Moody and Will Rupert as possible other witnesses for this investigation
(they weren’t there, what exactly would they be witnesses to?)
I only saw Ben Walton act inappropriately (comments, touching, intimidation) towards Jessica
Lawrence in the class for which I served as their TA, as well as the small group meetings that
happened outside of class. (again, she came to a grand total of 1. I think, if she came to more, it
did not exceed 3) I did not see Ben Walton touch Jessica Lawrence in other classes, I am just
aware that it was an issue.
Conducted by Investigator Matt Kovach
Conducted on April 28, 2017
Location: Housing and Residence Life, LA N-13
Moody appeared as a witness to an incident between Jessica (Jess) Lawrence and Benjamin
(Ben) Walton
Lawrence was at a party (Moody thought this was at Paige Matteson’s residence, but Moody
was not certain); Moody did not attend this party, as she had a rehearsal; Moody did not think
Rupert attended the party either; Moody believe the party had a luau theme (definitely no theme
and it wasn’t even really a party, just like 10 people all hanging out)
Lawrence was very drunk and out of control (hard to walk, falling asleep, no control over body)
(this is of course regurgitated information fed to moody by Lawrence)
Moody suggested other names for possible interviews:
o Will Rupert (one of Lawrence’s closest friends in the Theater department) (I feel like this is an
obvious red flag seeing as he also WASN’T THERE)

If Jessica was texting Ike until 5am then where are the phone records?