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SUN’s Transit over the following Natal

Natal Sun : Success, vitality
Natal Moon : Travel to Father, Father
gets blame
Natal Mar : Blood defect for the native,
Hindrance to the brothers
Natal Mer : Father’s gain in lands,
Success in commercial field
, meetings with
Natal Jup : Status, contact with noble
person, cooperation from
cultured persons
Natal Ven : Marriage, fond of sex, wife
suggestion, ill-health,
financial difficulties to
Natal Sat : Lack of confidence,
financial difficulties,
unnecessary blame
Natal Ra : Gain in speculation, laziness
to father
Natal Ke : worry through children,
native’s father will have
divine thoughts
MOON’s transit over the following natal planets
Natal Sun : Change of residence, good
for operation, travel to
Natal Moon : Opposite to sex relations
Natal Mar : Mental unrest , Mother will
become stubborn, travel
for native brother
and if the native is Female,
travel for husband.
Natal Mer : Lady uterine trouble,
monitory loss in the field of
commerce, unnecessary
blame to the native
Natal Jup : Travel, desire for learning,
contract with women,
happy celebrations
Natal Ven : Debts, ill health to wife
Natal Sat : Change of place, love with
old people, unnecessary
blame, unnecessary
expenditure of money, no
mental peace.
Natal Ra : Women play vital role in
life, change to mother
mental hallucination for
the native
Natal Ke : Difference of opinion with
parents, ill health to
MAR’s transit over the following natal planets
Natal Sun : Fever, mental tension,
stubbornness, son gets
wounded, problems due
to anger, harassment by
enemies in career and the
native is found,
husband’s behavior is
egoistic manner
Natal Moon : Mothers ill health,
operation, travel ,
prospects for brother,
anxiety, haste and fickle
Natal Mar : Accidents, increased energy
Natal Mer : Trouble by enemies –
unrest, lack of mental
peace, dispute with blood
relatives, friends, husband
meets his intimate friends
Natal Jup : B.P, excess heat, danger
from fire, stubbornness,
hastiness, good time
for husband
Natal Ven : Husbands financial gain,
contacts with blood
relations and intimate
Natal Sat : Accidents, harrassment to
the native from enemies
and financial loss
Natal Ra : Over sex, death of brother
Natal Ke : Desire for power
MERCURY’s transit over the following natal planets
Natal Sun : Friends help to father
Natal Moon : Blames, uneasiness through
women or girl friend, travel
Natal Mar : Dispute with brothers,
friends, skin ailments, bone
disorder, dispute with
father-in-law and maternal
uncle. If the native is
female husband meets
Natal Mer : Strengthen all matters at
Natal Jup Gains from divinity,
knowledge - new
expeirience, mets noble
persons,Female: Like
outsidets than husband,
Youngesters: Will prosper
Natal Ven : Gain of treasure, property,
conduct with intimate
friends, happiness and
celebrations at home
Natal Sat : Gain in business, gain of
lands, cooperation from
Natal Ra : Good talent in
communication, skin
Natal Ke : Unfavourable time
JUPITER’s transit over the following natal planets
Natal Sun : Promotion, cooperation
from superriers
Natal Moon : Change of residence, ill
health due to cold
Natal Mar : Houses, staus, power
Natal Mer : Houses, gain of land, new
Natal Jup : Name and fame, birth of
Natal Venus : Marriage, wealth, birth of
Natal Sat : Gets job, promotion ,
smooth going period in
Natal Rah : Operation, discontinuation
of studies, death, abortion.
Natal Ket : Gives divine knowledge to
the native, ill health to
VENUS’s transit over the following natal planets
Natal Sun : Financial gain to father
Natal Moon : Loss of money, ill health to
wife or daughter, mental
unrest , financial
dispute among the female
inmates of the house
Natal Mar : Gain to brother , residence
to native , wife may
become pregnant,
marriage if the native is a
female she will get
cooperation from husband,
financial gain to husband,
hindrance to the native’s
financial propsects
Natal Mer : Treasure, gain of landed
Natal Jup : Financial gain,
misunderstanding in the
family, acquiring luxurious
happiness and celebrations
at home
Natal Ven : Fortune
Natal Sat : Celebration at home,
financial gain
Natal Rah : Marriage, hard time to wife
Natal Ket : Separation.
SATURN’s transit over to the following natal planets
Natal Sun : Ill health to father, dispute
between father and son,
trouble by Govt.
Natal Moon : Astrology, unnecessary
blame to the native, ill
health to mother,mental
unnecessary expenditure,
mental unrest
Natal Mars : Trouble by enemies, unrest,
gain of landed property
Natal Mer : Gain of land, good time for
education, commiercial
Natal Jup : Change of profession, gets
job or promotion, gastric
Natal Ven : Marriage, acquiring
property or vehicle
Natal Sat : Troubles
Natal Rah : Death in the house
Natal Ket : Litigation, dispute,
aimlessness, visiting holy
places, financial loss
RAHU’s transit over the following natal planets
Natal Sun : Ill health problem to father
and son,
Natal Moon : Danger to mother , fear
complex to native
Natal Mar : Accidents, blood defects,
operation (surgery)
Natal Mer : Skin diseases, purchase of
new vehicle, fear complex
to native
Natal Jup : Accident, death in the
family, black mark develops
on the face,
Natal Venus : Break in income, ill health
to wife, hidden treasury
Natal Sat : Performing lost rites ,
purchase of vehicle ,
Natal Rah : Stomach disorder, other
Natal Ketu : Obstruction in good deeds
KETU’s transit over the following natal planets:
Natal Sun : Meeting holy persons,
getting high position in
Natal Moon : Divine contemplation, ill
health to mother, blood
Natal Mars : Worries to brothers, blood
pressure, nerves debility to
Natal Mer : Dispute with girl friend/boy
friend, litigation, poor
Natal Jup : Divine contemplation,
nerves debility, ill health
Natal Ven : The native becomes victim
to a lady, blocking of
Natal Sat : Litigation, dispute,
aimlessness and quitting
the job
Natal Rah : Loose motions
Natal Ketu : Misunderstanding in family.
When saturn touches ketu father
when saturn touches rahu

JUP ON SUN Native has chances of

promotion, cooperation
recognition. He may get
government favours or he
participate in activities
relating to government or
nature birth of a son.

SUN ON JUP Status, contact with noble

person, cooperation from

JUP ON MOO Blames from enemies, cold

related problems, change
residence, mother turns
devotional. Birth of female
child, contact
with females

MOO ON JUP Travel aspects, contact with

women, happy celebrations

JUP ON MAR · Hasty stubbornness keeps

him away from inmates,
exercises power,and
develops tension and blood
Construction or technical
activities may be successful.
One of
his brothers gets success
and position in society.
horoscope marriage
· prospects, if married
husband gets promotion.

MAR ON JUP Danger from fire, blood

pressure heat problems,
stubbornness haste but
good time for husband

JUP ON MER If native is a student

educational success, native
gets new
knowledge, younger
siblings gets prosperity,
cooperation from.
knowledgeable persons.
Gains in land are indicated.
Professionals may have
successful training or
Native may contact female

MER ON JUP Promotional and good

period for younger siblings,
may come across a friend
offering a help. Native may
communication of benefit.

JUP ON JUP Itwill be a very good time

for native to concentrate
self development, decision
to make additions to

JUP ON VEN Affluence, assets, marriage,

birth of daughter,
celebrations and buying of
comforts are indicated
Note: - in natal chart
Jupiter and Venus
combination is not
favorable for affluence
(money). But in transit
Jeeva karaka is
being in the material world
has to accept the affluence
from Venus.

VEN ON JUP Financial gain,

misunderstanding in the
family, acquiring
luxurious goods, happiness
and celebrations at home

JUP ON SAT Native gets employment,

Note (1):-if natal Mars are
linked to Saturn,
in getting job or promotion.
In a female chart, Mars as
husband views Saturn as
person, hence husband
suspects the wife.
Note (2):-if Moon is linked
to Saturn in natal chart,
financial loss, expenses in
getting promotion, change
place of work, blames and
cold related problems to
The same results for
professional matters to
female if

SAT ON JUP Professional growth,

promotion, status, good
opportunities, new avenues
- there will be appreciation
the work. This transit is a
life settling transit and
point in life. But due to
Saturn and Jupiter
combination there
will be gas problems to the

JUP ON RAH The transit Jupiter will lose

power to bestow the
benefits of the good results
of the natal planets
above and instead, will be
under illusions. The
of the planetary diseases
may lead to seriousness
in hospitalization, surgery
and medication and/or
good effects of the
planetary significations may
obstructed. If natal Jupiter
also links to transit Rahu
like dangers are indicated.
If Saturn and Ketu linked to
each other directly or
other planets,
simultaneously in transit
and natal charts, it
indicates end of karma.If
Jupiter and Rahu also linked
in the
similar way it indicates end
of life. Jupiter transit over
Rahu in a
female chart indicates
problems of progeny and
hysteria etc.

RAH ON JUP Native captured with fear

of death and may
accidents. The mindset will
be full of fear complex
incidents witnessed will
haunt the native
continuously. Death of
close relative is indicated
and he will have to perform
last rites.
During this period, usually
black marks will appear on
the face
of the native. This transit
also indicates ill health
problems to
native. This also provokes
to move in bad circle of
friends. With
other death inflicting
combinations, it may cause
danger to life.

JUP ON KET Gives divine knowledge to

the native, occult powers
this planet being a blocking
nature will block
benefits and it will give
choking effect and pains in
joints and

KET ON JUP The native will become

philosophical due to
caused to material matters
by Ketu in transit. . He will
.disinterested in life and he
will be wandering aimlessly
like a
renounced person and will
not be caring for
maintaining his
appearance. He will be
mentally depressed.
Nevertheless, to a
well-trained philosophical
mind this transit gives
knowledge in metaphysical
matters. This transit will
also cause
ill health problems causing
nerves debility and body

SAT ON SUN This being an enemy planet

to Saturn, in professional
there could be stress and
opposition, but it will not
stop him
from getting the right
recognition and
cooperation from parental
side. n spite of this he has
to face troubles from
higher ups
and father. This may also
lead to ill health to native.
Father may
also face professional
hazards by entry of new
persons, dispute
with son and ill health
problems. With Mars and
Rahu may
cause heart related
problems. A Jupiter effect
may ward off all
problems, and this double
transit may lead to birth of
Classical Naadi Systems:
Bhrighu Nandi Naadi 195

SUN ON SAT Over ruling by officials, lack

of confidence to native,
and financial stress are
SAT ON MOO There will be change of
profession or transfers,
unnecessary blames,
displeasures, tensions and
expenses, loss
to native and cold related
problems, f natal Moon is
weak may
lead to involvement with
wicked women and face
troubles. The
mother of the native will
undergo ill health
problems. (Note:
-Jupiter's link may reduce ill
effects and may give good
and transit Jupiter with
transit Saturn may result in
birth of
female child)

MOO ON SAT Change of place in work,

liking for old persons,
unrest, expenses

SAT ON MAR Mental tensions,

harassment in profession,
pressure from
higher ups disputes,
quarrels in work field. His
nature will be a cause for
this. All these may lead to
think of
quitting the work. Similar
situation will be there for
in female horoscope and
for brotherly significance
on both
sides will have similar effect
and all of them including
may be accident prone
(especially if Rahu is also
Jupiter influence may
reverse the situation and
technical prospects may
gain landed property. If
youth may get job of hard
work. Students, if Mercury
supports may lead to
technical education

MAR ON SAT Harassment at work place,

enmity, money loss,

SAT ON MER For students it will be a

period of good educational
though delayed but get
cooperation from friends.
Native may
gain new knowledge and
profession-related training
or education
commercial activities,
business success and
cooperation from
friends. New business
activities, purchase of lands
are also
indicated. Younger sibling
will also be flourishing with

MER ON SAT Business gains, lands, help

from friends

SAT ON VEN Marriage prospects,

girlfriend, affluence, assets,
marriage, birth of
daughter,celebrations at
both native's and in
laws place are some of the
signfications of this transit.
Good financial prospects to
native. Wife may suffer due
to ill
health and laziness

VEN ON SAT Wife or female at home

may feel lazy and may have
problems. Unexpected
celebrations at home,
financial fortune
are predictable to native

SAT ON SAT Saturn itself is a work

indicating planet, transit
indicates additional work.
Heavy work makes man
tired and
efficiency level may drop
and may get problems due
to this.
However, this will indicate
only hectic work and also
progress in the field of
work. Nerves break down
and health
problems may crop up.

SAT ON RAH When karma planet enters

natal Rahu it gives its
significations to the karma.
Rahu represent shadow,
native may involve in
shadow activity in his work
field. Rahu
represent immorality,
native may indulge in such
activity in
professional field. Rahu
represent secrets, native
secretly do unethical work.
Rahu represent foreign it
mean a foreign work or
work at foreign place
provided travel
indicator Moon is linked in
natal chart and for smooth
going of
foreign work there must be
a connection of friendly
planet like
Jupiter or Venus. Rahu also
indicates last rites and
Saturn indicates karma, the
may have to perform last
rites to the departed soul.
Rahu also
indicate evil spell, the
native may involve in
performing black
magic or get afflicted by
such acts by others. Rahu is
repetitive nature and native
may engage in repetitive

RAH ON SAT An eclipsing planet is

approaching karma;
therefore there
is possibility of his work
being eclipsed. Rahu being
a demonic
planet he may encounter
wicked people in his life. He
may be
loaded with heavy
repetitive work. Being a
retro planet, he may
have to put efforts to clear
pending works. He may be
promoted and resorted for
lower jobs.
SAT ON KET Unless there is a good
aspect from Jupiter,
Mercury,Venus, the transit
of Saturn over Ketu results
dejections and disputable
situations at work field. The
may face disputes,
dejections obstructions and
troubles in
work sphere. The
involvement of Mars &
Moon while this
transit is operative is sure
sign of losing the job, work
business. The native
mayinvolve in litigations,
disputes and
he will be aimlessly
wandering over places and
financial loss. He may visit
holy places.
Note: - If the native is in the
line of divinity, and his
profession relates to
metaphysical activities then
combination will lead him
to more involvement and
contentment in
philosophical works.

KET ON SAT The native's professional

life will be in depressed
condition though attending
work. The native will be
contemplating over
renunciations and the
natives will not
care for their appearance.
They intend to visit holy
However there will not be
any peace of mind for
them. They
become like a laughing
stock among the society. At
circumstances if Mars also
joins they may quit the job.

RAH ON SUN It may cause ill health &

dangers to father and son.
will block the help from
government or authorities.
It also
indicates secret moves of
authorities. The native may
become irreligious.

SUN ON RAH Speculative gain, father lazy

health problem

RAH ON MOO It is danger to mother,

daughter, mother-in-law
Moon signify mind
therefore, the eclipse effect
on the mind
may cause fear complex.
Confusion may prevail on
matters and the decisions
will be wrong later to
repent. These
periods may attract
witchcraft effect on the
native. This may
also indicate loss due to
foreign transactions or
persons. With
a benefic link to Moon, this
transit will ensure a foreign
This also indicates secretly
eloping with opposite sex.
mind will be in eclipsed
state hence, may yield to
beyond restrictions.

MOO ON RAH Hallucinations, women

involvement, changes to

RAH ON MAR Mars being a violent planet,

when suppressed by Rahu,
it may turn out to
accidents, blood defects
and with Sun it
causes heart attacks. For
brother it indicates danger
and ill
health and renders him
inactive. This also indicates
endangering situation to
husband- in a female
horoscope or
hardship situations to him.
This also causes de-linking
the persons indicated by
Mars and the other planet

MAR ON RAH Brother or husband may

get into illusions and
dangers by
accidents and the native
may involve in over
indulgence in
his activities and he may
also be prone to accidents.
Classical Naadi Systems:
Bhrighu Nandi Naadi 199
RAH ON MER This may mar the
intelligence, may cause
reversal in
education. This is an
indication of troubles and
dangers to
younger siblings and
friends. Skin allergies may
crop up.
Itcould create problem in
land matters. On the
side, with other good
connection, it may result in
meetings, interviews,
foreign education, training
or media
related works. It may also
open up foreign business or
ups. It may also trigger a
secret affair with opposite

MER ON RAH Native may try to resolve

matters relating to
communication, talent and
related matters. He may
affected by skin infections.

RAH ON VEN This transit on Venus brings

material benefits to native
like construction of floors
on the house, vehicle
purchase and
luxury items. There will be
unexpected income or
(This is subject to natal
position of Venus linked to
without Moon, Mars &
Ketu). t also supports illicit
affairs to
male native. However this
transit is not good for
folks related to native like
wife, daughter and
etc. They will be under the
evil spell, hallucinations and
subjected to ill health. This
transit will have separating

VEN ON RAH Good time to purchase

vehicles. This period may
hard time and troubles to

KET ON SUN The effect on father will

turn him to be more divine
makes him visit holy places.
He may get instructions
government. The native
may also turn towards
divinity. This
may cause ill health to
father and may block the
progress of
SUN ON KET Father goes spiritual,
problems with children

KET ON MOO Native becomes religious

minded and turn towards
and charity. The native
might have mental unrest.
He may
also sound adamant. The
mother of the native may
turn philosophical besides
suffering from ill heath
could be blood defects and
related problems to native

MOO ON KET Little dispute with parents,

ill health to mother. Mental
upset to native.

KET ON MAR This will make native to

suffer from blood related
problems and nerves
debility. He will be
adamant. He will
have some sort of
displeasure due to his
brother and the
brother may have
impediments There could
also be some
land disputes (if Mercury
also involves). n a female
chart, this
position will indicate the
obstructions, dejection to

MAR ON KET Stubbornness, desire for


KET ON MER This indicates bondage with

a girl or boyfriend and
sort of dispute with them.
Father-in-law will have to
litigations. Educational
disturbances, intelligence
marred. The
native may also face legal
matters, there could be
involvement of legal
matters during this period
or he will be
interested in such matters.
Land dispute may also arise
native (if Mars involved
dispute with kith and kin
for land).
Transiting of Ketu between
Mars and Venus causes
dispute between husband
and wife and involvement
Mercury indicates
interference of other

MER ON KET Native may resort to

spiritual knowledge though
there may
be obstructions in regular
material intelligence

KET ON VEN The elder sister and wife

will face obstruction and
this will
cause mental problems.
There will be family
disturbances and
relational problems. n
female chart the woman
will face
litigations and both male
and female natives may
financial blocks. Normally in
woman horoscope Ket
combination with Venus
indicates the saving
mentality of
In a female horoscope if
natal Ketu is with Venus,
and then
this transit will make her to
hoard money during this
Blocking of funds and
assets are possible during
this period.
Separation of husband and
wife is also indicated. There
be gloomy atmosphere in
the entire family. During
period, a male may become
victim to a woman.

VEN ON KET Ill health to wife or sister's

relational and family