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Litha Limetree
7 Jun Saw3d ]E​:
How to make
Feeding dCDssWcg Gans
Food GaNSw exfoliation method with
Baking Soda and Electrolysis (Version 4)
Liquid plasma feeding method based on KeshegRr qFoundation Teachings
and developed by Arvis Liepa. de/​}

● Cómoe hacer
● La alimentación de Gans
● Alimentos Gans método de exfoliación con
Bicarbonato de sodio y electrólisis ( versión 4 )
● método de alimentación de plasma líquido basado en las enseñanzas de la
fundación Keshe y desarrollado por Arvis Liepa .

Food GaNS experience, Page 1

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

already happening
Share of our personal experience in food
GaNS preparation with different methods
Arvis Liepa, follower of Keshe foundation teachings, and me personally are
experimented with different Liquid plasma feeding techniques. We are made lot
of Food GaNS, not only with NaOH and CO2, but also developed modified Food
GaNS exfoliation methods, based on natural digestive - with HCl or in
combination with Baking soda. You can find links to free download pdf. files at
Facebook page Liquid plasma feeding.
That was very beautiful experience to see how fast you could change result
of food GaNS even with little changes of temperature or pH. Liquid with exfoliated
Food GaNS layered materials was just a one step in Liquid Plasma Feeding system.
Exfoliation means you split all chemical substances in food in tiny, tiny visible and
non visible components - nano materials. We wanted to achieve result which can
satisfy not only physical body’s need for energy field of Food GaNS, but also could
be connected with our desire for taste, smell an texture.
We started with our experiments with Caustic Soda, process was quite easy,
but result was very dense solution with quite high pH, lot of washing should be
done. There was feeling that we still do not use all potential of particular food.
Food split with HCl method was first experiment to do it more close to our
natural digestive system (HCl is natural acid in our stomach) what is more
advanced to replicate it completely.
With this method you can get very nice tiny particles, but it is quite hard to
follow pH changes, it happens immediately and from very acid it become alkaline
in blink of eye. Fine particles exfoliating out, but GaNS itself often are overcooked
caused by NaOH adding. So we started to think how to soften the process. So we
went further with Baking soda method. We wanted to catch this tiny instant
Food GaNS experience, Page 2

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

moment when pH changes from high acid pH 1 to controlled pH 8-9, what we

supposed could be ideal pH for food GaNS (alkaline). Result was very exciting, we
can save nice color and at the same time we got also very light airy cloud like
structure with quite huge amount of large flake clusters. Do not discharge the first
rinse water, it contains enough salt to be used in the bath, water baths for your
legs, arms or even patches. Salt is more natural electrolyte also in your body,
known from ancient times as good absorber, you can extract and give trough it.
Washed with CO2 GaNS water they form stabile cloudy consistence and GaNS
water was easy to use it together with drinking water.
We started to thing, how it could be possible to exfoliate much, much
smaller food GaNS clusters. We experimented also to make Food GaNS just by
adding CO2 GaNS to fruit juice. Result was very nice and light, but not so many
energy came out of it. This kind of Liquid plasma Food GaNS could be used for
skin, cosmetic or bath. So we started to split further food fans made by Baking
Soda method in electrolysis. Result was more beautiful result as we expected.

Make your homework before start to

make your own food GaNS
We would like to share our personal experience and our explanation how it
works and why - Liquid Plasma Feeding method.
You have to understand that Food is very personal issue for each of us,
Food GaNS what work for one person could not work for another because, food is
personal and very emotional. All our digestive problems starts with emotions, we
have to find this emotion and work with it. Start with these simple questions.
What you would like to receive from food emotionally - compensation, luck
of attention, substitute of love, relaxation, security, it is tradition, disconnection or
you just love to eat, to feel taste and smell, texture of food, something else.
What kind of physical feeling you get from eating - full stomach, more
grounded to Earth, sleepy state, relax from stress, increased or lost energy, just feel
good, like a baby beside the mother's breast.

Food GaNS experience, Page 3

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

What are your eating habits - you eat all the day, you eat just in certain time,
you eat irregular, you not eat much or maybe you do not eat at all.
Return in childhood, remember taste of childhood, how free from worries
you were than, how much joy you had, even you had no money, no big bank
account, no prestige social status. Child can find joy in very simple thing around
him - he can play with water, sand, sticks of wood for hours, he can play different
roles at his own theater. Every one has its own sense of taste and smell, you can
develop it in a higher sensitivity.
There is no one receipt good for everyone. Try to find and return this child
mind in yourself, try to find best what works for you, be honest, share your
experience with other people. You can’t win this world if you stay alone. We all
together now going trough transformation process, but not everyone has noticed
it. In this new flat and fractal World, instead of old fashion pyramidal hierarchy,
there will be place for everyone, each of us can find it own place in this world,
each of us are unique. When you will find child in yourself, you will find key to the
God's kingdom.
Free download instructions pdf. Baking Soda method in english and in
french at Facebook page: Liquid plasma feeding:

Food GaNS experience, Page 4

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

Test of Food GaNS made by Soda method

and finished with Electrolysis
For our first experiment to make food GaNS in electrolysis we
choose lemon. So we started with Baking Soda method - Version 3.

Please note!

When you buy baking soda, check is

its really 100% pure.
Baking or drinking soda in almost all
grocery shops are up to 30% pure.
What else is in it?
You can’t read in on

Blend your lemons with kitchen

blender add 1/3 HCl (23 %), jar has
to be at least 3 times bigger that
solution. More material you have
more HCl you need to add.

Solution is very acid ( pH 1), color

becomes brighter than at beginning.
Leave it now to react in warm place
for some hours.

Food GaNS experience, Page 5

Plasma Feeding Systems

Then we
use final solution
filtered trough
regular kitchen
strainer (not very
fine) without
washing with CO2

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

Put your GaNS solution in at least 3

times bigger jar before star next
step. Than start adding Baking Soda
to solution, (100 ml water and two
very big teaspoons of 100% baking
soda powder), do it very slowly,
this time we do not add NaOH
(Caustic Soda),
you will see bubbles rising in a jar,
mix them well.
When solution becomes more liquid
and change color back to more pale,
or changes completely, you will see
Baking Soda do not react anymore
very actively, you are finished first
stage of GaNS production, pH has to
be between 8-9.
In this reaction decomposition is
slower, but more natural, do not
create dramatic conditions, do not
burn anything.

Press all water out of them, make small balls, let them dry and use as soil

Food GaNS experience, Page 6

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

It is natural home made soil fertilizer. With balls of dried GaNS deposits you can

Than put in electrolysis

with Nanocoated Copper and
Zinc in prepared food GaNS
solution (pH 9-10), add air
doubles of Aquarium, if you use
CO2 Gans water you do not
need to add salt. Note, that if
you make CO2 GaNS water for
food GaNS take smaller 99,9%
pure Zinc plate and larger nano
coated Copper plate (nano
coating has to be perfect for this
type of food GaNS, you allow
more CO2 interact with your
food GaNS.

Food GaNS experience, Page 7

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016
After electrolysis you have to filter
solution one more time. Again try to keep all
deposits in strainer. This time take strainer
with small holes (small tea strainer will be
ok) to get particles as small as possible. You
can keep all deposits in strainer, wash them
with CO2 water make even powder of GaNS
from last deposits.

Then you start to wash filtrate

(solution) with CO2 GaNS water several
times and let them settle down as much as
possible. Do not drain it, your washing water
it is full with active particles and are alkaline,
you can use it for your food patches or foot

Washing water you can use for

patches or bath.

Food GaNS experience, Page 8

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

Powder of GaNS could be

used for different applications, you
can mix it with oils or alcohol, add to
your soaps or creams, put as
supplements in your patches, health
cups etc..

GaNS love to be charged in sunlight, it

also keeps temperature high that helps to
move particles more freely.

Food GaNS experience, Page 9

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016
You have to wash your GaNS till
you get transparent GaNS water and nice
fine GaNS particles settled down in your
jar. Also this fraction of GaNS you can
use in dried state or still keep them in
water with pH 8.
From our experience not all food
GaNS has exactly pH 8, it doesn’t mean it
is wrong, just keep eye on it.

The ideal pH level of alkaline
ionized water for long term human
consumption is between 8.5 and 9.5. The
safe level for humans is pH 5 to pH 9.

You can add some GaNS water to

your drinking water, or take teaspoon of this
water direct, it is safe and hold huge amount
of very tiny and active particles.

Please note that natural rain water is

slightly acid pH 5,6 as result of water
going trough the atmosphere it dissolve
CO2 in atmosphere and become carbonic
acid H2CO3. PH below 4 or above 10 is
deadly for most of living organisms.

Very important to use Zinc plate (99.9% pure or

ZnO is one of most known

metal oxide in our life and have
important role in metabolism of
human body, used also in
medicine, cosmetic, pharmacy, etc.

scientific Zinc) and very well nano coated Copper plate

(99,9% pure). Use little Amperes, not Volts (0,5 A or
less), you do not need a high voltages. If you have very
dense solution electrolyte, reaction will take longer time, if you have already fine particles
before electrolysis, it will be very fast and there will be also some % of ZnO in final product.
Food GaNS experience, Page 10

Plasma Feeding Systems

Litha Limetree
7 Jun 2016

So far we are noticed that you can feed yourself just by holding bottle in
hands. Drinking GaNS water gives you very energetic feeling, you can discover
new sensation in your mouth. You can feel yourself spontaneously, just to be
merely close to the bottle. You can feed yourself trough nose by smelling it. Your
taste and desire to food will changes, you just feel stuffed. We still did not manage
to catch the smell but we are close.
Results for further experimentation will be published soon and we know, we
are discovered infinite abundant field of possibilities. We share with you this
experience and wish you could get the same experience soon.
Thank you Mr Keshe!

These materials are in liquid or solid state, are still in an experimental stage and may
become super awesome, blow up our minds, open a new realm of living, thinking and
understanding or be scrapped at any time.
We may use outside services in order to give you experimental results. We cannot give
any guarantee that the information provided by Keshe foundation and us is 100% true
and that we ultimately end up displaying to you is accurate.
In short, we believe these materials are useful tool to end hunger and poverty, can help
all humanity survive in extreme climate change in future. We can’t catch every bad
copy-paste master that is out there in internet, and who can harm you or your closed
ones, so remain vigilant! At the same time we share our knowledge and give it to all
humanity freely - you can share, comment, like as much as you wish. There is no patents
or copyrights on this material. Just be human with clear soul. We are living in unjust
world, but each of us can do something to end it and embrace new life.
For system servants, here’s daily serving of legalese:
Be aware that to the maximum extent permitted by law, the material published by
Liquid plasma feeding are provided as is, without warranties of any kind, either express
or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, you assume full responsibility and risk of loss
resulting from your use of material provided by Liquid plasma feeding, including any
downloads from the other Website referred to these methods.

Food GaNS experience, Page 11