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Valle Verde Country Club, Inc.

Regular Labor-Management Conference (LMC)

August 27, 2017, 9:00 AM
Montalban Room

Minutes of the Meeting

Attendees : Ms. Maria Thelma M. Valdepeñas, General Manager

Ms. Josephine Maclang, Admin & HR Consultant
Ms. Brigette Servino, Admin & Legal Services Manager
Mr. Antonio Pantaleon, Jr., VVCCIEU President
Mr. Gerald Nacionales, VVCCIEU Vice President
Ms. Rosario Natividad, VVCCIEU Grievance
Mr. Luis Aquilino, VVCCIEU Auditor
Mr. Roberto Cabrera, VVCCIEU Member
Mr. Alberto Ricohermoso, VVCCIEU Member
Mr. Ricardo Bernados, VVCCIEU Member

Highlights of the Meeting:

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:50 am.

II. Items for Discussion

1. Service Charge in Banquet (Updates)

Mr. Antonio Pantaleon, Jr., Union President, informed the management officers of the
decrease in the service charge share that they received, as compared to the previous.

Ms. Valdepeñas explained that although there were less functions, the average check
was better. Meaning, the staff are less tired in terms of service because of lesser
persons served but the Club has better yield in terms of average check. Because of the
new system, there were items served in banquets without service charge thus, there
was a decrease but after they incorporate frequently ordered ala carte items in banquet
with service charge, hopefully the amount they will receive will also improve.

 Group Reservation in Garden Café

Mr. Roberto Cabrera commented that there were group reservations of more
than 20 persons. He inquired if these group reservations may be referred to
banquet. He also suggested that reservations should be valid only for specific

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period and after the lapse of time, the reservations will be forfeited and will be
open to other customers.

Ms. Valdepeñas explained that they will make a policy that reservations of
minimum of 20 pax will be referred to banquet, and in case there are already
two groups in Garden Café, no more group reservation will be entertained.

2. Employees’ Quarterly Incentives

Mr. Pantaleon informed the management that the Club has incentive program for the
employees, such as Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year, but was stopped
during the time of Ms. Lily Del Rosario, the former General Manager. According to him,
employees with good attendance and no recorded tardiness/ unauthorized absences
were recognized, and are entitled to certificate of recognition and monetary incentive.
Employee of the Month will receive Php4,000.00 and the Employee of the Year will
receive Php10,000.00.

Mr. Cabrera and Ms. Natividad explained that these incentives will boost employees’
morale and will serve as their motivation to work harder.

Ms. Valdepenas said that she agrees on the reasons cited by the Union officers but
more importantly, she believes that the employees should be motivated to work
because they were paid for and they were given the chance to make a better life for
their families. The reward may not only be in the form of Club incentives or in other
form such as good future for their children. The management will review the mechanics
of the incentive.

3. Update on Union Office

The union office is almost done, and the Union officers are happy with it. However, they
raised the following concerns:

 Flooring

Mr. Pantaleon requested not to put the old carpets in the Union office because
those are very dirty, and that they prefer that the same be painted instead. Ms.
Natividad proposed to have the excess unused tiles be installed if painting of the
floor will not be possible as of the moment. She explained that tiled floors are
easier to clean and to maintain. Mr. Cabrera added that the carpet might trigger
Ms. Natividad’s asthma.

Ms. Valdepeñas commented that the Club is in tight financial condition right
now and there was no budget for the floor painting. If the Union officers are
amenable with the carpet, she will make sure that those will be very clean
before installation in their office. If they chose not to have the carpets in their

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office, she will check the available tiles that the Union officers referred to before
making any decision.

 Fire Exit

Mr. Pantaleon requested if they can have the door near the Union Office open
or at least installed by grills which may be used as their fire exit.

Ms. Valdepeñas explained that the door/opening that they were referring is not
a fire exit and they have to use the hallway leading to guard post in the
employees’ entrance as the fire exit. She reiterated that the door has been
closed for quite a long time and it will remain as such. She stressed that the
hallway should always be passable and should have no obstruction at all times.

 Printer/Email

Mr. Gerald Nacionales requested if they can have printer in the Union Office,
and if they can have their own email addresses because the same was not
stipulated in the CBA.

Ms. Valdepeñas informed them that they can connect their computer to the
Club’s centralized printer and they can be provided with email. They just need to
prepare a written request to MIS, for documentation purposes.

4. Food Poisoning

Mr. Pantaleon raised the food poisoning issue where seven (7) employees suffered
vomiting and loose bowel movement and 2 among them were sent to hospital for
immediate medical attention. One employee, Ben Emanil, who was admitted in the
hospital at about 8 PM and had to stay in the emergency room of Rizal Medical Center
overnight because he has no money to pay the hospital bills so he can go home.

Ms. Valdepenas explained that the Union should understand that there will be no on
duty cashier/accounting staff in the Club to process the release of cash for the payment
of Mr. Emanil’s medical expenses. She asked the Union officers to explain the process to
him so he would understand why it took some time before he was able to go out of the
hospital. She added that if there will be similar incident in the future, employees may
reimburse their medical expenses and they only need is to submit the receipts to HR
Department and HR personnel will be the one to facilitate the processing of their
reimbursement in the Accounting Department.

5. Sick/Vacation Leave Application

Under the CBA, employees will be entitled to leave credit benefits upon regularization.
However, Ms. Natividad informed the management officers that the newly-regularized

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employees were advised by Ms. Nelia Ebesate that they need to wait for another 6
months, after regularization, to be able to utilize their sick/vacation leave credits. She
added that there was no provision in the CBA that the newly-regularized employees
need to serve at least one year before they can avail their leave credits.

Ms. Josephine Maclang explained that sick/vacation leaves are earned based on
internal company policy of the Club. Thus, leave credits may be availed after one (1)
year of service commencing from the starting date of probation. The 7 days sick and
vacation leave credits are for the period of one (1) year. She expressed that she is more
amenable for the possibility of granting 3 and ½ days, in proportion to the period
served by the newly-regularized employee rather than the whole 7 days. There were
some employees in the past who were allowed to have the whole leave credits
immediately after their 6 months probationary period because those have been in the
Club for several years as casual.

Ms. Maclang advised the Union that they can consult a lawyer, the Department of
Labor and Employment (DOLE) or law centers for legal opinion on the matter, and they
can also make a research or check other CBAs to be enlightened.

Mr. Nacionales clarified their previous concern on sick leave/vacation leave, in relation
to the service charge. Ms. Maclang confirmed that they already issued a memo
providing the guidelines for the inclusion of leaves with pay in the computation of
employees’ service charge shares, as well as the memo relating to the guidelines on the
deductions for emergency loans.

Mr. Pantaleon stressed that they did not receive the above mentioned memo. Ms.
Maclang assured that they will be furnished copy of these memos.

6. Retirement Fund Update

Ms. Natividad shared that one employee who opted to retired received his retirement
pay in two (2) installments, to be paid within the month. Also, as far as they know, the
retirement fund is with the BDO but the retirement pay given came from BPI account.
She also followed-up whether the retirement plan was already registered with the BIR.

Ms. Valdepeñas apologized as she was not able to ask the status from Ms. Ana Liza
Regaspi, Accounting Manager. She advised that she will get back to them soon as she
got the updates.

III. Other Matters

1. Status of Appointment of Ms. Ana Rolita Dizon

Mr. Pantaleon inquired on the status of appointment of Ms. Dizon, because they heard
that she was appointed as F&B Manager and there was no announcement on the same.

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Ms. Valdepeñas explained that Ms. Dizon, from Cost Control Consultant, is appointed as
F&B Manager but her contract has not yet been signed. Once the appointment has
already been formalized, announcement will be made to inform all the employees.

She also informed them that Mr. Virgilio Ramiscal will be the Finance Manager of the

IV. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 09:15 AM.

Prepared by: Brigette N. Servino

Admin & Legal Services Manager

Attested by:

Ms. Maria Thelma M. Valdepeñas Mr. Antonio Pantaleon, Jr.

General Manager VVCCIEU President

Ms. Josephine A. Maclang Mr. Gerald Nacionales

Admin & HR Consultant VVCCIEU Vice President

Ms. Rosario Natividad

VVCCIEU Grievance

Mr. Luis Aquilino


Mr. Alberto Ricohermoso


Mr. Ricardo Bernados


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