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Towards Cost Saving,
Greener & Smarter Buildings

24 & 25 November 2010

Holiday Inn, Glenmarie

This conference comes at a time when facilities management (FM) is in a state of flux. The global economic
recession has brought FM under the spotlight as the main area of improvement in terms of cost-efficiency for every
organisation. Considered as a non-core business activity, facility managers have been under pressure by their core
business counterparts to improve the energy and overall cost-effectiveness of their assets.
Building assets become the stage, FM services become the props and the „experience‟ itself becomes the value
adding performance. With energy prices on the rise, it is important to update your skills and knowledge of new
techniques and technologies. At Breakthrough Facility Management, you will address all critical issues faced by
facility managers and provide the answers to their pressing needs and concerns.
Covering all aspects relating to Leadership, Energy Efficiency, Latest Technology & Case Studies Breakthrough
Facility Management is a not to be missed two-day conference!

Why You Should Attend? Our Prominent Group of Speakers

 What have we learnt from the economic downturn?

 How can we keep costs at bay while improving the
efficiency of our assets, as well as customers/tenants
Ir. Francis Xavier Jacob Mr. T. Linganathan Rodney Timm
 Do you want to meet and listen to the experienced Director, Energy Management and CEO, Mahkota Research Director, Property Beyond
speakers at 1 place? Industrial Development,
Energy Commission

 Find out how greening your company will save your

bottom line.
 Do you want to learn how to improve efficiency?
 Do you want to be in a place where you can learn
from real case studies on best practice of technologies Mr. John Wu Mr. Patchiappan Dr. Eric Chan Kui Sing
Senior Manager, TRANE Malaysia Consultant Partner Senior Hospital Manager, Hong
and the effect they could have on your organization? Sales & Services Asia iKnowledge Kong Hospital Authority

 Would you like to meet some of the best known Facility

in charges in person and exchange your experiences?

If you want this all at the same place, we have it for you.
Do mark your calendar and join us in our conference and Ar. Abu Zarim Abu Bakar Mr. Mohd Fariddudin Mr. Anand Pande
Managing Director, 3FMS Sdn Technical Director, Infolliance
experience yourself the value of knowledge and Bhd Sdn Bhd

information you will be bringing back home!


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SPECIAL GROUP Ir. Rajasegaran Mr. Nicholas Ferrara
Director, Rider Levett Bucknall,
Dato’ Rusmani Bin Muhamad*
Professional and Consultant President, Jabatan Bomba,
PACKAGE & EARLY BIRD PROMOTION NOW! Engineer, Perunding Shanu Australia Bahagian Kesihatan Kebakaran

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie Greener & Smarter Buildings


Throughout this two day event, you will discover practical strategies to achieve greener and cost
efficiencies from those who have successfully implemented these in their assets!
Topic highlights for Breakthrough Facility Management Conference:
 Strategic Planning for Cost-effective Facilities Management.
 Energy Conservation and Facility Management in Malaysia.
 Implementing Energy Saving on a Profit Sharing Basis using an Integrated FMS/BAS System - A
Case Study.
 Managing People in Facility Management Business –“ The Challenges Ahead and Finding
 “A Case Study of The Implementation of The USGBC LEED Rating System – The Malaysian
 High Performance Building Solutions (HPBs).
 Life Cycle Costing with Australian Case Studies*
 Importance & Benefits of Energy Management for Commercial Facilities
 Avoiding Sick Building Syndrome
 A Risk-based System in Managing Facilities Towards Sustainability
 “Contracting and Maintenance”


 Facilities Management  Shopping Malls
 Facilities Engineering  Hotels
 Maintenance  Banks
 Energy Management  Airports
 Entertainment Industry and Casinos
 Technical Services
 Hospitals
 Building Services
 Buildings
 Operation
 High Rise Buildings
 Asset Management  Universities
 Property Management  Plants & Factories
 Building Owners  Data Centers

FOR REGISTRATION PLEASE CALL (603) 78057905 or FAX (603) 78057906 or EMAIL to

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie Greener & Smarter Buildings

Strategic Planning for Cost-effective Facilities Management

by Mr. Rodney Timm, Director, Property Beyond, Australia

The global economic recession has once again brought cost-cutting measures back into the spotlight.
Expenditure on facilities is no exception – so how should one plan strategically when cost-cutting is the key
focus of organisations. At the same time there seems to be renewed commitments to savings in energy both for
financial and environmental perspective. Quite often with facilities and building services, to improve long term
service level and financial performance it is necessary to „spend money in order to save money‟. This
approach is seldom well received within any organisation when the key focus is short term cost savings.
This paper which is more strategic planning rather than technical focused will look at the application of some
guiding principles that may help. These guiding principles are designed to drive strategic planning for facilities
and support more cost effective outcomes that are aligned to the future needs of the business. Various
Australian case studies and new legislative requirements will be used to illustrate these guiding principles which
will include:
 Facilities planning aligned to business needs.
 Implementing „user pays‟ approach to change behaviours .
 Energy rating systems for buildings and how they work.
 Life-cycle planning using the Total Cost of Occupancy.
 Outsourcing to save costs and improve performance .

Energy Conservation and Facility Management in Malaysia

by Ir. Francis Xavier Jacob, Director—Energy Management & Industry Development, ST

 Government Initiatives to promote Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy

 Fiscal Incentives for Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy
 Legislative Framework, Codes and Standards:-
• Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulations 2008
• MS1525: Code of Practice on Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy for Non-Residential
• Energy Efficiency and Conservation Guidelines for Malaysian Industries
 ISO/DIS 50001: Energy Management Systems ? Requirements with Guidance For Use

Implementing Energy Saving on a Profit Sharing Basis using an Integrated

FMS/BAS System - A Case Study by Mr. T. Linganathan, CEO&CTO, Mahkota Research

The paper discusses the deployment of an Integrated Facilities Management and Building Automation System
for the purposes of implementing energy savings and other cost savings, using a profit sharing business model.
A specific project will be used as a case study and the process of auditing, deducing project feasibility and
deployment will be presented, The paper discusses how the cost savings can be realized, measured and helps
to deduce the return on investments that make such a business model possible.
It also highlights the challenges that both the building owner and the service provider will face and the
opportunities that such a scheme provides. Some additional examples of projects that were deployed will be

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie Greener & Smarter Buildings

Managing People in Facility Management Business – “The Challenges Ahead and

Finding Solutions” by Mr. Patchiappan Govindaraju, Consultant Partner, Asia iKnowledge

Highlights :
The topic discusses:
 Problems faced by facility managers in today work environment related to staff management .
 Identify the possible contributing factors
 Formulating strategies and solutions for these problems.

“A case study of the implementation of the USGBC LEED rating system –

The Malaysian Challenge.”
by Ir. Rajasegaran, Professional & Consultant Engineer, Perunding Shanu

LEED ( Leadership in Energy and environmental design) is an internationally recognized green building
certification system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED provides building owners and
operators a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building
design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.
The paper is a case study of the implementation of the LEED rating system in a commercial interior office
involving a floor area 16,000 sq ft per floor , at a leading office tower in Kuala Lumpur.
The paper will discuss the challenges faced by Malaysian engineers in implementing the system successfully.
The impact of the roles played by the client, landlord, interior designers, mechanical and electrical design
consultants, ID contractors, the M&E contractors and the LEED AP.

High Performance Building Solutions (HPBs)

by Mr. John Wu, Owner—Direct Solutions, Trane Malaysia Sales & Services

High Performance Buildings (HPBs) Paper Highlights

 Tools and techniques for evaluating building energy and operational performance
 Approaches to achieving HPBs and making informed business decisions
 Defining success of high performance through performance-based measures
 Assessing the quality of building operations and maintenance on business results with dynamic
informational platforms such as energy and environmental dashboards
 HPB case study: The Galen, Singapore Science Park, Singapore
 HPB services to get the most from new and existing buildings
 Available information resources on HPBs

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie Greener & Smarter Buildings

Avoiding Sick Building Syndrome

by Mr. Mohd Fariddudin, Managing Director, 3FMS Sdn Bhd

 Non-intrusive aircond ducting cleaning technology that would reduce cost and time doing the
 Technological system that would reduce the upkeep of the air-conditioning system and gives clean
fresher air quality.
 Nano-technology system that enables a building to have self-cleaning that would greatly reduce
regular maintenances thus reducing cost.

Importance & Benefits of Energy Management for Commercial Facilities.

by Mr. Anand Pande, Technical Director, Infolliance Sdn Bhd

Understanding the energy use of a Facility or building is important--just as it's useful to know the estimated miles
per gallon for your automobile. Infolliance provides products & services to help you measure, manage and
reduce the energy use of your facility and to compare your facility with other, similar facilities.

The Guidelines for Energy Management can assist you with step-by-step improvements to energy and financial
performance by helping your organization make a commitment, assess your building or plant's energy
performance, set goals, create and implement an action plan, evaluate your progress, and recognize your

By implementing many low- or no-cost solutions, your facility can reduce its energy use by up to 10-20 percent!

A risk-based system in managing facilities towards sustainability

by Dr. Eric K S Chan, Senior Hospital Manager, Hong Kong Hospital Authority

The significance of risk-based facility performance assessment in the context of strategic facility planning is one of
the challenging tasks given the fact that the facility conditions of the highly complex systems are affected by
numerous factors, not to mention the inherent risks. To cope with the FM development, the assessment of facility
performance through a structured risk-based facility audit approach for the optimal allocation and effective
utilization of resources become a matter of special interest to organisations, to add value to the core services and
reduce risk to the overall operations. This presentation will articulate findings and characteristics of the mechanism
of facility planning through judicious prioritization of facility improvement and replacement items for various bidding
exercises. An effective cluster facility performance management system will enhance the useful life of facilities,
reduce downtime and contain inherent risks to the operations of organisations. Working towards sustainability within
the effective framework of Energy Saving Performance Contracting (ESPC) is considered as an effective vehicle in
achieving an efficient use of energy resources. It also assists in delivering high quality facilities maintenance through
reengineering and transformation of services. Despite the beauty of this performance-based contractual
arrangement, the local acceptability and application of this total solution in managing energy usage are few. This
presentation tries to identify the inherent risks, barriers and the way to gain the edge of the FM services towards
sustainability. The objectives are to deliberate an integrated implementation model with the consideration of the
factors of the sustainable development, facilities management and energy management in both private and public

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie Greener & Smarter Buildings


FRANCIS XAVIER JACOB is the Director of Energy Management and Industrial Development in
the Energy Commission, Malaysia. He has been with the Commission and the then
Department of Electricity and Gas Supply since 1991. The Commission, among others,
regulates the electricity and piped gas industries in Malaysia. Prior to this, he was with the
Public Works Department Malaysia, where he was involved with the design and project
management of public electrical installations. He was also, for some time, involved with the
maintenance aspects of these installations. He is the Chairman of the Technical Committee
on the Standards for Energy Management and also sits in various standards working
Among his principle duties include formulating and implementing national energy efficiency and renewable
energy policies, strategies and programmes, including cost/benefit analysis of proposed programmes,
recommending suitable targets and monitoring of programmes. He was also involved in the formulation of the
legislative framework to promote energy efficiency and conservation. He has worked with international
agencies such as United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and ASEAN in the development of regional
energy efficiency programmes. Francis Xavier Jacob graduated in 1977 with a Bachelors of Engineering
degree from the University of Malaya and also holds a Masters degree in Environment. He is a Professional
Engineer and is a member of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia.


RODNEY TIMM has in excess of 25 years experience in the construction and property industries
and has been involved in property and facilities management, agency, valuation,
development and the capital markets. Property and facilities sectors in which Rodney has
consulted and has specific knowledge include commercial offices and business parks, retail
and shopping malls, social and affordable housing, student and key-worker accommodation,
retirement villages and assisted living complexes, education properties, airports and life-style
Rodney has a diverse range of experience and his interests cover a variety of issues including:
 Asset life cycle analysis and planning;
 Portfolio Management and alignment with Business Strategies;
 Facility and Property Management service delivery;
 Future use, uncertainty and risk analysis of property and facilities
After having led the Arthur Andersen and Ernst &Young Real Estate Advisory teams over eight years in Sydney,
in 2003 he set up a property business advisory company. Property Beyond Pty Limited is focused primarily on
the property or facility users‟ needs. This includes providing advice to corporate and government occupiers on
the use, occupation, management and development of property. With a business management focused
approach, Property Beyond ensures the alignment of facilities and accommodation portfolios with business
strategies. Specific areas of advice include portfolio planning, transaction support, total cost of occupancy,
security of tenure, outsourcing and service performance.
Between 2003 and 2008, Rodney led the CoreNet Executive Development Programme in Australia and New
Zealand. In this capacity he regularly conducted two day seminars covering topics such as „Aligning Real
Estate and Business Strategy‟, „Portfolio Performance‟, „Real Estate Corporate Finance‟, „Strategic
Outsourcing‟, etc.

FOR REGISTRATION PLEASE CALL (603) 78057905 or FAX (603) 78057906 or EMAIL to

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie
Greener & Smarter Buildings

T. LINGANATHAN graduated from the Loughborough University of Technology, United Kingdom
in 1980 with a B Sc (Hons) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
Linganathan is a Chartered Engineer, and has worked in the Automation and Control field for
over 29 years. Linganathan‟s work experience includes designing and developing local
solutions in the Test Instrumentation, Production Equipment, Automation and SCADA areas.
Linganathan is the Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer of Mahkota Research
Sdn Bhd, which manufactures and deploys the locally developed SCADA Solutions called
MOMS (Mahkota Operation Management System), and the Automation Controllers - MC-88/Controllers, MC-
88/PLC, MC-88/PAC, MC-88/RTU, MC-88/Telemetry, MC-88/Substation Controllers and MC-88/Dataloggers.

JOHN WU has over 10 years of experience in HVAC systems sales, marketing and business
development and energy efficiency. In the early part of his career, he has specialized in the
areas of humidity control and dehumidification technologies, building energy simulation and
simulated central chilled-water plant analysis. Since his exposure to the field of environmental
protection through improved energy efficiency in 2008, John made a personal commitment to
energy management as a principal focus of his career.
Since that time, he has served as leader for the Energy Services Company (ESCO) division of
Trane Malaysia. In his current capacity, John leads controls and turnkey contracting as well as energy-
efficiency performance contracting (EEPC) efforts at commercial, institutional and industrial facilities
throughout Malaysia. For the last two years, he has been working to measure and verify actual performance
and cost savings for energy-efficiency retrofits and to improve facility operations through energy analytics and
auditing, monitoring and control system upgrades and retrocommissioning (RCx). In addition, he has
developed expertise in using networked-based and web-based building control systems as well as
standardized performance measurement protocols to enhance energy efficiency in buildings.
John received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on energy conservation
and process control from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He is an active member of the American
Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Association of Energy Engineers


PATCHIAPPAN GOVINDARAJU has been serving the hospitality industry since 1984. Being
exposed to the various business segments within the hospitality industry focusing in facility
management, he had gained considerable hands on experience for more than two decades.
His core competency is in the area of setting–up new hospitality business entities for facility
management company, hotels, resorts, clubs, water parks, education centers, public facility
and sports arena – Physical, People, Procedures and Systems. Over these years he had served in
various capacities as Facility Manager, Hotel Manager, Resort System & Operations Manager,
Park Manager, Area Manager and National Sales Manager for Property Maintenance Systems
for a regional software house.
Mr. Patchiappan graduated from TAR College in 1981 and holds an MBA from University of Ballarat , Australia.
One of his key interests is to share and promote facility management as a professional career among young
executives in Malaysia.

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie
Greener & Smarter Buildings


MOHD FARIDDUDIN holds a master‟s degree in Genetics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
(UKM) after completing his Medical Science degree in Belgium. He began his career as an
academician with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 1987. From UKM he moved to Universiti
Malaya‟s Institut Pengajian Tinggi and was invited to join Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) as
a pioneer in 1992. Being a lecturer and researcher, he is well versed in setting up practical
classes, organizing research groups and conducting lectures and training sessions. Since leaving
the academic world in 1997, he has been active in nanotechnology R&D with a few biomedical
companies and organizations. He is now actively developing and researching products that would be used
among others within the facility management services business, such as interior and exterior building protective
coating, sterilizing system for air conditioning system, fabric protection against dirt, fabric protection against
microbes, deodorizing coating for carpets and toilets, and oil dispersant to unclog sewage systems and
kitchen exhaust systems. He is also actively participating in Indoor Air Quality determination services and


DR. ERIC K S CHAN is appointed as the Senior Hospital Manager (Facility Management), Kwong
Wah Hospital, Wong Tai Sin Hospital, and posted as the Cluster Coordinator of Facility
Management, Kowloon West Cluster, Hospital Authority, specializing in Maintenance
Management, Quality Management and Built Environment Issues. Prior to this, he was
Maintenance Manager at Hong Kong Telecommunication Limited and Colliers Jardine Property
(HK) Limited. He has received his Master of Science in Construction and Real Estate and then
further obtained his second Master in Health Services Management from Hong Kong
Polytechnic University. He has been conferred with the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of South
Australia with research focus on energy management in hospital FM context. He has successfully led his Facility
Management Department to win the Outstanding Team Award 2003 of the Hospital Authority. He is the
president of Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management in 2010/11, and also acts as the Director of
Communications of the Institute, Member of the Clinical Research Committee of Kowloon West Cluster,
Hospital Authority, Member of Customer Advisory Committee of China Light and Power, Registered Professional
Surveyor, Chartered Building Surveyor, Chartered Builder and Fellow Member of Hong Kong Institute of Facility


Nick is a registered Architech with over 25 years of professional experience, having worked on a
wide variety of projects (commercial, residential and retail) including new buildings and
refurbishments. His experience covers the management of projects, from conception to
handover phases with an emphasis strong contract administration.
In addition, Nick has undertaken a wide variety of premises audits and Building Code of
Australia reviews, in order to define those elements which influence Capital Expenditure
(CAPEX) and Operating Expenditure (OPEX) budgets. In 2005, Nick was responsible for the Total
Asset Management Plan for the Sydney Opera House and was involved in the 2006 and 2007
update of this TAM Plan. He contributed to the research and editing of the CRC - Construction Innovation
publication “ FM as a business enabler” which was released in February 2007 that used the Sydney Opera House
as its main focus of study. He is currently working on the FM Services procurement tender process for some
Australia‟s largest organizations as well as managing a number of building procurement contracts.

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie
Greener & Smarter Buildings


ANAND PANDE is a Electrical & Electronics Engineer by qualification, with 14 years working
experience. He is working as a Technical Director for Infolliance Sdn Bhd. Prior to INFOLLIANCE he
was working as a Head-Asia Pacific and Lead Consultant for an Indian MNC in Malaysia for the
period of last 10 years. During his Employment he was instrumental in developing Energy
Management Business in SE Asia and has conducted several Energy Audits and was Lead
Consultant for Many EE Projects in SE Asia. He has conducted more than 20 Level III Energy Audits
and also installed and commission more than 50 customized Energy Monitoring, Targeting &
Verification System in SE Asia.
Anand Pande has also conducted various Energy Management trainings for Industries and Commercial
buildings. He is also Trainer for Energy Management & Economics Module for SCEM (Singapore Certified Energy
Manager) professional level Program.
Anand Pande is also Energy Efficiency speaker for Malaysia Energy Commission.


RAJASEGARAN THEVARAJ graduated from the University of Malaya in Electrical Engineering in

1982 and was with the electronics , control and instrumentation industry for 9 years. He has
been in the Mechanical and Electrical consulting industry for the past 19 years. He is currently
attached to Perunding Shanu Sdn. Bhd.

FOR REGISTRATION PLEASE CALL (603) 78057905 or FAX (603) 78057906 or EMAIL to

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24 & 25 November 2010
Towards Cost Saving,
Holiday Inn, Glenmarie Greener & Smarter Buildings


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