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Grammar Unit 4

3 Complete the dialogues using the verbs. Use the

1 Write present perfect sentences. Add for or
present perfect or the past simple.
since where necessary.
1 I / not meet / her boyfriend yet. decide (x2) find not have lose put see (x2)
______________________________________ 1 A: (1) ___________ my History book? I can’t find
2 They / live / in that house / the end of last year. it anywhere.
______________________________________ B: Yes, I (2) ___________ it over there on the
______________________________________ table a few minutes ago.
3 We / only / be / same class / a few weeks. A: Oh yes, here it is. I (3) ____________ it.
______________________________________ Great … but now I (4) ____________ my key.
4 We / already / raise / over €200 for charity. B: It’s in the kitchen, next to the cooker. I
______________________________________ (5) ____________ it there for you earlier.
5 I / not speak / her / Friday. 2 A: I (6) ____________ to give up chocolate.
______________________________________ B: Really! When (7) ____________ that?
6 How long / have / that mobile phone? A: Last weekend. I (8) ____________ any for
______________________________________ nearly a week.
7 She / never / want / play / musical instrument. B: Well done!
______________________________________ 4 Write subject or object questions. Use the
8 Miranda / be / away on holiday / last prompts and the answers to help you.
Wednesday. 1 A: who / invite / you / party last weekend?
______________________________________ ______________________________________
______________________________________ B: Sandra. She told me about it at school.
9 We / know / each other / ages. 2 A: who / borrow / that bike from yesterday?
______________________________________ ______________________________________
10 Terry / just / finish / cleaning / bathroom. B: The boy next door.
______________________________________ 3 A: How / switch on / this machine?
2 Complete the text. Use the correct form of the B: You press this button.
present perfect or the past simple.
4 A: what / make / those marks / the snow?
Ricky Martin was born in Puerto Rico on 24
B: It was a large animal, I think.
December 1971. Ricky (1) _____________ (be) a
5 A: What / your dad / do / weekends?
performer since he was very young. At primary
school he (2) _____________ (sing) in the school ______________________________________
B: He watches football on TV.
choir and he (3) _____________ (act) in school
plays. Also, when he was a child, he 5 Four of these present perfect sentences have
(4) _____________ (appear) in TV adverts. mistakes in them. Find and correct them.
At the age of twelve, he (5) _____________ (join) 1 Have you meet ever Sarah?
the Latin boy band Menudo, and he then 2 I’ve had this jacket since January.
(6) _____________ (stay) with them for five years. 3 Why yet haven’t you finished that?
4 They’ve just come back from their holiday.
Since he was eighteen, Ricky (7) _____________
5 I’ve not ever buy an expensive watch.
(divide) his time between acting and singing. As an
6 He’s already done the shopping.
actor, Ricky (8) _____________ (appear) in several
7 I’ve known Timmy for five years.
TV shows, including the American series General
8 I’ve only just notice the time.
Hospital and Glee. As a singer, Ricky
__ ______________________________________
(9) _____________ (make) many successful
__ ______________________________________
albums and in 2008, Puerto Rico
__ ______________________________________
(10) _____________ (declare) 31 August to be
__ ______________________________________
International Ricky Martin Day.

Vocabulary Unit 4
1 Complete the adjectives. 4 Complete the sentences with the words.
1 A: Isn’t it (1) an_________ when your little sister browse charge press scroll switch update tap
jumps on your bed early in the morning? texts
B: Actually, I think it’s quite (2) am__________ .
1 I forgot to ________ my phone and now there’s
She makes me laugh!
almost no battery left.
2 A: That programme on TV about global warming
2 If you ________ this button half-way down on
was really (3) fa___________ . I didn’t realise
your camera, it will adjust the focus.
it was such an interesting subject.
3 You need to ________ down to the bottom of the
B: Yes, but I think it’s really (4) wo__________ .
page to find how to contact the company.
I mean, what will happen if sea levels rise?
4 If you tick this box, you can ________ your
3 A: What do you think of the new Science
software when there is a new version.
5 I love going into bookshops when I have lots of
B: Not much. I thought his last lesson was very
time to ________ through books on the shelves.
(5) co__________ – so difficult to understand.
6 My phone company often _________ me to
A: I know what you mean. Why can’t he be more
advertise new products. How do you stop this?
(6) ins________ like our Geography teacher?
7 You need to _________ on the screen twice.
After her lessons, I want to see the world!
8 Can you _________ on the light? It’s very dark.
2 Match the words to the definitions.
5 Complete the dialogue with the words. There are
express gap gesture hit invite nod squeeze two words that you do not need.
annoying calling could explain just me mind
1 a small space between two things ___________ my name problem speaking take tell trouble
2 press something from both sides, usually with A: Good afternoon. DVD Heaven. Joanne
your fingers ___________ (1) __________ .
3 touch someone or something violently ________ B: Hello. I’m (2) __________ because my friend
4 movement of your head, arm or hand to express has (3) __________ sent me two DVDs direct
your feelings ___________ from your store and I’ve got a (4) __________
5 tell people what you are thinking or feeling with them.
___________ A: OK. Can you (5) __________ me exactly
6 ask someone to come to a meal, party, etc. what’s wrong?
___________ B: Well, … erm … I’ve already got these DVDs.
7 move your head up and down to mean ‘yes’ Could you (6) __________ how to send them
___________ back and get a refund, please?
8 tell someone that something bad may happen so A: Ah, I’m afraid that isn’t possible because they
they can avoid it ___________ were a present. I mean, you didn’t order them.
B: Really? That’s a bit (7) __________ .
3 Complete the sentences with adjectives ending
in -ed or -ing. (8) __________ I speak to your manager,
1 They’re filming our school concert and they’re
A: She’s not here at the moment. But can I
streaming it live! It’s so ______________ .
(9) __________ your number? I promise she’ll
2 The most ______________ experience I’ve ever
call you back later.
had is when we lost my little brother for an hour
B: OK. It’s 0219 733514.
in a big shopping centre.
A: Thanks. Can I take your (10) _________ ,
3 We’re really ______________ about the safari
holiday that Mum and Dad have just booked.
A: Sure. It’s Poppy Broughton.
4 Leo, please stop saying ‘you know’! You do it all
B: Would you (11) _________ spelling your
the time and it’s very ______________ .
surname for (12) _________ ?
5 I’m always a bit ______________ when Uncle
A: No, of course not. It’s B-R-O-U-G-H-T-O-N.
Ian’s driving because he goes too fast.
B: Thank you. Lucy Jones will call you later.