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Streetdance Showdown Narrative


In the late sixteenth century, the Augustinian Missionaries arrived

and introduced Christianity to the natives of Tagudin. They embraced the
blessed Trinity and St. Augustine of Hippo as their patron saint. The
community nourishes over the past three centuries as evidence of their
present cultural heritage such as the St. Augustine Church and Belfry, St.
Augustine School, Municipal Hall, Lighthouse and the famous first Sundial
in the Philippines. At present, Tagudinians remain humble and industrious
amidst those accomplishments and developments.

Over the years, farming is still the major livelihood of the townfolks.
Farmers wake up early in the morning to till their fields using the local
plough “arado” pulled by a carabao to cultivate their "One Town One
Product" calamansi seeds. The seeds are watered regularly until they
reach maturity. Mysteriously, local butterflies flutter by while farmers are
watering the calamansi plants. Subsequently, sweet citrusy aroma
envelopes the farm when calamansi flowers are in bloom. This phenomenon
brings joy and hope to the people However, one of the major challenges
faced by the farmer is the infestation of "red ants" that harm the calamansi
plants. The red ants bite the branches, make their nest on the leaves and
worst, bite the flower buds which cause lesser production. Fortunately,
farmers, learned how to use traditional ways to drive the ants.

Calamansi fruits are harvested all year round with a production of

six (6) tons per harvest per hectare from the town's 70 hectares of
calamansi plantation. Harvested calamansi fruits are meticulously
processed to preserve its nutrients and bursting natural taste. This
presently serves a sustainable source of income for calamansi growers,
budding small entrepreneurs and interested constituents. Refreshing and
nutritious processed calamansi products like Ready-to-Drink,
Concentrate, C-Wine, and C-Vinegar are available all year-round.

Tagudin's OTOP calamansi juice is rich in Vitamin C that helps

increase our immune system against viruses and bacteria.

Tagudin Calamansi Juice: Nutritious nyha, Yummy pa!!!