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Grade 11 (Understanding Culture , Society & Politics)

Course Description:
This course uses insights from Anthropology, Political Science, and Sociology to develop students’ awareness of cultural, social and political
dynamics, and sensitivity to cultural diversity; provide them with an understanding of how culture, human agency, society and politics work; and engage
them in the examination of the country’s current human development goals.
At the end of the course, students should acquire ideas about human cultures, human agency, society and politics; recognize cultural relativism and
social inclusiveness to overcome prejudices; and develop social and cultural competence to guide their interactions with groups, communities, networks,
and institutions.
Content Methodologies/ Outcome/
(Topics) Content Standard Performance FORMATION Learning Competencies Strategies Output

Unit 1 The learners The learners: The learners manifest: The learners: The promotion of The learners should
A. Starting points demonstrate an learning will be accomplish the
for the understanding of: 1. Acknowledge human HARMONY 1.Articulate observations on facilitated by these following:
understanding of 1. Human cultural cultural In realizing that human cultural variation,social strategies:
culture, society, and variation, social variation, social acceptance of differences, social change, and
politics differences, social differences,social political identities. Case - Based Small
cultural , political &
change,& political change, and political ______________________________ Group 1. Proverbs About
spiritual differences
1. Sharing of identities. identities. 2. Demonstrate curiosity and an Discussion
makes us more Human openness to explore the origins
Diversity (Group
Social & Cultural Small groups of 5- Activity)
Backgrounds 2. The significance of 2. Adopt an open and and Divine. and dynamics of culture and
10 address case-
studying critical society, and political identities. 2. The Herman Grid
culture, society,and attitude toward different WISDOM _______________________________ based tasks, (Individual Activity)
2. Observations politics. social, political, and In his efforts to 3. Analyze social, political, and exchanging points
about Social, cultural phenomena deepen tolerance cultural change. of view while 3. Chain of
Political & Cultural through observation and towards people of 4. Recognize the common working through a Diversity
Behavior reflection. different beliefs and concerns or intersections of problem- (Group Activity)
orientations. anthropology, sociology, and solvingprocess.
3. Observations political science with respect to
on Social,Political the phenomenon of change. Source:
& Cultural Change 3. The rationale for 3. Appreciates the value ______________________________ Brainstorming
studying of 5. Identify the subjects of inquiry A process for sites/default/files/PSU_D
4. Definition of anthropology,political disciplines of and goals of
science,and sociology. Anthropology, Anthropology, Political Science,
Anthropology, multiple
Sociology, and Political and Sociology
Political Science & Science as social ideas/options in
Sociology sciences. which judgment is
suspended until
maximum number
K to 12 Senior High School Curriculum - Understanding Culture, Society & Politics of ideas has been